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(Left to right) Skates With Wolves Classic Cruiser skateboard, $224; Webby Classic Cruiser skateboard, $224: STRGHT, Jackets, Stylist’s own. (Left) Jeans: MOTHER, $196, All other clothing available at


STRGHT Stylin’ Any skater worth her salt knows rad street style is critical. Obviously, it all starts with your board. And it doesn’t get cooler than the recently launched STRGHT skateboards, hand-etched in Vista, California. With old-school shapes sand-carved out of African mahogany and bamboo, the unisex skateboards sport artwork inspired by the Old West (antique gun handles, saloons), Native Americans and Samoan warrior culture. But, says founder Gabe Willis, “the number one thing I usually draw inspiration from is fashion.” After all, according to him, those making STRGHT boards their wheels of choice are “guys or girls whose priority is style.” Despite the boards’ rugged aesthetic (they’re painted with only the finest tagger-approved spray paint), Willis isn’t afraid to admit they’re also pretty. “Everything should have subtle hints of femininity,” he says. “Girls tend to have more finesse, style and graciousness than guys. Unisex isn’t bad—it’s rad!” Enough said. ≥ KATHRYN ROMEYN


Ask any well-traveled surfer about conditions in Japan, and you’ll hear talk of small waves or an ongoing flat spell. Still, the Tokyo surf community is flourishing, and we couldn’t be happier about it now that we’ve discovered Velvet Dreams, a line of customizable colorful, kitschy wetsuits from the Land of the Rising Sun. Inspired by a few formative teenage years in Los Angeles, designer Takaaki Kaneko offers full and spring suits (with front zippers), surf vests and even neoprene hot pants. The pieces can be created in an array of bold and pastel shades and then emblazoned with neon stripes that harken back to the Day-Glo suits of the ’80s. Kaneko has already spotted his creations on many surfers in the everexpanding lineups on the shores of Japan. “For me it doesn’t matter if [the girls] are good or bad,” he says, “as long as they look happy in my designs.” In a suit this cute, it’s tough not to smile. ≥ JG

≤ On Darcy: Jade wedges, $100; (on floor from left) Morgan boot, $110; Marcos shoe (in various colors), $85 each: MOVMT,

Let’s Start a Movement “Look good, do good, feel good” is the mantra behind The People’s Movement (MOVMT), a SoCal-based eco-friendly company aiming to change the world one shoe at a time. “Being avid travelers and surfers, we saw that everywhere we went plastic had gotten there first,” says Mark Wystrach, MOVMT’s designer and creative director, who cofounded the company with CEO Kevin Flanagan and CFO Chris Swortwood. In their fledgling line, each pair of shoes and the reusable tote they’re packaged in are made with repurposed plastics gathered from the island of Bali. Sustainable materials are employed wherever possible, resulting in kicks featuring organic-cotton canvas and laces, natural dyes and water-based glue. The collection is comprised of simple, unisex sneakers and high-tops in understated colors, with unexpected details such as a hidden wedge or an embroidered chevron pattern upping the cool factor. Plus, with every pair purchased from the brand’s current Clean Act line, one dollar is donated to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a group dedicated to putting an end to plastic pollution. We love when saving the world makes us look good, too.! ≥!!NATALIE YOST



Director of PR at Aspen Skiing Company

Owner of Taylor De Cordoba gallery

“When I was a young kid, we got a Ping-Pong table and new bikes at the same time for Christmas. Or five years ago when my wife said ‘I will’ on Christmas morning.”

“A hand-carved rocking swan, made by my grandfather. It even came with a ‘license plate,’ where he carved my name and date of birth.”


Owner/designer of Summer of Seventy Eight “A surprise vow renewal on my fifth wedding anniversary.”

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