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May to July in 2012, I was traveling in Indian, and this is the hottest season in Indian. I hate this country, but also love her very much. Indian is a mirror, which reflects the most dark side of my heart. She is selfish, cool, upset‌ I also found the best side of my heart. She is kind, calm, mild‌

18th May 2012 Harmandir Sahib, Indian The 4-year-old girl Rdaha said “I hate having shower everyday.�

7th June 2012 Mother House, Varanassi A 26-year-old girl Patricia said “give the world the best you have anyway.�

25th July Jophur, Indian A 51-year-old man Rao said “no religion, no life.”

From January 2013 to March 2014, I’m living in New Zealand. Hiking in spring, surfing in summer, Picking in autumn, Skiing in winter. I abandoned myself into working. I heared the flowers blooming on the tree. The world would be the best, when you have the best time in your life.

17th November 2013

Victorian Heritage Festival

Oamaru, New Zealand

The girl wearing hat said “candy is the best gift in the world.�

15th April 2013 Omarama, New Zealand A 25-year-old girl, travelling around the world for 5 years, said “what I really need is freedom and nature.�

19th December 2013

Nelson, New Zealand

A 27-year-old man Jeremy said “I’m an architect, maybe one day I will be an artist, who knows.”

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