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A brief summary of my career history and my contact details

UNITY p 04 _COMMON A bathouse: Water as a catalyst for unity p 06

_MEMORIAL OF MOVEMENT A memorial to the dangerous journeys that refugees make when crossing boarders

HOUSE p 08 _AZANIA Rethinking the [arch]ademy p 10 _PHOTOGRAPHY I enjoying sketching more than painting


EDUCATION Thomas Coulter Primary School, Hwange - 2002-2006 Brooklyn Primary School, Pretoria - 2007-2008 Pretoria Boys High School - 2009-2013 University of Pretoria - 2014-2016

Work Experience Memory Lane, Sales - 2013 Choose Life Church,Technical Team - 2015-2017


SketchUp Revit Photoshop Indesign Corel Draw

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1. The building seamlessly, staying close to the vibrant street. The back wall allows the bathhouse a monumental status, while the street interface is at a human scale. 2.The section study manipulates floor levels to communicate movement, sitting, swimming and showering areas. 3. Water remains a crucial part of te design. Water for the landscape, water to clean/ shower, water to cleanse/swim.


The proposal is a reaction to the xenophobic attacks that frequent South African townships, indicating that there is a level of disunity between different cultures, races and nationalities within the township. The proposal sought to bring people from all walks of life together into one space.


Water is used as a common-ground and as a catalyst for unity. we all drink water, bath in water and are cleansed by water. Water also ties us to the rest of nature as it is essential to all animal and plant species.


The form is derived from a circle s a symbol for community. The circle opens up towards the road for visual access. It adopts the fluid circulation.


The bathhouse is submerged part-underwater becoming part of the surrounding generated wetland-space. The people figuratively swim in the murky water of t





1.The multi-coloured tiled path and walls are memorials to the stories of the Syrian refugees. The tiles are layered organically with soft and hard clays that erode at different rates as people walk over them, symbolising the journey that refugees embark on when leaving crossing borders, often illegally. 2.The water pools represent the ocean that seperates Barcelona from Syria. 3. The water pools vary in size. --

Aspiration An architecture that provides a platform for cultural showcasing, with spaces that not only allow people to observe another culture but also to parade their own culture. An architecture that provides refugees with a private, introspective space that they need in order to be emotionally, physically and spiritual grounded. This space should adopt cues from their place of origin, a transplanted genius loci. An architecture that fosters for social interaction between cultures. An interactive space could bridge the gap between spaces that are different in character, acting as a transitional space from one space to another. This affords an individual with opportunities to encounter people he/she might not always meet. An architect that is not necessarily pleasant but challenges our preconceived ideas, thoughts or experiences, revealing a possibility for us to delve into things that are unknown to us. Simple spaces that carry depth and everlasting impact (without shouting)... in this case culture should remain memorable rather than the physical architecture.


Concept The concept of the transferring of knowledge is taken through to how not only how students relate to each other, but also how the professional architects relate to students. The architecture school has full-time undergraduate courses similar to those in traditional architecture schools, putting emphasis on theory. However, the post graduate programme is a hybrid between apprenticeship and theory tutelage. The school partners with architecture firms from around the city which accept and mentor the students, while they receive theory studies from their lecturers. Honours and Masters Students get the opportunity to work as apprentices for set days per week and then continue with their thesis-projects for the rest of the week. The practical side of the studies are catered for while working in practice, this allows the school to put emphasis on theory and Material experimentation. The theory part of the curriculum depends on a debating to retain student’s excitement in their exploration and enquiry for what good architecture is. A large part of the school lends itself to the surrounding community, with many of the projects in collaboration with or for the service of the community.


The building is polarised along the length of the building, on one side there is the loud section and on the opposite side there is a quiet section. The Loud section incorporates a materials experimental lab, where there is heavy machinery to help students make models, cut materials and experiment different structural innovations.

The opposite side houses a library. Between these two spaces are an array of programmes. Flanking the library, to the west is a staff area and a reception for visiting professionals and delegates. To the south of the library, an archival gallery and vault. The computer labs are conveniently above the noisy workshop space, where printing laser-cutting and 3D printing facilities are.

Between the 2 poles of the school, are dedicated discussion and debating spaces. There is a 3ž-type amphitheatre to celebrate the art of addressing and to host lectures. There is a circular discussion space to celebrate the art of debating. Both these spaces spill out into studio spaces. At the centre of all these spaces is a multi-functional atrium and shop area, connected to a spinal walkway that connects all the spaces.



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