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feb 2009

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feb 2009

welcomed, please keep in mind that

It’s An

Issue of

Trust “

Trust yourself . Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement .

- Golda Meir

From Where I’m Sitting... At what point do we as individuals really begin to understand the depths of trust? When is it that we begin to fully appreciate the scope of this concept? In the this country, at this very moment, we are currently plagued by a trust issue and it is at the very foundation of all the economic difficulty that has arisen. We are now familiar with those “frozen credit markets” and the “credit crisis”. What really is credit if not trust? Granted it is based on a certain amount of evidence and data, but it is essentially an agreement made between two or more parties. Money is lent with the trust that it will be repaid, and money is borrowed with the trust in one’s ability for future prosperity and repayment. I don’t mean to oversimplify the problem here, but my point is that we depend on trust far more than we currently appreciate in our day to day activities. Trust is profoundly interwined with our well-being. When we trust that the circumstances of our lives will be favorable, we feel great. When we begin to feel the twinge of doubt, stress and fear emerge. As our economy has begun to change, we are collectively plagued by a lack of trust. We are fearful. We have lost money. We are worried. In the midst of all of this, a new president has taken the lead and many look to him as a sign of hope and change. First of all, let me clarify this thing about hope - many people say hope, but it is based in fear. We hope because we do not feel certain, i.e. we do not trust fully. So we are currently looking to one man, with “hope” for some change. There is only one thing to say to all of this - and Ghandi said it first. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Want more integrity? Practice that integrity. Want more honesty? Be honest, first with yourself and then with others. In short, what I am saying is that the responsibility for all that has happened does not lie with one person, nor does it lie with a small group of people. Undoubtedly some individuals have been more prominent and their exploits more pronounced, yet we all share some degree of responsibility. What is even more important is the fact that now, at this very moment, the change we expect from our President is not independent of us. If we want a better world it is our duty to build it. Ladies, WE have to be what is better about the world. One vital element (which is also the co-theme for this issue) is the act of romancing yourself. The implications of selfromance are profound. On the one hand, we move away from our delusion that someone else has to take care of us, or that it is up to someone else to make us feel valuable and wonderful. On the other hand, we get the opportunity to know ourselves on a deeper level. When we take care of ourselves, like we are truly the most important thing in our own lives, we begin to trust number one - and there is nowhere else to start. Trusting ourselves leads us to the right decision; even when challenges arise, we know that they are not problems, but opportunities. Imagine if Obama looked at his presidency as wrought with “problems” - he would not get very far. Instead, he sees opportunities and acts upon every challenge as such; this is the path to success, this is the reason why he could be where he is at this very moment. So does he romance himself? It was noted that during his campaign, he worked out religiously. The day after his victory, he made it clear that he was spending time out of the public eye. I do not pretend to know him on a personal level, but I am willing to bet that he takes care of himself so that he can successfully take care of a country and that he also trusts his ability without refute. So what will it take for each of us to move in that direction this month? At each episode of self-doubt, can you decide to allow yourself to recognize it, see it as just another emotion, and move beyond it into selftrust (notice that I am not saying to resist or deny it, just let it be without giving it much attention). Each and every day, can you commit to at least one tiny act of romance just for you. Maybe it’s as simple as a longer shower, a walk, a particular lunch, an appointment for that pedicure. I invite you to try - and if you miss a day or you slip up, remember that forgiveness is in itself a form romance just the same.

With love, Marta Viciedo Executive Editor


February is all about

R o ma n c i n g Yourself

by Stacy West

What’s the first thing to come to mind when you see this title? Day at the beach? Mani-pedi with a friend? Solitude with a good book? Spa day? Movie and popcorn? Shopping spree? Bubble bath? Cheesecake? Brava! Everyone needs fun, laughter, a mental vacation. Respite from responsibility (children, housework, errands, chores, finances, etc.) is essential to mental health. But don’t let these physical and temporary pleasures overshadow your other side, that which is called your heart, soul, or character... your spirit. Remember the first time you came home with a really good report card? How proud you were of yourself? How good it felt to make your parents proud? Your spirit needs to be satisfied, too. And how about a time you did something thoughtful for a stranger, like going out of your way to return dropped eyeglasses? You went away walking a littler taller and feeling happier, even if they didn’t thank you. And you should have, because your action increased the level of goodness in the world. Just a little, yes. But it is contagious. And there are plenty of people. At the airport I saw a teenager stop to pick up and return a teddy bear thrown by a toddler in a stroller as people rushed along the concourse. That one action positively affected probably more than four people that day. It showed me a young person who bucked the trend of self-absorption; I’m fairly sure that at some level he felt better about himself; the mother was grateful, and probably not as likely to snap at someone later in the day; the baby was (momentarily) gratified. It could have been that other people had noticed, too, spreading even more happiness out into the world. Make a habit of greeting people with a smile and happy voice. Most will respond in kind. And if they don’t, realize that they have their own problems. You shouldn’t let their unhappiness affect you; let your kindness be its own reward. Doing something nice for other people will result in happiness for yourself. And this kind of “romancing yourself ” stays with you longer than a day at the spa or a manicure. OK, cheesecake stays with you too. 

Connect with Moxxi Moxxi is created for women who live their lives unapologetically. We make our choices not based on the prevailing trend or stereotype, but because we choose for ourselves freely and courageously. From housewives to entrepreneurs, students to executives, women with Moxxi are making amazing contributions to the world each day. Moxxi Magazine invites you to connect with us, tell us your story and let the world know what it means to live with Moxxi.

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Cecilia Nunez de Villavicencio

At its most simplistic, bare bones level, Trust can be said to exist only from Self awareness. Since time immemorial, wisdom from all traditions has dictated: know thyself. This

Seeking is just a way of romancing your Self – meeting it, courting it, becoming fully aligned and merged with it.

self we are admonished to get up close and personal with

intelligence, infinite creativity and all of creation, every bird in the sky, every stone on the ground, ever leaf on a tree, every human being in and out of sight. Only in this state of pure awareness beyond thought and concept, fierce and

is what compels all of us – some sooner rather than later – to ask the questions with answers unknown: How do I live a more powerful, peaceful and fulfilling life? What is the point of life? Is there an “ultimate truth” or Source? Are there things I don’t fully understand about myself that are limiting me or sabotaging my goals and dreams? How can I contribute to the greater good?

fair ladies, can you make choices you can truly trust – in any area of your life. Why? Simple: it goes beyond ideas, and emotions and assumptions and way too tight fitting selfdefinitions. The Higher Self is your own simple awareness. It is the source of your thoughts and

And while many, many schools of thought – religion, philosophy, metaphysics and

emotions as well as the source of your “thinker.”

even modern science – have coughed up an infinite variety of answers to these

Awareness is more fundamental than thinking

questions, why is it that the world in general is so fragmented and so very few

or emotion and is the beginning point for all of

people are living in peace and enjoying a life of fulfillment?


