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Traffic is the lifeblood of your Internet business. Traffic is the key, and determines whether your online venture succeeds, or fails. As a new business owner with a small startup budget, or a company with a long-time existing website, free traffic needs to be a consideration in your overall traffic strategy. While free traffic doesn't cost in terms of money spent, the amount of time you spend generating it, does have a value. Unless your time has no value to you the number of hours you spend trying to generate free traffic should be monitored and checked against the traffic statistics of your website to see if the particular type of traffic campaign that you are running is actually generating visitors to your website. One of the considerations in any traffic strategy is whether or not the strategy that you're using is getting you targeted visitors. Without targeted visitors it's very hard to convert those visitors into buyers when they get to your site. There are a number of ways to generate free traffic to your website and I'm going to give you two different examples with different results in this article. This article is the first in a series of articles on traffic and I'll go more in depth into other forms of free and paid traffic in successive articles. The type of business that you have will have a bearing on what type of free traffic strategy that you use. Let's take e-commerce for example. There are many traffic sharing types of websites that you can join and surf to other websites to earn points to be able to display your advertising and thereby generating traffic to your website but you can spend many hours on these types of free traffic sites but they yield very few if any targeted visitors in an e-commerce environment. So let's think about it... if I have an e-commerce website where I'm trying to sell products and I've just spent the better part of a day on traffic exchanges only to get no converted traffic, was the traffic that I did generate really free, not really. When employing a free traffic strategy you have to determine if that strategy leads to what we call a converted visitor. The difference is in the type of conversion that we are looking for. A conversion in e-commerce is a sale of a physical product. A conversion on a blog or newsletter may be gaining a subscriber where the visitor only had to give up an e-mail address, as opposed to hard cash, or maybe they just read a blog post that gave them some information that may turn them into a buying customer of an information product at a later date. In the e-commerce example above the use of traffic sharing or traffic exchanges is pretty much a waste of your time as it very seldom if ever leads to a converted visitor. The second example involves social networking. With the popularity of social networking on the rise more businesses than ever are beginning to take advantage of the huge number of visitors to

the major sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. If you have an e-commerce type website these styles of free traffic have a much higher success rate in gaining targeted traffic and therefore converting those visitors into a sale. You can still spend a huge amount of time on these types of sites but with traffic that converts to sales and offsets your time investment in this case it really can be, free traffic. The social networking sites of which there are many more than just the three that I mentioned are also very successful as a free traffic source for information type websites such as blogs, newsletters, and Internet marketing type sites.

Again, there are many more possibilities for ways to generate free traffic than just the two examples I've given here, but keep an eye out for the rest of my traffic series. The articles will be posted here as well as on the blog listed below. You can also find a great eBook called FREE Traffic Secrets at the following link Make sure you check out where you will find my new blog for my copywriting business.

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==== ==== For the best way to get good quality traffic to your website or blog, goto the site below for tips & secrets. ==== ====

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