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The Arts of Kingwood ...Plus APUSH

National Honors Soc On Friday April 26, Kingwood High School’s NHS chapter held a benefit concert to raise money to purchase books for Yes Prep School and West Texas Victims.

Marissa Stoner, Gwen Raynor, Jennifer Butler, and Zach Fetterman enjoyed listening to the different bands as well as spending time with friends.

Mason Parva performed two poems reminding us to follow our dreams and why we all came together for the NHS Benefit Concert.

ciety Benefit Concert A few local restaurants and stores donated gift cards for a raffle to raise money.

Four bands played throughout the evening on the football field, and a few hundred students and parents came out to support the two causes.

Many NHS members came out to help set up, run the games, sell food, and help with the clean up efforts.

Express yourself through


Above: The kiln, where art students’ pottery pieces are “cooked” at extreme temperatures until they’re finished.

Above: One of the collage projects that the Beginning art classes have been working on, created with magazine clippings.

Above: students in Mr. Reed’s 4th period beginning art class take a break from their projects to check Twitter. Shhh!

Above: Freshmen art students working hard on their projects.

Playing in Harmony

Mrs. Brogdon rehearses with her students for the upcoming spring orchestra concert. The KHS orchestra spring concert is held in May every year. Students work hard all year in orchestra, competing in various competitions, preparing for concerts, and performing solos. It is important to practice every day in order for the students to reach their goals in performing.

Freshmen celloists rehearse during class.

Students are able to leave their instruments in these “lockers� Violinists rehearse. There are many during the day when they are not practicing. students that play the violin in the KHS orchestra, about 14 students chose this instrument in each grade level!

BAND: LET’S Left: 3rd period Symphonic band listens intently to their director, Mr.Balch, as he makes announcements.

Band students like Emily Martin (9), Avery Lobusch (9), and Michael Ragsdale (10), do everything with a smile, whether it’s packing up or getting a music lesson from Mr. Balch.

MAKE MUSIC Left: Flute players Gracie Hilton (11) and Sara Myers (10), as well as their new classmates, are excited to get new music for their upcoming spring concert.

Top Left: Symphonic Band will be performing songs from The Lion King in their spring concert. Above: Depicted is a sneak peek of the instrument storage room, where students store their band equipment, and then some. Left: Equipment required for band includes instruments like these shiny tubas.

Working on a student directed page, Alex Galatis, gives tips to the actors working in his play.

Kingwood Theatre consists of Varsity, Junior Varsity, Tech Theatre, and regular Theatre classes. The head, Mr. Vhuter works with JV and Varsity, Mrs. Langston works with Theatre classes, and Ms. Washenfelder teaches Tech Theatre. Each Theatre class is year-long. Any class involvles funfilled activities for the entire year.

KINGWOOD Madison Brown completes her scene and exits the stage.

Student sit in the auditorium awaiting their turn to act out their scenes.

Mrs. Langston gives advice to another student director, Catherine Khalaf, during her fourth period class.

Students look over their scripts and memorize their lines for the play.


Ryan Adams and Megan Deane read through their scenes together.

The director, Catherine Khalaf, works on blockings with her cast members.

AP US History As sophomores, many of these students were afraid and rahter questionable of APUSH. Now as juniors, they realize that this class is not only enjoyable, but sets them up well for the future.

Teachers, Mr. Scalia and Coach Herbst, teach AP US History at Kingwood. Their questionable, yet effective teaching styles engage students in learning.

Biography Gwen is a junior at Kingwood High School, and she covered AP U.S. History for The Arts of KHS +APUSH. She hopes to become a dentist and is part of the Kingwood High School HOSA club.

Jack, a junior at Kingwood High School, covered the NHS

Benefit Concert for The Arts of KHS +APUSH. He is an airline journalist for Airways magazine, and a member of the KHS Orchestra. He enjoys music, the outdoors, and photography.

Hayley is a sophmore at Kingwood High School, and she covered the Kingwood High School Band for The Arts of KHS +APUSH. Her dream school is UT, and she participates in the KHS marching band and girl scouts, and she loves to cook.

Alanis is a sophmore at Kingwood High School, and she covered Kingwood High School Orchestra for The Arts of KHS +APUSH. She participates in basketball and orchestra, and she loves photography and music.

Jessica is a freshman at Kingwood High School, and she covered the Kingwood High School Theatre Department for The Arts of KHS +APUSH. She is originally from Boston and a member of the KHS Theatre Department. She wants to be a interior designer or photographer.

Jack Harty, Alanis Hernandez, Hayley Williamson, Jessica Campbell, Gwendolyn Raynor

Arts of Kingwood  
Arts of Kingwood  

Gwen Raynor, Jack Harty, Alanis Hernandez, Hayley Williamson & Jessica Campbell