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Movin’ on the web... This issue, we’ve delved into the world of online music to find the top 10 online music websites. All of these sites are compl etely legal so you can be sure that you’re listening to your favourite music in the fairest way!

With simple software, you’ll be singing along to the song of your choice within seconds via their huge music database. Unbelievably quick and astonishingly large, Spotify’s range of music has no restrictions and is completely free and legal. Spotify is funded by advertising but they’re barely noticeable, popping up only once every half an hour for a few seconds.

imeem is a social networking site that allows its users to discover, interact and express themselves through media, and to form connections based on their shared tastes and interests. Their focus is on bringing fans of the same music together to make a community where they can share their favourite music, videos and photos.

Macidol was set up to provide those musicians who own an Apple Mac with a place to upload and share their music. Their aim is to give users a custom-built website to promote their recordings and to hopefully build a career. There are some great tracks to listen to on there, and if you’re a budding musician, why not give it a try. focuses more on music videos, and we must say that we were very impressed with this site. Within seconds you can be watching your favourite band’s new video and the videos themselves are of excellent quality. This slick website offers millions of music videos for free at the click of a mouse. 40

July–August 2009 | Issue 3