Now this, in my viewpoint, is the real question that begs asking!

If you strip away all the distractions of life, it is

Wouldn’t it be wise – heck, even just fair – to say that if a current “truth,” a

the part of you that is still standing. When you

current belief system or ideology does not deliver the goods – a real, measurable

are seeking, it is the Self that is calling to you.

satisfaction, the realization of your full potential and the fulfillment of your deepest

Seeking is just a way of romancing your Self –

happiness – that it may not be the right answer for you?

meeting it, courting it, becoming fully aligned and merged with it. Regularly experiencing the

What if the answers are not to be found outside of us? What if these answers we needed were already inside of us? What if it were truly an inside job? Hang with me ladies. The above paragraph may at once be simplistic, trite, overdone – and yes, even silly – to your sophisticated, savvy, been-there-

The only real difference between those of you that succeed in your undertakings and those of you who do not, is in the power of your commitment to attain the end result.

done-that selves. However, EVERY one of you, regardless of culture or background, has experienced a Higher Self – a Self that goes beyond the everyday, calculating for personal gain, defending and protecting, denying anything that does not fit into its self image, ego self – at some point in your life. You know, when your mind slowed down and you felt very serene, peaceful and whole. You felt yourself in a state of effortless being and connected to pure

deep, silent stillness of the higher Self will leave you feeling peaceful and blissful and with a sense of wholeness and wellbeing. By connecting with

your Self you will be more creative and effective and much more capable of creating a joyful, successful life. Your romance with the Self will keep you out of the fray of life – the opposing forces constantly


‘F o r

at odds with each other – and right smack into the greatness you truly are – grace,





wisdom, power, creativity, joy and effortless ease – and right smack into expressing that greatness in the world so others may join you and be that as well.

Learning to romance yourself takes practice and below are few great ways to begin. Relax, let go and enjoy yourself. Then do it again as soon as possible!

To romance your Self requires specific skills that: Deepen your self-awareness – unbounded, silent awareness Strengthen your ability to remain present Allow you to discover and effectively release (experience) your limitations – fears,

L ov e

Support your ability to deliberately direct your attention towards your ideals and

Yoga on the Beach and Breakfast Every Wednesday 9am, Surfside

goals. This is not so daunting if you have the right tools and a proven strategy,

The all natural French bistro, La Rotisserie is offering a yoga and breakfast

someone who has walked the path before you and an aligned community or group

special every Wednesday morning. For $15 you get a 45 min yoga class on the

that supports you.

beach (94th St.) and then head to La Rotisserie for a scrumptious breakfast.

regrets, resentments, pain, anger, stress, etc.

When you make and stick to a commitment – and who in the world would not? – to attain an ideal – such as romancing the Self – the entire universe rallies to

9487 Harding Avenue. For details call (305) 868-7667.

The only real difference between those of you that succeed in your undertakings

Me Day Spa Complimentary Gifts & Wine Themed Services, February 19 - March 19

and those of you who do not, is in the power of your commitment to attain the

In recognition of the SoBe Food & Wine Fest, Me Day Sap is offering Free

end result.

DiVine manicure with purchase of DiVine pedicure, 20 percent off all Eminence

provide you with the energy, power and resources necessary to create this ideal.

Organics’ DiVine products and services, and Free Rene Furterer Complex-5

Go on, I dare you, romance your Self into your life!

and Karite scalp cleansing and hair conditioning treatment.

For those of you interested in connecting to and operating from this wiser, more

1439B Alton Road, Miami Beach, 305-534-6363

powerful aspect of your Self and integrate it as a “normal” experience, contact Cecilia Nunez de Villavicencio for a complimentary one-on-one Life Perspective session that will give you a first hand experience of Self Awareness.

Vizcaya Moonlight Garden Tours February 11, 6pm

Cecilia Nunez de Villavicencio is a licensed trainer of the Self Discovery Techniques – a tool kit

Wander through Vizcaya’s breathtaking gardens along Biscayne Bay under

and highly effective, as well as practical, strategy that greatly accelerates a person’s evolution

the light of the full moon. Enjoy informal concerts of live music and light

by supporting self-mastery in all areas of life. She is committed to training you to manage your consciousness (mind and emotions) and therefore deliberately create your ideal life. For more information, contact Cecilia at 561-512-2815 or

refreshments for sale in the Courtyard of the Main House. $15 per person.

The Making of a Valentine A tiny glimpse into the history of Valentine’s Day


According to the History Channel, there is a legend of a priest named Valentine who defied the Roman Emperor Claudius II. The story goes that Claudius had outlawed marriage for young men after deciding that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families. Valentine continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret but when he was discovered the emperor had him put to death.

1 3 8 1

History points to Geoffrey Chaucer as the person who is responsible for associating Valentine’s Day with romance. In his 14th century poem celebrating the engagement of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia, Chaucer linked the engagement with the feast of St. Valentines, and so a tradition was born.

Esther Howland

2 0 0

Although common in


by the 1700’s, the practice of exchanging cards and gifts had not caught in America until the 1850’s. It was, of course, a woman who is credited with making this holiday a tradition in the states when she began to mass produce cards and other tokens of affection which would be exchanged in mid-February.




Believe it or not being driven to trust yourself and take care of yourself is the most important aspect in becoming successful and one of the most likely tasks to be forgotten. Why? Because where is the immediate satisfaction? Where is the cash pay out for doing these things? So, we tend to think of these as back burner tasks that are not related to getting the success & money we want. My experience has proven that you must always first focus at trusting yourself and listening to your gut. Anytime I have strayed from that I have ended up in a mental state I would prefer not to be in. Inevitably I end up having to push myself and train myself to keep trusting myself. One of the best way to do this is to SLOW DOWN. When making a decision, start by taking a breathe. Listen to people around you, observe the environment and really get clued in to HOW YOU FEEL in the situation. Then, trust yourself to make a decision. Training yourself in this capacity, will lead you to make more SUCCESSFUL choices, and becoming a success is made up of a sequence of decisions. Now, about taking care of yourself… I will never forget watching the Founder and CEO of Glacéau Vitaminwater, make a healthy salad EVERY DAY for lunch, and hearing about his daily routines of exercise and grooming. He always made time to take care of himself and feel good. This way, he was able to be a better leader to all of us and be prepared for what lay ahead. In one particular interview, the reporter asked him, “Why do you exercise so much?” J. Darius Bikoff, Founder of Glacéau Vitaminwater, replied, “For life.” That resonated with me and I have made that into a mantra to live by, as well. He understood the importance of first taking care of yourself, treating yourself with respect and attention, living the best life you can, first and foremost. I am sure you are all familiar with the HUGE success that brand experienced. Well, now you have a lesson straight from the man that started it all.

