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What Makes a Good Statement of Purpose for MBA? The statement of purpose needs to convince its readers, who happen to be reading tons of it to determine the right fit for their institution. In this case, you need to do well by highlighting your achievements, your traits, your motivation and other things that make you shine or unique among the crowd. For an idea, check this out. Four Parts of the Statement of Purpose for MBA

In writing statement of purpose for MBA finance or any other program, you need to have these four parts to make your statement of purpose exciting and awesome. 

Part one: Introduce yourself, motivations and interests

You need to tell what are your interests, but do not spend the whole time writing about it because there are other information you also need to write. 

Part two: Summarize your previous career

What you need to do is to make a research. In writing your previous career, you should indicate the project title, responsibilities as well as the outcome. You can also write about thesis project or paper that you completed or any curricular requirements. Another thing is that you can write about work experience, especially responsibility for researching, interning or designing. 

Part three: Discuss about current activities and recent activities

If you graduated from graduate school, it is important to indicate what you have been doing. You need to write about your team, responsibilities and other. Do not forget to write about what you have learned and write how it helped you to be more focus. 

Part four: Elaborate your academic interests

In here, you need to write why you would like to study in that program or school. You need to give enough detail to convince the faculty that you understand what they want and you are engaged to do the best. Essential Tips on What Makes the Statement of Purpose Good: SOP for MBA     

Make sure to write about competence, potential and self-motivation because the admission committee wants to know about it. Be sure to emphasize everything using a positive perspective. Keep in mind that you need to use active and not passive voice. Demonstrate the important ones and do not just say directly that you are a persistent person without showing any evidence. Be sure that everything is linked to focus and continuity. Be concise and follow the word count.

Strategies in Writing the Statement of Purpose

It is essential that you follow a certain strategy in writing your statement of purpose. Most students have a hard time in writing that it why it is better if you know what you should do. 

Write stories: It is important that you write stories that are more convincing than merely writing about statements. You need to write a piece of paper that talks about you and will give more details about the person you really are. In writing, you need to bring out or show your feelings so that the readers will be involved with it. Another thing is that you need to make your stories short, but narrative. Quantify your stories: You are required to write stories, but you need to remember that the story should not be like a thesis. The story you write should not be qualitative, but quantitative. This means that it should contain measurable quantities. Bear in mind that if you properly quantify your stories, it shows results. Be specific: In writing MBA statement of purpose, you need to be sure on what you need to write. Being specific is one of the best ways to make your statement of purpose good. You should not just say, but you think to ensure that you impress the admission committee. You need to be straightforward and you need to avoid cheesy lines. Write information and be sure that you write it in a good way. Customize your statement of purpose for MBA: One of the biggest mistakes of applicants is that they use a simple template. If you are applying to many schools, you need to change the names as well as the details and using simple template is not a good idea. With this, you need to customize your SOP depending on the school you will apply for. If you are applying to many universities, make sure that you also write about the best qualities. In addition, you need to tailor your essay for the admission committee to think that you will fit in into the program.

Use a formal tone: In writing a statement an SOP for MBA, you need to think whether you want it to be super friendly or super formal. If you want to use a super formal tone, it is like that you are writing to your superior in military. If you want to use the super friendly tone, it is like emailing your friend. On the other hand, you have two options to choose from, but it is better if you use the formal tone since you are applying. You need to remember that you need to convince the committee and being professional by using a formal tone is needed.

3 Things to Consider in Writing Statement of Purpose for MBA Finance 

Good ideas: The statement of purpose for MBA needs to have good ideas that are well written. You need to check for misspelled words, grammar as well as incorrect sentence construction. Duplicates information: In writing SOP for MBA in finance, you should not repeat any information that you have already written. Doing this will leave a negative impression to your readers. Take note that you need to be creative in writing your SOP. You should not also forget that you should not repeat writing the details that can be found in other requirements such as your resume. Transcripts and test scores. Long-term goals: You need to remember that long-term goals should be written for the admission committee to know what you want and what you want to achieve.

It is not easy to know how to make statement of purpose because there are many details you should know, but this guide will help you learn using the best strategies, the points to consider and parts that you need to have in writing your statement of purpose. Just be sure to remember it so that you can construct a high quality SOP for MBA. Write a statement of purpose for MBA today!

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How do you write a good statement of purpose for MBA? What are the four components of a well-written one? Check out this post and discover t...

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