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Do you own a swimming pool? How do you entertain the kids while trying to relax away from work? Pool toys can be the answer to tons of backyard fun.  There are so many pool toys to choose from. And there are pool toys that suit the size pool you have, from a toddler's pool to an Olympic size. Items can be anything from lounges to motorized wind-up swimming toys.  One of the most important things to consider before purchasing an outdoor pool toy is safety. Does the toy float? Can a child get tangled in it? Can it be thrown safely? These and other questions should be addressed. Children can be rather rambunctious in a swimming pool, and fun is what it's all about, but toy safety should be in the parent or pool supervisor's mind at all times.  Floating toys are best and the most fun. There are lounges, tubes, and even trampolines for any age that can fit in any above ground pool. Small, swimming, wind-up toys are wonderful fun for babies and toddlers, even preschoolers. You can purchase bendable floating, colorful pipes that can be wrapped around the chest for those learning to swim. The traditional "inner tube" has taken on a new form, that of animal shapes, or even a picture of a favorite cartoon or child's television program.  You can also buy games for the pool. Water volleyball is an important staple of the larger swimming pools. For more experienced swimmers, a set of goggles and diving rings, or other sinking items can lead to serious competition. You can set your own rules and safety measures...there is no limit to what kind of fun you can have with this type of game.  Babies aren't left out of the action. Many products are out on the market today that babies and their parents can enjoy. Floating baby "swimmers", which resemble their walkers in the house, provide water fun. For toddlers, you can get a floating "island" that the kids can hang onto or jump off safely. Most floating products today are made from much more durable plastics and rubber than of yesterday, and they can usually be repaired with a separate repair kit. Small paddleboats for larger pools are also available. This would be a great learning experience for toddlers and preschoolers alike. With adult supervision, a child can learn the basics of boating.  There are target games that have a diving and rising action. Simply float a target ring where you want it, and with finesse, throw your diving item into the water to have it float up into the ring for a score. There are products that bounce across the surface, which can lead to a teen "dodge-ball" game. Pool golf, pool basketball, pool tag, and even toys for the family dog are available to anyone with a pool. You are only limited to the size of the pool, or whatever

your imagination leads you.

Denise Sanger is the owner of USA Pool & Toy that specializes in wholesale toys and beach stuff. She also owns and operates that carries a large selection of pool toys for active and outdoor play including water toys, outdoor toys, pool toys, pedal cars, playground toys, and creative toys.

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==== ==== Anything & everything to do with Swimming Pools, clothes, equipment & toys. Check this site out! ==== ====

Pool Toys Add to Backyard Fun  

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