T H E TA K E A W A Y Slow down. You are the master of yourself. Therefore, treat yourself with the respect of a master and listen to the master. Breathe. Observe. Learn. Live. Take care of yourself and trust yourself.

WHO AM I? The simple answer is Erin Gabrielle Heit but here’s the answer you really want to know… Ever since I was a young girl I knew I had to be in business. I graduated with a Business Degree, finishing my last semester studying in nine countries, where I conducted field marketing and business assignments. Immediately after my return I was hired as the tenth employee at Energy Brands, creator of Glacéau Vitaminwater, heading up their Marketing Communications Department. After that huge success I was swept into another start up company called FUZE Beverages. I was the first person to head their Marketing Department. Now with two amazing and extremely monumental accomplishments, I took my experiences south to Florida. I joined some local beverage companies and helped take them to the next level. Then I leveraged all of my success and was able to start my own profitable consulting firm. Most recently, a brilliant businessman, whom I witnessed build an extremely lucrative enterprise, convinced me to join his team of investors and begin my latest venture, evaluating companies to invest in and be a part of a larger economical opportunity. So, readers stay tuned… you will be part of this latest ride. If you have any further questions about me, or any deals for me to evaluate, email One of Erin’s pet peeves is when someone says “I will call you later ” and then doesn’t. Why even say it?

Feb 09



WoMen’s netWorKInG events If you made it out in January, keep the momentum going and visit a few of these groups this month. If you haven’t made it out yet, make a point of visiting at least one group this month. Remember, these aren’t just for women business owners, these groups are about support and success for all women.

Wo m e n Wo n d e r s “ I trust that I deserve a trusted romance.” -PS Women, it is about time that we learn to trust ourselves, for ourselves. Wonderful Women, enough with the trusting ourselves for the sake of benefiting others. It is time for us to trust ourselves enough to realize that we are capable of romancing ourselves, to the fullest! You know what I am referring to. We are always passing up or taking a rain check to cater, pamper, and take care of our mind, body, and soul.

Powerful You! Women’s Network Powerful You! creates and facilitates venues for women who desire to develop connections that will assist in growing their businesses.

WHY? Is it because we do not trust that the kids will not be properly taken care of, that the job will not be dubiously done, that breakfast, lunch, or dinner will not be precisely prepared, that the house will not be completely cleaned, or that hubby will be logically lost without us?

February 17, 6-8 PM

Whatever it may be, let it go! TRUST “it” will be there when you return,

The Miami/Downtown Chapter will meet

if you so graciously choose to return.

at the Latin Cafe on 2501 Biscayne Blvd. For details call Doris Espinosa-Gomez

Go ahead and grant yourselves what you have been denying yourselves

(305) 206-0056 or (954) 704-0088 or

for so long. This is how you are to ROMANCE YOURSELF! Have you

Vivian Fusco 305-218-7737.

been denying yourself that visit to the spa, outing to the movies, mall, or restaurant, mental get away of reading a particular book, quiet-relaxing

Insights & Connections for Women In Business and in Life

February 23, 6-8 PM

time of being alone, going out for some dance or drink time with your

Broward Chapter will meet at the Grind

girls? If so, let it go and just go! In that moment when someone or your

in Pembroke Pines.

subconscious asks you, “What do you want to do to enjoy yourself?”

For information call Doris Espinosa-Gomez

Seize that moment to “do you” and trust that you deserve a trusted

(305) 206-0056 or (954) 704-0088 or

romance. This will be a romance that you can trust that it will be

Karen Kotzen 954-536-6583.

exquisitely controlled by you.

w w w. p o w e r f u l y o u . c o m


Other Area Network Events NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) February 6, 8-9:15 AM An informal exchange of ideas and information among women business owners over breakfast. Meeting is at Novecento in Coral Gables, 121 Alhambra Plaza, $10 cash. For details call Susan Perry at 305.255.9600

The Womens Series February 14th, 10:00-1:00 PM Created by Lorna Owens, this monthly event is an exploration and celebration of women’s power and spirituality. Meeting is at The Ritz Carlton, Coconut Grove, $35 advance ticket RSVP and details:

email with responses. -Precious Symonette


if rt


I T T A K E S M OX X I WHO: Ela M. Rivero-Prieto WHAT: Executive VP, Bank of Coral Gables & former President, The Learning Experience School for children with learning disabilities. WHERE: Born in San Juan, PR to Cuban immigrants, moved to Miami at 6 months of age. WHEN: Began working in the banking industry at 18. Began her involvement with The Learning Experience School over 10 years ago. WHY: Started as a teller while in college to cover expenses and loved her job immediately. She has continued to gain experience in all phases of banking from teller, to branch manager, to her current position as Executive VP. MOXXI MOMENT: “I have to have “moxxi” for my everyday job.” Ms. Rivero-Prieto takes great pride in going well beyond her client’s expectations. She finds fulfillment in providing the best customer service possible, whether it’s executing a loan with a quick turnaround or providing competitive rates, Ela taps into her Moxxi on a daily basis. Feb 09


“There are still times now when I have to play multiple roles at the bank, it’s part of the business, if I have to play teller sometimes, I am more than happy to do so.” When she began working for the Bank of Coral Gables, the current location was not even open yet. Most of the work was done from home and she was literally involved with building the bank from the ground up. In her current position, Ela uses her priceless experience and her commitment to superb customer service to propel the bank to excellence, both in business profitability and in unparalleled customer service. Although currently focused on her role in the bank and the bank’s future, Ms. Rivero-Prieto keeps in touch with the things that bring her bliss, namely enjoying her quiet time with her husband at the end of each day. “Cooking a great meal, enjoying a nice bottle of wine, and just relaxing with my husband brings me bliss,” explains Ela. In addition to her work with the bank, Ms. Rivero-Prieto maintains strong ties with The Learning Experience School in order to support their work with children 5 months to 15 years who have learning disabilities. It is in her well rounded dedication to excellence that Ela truly lives with Moxxi.


