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Big Bangs is ALIVE

Meet NU’EST learn korean in KOREAN 101#

e h t ! ! d g a n e r o e Anny going to e r ’ f u o e yo u s l s u i o t e s firs g n i e v n i o z a m g a m p o f p o k h e c n i n l n u r b e v an o d by a o ll a e t m crea ans fro f p o kp d l r o w e h t For the first Issue we picked Daesung as Coverboy, simply because he fought himself trough a rough time, we are proud that after all what happened he decided to get back on his feet and do something he loves doing the most. DAESUNG HWAITING!!

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SS4 PARIS IS COMING we all know that

Korean 101# Introducing yourself Must WATCH Review; 2NE1 - Scream Introducing Artist; Nenke Fanarts the best TWEETS & TWITPICS FanFiction; Casus Belli Big Bang is ALIVE NEXT MONTH.

We from Moving Seoul are looking for people who are going AND want to write a little bit about it and/or want to share pictures with us for the newt Issue.

we want to do this for EVERY Kpop concert ALL over the world, and yes Japanese Promotions from a Kpop artist are included as well. so actually we are looking for people who want to share their experiences from the concerts they’ve beent to. Send us a message, with your review of the concert and don’t forget to mention the DATE and WHERE. The reviews have to be from concerts from JUNE 2011 or later. (because many groups went outside Asia after June) So send in a message and who knows; Maybe you’re review can be read in the next issue

Pledis Entertainment’s First boy group released their debut single ‘Face’ march 15. They had a mindblowing debut on Mnet’s M! countdown. So we decided to introduce you to them.


Nu’est contains; JR, Aron, Minhyun, Baekho and Ren. Has 3 new members for the 95-line in which Ren in the youngest among the members, The leader of Nu’est belongs also to the 95-Line, seeing that there are 2 members Older than him and 2 younger than him, we can say that Pledis choose the middle one to be the leader. The youngest of the member, Ren (Choi Minki) and Baekho (Kang Dongho) are easily to regocnize due their Blond hair, telling who is who between them is easy as well since Ren has a very feminine face, also be known to have a Metro sexcual charm. Aron (Aaron Kwak), the oldest of the group and has a similair haircut than Baekho, only his hair is brown. Minhyun (Hwang Minhyun) the second oldest and the ‘FACE’ of the group, his hair is brow and mostly styled in some sort of mowawk. Last but not least leader JR (Kim Jonghyun) his hair is also dark-brown and is a bit wavy ‘drapped’ on his head. They aren’t the hardest group to tell apart (they aren’t all blonde YAAY), I personally think the only trouble can be with JR and Minhyun.

jr (leader) aron

kim Jonghyun June 8, 1995 Rapper, Dancer

aaron kwak may 21, 1993 vocalist


hwang minhyun august 9, 1994 main vocalist, face of the group


kang dongho July 21, 1995 vocalist

ren (maknae)

choi minki november 3, 1995

Korean 101# the links provide AUDIO and LISTS of useable words like Countries and Occupations! our first lesson is about introducing oneself, so let's start with how to say hello. hello on Korean is annyeonghaseyo or in hangul, 안녕하세요. annyong.wav It's a bit long you think? that's because it's a formal way to greet people, you should use this if you meet people for the first time, or if they're older than yourself. When you greet close friends, or children, you can use annyeong (안녕). you also use that to say goodbye- again only to children and close friendsnow that you can say hello, you'll need to be able to say how you're called. to do that, you use the phrase: je irum (your name) i-e-yo.(제 이름 __ 이에요) je means my, ireum is name and ieyo means am, but only when it's attached to a noun (don't worry about that for now). As you might have noticed, the i-e-yo is at the end of the sentence, that's because in Korean, the sentence order is different, the verb is always at the end of the sentence. now that we know that i-e-yo means to be - it can be am, is, or are, Korean differentiate this-we can also say what job we have! so jeoneun hagsaeng ieyo. (저는 학생 이에요) I'm a student. jeoneun means I and hagsaeng, student. more occupations are: [to lazy to write this, here's a list :] to say, I'm from xy, you say jeoneun xy-e wasseoyo. (저는 xy 에 왔어요.) e is a particle that shows where you're from, wasseoyo means I came (or you came/she came..again no difference between these froms in korean) list of countries here

