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how to have your healthiest year yet january | february 2013

start fresh!

Reboot your body Rediscover your sex life Reclaim your youthful glow pg. 40

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all-ne w act io n p l an | a n i m a l t h e r apy | i n p r a i s e of c it ru s | h o w to r e c l a i m you r se x l i f e | t he s c e nt s of w int e r

body+soul in balance



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go Tah ini Sm oothie, pg. 50

Action Plan 21 DAYS + 45 recipes =A whole new you! ( Our weekly meal plan makes detox easy, our recipes make it delicious )

A MARTHA STEWART PUBLICATION january | february 2013 Display through february 13 $4.99 US $5.99 CAN

Number 73

Could Animals be the new shrinks? CoverB0113F.indd 2

12/14/12 3:51 PM

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