Ba n k o n I t The “B” word - no, we’re not talking ‘broke’ here - our B word is Budget - and while some us may entertain the idea of budgeting, truth be told, many of us can use a little more skill or even discipline in this area. Budgets can seem daunting, a task better completed by an economist or a financial guru. Fortunately, this is truly not the case and what’s most important is the power and confidence we gain when we not only start, but complete a goal.

Not Using A Budget was cited as one of the top 5 most expensive mistakes women make in a 1995 issue of Working Women Magazine. In Honor of You

is an effective savings strategy. Many times our perspectives determine our outcome. If saving seems like a chore, try changing your

perspective. Look at savings as your gift to yourself, as your way of saying you are absolutely the most valuable thing in your life (which you are). Taking 10% of any income you receive and saving it - simply in honor of yourself - is an effective way build that savings account. If 10% seems impossible, start with what feels less straining , maybe 5% or 7%, and build up to 10% or more. Yes, at first it may be tight and it may be tempting to dig in, but HONOR yourself first, even before you pay the bills and you will see results much sooner than you expect.

Make it or break it

when it comes to a budget. We’re not talking here about “breaking it” in terms of breaking your budget for those Jimmy Choo’s that

you have to have. Give yourself a few approaches to budgeting and break the techniques (and habits) that just don’t work. Remember that some of this might be new territory for you and it may take a few weeks to get the hang of it. If the first attempt you made for budgeting was not effective for you, try another one, just like you would a pair of jeans or shoes when shopping. How many tries does it take on average to find the perfect fit in a new pair of pants? Why would budgeting be any different? Don’t settle for the shoes that look good but kill your feet - compel yourself to find the perfect fit for you - and apply that to your budget well.

Budgeting & Wealth Building

Expert Advice on Personal Finance

For Moms

Free budgets, tips and guidance on achieving your

In the tools section, offers a free online

With over 100 printable tools, from

financial goals. This NY Times Bestselling author’s site

budgeting sheet to get you started during the first

budgets to inventory sheets, this site

is focused on getting rid of debt and creating wealth.

month plus lots of other tips and financial news.

will satisfy any planning whim you have.

“The best place to star t is where you are, with what you have.” - Charles Schwab

ll a m S S ’ M OX X I s s e n i s Bu e v i t a i t i In

Share Your Moxxi If you’re done, pass it on.

Small Businesses are vital to our city’s economic health. In order to support area businesses during this economic “readjustment” period,


is sponsoring one local business’s advertisement

each month. The featured business will be chosen at random and announced in the following month’s issue. In order to enter, the business must be locally owned and operated. For more information email

January’s winner: Letterheads

Keep it Green If it’s time has come, please recycle.

Balance today’s uncertainties with guarantees. Build your personal safety net. In today’s volatile economy, preparing for the “ifs” in life can be a real balancing act. It’s good to know that you can depend on the guarantees offered by New England Financial — guarantees backed by substantial assets, some of the industry’s highest financial strength ratings, and rigorous standards for risk management. To help strengthen your personal safety net, update your individual coverage or discuss how to supplement your employee benefits, connect with your New England Financial representative: Alecia Gisela Lokpez, MBA Financial Advisor Dadeland Centre II 9150 S Dadeland Blvd. PH II, Suite 1600 Miami, FL 33156 (305) 593-0001

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BLISS Me Time Rituals

finding your

Your New BFF: Your Journal

By Simone Kelly-Brown

GOT SOMETHING ON YOUR CHEST? Maybe you’ve been dying to tell someone off? Or on a lighter note, you might feel like shouting from the hilltops about your newfound love. Without starting World War III or looking absolutely bonkers, I’d like to introduce you to your new BFF (Translation in kid slang: Best Friend Forever). Everyone needs a BFF. Get ready to share your inner and deepest thoughts with…your journal. Using a journal can be better and safer than using your real life friends for a therapy session. Plus, you won’t leave anyone feeling drained after they get off the phone with you. Journaling is not just something little 12-year-old girls do when they want to babble about the cutest boy down the block. It’s an absolutely freeing exercise that allows you to be open and honest with yourself and explore your deepest feelings. When you journal, you are dedicating time to your self-improvement. Another plus: a person who knows who they are is always appealing! Journaling is one of the best “Me Time Rituals” out there. It allows you to tap into your emotions and get to know yourself better. If you have been so busy that you can’t even remember what your dreams used to be, it is a great tool to get bank in touch with yourself and your dreams. Journaling will give you time to inspire yourself and to also analyze your life. Best of all it requires no skill, no writing background and no degree. DO IT WHEN IT WORKS! The best time to journal is in the morning or night. You’ll know what works best with your schedule. I’m a morning person, so it’s a great way for me to start my day. I’ve made it such a habit that I actually feel off balanced if I don’t spend at least 15 minutes each morning journaling and meditating. It’s become as much a normal part of my every day as showering and brushing my teeth. HOW DO I BEGIN? To Start Your Day: • Journal about what you’d like to accomplish for the day • How you feel? • What’s bothering you? • What your proud of? • Write a few affirmations over and over: i.e.: 1. Life comes to me with ease, joy and abundance. 2. I’m happy and grateful for…. 3. Anything I want is attainable, because I OWN my power! (my personal favorite) To End Your Day: • Review the day’s events and share with your new best friend • How do you feel? • What are some things you’d like to do? • Get anything off your chest, so you don’t take it out on the rest of us innocent bystanders.