now since I don't want to overwhelm you with all those new things, I thought that it might be the best thing to give you too much to remember~ but we still have to learn how say goodbye. so, when you're finished with your introduction, you say mannaseo bankasseumnida http:// that can be translated to nice to meet you in English. saying goodbye is a bit more complicated -at least when you're being more formalthere are two different ways to say it; 1. annyeong-hi-kyeseyo (안녕히계세요) is used to say goodbye to a person staying. annyeonghi literary means peacefully, and kyeseyo means to stay, so it literary translates to stay peacefully. 2. annyeong-hi gaseyo (안녕히가세요) If the person your are talking to is leaving. as you can see the only the last part of the phrase is different. this is becasue of saying "stay peacefully" you know use go peacefully, so that's why you use kaseyo. just like I mentioned before, annyeong (안녕)can be used to say good bye to close friends, and people that are a lot younger than yourself. I hope you had fun, and learned a lot! 안녕히가세요.

MUST WATCH Here we tell you what shows, or episodes from a show, drama, mv or intervieuw you definitly should watch we will try to provide links, and if you saw something funny or like a REALLY talented cover (dancing, singing or both) feel free to link us to it and maybe it will on this page as well!

Strong Hearts YG special

Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re Beautiful

BtoBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first Music Video


2ne1 - scream

As everybody knows, 2ne1 are back with a Japanese track for their latest Japanese promotion. This is their first song solely made for their Japanese promotion. Nonetheless, they delivered this song with such swag that will get your head bopping away. Just like their previous songs, Fire, Can’t Nobody and Clap Your Hands, this song has a very electronic feel to it. However, they added a softer and simpler touch to it but still makes you want to bust a move when you hear this tune. I love this music video! From CL strutting down a dinner table to Dara’s upside down scene! Minzy “painting the town red” is an understatement as she brought colour to her scenes. Eventhough she is the maknae, there’s no outshining her in the group. CL’s dancing down a dinner table really caught my eyes! Her figure looks amazing and she oozes with confidence when she performs. She also looked amazing in the long leather dress and Christian Louboutin heels! Dara’s hair was expectedly whacky but she still was able to pull it off. Only Dara can pull off ridiculous hairstyles and make them look fashionable. Her upside down scene was really creative! There’s no denying that Bom has the best look in the group and has one of the best vocals in the group as she is main singer of the group. Her curly hair is a beautiful look for her and her dresses have always accented her long legs. She poses as a mannequin a few times and she could pass as one if she stood in a shop. She looks amazing!

The bridge surprised me the most as CL revealed a softer tone to her voice. It leaves fans wondering why she doesn’t sing more songs with that tone. Hopefully, YG will release a song for her with this kind of voice. I wish that the song was longer and the video could’ve been more futuristic but 2ne1 still delivered it with such swag and confidence they are well known for.


4.5 pandas out of 5


fanArt Introducing an Artist nenke well, im rarasshii...from indonesia, born on may 8 1991, i begin to know kpop at 2009...and from there i started to noticed the fanarts, i though, ‘waa, so they do this to for a fandom’ and i do like to draw, so i try to make one too..but its not the chibi style like i used now, and then, i thought...’ah, but, there’s still few who draw chibi style...maybe i should just draw like that’ and thus, until now, im stayin with chibi style. and glad many ppl like it too^^ i like to make ‘em looks chubby and squishyy hha and for who i like to draw most is, umm looks like its ‘eunhae’ and 2nd is ‘kyuhyun’..both from super junior, my bias actually kyu, but every eunhae moments that i saw always makes me want to draw them coz its way too cute xD i feel a bit guilty to kyu, so i try to draw him equally the same,, and if there’s other cute moments from other sj members imma draw it too, so...its actually depends on my mood my favorite fellow artists is mikitachi, haepanda, and _star,, and many other that i cant mention one by one,

