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Teak wood consistently produces some of the most beautiful furniture pieces throughout the world year in and year out, and has been a favorite of artists and buyers alike for hundreds of years. The durability and reliability of teak furniture makes the pieces attractive to many, and that is why it has continued to grow in popularity over the years. People initially fall in love with teak furniture for its strength and beautiful color. As the furniture ages, however, they remain enamored with their teak furniture pieces because of the ways it grows old gracefully. But to keep your teak furniture in its most beautiful and desirable state that works best with your decorating sense and upkeep style, there are a few things that you can do so that you too will continue to love your teak furniture. Found in tropical settings, teak wood is a hard wood that makes for stunning furniture pieces. Naturally, teak is a golden honey brown when it is fresh and new. As it ages and weathers, as most teak furniture is crafted in the outdoor variety, the teak will turn to a silvery gray finish, one that is highly cultivated and desired by many. However, if you do not want your teak furniture to turn and wish for it to remain the golden, honey color of its younger years, there are several things that you can do to slow the aging process and help it remain new in appearance for many years. First, you must sand your teak furniture on a regular basis, every three months or so, and apply what is known as teak oil. Teak oil is a great furnishings conditioner designed to leave your teak furniture in tip top shape. This is a fabulous conditioning treatment for your teak furniture, but does require commitment on your part if you are doing this solely to keep the golden color of the teak furniture intact. Please note that the fading color in no way affects how long your teak furniture will last, and some have even been known to allow the fading process to continue as the aged silver patina begins to appeal to them and the teak furniture takes on an older and more distinguished and weathered hue. Some owners of teak furniture have been known to stain their fixtures, and while it is possible to do this, know that a stain on teak furniture is permanent. This hardwood readily soaks up the stain, and it can be very difficult to remove the color in the future without a lot of handling and sanding. This may or may not be the best option for you and your teak furniture. While many lovers of teak furniture do nothing to preserve the golden honey color of the teak furniture of its early days, there are other things you can do to protect the longevity of the wood. Although meant to be outside and hardy enough to withstand the weather, it is a good idea to not leave the teak furniture sitting in puddles of water for prolonged periods of time, as the water can harm the natural color and durability of the frame. Furthermore, when teak furniture is not in use, for example during the winter months, you may wish to cover it and protect it from some of the harsher weather of the season. Teak furniture can be a wonderful addition to any home, and is certain to win the hearts of many

decorators. Treat this traditional hardwood with the same love and care that you do your other wood pieces throughout your home, and you are sure to cherish and enjoy your teak furniture for many years to come.

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==== ==== For all your Furniture requirements in all shapes & forms, goto ==== ====

Caring for Teak Furniture  

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