THE BENEFITS OF JOURNALING • Free Therapy! It’s an affordable method of self-therapy. It might feel odd at first, but it really feels good when you start to release things. • You can work through stressful events without letting it build up. One of the major benefits is that it’s great way to release negativity. A blank page in your journal is where you can let loose your rage, anger, disappointment with a person or situation and feel better once you get it all out. The paper might have deep imprints from hard writing; but hey, better the paper than the person! • Think through solutions to problems. • Positive role-playing: Have fun and focus on your future. Write out creative stories as if they already happened. Examples: 1. I’m so happy that my husband is now in my life. He’s so loving, affectionate and supportive… (You might be single now) 2. The business is booming! My accountant just showed me the numbers and we grossed $450,000 this year. Yahooooo! (You might just be launching your new business this year.) 3. I have a circle of supportive friends who are so much fun to be around. (Maybe you have toxic friends that drain your energy now.) WHAT YOU NEED • Your favorite pen • Notebook or Journal: Get a fancy one that represents you. Barnes and Nobles and Target have some very nice ones for about $10-15. Or, you can go very basic and black and white 100 page composition notebook for $1.50 from the supermarket! It’s up to you… FIND THE TIME • Find a quiet place you write for 10-30 minutes each day. • Attempt at least three pages a day. It doesn’t have to be eloquent or even grammatically correct. Your new best friend doesn’t care if you can spell either and remember it’s okay to wine, rant, and babble. Lastly and most importantly, remember to keep it in a safe place. Some people even carry it with them to work though out their day in case they need a “moment”. Again, it’s the best free therapy around! Have loads of fun on your new writing adventures. You’ll thank me later! SPECIAL OFFER

Simone Kelly-Brown has graciously extended a complimentary ME TIME consultation to help you organize your life to focus more on your goals. Just mention MOXXI and you will receive phone session valued at $75 to jumpstart your new life of taking care of numero uno! (Expires 3/15/09) Simone Kelly-Brown is the CEO of Own Your Power Communications. A company that focuses on helping others transform their passions into the lifestyle they deserve. For more info go to: Call her for your session at 877-545-7352.


My Walk With

President Barak Obama Written by Precious Symonette


someone would have told me two and a half months ago that

family and newly found friends. In retrospect, I am glad that I

I would have been granted the opportunity of attending the

chose to endure the event this way, because the experience was so

Inauguration of President Barack Obama, I would have thought

much richer in significance. As I perused the countenances of the

that they were completely insane. My walk with President

passengers aboard the charter, one characteristic was apparent

Barack Obama, then Senator Barack Obama, was an extended

and parallel among them all, myself included, unimaginable and

and complicated emotional ride. I remember when I first heard

inexplicable happiness. The celebration was shared by a group

President Barack Obama speak; I was captured by his humble,

of people from many, if not, all races. Women and men, children

charismatic, and mature demeanor. I felt a sense of relief that a

and teenagers, husbands and wives, fathers and sons, mothers

breath of fresh perspectives and ideas were being introduced to

and daughters invested in President Barack Obama’s success

the world. The day I stood in line for three hours to vote, for the

and future endeavors. Strangely it appeared as if this charter bus

first time, was extremely tiresome and frustrating. Nevertheless,

was a citizen’s paradise, an unthinkable Utopia.Everyone seemed

I remained in line, because I truly felt that it was time I voiced my

completely comfortable with each other, positive, productive,

opinion, especially while “change” was in the making. The night

receptive, helpful, understanding, appreciative, entertaining; in

of the presidential electoral vote results, I was overwhelmed with

short, a symbol of what the world, as a whole, could become. We

genuine happiness. I distinctly remember gawking at my mom and

were all interested in making the world a better place; moreover,

gasping for breath, while I watched in disbelief as she performed

we were overjoyed to have a president that believed, spoke, and

the “Barack Obama Dance,” as she so hilariously coined it. The

practiced the same. The bus ride was surprisingly jubilant.

dance was completely ridiculous and totally amusing. I thought to myself “I would never be caught, in public, performing this

Always on duty

dance!” It is absolutely amazing how the human body reacts when

Arriving at 4:30am on the Inauguration Day, we were

experiencing sheer joy and happiness. I confess, that night and

greeted by crowds of people stampeding toward the National

perhaps a couple nights after, I performed the dance religiously for

Mall, psyched for the event. The sky was pitch dark and the stars

my mother and others. This momentous event in American history,

were dazzling. The moon took the spotlight, simply because it

had receptively become a family affair, showered with hope, pride,

was the provider of light. The wind screamed harshly as it slapped

and excitement!

our faces with earthly icicles. Our clothes developed a mind of its

Unimaginable and inexplicable happiness

own, as it clung to our bodies as if we were a life support system. Our shoes warded off any inkling of cold breeze by utilizing every

With the aforementioned in mind, imagine my response

weapon formed in the image of shoe material, initially provided

when I was informed that I would be going to Washington, D.C. to

by its wearer. The presences of hand and foot warmers were our

attend the Inauguration of President Barack Obama! I was ecstatic.

only refuge from the unbearably freezing weather. Among the

My trip to D.C. was made possible by way of a charter bus with

crowds of people, echoes’ of women’s voices were questioning

15 the whereabouts of loved ones, yelling out directions, and inquiring about the comfort of others. I thought to myself, “Women are always on duty!” The walk to the National Mall was long and hard, but we made it! Everyone was helping each other reach the final destination. For the most part, everyone was exceptionally considerate and helpful. Upon reaching the grounds, a general sense of disbelief came over the crowd - we had made it. Instantly, someone shouted, “Change has arrived,” and this was met with cheers and dances of joy. People of all races was celebrating together. Complete strangers were hugging each other, crying, shaking hands, and conversing.

Heart Stopping This experience in itself was life altering. It suddenly settled in both my head and my heart that I was actually at the Inaugural Ceremony for President Barack Obama! It felt like an out of body experience! As I stared out into the crowds of people, my attention was captured by a young mother desperately trying to calm and shield her child from the cold. As the lady knelt down to remove clothing from herself to place on the child, I noticed other women walking over with blankets in their hands, placing them on the child. This was a heart stopping sight! Within seconds, an announcement was made notifying everyone that the magnifying moment was about to begin. Applause and elation spread instantaneously.

Chaos, Portable Restrooms and Hope As the inauguration unfolded, everyone was attentive to the speeches. Throughout the ceremony, you could hear individuals crying to themselves, screaming out in agreement, pr simply yelling with excitement. Hope was spreading quickly, highly contagious from one person to the other. At the end of the ceremony, some individuals lingered around to party a little more, others walked around, and many rushed to the portable restrooms. As you walked out toward the streets, the streets were filled with people selling memorabilia and souvenirs. People quickly rushed to purchase items, snap pictures, and go to the parade site. What was extremely exciting and baffling was that many people walked expedishly to the White House to sneak pictures. Many people took pictures outside of the gates of the White House, while others witnessed President Barack and Michelle Obama’s walk on Pennsylvania Avenue. Although the weather was unthinkably cold and the activity chaotic, everyone accomplished the common goal of witnessing the Inaugural Ceremony of President Barack Obama.