e k n ne

even though i do this as hobby, but i really enjoy it, and hopefully could be as talented as my favorite artists^^ .com antart i v e d . nenke

fanArt by; Maria Abagnale we also contacted her to see if we could use her fanarts in this issue and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re very pleased that she said yes. Personally I think she doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get enough credits for her Kpop fanarts, she is a wonderful artist (and a MASTER in harry potter fanarts) so we give you a little grab from her artwork., and ofcours links to her accounts to view more of this wonderfull art

maria will be the next artist for Introducing an Artist

the best


A large amount of the Kpop artists have a twitter account, some only as group, from some group all t all have an account, or just a few members who have an account. Keeping us up-to-date or amuse us with their tweets, and from now on YOU can choose which tweets or just twitpics we should give a little place here, in the BEST TWEETS & TWITPICS. just contact us trough twitter, tumblr, facebook or send us a e-mail (contact information is on the second page) with the tweet YOU think should get a place here. We are also looking for translators for this part, so feel free to send us a message when interessted (languages we need translators for; Japanese, Korean,


Lim Hyerim Woo @WG_Lim I am already looking forward to the Kids Choice Award which is gonna be held on March 31st! 1:58 PM - 8 Mar 12

ě&#x2C6;Žě?´ @missA_suzy I like ur smile i like ur vibe i like ur style but thats not why i love u =) 3:07 AM - 16 Mar 12

Yesung @shfly3424 i’m in thailand now. let’s enjoy our party for three days my elves !! 11:03 AM - 16 Mar 12

SiwonChoi @siwon407 DONT! 3:11 AM - 3 Mar 12

Siwon is one of the most active artists on twitter, not only funny tweets and updates, but also wise and giving good adtvice, we’ll see a lot of his tweets here I think


