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Gift wrapping refers to covering or enclosing a gift in any appropriate material. There are many ways and materials to wrap gifts that make any gift look attractive and presentable. When we give this kind of wrapped gift to any of our dear ones it definitely touches their soul and makes them feel happy. There are plenty of materials to enclose gifts like ribbons, boxes, and wrapping paper. These can be used in variety of ways and styles to adorn any desired gift. When we decide to give a present to anyone, all we think is how attractively we can adorn that present. Sadly, most of us tend to forget that the commercially produced gift papers or gift wrap is a mere waste of energy. Production of wrapping papers utilizes energy even if made from recycled paper and the same is transported from one place to another. Even the inks and packaging used for production and transportation utilizes a huge amount of energy that if not taken care of will definitely result in energy shortage in the long run. Saving energy for future use does not mean that we should stop wrapping gifts but alternatively we can use eco-friendly gift wraps for making our gifts look attractive and presentable. The most environment-friendly gift wrapping idea is to recycle the gift wraps. This means when we get any gift from our friends or loved ones, we should carefully remove the wrapping paper and use the same for wrapping when we want to wrap gifts. This way less number of papers will be used and more energy will be saved. There are better ways to make our own gift wrapping paper. We can use paints, stamps, and colored inks to make our own unique wrap material. We can make stamps using block prints, hand prints or even potatoes. In fact this kind of customized paper adds a special touch to any gift. We can even use newspaper, magazine papers, calendars, and wallpapers to enclose gifts. This may sound weird to some but it also looks good when used in a neat and effective manner. These days calendars and wallpapers come with attractive and heart-warming designs, art, and scenery that actually delivers a unique charm to any gift. Then there are options of gift bags that are available in variety of colors and materials. Handmade paper bags are much in for wrapping purposes but as an alternatively we can also make use of fabric bags. Fabric bags can also be prepared by home by simple stitching of any unwanted and designer fabric piece. The same can be embellished using variety of adornments like beads, sequences, embroidery work, paint, block prints, and even sparkle. The choices are endless if we wisely think over it. So, why not take a step ahead to save energy and use environment-friendly gift wraps for our own personal needs and desires.

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==== ==== For all the gift wrapping ideas & tips check out this link. ==== ====

Environment-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas