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We are proud to provide the finest footstools and ottomans to customers throughout the UK. As footstool, pouffe and ottoman stylists we have several different kinds in a wide range of designs and upholstery styles. Whether you are replacing old furniture or buying brand-new, we have the footstools and ottomans you are looking for. You might be wondering, "why an ottoman?" Ottomans are more than just large footstools, they are versatile pieces of furniture which can prove invaluable in your home. First of all, ottomans tend to be larger than standard footstools so they are ideal for use with the sofa. Imagine you and your significant other enjoying your favourite film or TV programme, snuggled together with your feet up on the ottoman. A standard footstool won't be large enough to accommodate both of you comfortably, but that's not the case with an ottoman. Furniture in the conservatory or living area is just not complete without one. A bigger ottoman can even be used as a bench or an extra seat when guests come over. And it's strong enough to hold a significant amount of weight so you don't have to worry about breaking it. Having a dinner party? Inviting the whole gang over for the football match? Seating isn't a problem if you have a large ottoman or two. Just gather them around the rest of furniture and you have extra seats for several more guests. One of the nice things about ottomans is that they don't have to be ugly. Leather ottomans offer all the functionality of an upholstered piece while adding the luxurious beauty only leather can provide. A leather ottoman adds elegance and class to any room; they are especially nice in formal sitting rooms and more up-scale conservatories. They are very easy to care for if you know what you're doing, so there's no need to worry about damaging your leather ottoman. Storage is another consideration as well. A leather storage ottoman is the best of both worlds. You get the beauty of an elegant piece of furniture as well as the storage capability inside. Sizes can vary, but any amount of extra storage you can get is great for putting away photo albums, family memoirs, or other things. Storage ottomans are becoming more and more popular because of the convenience they offer in homes and flats with limited storage space. Ottomans with storage provide that extra space in a way that's easily accessible and convenient. A storage ottoman is an ideal place for things you don't want displayed but need access to on a regular basis; things like your CDs and DVDs. They are also an excellent choice for magazines, books, and other literature. Ottoman storage has become so popular that it has spawned an entire line of furniture. You can now purchase storage Ottomans in several shapes and sizes - from the traditional to the modern - and all with the extra storage space you so desperately need.

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==== ==== For all the best ideas & tips on Indoor & Outdoor Furniture! ==== ====

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