fanFiction Casus belli

There was no blood. There was no metallic, nauseating smell hovering around, only severely irritating the nose scent of sweat and fatigue. Not only these two seemed to be crying from frustration, although some other shouts could be heard from all sides. The commotion around started to begin. None of the students bothered to go to canteen, having in front of them the next one of the famous series of school fights between not so random people. Which time is it this week? Few students understood, how it is possible to fight in the middle of the school after loads of principal’s warnings that stopped to be a mystery for any of them. Rumors in general didn’t spread in such a lighting speed, not if they weren’t enveloped by a strong dose of hate just like between these two. - I said, get out of my way! - Weren’t you in this school at all, I would not fall on you. - Fuck you. Kyuhyun looked at a bunch of his friends with some amusement. Indeed, he really enjoyed giving them a little show of bullying that pink moron. They liked him for it. They respected him. And he was entirely ok with it. - You just disappear. You will do all a favor- he said pretty self- confident, wiping beads of sweat from the fight currently interrupted with the short exchange of insults. - Don’t you dare dictate to me. - Why so? Don’t you like to be the submissive one?- Kyuhyun smirked at him. - You bastard, I’m not one of your loyal subjects. - Yeah, you are even lower. - Once again: fuck you. Such an idiot like you is redundant in this school. Seriously! Too bad for the people, who made you! These fucking presuming jerks like you should disappear from this world. I will gladly take care of it!- Sungmin, not even ending his sentence, swiped and dealt a perfect blow to that, a while ago, amused jaw, nearly knocking the opponent out. No, it hadn’t been the first time. One would think, that the spoiled kid, always surrounded by a couple of his soft- headed friends, held “poor, defenseless” Sungmin in his hand. Truthfully, any failure could be explained somehow, covered by a bit of compassion and the desire to do a mini show in front of the rest of the students. However, it couldn’t be concealed, that Sungmin was strong. And day-by-day he was getting stronger than Kyuhyun. The latter only looked at him with sheer disgust and rested his hands on his knees catching the balance. The bruise would probably be visible for a long time. It would be nice, if his “sweet friend” also got that kind of gift. Not thinking too much, he made a halfstep back and, gathering all the strength in his right hand, he threw his fist on the nose just above those bunny- like lips. This time one of them was lying on the floor, causing slight panic among students, who surrounded them all around. Someone whispered about calling for a teacher, or even for a school nurse, another one got the idea and, casting the last look at the unpleasant situation, ran down the corridor. Their struggles had never gone so far. Not so that even a trickle of blood flew from any part of their bodies. A metallic scent came to their noses. Sungmin, despite stabbing pain, felt some salty liquid on his lips. It wasn’t just a trickle, blood flowed with quite a pretty large amounts, which meant that Kyuhyun hit one of larger blood vessels in damaged nose of another. With a quick move he raised his hand and tried to wipe the redness off his lips and also stem the hemorrhage, at least partially. The bunny boy didn’t like blood. Not as much to faint immediately, but smelling it’s scent he felt dizzy during supporting his body with elbows. Kyuhyun watched as the petite figure in front of him tried to stand up. He looked rather stupid, with his eyes wide open and mouth slightly agape. He triumphed. He had knocked him out in such a beautiful, professional way, that he had his glory guaranteed for the next month. On the other side, rather irritating, he felt disgusted with himself. How low could he fall to beat someone almost to his unconsciousness? Popularity has its own price, that’s true, but it seems, that this time he had gone too far. He wasn’t going to help the other. Show his weakness in front of Yesung and Heechul? Over his dead body. But he wasn’t a monster, he didn’t want to be, so finding some courage and humanity he asked: - Eyy… You okay? Those were the words, which like a drop overflowed the cup of bitterness and other poetic stuff. Sungmin could endure that inexplicable aversion to him from the beginning of the school, he could appear for the fight, when the other had provoked him with insults and comments about his dubious heterosexuality. But he couldn’t bear even a little of pity from that monster. No way. So he stood up wobbling and he went in the direction of his enemy still quite paralyzed. He wasn’t thinking about continuing the fight. He just wanted to be far away from the other one, far away from shame, so as to feel remnants of pride ripped to shreds. He thought he needed his pity? Or once again he tried to humiliate him in front of the others? It didn’t matter much. - What are you…- Kyuhyun whispered, while Sungmin was going straight at him, his head down, his fists clenched, drops of blood

