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How To Choose The Right Lawn Mowers - Lawn Tractors _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Jonr Jony - Choosing the right lawn mower for your garden can be very difficult with such a wide variety of mowers on the market today, here we will explain to you about the different types of lawn mowers and their advantages and disadvantages. With a lawn mower being an expensive item to buy for your garden lawn it is important you make the right choice for you, the first thing you should consider is the actual size of your garden. This can determine what type of mower you will need. Learn More About Lawn Tractors

If you have a medium to large lawn to cut then using a manual push lawn mower will make the job difficult and hard work, you should look for one of the powered mowers available either electric or petrol there are numerous makes and models available. The advantage of an electric mower is that it is less noisy than petrol types and a bit more friendly to the environment when cutting your lawn, the disadvantage is you will have an electric cable trailing behind you when walking up and down your lawn this could lead to a safety issue when mowing. One way round this issue is to buy a cordless lawn mower, manufactures are now producing high quality cordless mowers at very reasonable prices.

The advantage of the petrol mower is that it is engine driven, this means all you have to do is engage the lever and walk steadily behind it when cutting your lawn. The disadvantage is the noise they can produce and the fumes from the exhaust when running the engine, wearing ear protectors when using a petrol lawn mower is something to consider before starting to cut your lawn.

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