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In September will play Barcelona vs real Madrid .




Mrs horbal has a Steve aoki will do a concert this new dog week in bogota.

HOROSCOPE Today you are going to have a graet day and you are going to be excellent in everything

A new movie is coming out next week

WEATHER Today is going to be a rainy day and it will rain until 6 clok

School News Article We have new stucco and new personaros .We have new teachers like mrs fortune .7th grade hs a new girl. We have new lemonade. Fernando bishoff helps mr karlin in computer class this year. The scool is going to have its 76 birthday this year. This year the seniors will going to be about dr seus. This is the first year that the teachers do the dojo class points. Elementary is still voting for their stuc. This is the first year 6th graders have a locker. This is the first year 6th graders have advisory. For 6th graders mr

Steve aoki will be in bogota next year.

Brazil world cup will be next year.

One direction will also be in bogota this year.

This Friday Colombia will play vs Ecuador .

Nicky romero might be the best dj in the world in 2014.

Kaskade made a new song called atmosphere.

The school is going to have 76 years soon.

In some months they are going to start selling the I phone 6. In September will come the new game called call of duty ghost. And in November will come another new game called fifa 14. They are going to build a new building in new York. Manny people living in Canada died because it was very cold.

Two years ago a cruse ship sank.

My new brother is called Manolo.

This year the kcp seneors will be dressed up like dr sues.

Interview with my mom What is your favorite food. Pasta You favorite color . Blue You favorite hobby. Read Your favprite day. Fridays Whe where you born . September. When is your birthday the 13 What is ypur favorite holyday. Chritmas Your favorite singer. Adelle Your favorite nuber. 5 Your favorite son rolling in the deep And your favorite city . paris