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front through




. The library is

the right. It’s next 5 pharmacy.

cinema and turn 3

this road. Then go 2


on. Then 7

left at the traffic

pool will be in 10

of you.

the road and walk 9 the lights. park. Come out of the park. The swimming

Go 6

Excuse me. I’d like to 11

at our

a room.

breakfast. We provide

in the 17

Vocabulary Plus

4 The hotel was fully booked.

3 We had a double room with a sea view.

2 There was a train crash and everything was delayed.

1 The car broke down on the way to the airport.

7 Określ, które z podanych zdań przekazują dobrą wiadomość (√), a które − złą (x).

of the

every evening.

everyday and there is live

Many of our rooms have 18 sea.


clean 15



John No, I haven’t. Receptionist Well, all of our rooms have 13 so they’re nice and cool, and the cost of the

Receptionist Yes, of course. Have you 12 hotel before?


entertainment air-conditioning views includes stayed book towels lounge


Woman Excuse me. Where’s the swimming pool?


down past

Excuse me. Where’s the library?

right to

Woman Go 1



6 Uzupełnij poniższe dialogi wyrazami z ramek.

1 2 3 4

bike boat lorry motorbike underground airline tram ship fly land take off flight hand luggage boarding pass economy class petrol station 5 tracks platform buffet car motorway 6 traffic jam hitchhike flat tyre arrivals

5 W każdej grupie słów zakreśl wyraz niepasujący do pozostałych.


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6 Education 7 The holidays 8 A register

2 A head teacher 3 Breaks 4 A notebook a b c d e f

14/3/11 09:31:11

is when students stop working for a while. are when schools and colleges close. is something you write in. is somebody you study with. is a list of students’ names. is something that contains information about your subject. g is the person that’s in charge of a school. h is the teaching or training of people.

5 A textbook

1 A classmate

2 Dopasuj początki zdań do ich zakończeń.

such as car mechanics.

8 Find a course which helps you learn a practical skill

parents money.

7 Find four words that describe a school that costs

aged 3−5.

6 Find a type school that is for very young children

government and is free.

5 Find the type of school that is run by the


4 Find a course that may include biology, physics or

subject such as English.

3 Find the type of school that may only teach one

a degree.

2 Find a place where young adults go to study for

and girls are taught together.

1 Find an adjective that describes a school where boys

state school language school co-educational fee-paying nursery university vocational training independent the sciences private public

1 Przeczytaj zdania i napisz właściwe wyrazy i wyrażenia.

7 Szkoła

8 There were few tourists on the beach.

7 There was an emergency at the hospital.

6 We found a hotel that wasn’t too expensive.

5 We travelled on a fast train.

my best in class.

a break. You look tired.

Some students


of Arts) or a BSc (Bachelor of


They do a first degree which is called either

examination, the students are known as 7


of arts) or an MSc (9

03_431156 OxRepMatPod_endmatter.indd 203

an MA (8

of Science).

Some students then do a second degree. This may be


When they have done the course and passed the

a BA (


When students first go to university they are known as

exam, but this isn’t necessary for most universities.

or Cambridge university, they have to do a(n) 2

decide to go to university. If they want to go to Oxford

are 16-18 which are called 1

In Britain, young people do qualifications when they

Master (x2) PhD undergraduates entrance Alevels arts science graduates Bachelor final

5 Uzupełnij tekst wyrazami i wyrażeniami z ramki.

1 You need to get / take / make good grades if you want to go to college. 2 Children should learn / read / study hard at school. 3 My brother has just had / got / made into university. 4 You should have / get / take part in the lessons by asking and answering questions. 5 My sister made / got / took a scholarship to a really good music school. 6 My mother has learned / got / had a physics degree. 7 I hate making / taking / getting exams. I always get so nervous. 8 If you want to do well you need to revise / concentrate / stress for every test.

4 Przeczytaj poniższe zdania i zakreśl jeden z podanych czasowników.

8 You should

7 I often mistakes in my written English, so I always check my work.

a gap year before

experiments in chemistry

6 Many students in Britain they go to university.

5 I used to enjoy lessons.

a presentation when he 4 My brother had to went for his interview at the bank.

notes at university.

a project on Ancient Egypt at

3 Students always have to

2 I always

1 In history, we the moment.

3 Uzupełnij poniższe zdania odpowiednimi formami czasowników do, make i have.

How was your English exam?

retake question

mistakes mock

is a longer


. . At least it was only a exam. You’ll know better next time.

Well, don’t 5

lots of spelling 4


to complete something that’s difficult to go to bed later than usual to raise something to be slower at doing something than other people to find information in a book, on the internet, etc. to get a place at a college, university etc.

put up get through

6 Do you ever

5 How often do you

late the night



14/3/11 09:31:12

Vocabulary Plus

with your homework?

your hand in a lesson?

4 Do you think it’s a good idea to before an exam?


3 What exams do young people in Poland need to


English words in

2 How difficult do you find it to

1 How often do you a dictionary?

8 Uzupełnij poniższe zdania właściwymi czasownikami złożonymi z ćw. 7. Następnie odpowiedz na pytania.

1 2 3 4 5 6

fall behind look up get into stay up

7 Dopasuj poniższe czasowniki złożone do ich definicji.

want to have to 7

Lucia That’s true. I must past the real thing. I don’t


left to do. So, I didn’t have time to

check my work which means I probably made

one 3

Lucia It was very difficult! I ran out of 1 . When the 2 said ‘five more minutes’ I still had


time panic examiner

6 Uzupełnij dialog wyrazami z ramki.

course and involves a lot of research.

These are two-year courses. A 10


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