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==== ==== Snooker, Billiards, 8 Ball or just plain old Pool. Whatever your game they are all here & whatever you need to play. Check it out!!! ==== ====

Some years ago I traveled to England several times a year. To return home, I would catch the train out of Stoke-on-Trent to London to fly out of Heath Row. Occasionally, Dave Harold would be on the train. The first time I saw him I asked if he was going fishing with that long case and all. He laughed and said that it was a pool cue. My associate poked me in the ribs with his bony elbow and told me that Dave was a world-class snooker player. My fishing pole comment was a big joke around Stoke-on-Trent after that. One thing I learned from Dave Harold was how to slip off the Train in London with no hassle. We just grabbed our bags and followed Dave Harold. A porter, recognizing the famous snooker shooter, would grab all the bags and whisks us out of there. It was like being a celebrity. We would share a cab to the airport. Of course "rubbing noses" with Dave Harold a few times couldn't help but make me a better snooker player. Actually, I haven't played snooker since high school. It is a game with a lot of red balls that you are supposed to do something with. As I remember, there was numbered balls too and you had to shot a red ball between shooting the numbered balls in consecutive order. That is what I remember. But you must remember that I went off to the Koran War which forced such important information back into the recesses of my mind. But still, once a snooker shooter, always a snooker shooter. But there are no numbered balls in real snooker. Following are some guides to playing the game: 1. Learn to Talk Snooker This is important so you must learn the terminology. address: This is not the address of your home or the snooker parlor. It's all that wiggling you do when you are getting set to take a shot at the cue ball hoping it will hit something good on the table. A rear-end wiggle is a nice touch for the ladies. angle: There are two very important angles. One is the angle of incidence and the other is the angle of reflection. This is geometry which gets screwed up if you put spin on the ball. angled: This means that the jaw of the pocket has penned you in. There is nothing you can do about it. It is a lot like getting "snookered" when you can not even get a non-obstructed line on the ball.

back-spin: When the ball hops off the table and hits you in the teeth. baulk: You are not playing snooker, you are playing billiards. Well, maybe. Black Ball Game: I don't remember any black balls back in 1947. Butt: One end of the cue stick and-what you must keep off the table. Well, so much for the terminology. You really don't need all that much. We had none at all back in the good old days. 2. Learn the Rules of Snooker In snooker, they say there are red balls and colored balls neither of which are numbered. (Gee, I don't remember that in Utah.) There is also the cue ball that is "white" in Utah. The game is played on a huge table (6' by 10' in England). There are only 2 players so it is not a very social game. The striker must hit a red ball first if there are red ball on the table. The striker shoots as long as he is "potting" (pocketing) the balls that are not white. If a spot on the table is "occupied," it is occupied. If the ball flies off the table and hits your big toe, you are allowed to scream, "ouch!" without penalty. If at the end of the game, you have pocketed more stuff than your opponent, you may be the winner (consult Dave Harold on scoring). 3. Meaningful Hints and Strategies ONLY if playing for money, if your opponent gets ahead of you, buy him or her one of those greasy hamburgers with French fries at the refreshment stand. Forget to grab a napkin. Make sure your opponent keeps his grubby, greasy hands off your cue stick. Just as your opponent has finished his or her "address," say, "I'll get you a Coke®!" Say it in a loud voice so the cue puts enough back-spin onto the cue ball to flip it off the table and hit your opponent in the teeth. You should now win by forfeit. I would like to give you a demonstration of my shooting skills but I can't find a snooker table in Idaho although I suspect that Tom Hanks has one up the road north of here in his complex. I have not received an invitation to visit him for a barbecue. Bruce Willis may have a snooker table. I haven't heard from my pal, Bruce, either. Well Tom is busy suing his construction company and fighting the Idaho judicial system which is preventing him from doing it. Bruce still has his local airport project. Well, that should do it! Fly Old Glory!

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==== ==== Snooker, Billiards, 8 Ball or just plain old Pool. Whatever your game they are all here & whatever you need to play. Check it out!!! ==== ====

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