Accomplishment and Conviction Attending the Inaugural Ceremony of President Barack Obama was a magnifying and fulfilling experience for me. From whatever perspective one chooses to analyze this event, two commonalities will exist; it was freezing and an extraordinary experience. I truly believe that change is needed in our economy. In fact, I truly believe that change is happening- as I witnessed at the ceremony. More importantly, I feel that women are doing an amazing job and can look forward to more empowerment in the economy because of the powerful influences that both The First Lady-Michelle Obama and Secretary of Defense-Hilary Clinton can have on the world, particularly with the youth of today. This historical event has truly convinced me that any and everything is possible. As a mother and an educator, I truly feel confident in telling my son and my students that they can accomplish anything that they set their hearts and mind to tackle. Alongside this conviction, I hope that all women would look at these women as symbols of strength and hope for the present and future. More importantly, I would hope that these two women stand as a constant reminder for all, that women are capable of performing any task when necessary. This is Precious Symonette’s personal experience in Washington DC during the inauguration of our 44th President, Barak Obama. Ms. Symonette lives and works in Miami and graciously agreed to share her first hand experience in DC with Moxxi readers.


s n o i s s Confe

from a


by Madison Wynters

head around the corner, I was mildly displeased at the

thought of having to write an article about romance. Not that there’s anything wrong with romance, I just feel everyone has a different interpretation and wasn’t sure whether I was expected to offer advice, suggestions, etc. So imagine my surprise (and relief), when I was asked to write about romance with my favorite person: Me! I find (as all of you should individually) that I am my own favorite person to indulge and woo. But in all fairness, talk is cheap

and though I talk the talk, I don’t always

I know, how cliché of me to say it’s the thought that counts, but seriously, that’s where the crossover with romancing yourself comes in. Romancing yourself, in my opinion, involves being introspective. Yes, I know you can shop for yourself better than anyone’s business, but think how rewarding it can be to take time for yourself regularly to explore your personal undertakings internally. Once you’ve stepped back and pondered your accomplishments,

I can think of a couple of friends who attempted to argue in favor of prostitution after seeing Pretty Woman

walk the walk. Most confident women are quick to point out there qualities (while not losing their humility) and what they believe they deserve from life and those around them. However, with the exception of the occasional (or constant, if you’re lucky) splurge on a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s or Jimmy Choo’s, how much time do we really dedicate to romancing ourselves. Now while we all love to buy ourselves nice things, romancing ourselves doesn’t always entail things we can buy over the counter (and no, I’m not referring to prescription drugs either). I guess this is where my earlier reference to romance with a partner being about interpretation, overlaps into romancing yourself. Romance to some involves replicas of movie scenes from their teen years such as Say Anything or Dirty Dancing. Heck, I can think of a couple of friends who attempted to argue in favor of prostitution after seeing Pretty Woman. To me though, romance is not about the flowers and the jewelry (not that I’m complaining) but rather the thought that goes into it and how it ultimately makes you feel.

then the time is perfect to sweet talk yourself.


the commercialized “holiday ” of Valentine’s day rears its

This is where you should not hold back. I’m not giving you license to be pompous; I’m endorsing you to be proud. Know that all the things you do, however small, are

amazing because you put them in motion. And (another cliché coming) it’s not the destination but the journey so every act, is a wonderful adventure to becoming a better you. Never forget to tell yourself how proud you are of yourself for trying to be as beautiful on the inside as you are externally. At the end of the day, you are welcome to draw yourself a bubble bath, pour a glass of wine and eat bonbons, in order to indulge in Hollywood’s interpretation of romance. However, these are obvious wooing techniques. More intense and romantic is the knowledge that you deserve accolades for simply being yourself, and taking the time to know yourself in order to be even more fabulous. Words of Wisdom: It’s important for your shoes to have comfortable inner soles.



t cer

I T T A K E S M OX X I WHO: Margie Buster WHAT: Founder, President & CEO, Redland Tropical Gardens, retired Arborist WHERE: Born and raised in Colombia, currently living in Coral Gables. WHEN: Established Redland Tropical Gardens in 1995 WHY: Through her organization, Margie translates her passion for plants into a platform for education and environmental protection. MOXXI MOMENT: When asked about her Moxxi moment, Margie laughs it off, “I consider myself too dumb to be scared. If I consider somethig be ‘right’, I go on my mission - there is no place for fear.” In truth, Margie lives with so much Moxxi, that she is not even aware of it as something outside of her, it is simply a part of who she is. At one point, Margie’s husband shared with her how he experienced her determination: “When you decide you are going to do something, I simply get out of the way.”

Feb 09


Margie Buster is simply an outstanding member of our community. Her unwavering dedication to create and implement environmentally sound policies and sustainable practices, particularly in the areas of agriculture, horticulture and tourism, has resulted in increased awareness and action in these areas. At the cornerstone of Margie’s efforts is education, which she feels is essential to each generation’s ability to connect with the land and plants around them. In the picture above, Margie (left) is presenting an award to Homestead Mayor Lynda Bell in recognition for her goals with Homestead’s Green Gateway initiative (a community sustainability plan to preserve, conserve, enhance, promote and connect the city’s green amenities). With her strong ties to the community, Margie is affecting change and education on a daily level. Redland Tropical Gardens runs tours from Palm Beach to the Keys aimed at increasing natureawareness. These tours are not held simply for the benefit of “tourist”, but are also important and effective resources for locals to learn more about the ecology of South Florida. “Most people do not realize just how incredible and unique this area truly is.” Through Margie’s vision and determination the message is being received loud and clear. Thank you Margie for your beautiful contribution to our community.


Treasure Chest Bobbye Farino


ears ago when I lived up north and was teaching several different classes

I am always absolutely alright in my world even when the going gets tough. It is

on metaphysics, I created a fun and interesting way to begin each class. I

knowing that I am being taken care of. When I am presented with challenges in

called it the “dictionary game”. I would look up words related to whatever topic

my life, it is only as I let go and TRUST that I am able to see the gift being offered

was being covered and then would bring them to class to share. The students

to me through a challenging situation. This is the clarity I so need. With the gift

loved it, as we would have the best time learning new meanings and expanding

of insight presented I can then take the action steps necessary to create my life

our knowledge. It became quite exciting and as the game grew, everyone would

as I want it to be. I begin to experience the challenge as an opportunity, to give

come to class with the most interesting meanings and interpretations of words

to others, to give to myself. In TRUSTING, I am feeling my heart and the comfort

and topics we already knew in old familiar ways. Very old dictionaries would

of that love within leading me. So what is TRUST? In the asking of the question

often provide expansive definitions to which we would find ourselves amazed

I invite you to contemplate the definitions I have presented here. I have written

by how our perceptions were changed and our insights were deepened. To this

with love and delight and hope. Hope that sometime when your world gets a little

day, I look up words that speak to my heart and find much value in learning a

rocked, you will remember something of what I have written and it will help you

new and different way to understand concepts that have been a part of my life

to move yourself through the rough times. Choosing to TRUST is powerful. You

for so many years.

are the power in your life. That you can TRUST!

