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Typography is a very important part of the design process, but whether you’re an Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer or Artist typography can seem a little daunting! Don’t worry! We will share some hints and tips so you can explore the world of typography with ease and confidence.

Free font websites!

There are many ‘free’ font websites out there,*always ensure to check any licensing restrictions, as a fee may be payable for commercial use of some fonts or it may ask you to make a donation to the author.

In this design tip we explore some basics and discover clever ways of adding your own personal touch to a font, inject some fun and create more innovative ideas for your typographic designs. (*In the next issue of MOYO look out for lesson 2 where we will explore the wonderful world of handrawn lettering and ways of creating your own unique typography). .NB: The lesson is demonstrated using Adobe Illustrator CS5. Type a simple word or caption in a selection of 2-4 fonts. Try to pick styles that complement one another. The three fonts selected here are all fun and contemporary in style.

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