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BURNIN’ Bob Marley "Giant " . This is a gallery that will open soon in Los Angeles . A sample of photographs that Morris took the photograph in his youth to the artist , the legendary Bob Marley. Morris who liked the music made in jamaica, learned that Marley would travel England in 1974 , So to see him , he had to sleep outside the Speak Easy Club, I take long for him to see come to Marley, his fondness for photography I help to have a very close relationship with Marley, when Morris saw Marley in the entry he told her that if I could take a picture , Marley responded that if , when he was to take the photo, Marle said , I'll teach as smoking a joint, Morrison sat with him and was his first time in the world of drugs , but also was what formed such a close relationship with Marley, Morrison returned his photograph is on the tour they did for England, Bob Marley and The Waillers , after that, Morris maintained a close professional relationship with Marley seven years after the tour Inglarterra . Burnin ' as Morrison calls these 3 photos which shows a Marley enjoying his joint, is one of many photographs that had never been shown to the general public , you can not lose .

This article helped me understand a little slang that is used for example the word burnin 'which is actually burning but the apostrophe is used when is not necessary to put the whole word.

As they had done in 2002 , Guitar World did a survey with 30 guitarists memories industry , this after doing a parody of NASA, when a few decades ago to control your space ship called Voyager , which wanted to establish contact with aliens. It was a full of artifacts capsule, including greetings in 50 languages this with hope that if they had success , could give beings from other planets a bit of history of the earth in which NASA Also included a recording of Chuck Berry performing his rock and roll masterpiece "Johnny B. Goode . " . For a while after Voyager 's launch, the joke around the agency Was that a reply Had been received from an alien civilization : "Forget the scientific shit , " went the message . " Send more rock and roll! " But what songs Should be sent ? We at Guitar World decided the logical place to start would be the musicians themselves. In this issue we'll talk about something called " Time Capsule " where we asked 30 of the best guitarists , which songs are you most remember and what would be the song that would send into space to stay embodied in history, in which was asked to tell that is is the best and why they should be remembered , among the best guitarists include Eddie Van Halen, Dimebag Darrell and Jeff Beck. Writing is harder than I thought, I think I need more study on the grammatical rules of the English language, because if there is a good drafting the reader can not understand the message that you want to.

Lily Allen's Beyonce teases a performance presented by her at a gay club in the city of London. This happens after several fans acuedieron to presentanci贸n where Allen's departure with a nearly transparent bath robe and a black bikini underneath . What for her was nothing new show performance of the song Beyonce Drunk Love , for attendees was a mockery satire did on stage, where the reviews that became viral on twitter , commented that their movements were really exaggerated , which for the artist was more than one night show was returned against him for such a controversial video , which shows part of the song she was dancing , where a person empties her bucket of water; within very short time , that's what many said she Assistants can make fun of Beyonce To answer these attacks she suffered in her twitter account responded to all the fans, "Only one person can tell you what my intentions are , and That would be me , " Allen tweeted . "I was not mocking Beyonce, like I was not dissing anyone on Sheezus , this is so fucking boring . " Hopefully this will not create problems between Lily and Beyonce, was left alone in comments for a video Beyonce shows nothing or respond with a statement against Allen's in next dates , we are hoping that happens

The fact that I have these items, help me understand a little more fully the grammatical rules of the English, but it is very difficult because it's not something that you are not in contact every day.

Evolution of gaming

For those of the era of the 80's and part of the 90s , remember with great enthusiasm those days where you expect me to finish the week to get home and lock you all in order to play, so many hours passed without getting bored , games were simple but very entertaining , who does not remember the first mario , including the legendary Zelda, remember all those blisters on your thumbs, hands tired from playing , there was no internet , you had to be ingeniartela yourself to get through the bad of each level, You learned how to do it or ultimately were leaving or playing it. Also who does not remember the cartridges when not working one could take away and blow into the slot and that solved everything, including how to colocor the cartridge into the console was an art, because if it was not placed in the right way this could not work, if would spoil a joystick was very difficult to buy another or conserguir where to buy are those times when all children of that era grew up with games that volverian historical now , but those days are never coming back , just stayed with memories that never will return . So today the market is in vogue classic things , that those who were children are now older and seek those childhood memories and in this case better than a console that witnessed all your joys as a child and being higher today want to remember like it was yesterday.

Speaking of consoles or video games, is something I had never done before, but I find it interesting to talk about this, because words are not very common in dialogue are used.

Urban Legend Confirmed

It appears that the urban legend about the company Atari, was not just a children's story . For many years I manage the game E.T. extraterrestrial Atari manufactured by the company , was the worst games they had designed in a principo handling this game would be one of the best games so far had developed, but stunned the world when the game industry came out and showed that it was not good play, this led to Atari bankruptcy. Atari command to bury the whole lot of games in a landfill in New Mexico . Company Xbox consoles new generation was given the task of verifying whether the legend was just a myth or a reality, so great was the surprise they found evidence of the legend. Cartridge was found and where it was printed on ET excavators were astonished at what they found that they had made a posting on twitter with a photo , where they see them smiling and happy for the find. This will become a documentary that does not yet have an exact date when it will launch, but slowly gaining ground among the world gammers about this story , meanwhile we will be watching for more news about this event do not know if will return a reality or remain a myth. I found it interesting to talk about a legend that now seems really , but I still miss a lot of vocabulary so that I can express myself in a correct and more accurate way to what I want to suggest.

What We Want From Zelda On Wii U

This will be another game in the legendary saga legend of Zelda game for Nintendo. For the launch of this new game defense many players , asking them what is to them that things like them to have this game , among the things many fans asked , is that the escorts had more interaction was surveyed , no had intervened with the game, the last game these escorts were removed from the game, but some reviewers that do not like me , who like to have a companion in the adventure but do not interact much , one of the requests was that the levels are not linear . because in times that were more browser is what made him famous in this game now is limited in that aspect , also one of the aspects that favor fans, are having more subplots as these will offer a better interaction with the game, offering greater reality and in TGTA game that has interaction with pedestrians , if this is included in the Zelda series players will feel pleased , for who will be synchronized with the game but in an alternate history , like a story within a story , for those fans of the series , this would be like the cusp of the game. This news was the most difficult for me because there are a lot of vocabulary that I do not and I can not understand , I had to find other friends with the meanings of many words that were used in the news.

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