I was thrilled when I learned the focus for this months issue was the word TRUST. What does trust really mean anyway and exactly what is it? Well, before

Bobbye Farino is a transformational healer, speaker and educator. She is also a professional tarot consultant and licensed minister. Bobbye is powerfully committed to

pulling out my dictionaries, of which I have several, I decided to consult my

helping others achieve empowerment through self-love and her work reflects her great

husband, my son and my daughter. I simply asked what trust meant to them. I

joy in acknowledging the perfection within each of us.

felt so honored to hear their answers and to be having a conversation with these people I so love about such a deeply personal topic. My wonderful son described trust as believing in someone, knowing deeply that they would never harm you. “You can believe them” he said. “You can trust them.” My amazing daughter’s reply was “You have 100% confidence in someone, in their words and actions. You can believe in them, you have no doubts; you have faith in them.” I loved hearing these words; they made my heart soar. My husband’s answer, dear man that he is, was equally wonderful. His experience of trust is “I just assume that everything will be alright.” Well, out came the dictionary as I “had” to look up the word assume! I was so excited by what I read! One of the meanings given to the word assume, is “to claim”. Now I was ready to research TRUST. Okay, here is where it really starts to get interesting! Out of the “mouth” of Webster’s Dictionary we find TRUSTfirm reliance in the honesty, strength, dependability or character of someone or something, to assume or expect, to believe, to entrust. Knowing the word TRUST as a noun is, I believe, the smallest part of the meaning. Knowing the word TRUST as a verb opens the door to understanding. It is when I take action, when I choose to TRUST that I am truly empowered. In that split second decision my equilibrium is restored and my world made right. Now I have opened the door to opportunity. Opportunity for what? Opportunity to stop being in fear, opportunity to stop hurting, opportunity to move out of the way and allow the greatness within me, the magnificent and benevolent universal intelligence and power, to operate in me and through me to bring me into my greater good. This dear readers, is my own very personal experience of TRUST as I have come to know it. Stepping out with confidence in the belief that I can rely and depend upon that power within me is to know, indeed to assume, yes claim, that



rowing up, when imagining the column I always knew I’d write for a magazine geared toward women, I pictured myself as Jake. He Said. The Other Side of the Game. You know, offering the male perspective. Why beer is better than wine. Why I should be allowed to watch the game on Sunday. Why Sex and the City is better than The Shield. Okay, you caught me. I hate beer. The buzz is great but anyone who tells you they enjoy the taste is either lying or British. I also wrote “the game on Sunday ” so you could insert your own sport. I have no idea what sport is on this Sunday. I assume there’s something. I mean, that’s what Sunday ’s are for, right? Worship and sports. And yes, I love watching Sex and the City on DVD, over and over. And I’ve enjoyed reading Candace Bushnell. So maybe I can’t offer a traditional man’s perspective (and what the hell does that even mean anymore?) but when it comes to books, I have perspective from all angles. Diana Abu- Jaber, part-time local author, part-time Portland professor, and year-round wonderful person is in a writer’s group with two other published authors. One is the Puck of the literary world (think Shakespeare, not Wolfgang), Chuck Palahniuk, the other is relative newcomer Chelsea Cain. A few years back, they challenged themselves to write a literate thriller. Chuck Palahniuk came up with Rant (Anchor, $14.95), the fictionalized oral biography of Buster “Rant” Casey. If you missed it, Rant has all the Palahniuk trademarks. First, there’s social commentary. Second, there are the crazy things people think up to occupy their time when all their basic needs are met, only not to their satisfaction. Third, it’s chock-a-block full of fun factoids and dark humor. Palahniuk is one of my favorite writers. It pains me to criticize him, but the format works against him here. If you’ve never read an oral biography (start with Leggs McNeil’s The Other Hollywood or George

Feb 09


Plimpton’s Truman Capote), it collects a bunch of interviews about someone. Through the recollections of dozens of people who loved, hated, worked with, were related to, worked for, slept with, partied with, or otherwise knew a particular person, a portrait emerges.

Most reviews have called her the female Hannibal Lechter. Because of her extreme intellect and power to manipulate, not because she’s eaten anyone. That we know of. If you want the truth, Heartsick had me from the dedication. Pick it up, read it, and see for yourself.

Palahniuk’s strongest feature is his narrative voice. Honed over ten books before Rant, it’s stripped to bone, hypnotic, and almost instantly recognizable. In Rant, he strains to present himself as many different people, but they all sound like him. Think of the characters in Quentin Tarantino movies who all sound like Quentin Tarantino, or the scene in Chuck Klosterman’s Killing Yourself to Live where he imagines sharing his car with three exes who mysteriously “all use the same syntax.” If Rant didn’t give the name and occupation in front of every speaker, it would be impossible to keep track of who’s who.

