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Beth SchNeider designs are clean and fresh with a fun, playful twist. I see shapes in all types of everyday objects and love drawing them in my own way, whether it be hand drawn or geometric. I add texture, create repeats and then bring them to life with a modern colour palette.

A summary of me as a designer: With

a background in interior architecture, I drew CAD floor plans for about eight years before I finally decided that it was literally too black and white for me. I went back to school for graphic design and started designing stationery. I wandered over to Surtex one year when I was walking the National Stationery Show and realised that I needed to be on that side! Designing always makes me smile. I put on some loud tunes, open Illustrator, and I’m in my happy place! How the course has been valuable to me: It has forced me out of my comfort zone and

taught me to slow down and critique my own work. Running Elizabeth Victoria Designs with two little kids at home is a challenge and I’ve always felt I’m in a rush to complete projects. Now I realise how valuable it is to get feedback from other designers, as well as take a step back myself and look at my work with a fresh pair of eyes.

A summary of my style: My

My design goals: I am planning to make my debut at Surtex 2016 and I’d love to license products in the home décor, wallpaper, fabric, and rug/carpet industries. I really want people to recognize my designs and be proud to say: “it’s an Elizabeth Victoria” when friends ask them who designed their beautiful curtain panel! Quirky information about me: I’m a radio not a TV person. I drink Pepsi not Coke. I like sun not snow. I choose flip flops over heels. I prefer nighttime to morning. And my favorite Illustrator shortcut is Cmd + Z!


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