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It really is odd the way far too many people approach the subject of pool toys for their pool. They do it in a whimsical manner, picking up floating objects such as whiffle ball bats and other assorted toys along the way. The irony, is that a swimming pool is supposed to be as fun as possible and there are a multitude of toys available now designed specifically to do just that. No More Re Inflating Leaky Pool Toys One new development is in permanently inflated floating pool toys that never spring a leak or have to be re inflated. They look and feel just like floating pool toys you may remember from your childhood but are filled with foam and they last so much longer. Remote controlled Pool Toys On the high tech front, remote controlled toys are now old news. The only problem is that far too many people are completely unaware of how many types of floating, remote controlled battery operated toys there are to choose from. Also, the prices on all of these types of electric toys have fallen drastically across the board. Group Competition Pool Toys There are also just so many water games to choose from including water basketball, polo and football just to name a few. Teens and older preteens just love these types of games when they gather in a group in the pool. The Best Way to Go There are several reasons why pool toys that were specifically designed to be used in a a pool are the best choice. For instance any household toys that have metal on them can cause a rust stain if they are left on the bottom of the pool. Also, small parts can come off of household toys and become lodged in the pools plumbing or filter system. Also, pool toys that were designed as pool toys are softer and safer for your kids to use.

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==== ==== Anything & everything to do with Swimming Pools, clothes, equipment & toys. Check this site out! ==== ====

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