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than anticipation. The second book in Chelsea Cain’s series, Sweetheart (St. Martin’s, $24.95), is available. Bottom line? Even though it reads like the bridge from part two to part three that it is, I still couldn’t put it down. So get caught up with Heartsick and Sweetheart, then hold your breath for the final chapter. It makes a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Fun fact? Chelsea Cain gave Palahniuk the idea for the little bullet points in front of every speaker that tells you whether they ’re a day person or a night person. Read the book to see what I mean. Where Rant shines is in another Palahniuk trademark – the unexpected. Not in some it-was-all-a-dream twist ending, but in an oh-my- God-that’s-awesome-my-thinking-had-gotten-very-uptight way. Toward the end, Rant takes a violent turn into metaphysical science fiction, and the results are very satisfactory indeed. Maybe Rant isn’t exactly a literary thriller, but the best of the bunch, Diana Abu- Jaber’s Origin (Norton $14.95), certainly is. Newly released in paperback, it’s the story of a forensic pathologist discovering her own history while tracking a serial killer. Full disclosure? Origin is set in Syracuse, New York, my hometown, so maybe part of my enjoyment stems from seeing the old streets in print, and wrapping myself in the winter she weaves so vividly. In most thrillers, anything that takes place outside the case is an afterthought. Either that, or it eventually comes to bear (“Oh my God!” said Inspector Quincy, “The delivery boy with whom I’ve been having witty banter since chapter one is related to our key witness!”). The dirty secret about serial killer thriller Origin is that it’s actually a character study. It works best when Lena Dawson is on her own, struggling to reach out to friends and co-workers, to find herself, to relate to her family. The case she’s working is really just her job. The fact that the case comes to bear on her life is coincidence. These pieces of Lena’s life, alone in her little apartment in a cold winter, were so rich that I felt compelled to pick up Abu- Jaber’s first two fiction books, Crescent and Arabian Jazz. Discovering a great writer who’s new to you? That’s the real thrill. If you haven’t read Chelsea Cain’s adult fiction debut, Heartsick, I can’t say I blame you. Who needs another serial killer that’s sicker than any other serial killer, taking random lives in fun and interesting ways? Well, if you want a book that won’t let go of your neck until you turn the last page, you do. A writer can’t do that on gore alone; the results are always sickening. Cain does it with prose. Character development. A love story. Sure, it’s a love story between a serial killer and the one victim who got away, but what relationship doesn’t have its problems?

Another fun fact? Palahniuk, Abu- Jaber, and Cain gave their main characters unusually heightened senses, particularly smell. Rant’s friends see him as more animal than human because of it, immediately setting him apart. It helps Lena in her job, but also provides a link to her past. As polished as Gretchen appears on the surface, the manner in which she smells and tastes reveal her as a predator. I have no idea what their writer’s group is like, whether they were aware of the sideeffects of working together, but the parallels are interesting. To me, at least. If not to you, then excuse me all over the place. Next month, I’ll be sure to do some heavy investigation into celebrity cellulite. Anyway, if you pick one or all of these great authors, at the very least you will be taken away from this world and plunged into theirs. All of them are certainly worth your time. Trust me. I may not know makes and models on cars, but I know books. Thanks for reading.

Aaron Curtis is a book buyer at Books & Books. He knows how to drive stick shift.

Wishful Thinking A poem by Precious Symonette I wish that you were me and that I were you. I wish that you and I could learn how to be true; So that we’d wallow in the valley of truth. I wish that we were strong enough to createA different Time, a magnificent Spirit, An Unlimited Space Enabling us to erase hatred without a trace. I wish that we’d have never introduced ourselves to pride And learned to embrace the “ride” of life. I wish that you could accept me as I am and that I could Accept you as you are, allowing us to aim highAssisting us to coexist among the stars. I wish that you would have acknowledged me and that I Would have appreciated you so that we could have still been a Total of

How sick is Cain’s serial killer, ultra-beautiful Gretchen Lowell?

Feb 09




HIDDEN GEMS Miami is chock-full of those fabled hole-in-the-wall spots. You know the one - that spot that is just off the main drag and serves up unparalleled authenticity - regardless of the product. It’s the spot that’s at once your best kept secret and the place you wish everyone new about. We’ve come across a few of these and since we apparently have no ability to keep a secret, we’ll do the next best thing: tell absolutely everyone about our sweet finds.

Out of the Blue Cafe is a charming European style coffeehouse, wine bar and cafe in the Wynwood Arts District. The cafe is housed in a 1920’s bungalow style house offering both a comfy living room style sitting area as well as traditional restaurant type seating. Out of the Blue also boasts a nice sized outdoor sitting area, perfect for enjoying a glass of wine and pleasant conversation. Specialty coffee drinks, signature smoothies, paninis, salads, delicious baked goods and more (not forgetting the wine, of course) are available for eat in, take out and delivery (which is free). ‘Out to Brunch’ is a special Sunday offering from 10am - 5pm featuring live jazz and a complimentary mimosa. Other events include their happy hour ‘Alive after Five’ and Thursday Karaoke night. Rotating art exhibits and vintage furniture add to the authenticity of this gem. Whether you’re looking for a coffee fix, yummy lunch or just a relaxing afternoon wine, Out of the Blue is sure to please. Even if you’re still technically “working”, the cafe’s free wireless will help you play hookey in style. To view the full menu visit

Located at 2426 NE 2nd Ave Open from M-F at 8am, Sat at 9am and Sun at 10am. Out of the Blue stays up late Fri & Sat nights until 12am. For more information, call them at 305 573 3800

We’re looking for a few good gems! Each month we feature a different little-known, yet ultra-fab spot. Tell us about your favorite secret gem ( and you might see them on these pages very soon.

tyle S

Moxxi’s fashion section is edited by Carmen Ordonez and brought to you by Viva Fashion Blog. Keep your inner fashionista in the know by logging on to

1. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT You too will fall in love once you see this dress and all of its intricate semi-precious stone neckline. $440; at Green Grass, Mary Brickell Village. 2. PRETTY IN PINK This blouse is from designer Austin Jade’s spring 2009 collection. The chic line features color-splashed resort wear in bold hues (like this beautiful silk chiffon blouse). This blouse can easily be taken from day to night. $215; at Style Lab, 5580 NE 4th Court, Downtown. 3. LADY IN RED You can’t go wrong with this sexy red dress, perfect for a romantic night out. The ruffles and empire waistline make it very flattering. It’s a steal for only $39.99 at Target stores. 4. RED HOT Put some pizzazz in your step with this pair of flirty peep toe shoes from Mossimo. $22.99; at Target stores.

2 1


3 5

5. PINK TOPAZ HEART FRAME EARRINGS Delicate and beautiful 14kt yellow gold sweetheart earrings in pink topaz on lever backs $125; 6. I HEART YOU What outfit wouldn’t be complete without some accessories? So why not add a statement necklace. This “Warrior Heart Choker” is a one-of-a-kind piece from PONO. The heart, which is made out of resin to look like granite, is a brilliant exercise in contrast and material. You can find this and other accessories at the Lisa Todd boutique in Coral Gables or online at


Feb 09


Are you feeling lucky? One lucky reader will win the Warior Heart Chocker. Log on to to find out how you can win and get special discounts on other accessories.



$25 A N Y B I K I N I & B U T TO C K S S T R I P *





6815 Biscayne Blvd 305/756-7794 Open 7 days • Falamos Portugues


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