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There are many ways you can make baby blankets that can later become great gifts for baby showers or baby birthdays. Especially if they are handmade personally by yourself. But if you want your present to be more consistent, you can use the blanket wrap the stuff you bought for the birthday baby with. I will show you in this article how to do that. The things you will need to wrap a present with a baby blanket: The baby blanket and the presents, of course; Scissors; Two inches wide of ribbon - I went for satin; And don't forget a small stuffed animal toy; I will explain later what we are going to use it for. These are steps that you have to follow for wrapping presents with baby blankets If you got to this part, you probably have the baby blanket prepared. Make sure it has the right size and you won't have any surprise when it comes to wrapping (you don't want it to be too small so it won't cover all the stuff you bought or too big so you will end up with a lot of extra material unused). Now you have to lay down on the floor or on a table the blanket. The presents that you bought have to be put together in a small pile or how think it would be best so the wrapping process won't give you any trouble. Be sure to put them in the center of the blanket. After everything is in place, fold the edges of the baby blanket around the gifts. To make sure that the blanket won't unfold, tuck the edges in and under the gift. To explain it to you in a few words, imagine that the blanket is a piece of wrapping paper. The method is exactly the same. Once the folding is done, it's time to tie the present with the piece of ribbon that I mentioned to you about earlier. Again, make sure that the ribbon has the right length that matches the size of the package. Now, lay down the present, facing up. Place the ribbon on top of it and wrap it around until it reaches the underside of the gift. Twist the two edges and return them back to the top. When they meet again, tie them together. Use a double knot if you don't want it to untie (that's how I do it and I never have any trouble). The stuffed animal's toy turn has come. Tie it to one of the ribbon's tail and make a big beautiful bow and there you have it. The present wrapped in a baby blanket is ready to brighten someone's day.

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==== ==== For all the gift wrapping ideas & tips check out this link. ==== ====

Learn to Wrap Gifts Using Baby Blankets  

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