falling on the floor from time to time. When he was really close, less than at his fingertips, he raised his head directing his own eyes to the eyes of the other. If stares had actual power, Kyuhyun would stay now hibernated in quite a large ice cube. Cold and something else. Something scarier. That’s how he would describe his feelings when in fact for the first time he looked at the eyes of his victim. It might have been rather weird, when they confronted each other during a fight almost every day. But Kyuhyun had not wanted to look into his eyes. He had been afraid of stings of remorse, which could have made him stop his behavior, stop from going to the peak of glory and respect from other students, mainly his friends. When for the first time he had a chance to look at Sungmin’s eyes, he was scared even more than he could imagine. Suddenly he felt much smaller than at the time, when he entered this school. He didn’t feel desire for popularity. Now he felt fear and cold, oh so piercing cold. And something else. Sungmin clenched his fist harder, but now on a wrinkled, damp from sweat Kyuhyun’s shirt. They were close, very close, the latter couldn’t bear it feeling the growing horror. It was silent all around, none of the students dared to cheer for one of the sides or comment. Everyone’s eyes were focused on those two, who had their own eyes on themselves, each of them with a different emotion. Sungmin’s hands connected both of their sweaty chests, their noses were nearly touching. Kyuhyun’s hands on the other side, didn’t attempt to push back. Kyuhyun felt hot breath on his cheeks, Sungmin felt only fast, short breaths. Someone could say these two boys were close to kiss each other deeply, roughly and with passion. - I hate you. Go to hell. Sungmin said that very slowly, looking fiercely at the other’s eyes , feeling the meaning of each word. He clenched his fist on fabric more firmly, but after a while he pushed Kyuhyun strongly, made his way through the speechless crowd and vanished completely from their view. Kyuhyun was still standing stupidly in the same place and would have probably remained there forever but for restoring him to reality Heechul’s voice. - Maaan! That was incredible! Seriously, you beat yourself, full of awe.- He patted him on his shoulder, when they were joined by another student. - We have to celebrate- Yesung said excited.- Besides, the principal is already aware of your little fight, so it’ll be better if we quickly get out of here. And so the three friends, or rather two plus Kyuhyun’s still paralyzed corpse, moved to the nearest “school” bar in the area. *** Kyuhyun reluctantly slipped another crisp in his mouth. He felt rather like vomiting, not eating. The pain in the bottom of his stomach was unbearable. Pain and something else. Something that constantly bothered him since he had seen those dark, icy eyes piercing him trough. He sighed heavily, leaving a fork on a plate with a hollow sound. - Hey, something wrong with you?- Heechul looked away from his pint of beer, licking the liquid from his mouth.- You look rather terrible for someone, who just got the royal position in school. - Yeah, you sure you ok?- Yesung joined. Dirty rotten play, pretending interest just to take advantage of him being in the centre of attention. Kyuhyun felt a sudden disgust, not just for crisps, but for the whole of his life. When exactly he stated that he wanted to live in this sweet lie? Was it when he was lying on the floor a couple of years ago, while hearing loads of “nerds” and “weaklings”? Or was it when his father, looking at him like at the worst mistake he had ever made, took him to a gym, threw away his huge spectacles along with majority of his clothes and told him pulling him firmly to finally start acting like a man? Kyuhyun’s eyes widened, when he realized that he became just like him. Tyrant, who degrades the weak to strengthen his position in society. A man without heart or scruples. A monster. - I’m a monster. - Hell yeah! You are a damn strong mega monster!- Heechul shouted happily, surrounding his friend’s shoulders by his arm. Yesung chuckled quietly, but he immediately stopped, when he saw the latter’s expression.

- No, Heechul, Yesung- said Kyuhyun, removing his hand from his arm as if burnt by his touch.- Leave me from now. You know you are not my friends.- He looked at his eyes full of sadness.- And I’m not anyone who could be on top. I know you are like this just for fame. Seriously, I don’t blame you,- he smiled softly- but I think I have enough of lies for now. I don’t want to be like him. I won’t be. With that he rose from his seat and quickly ran out of the bar, leaving two boys dumbfounded. - What the hell?! - Kyuhyun…- Yesung whispered almost inaudibly.- Sometimes you really are a monster. *** How Kyuhyun knew Sungmin’s address? The answer was simple. They had been planning to move bullying bunny boy outside the school for a long time. He and Heechul were stalking him some time ago, chuckling evilly when thinking about all these things they could do to him outside. While running that something, that strange feeling in his heart began to grow. On the one hand, it was painful and created sad visions of Sungmin lying on the floor, on the other Kyuhyun could describe it as rather pleasant. As if it drove his legs and was steering him in the right direction. When Kyuhyun found himself in front of the doors, he stiffened immediately. He wanted to press the bell, to spit out everything he wanted to say from that moment at the bar. All his life, however, he was a coward. A coward in front of middle school students, a coward in front of his father, and eventually a coward in front of himself. He didn’t want to suffer from it any longer. He found the entire power as before the last blow and pressed the button. Sungmin was sitting in the same position like an hour. On his swollen cheeks were visible white traces of tears, his legs were numb from hugging them to his chest. It took some time for him to quieten and he was pretty close to drift off, so he jumped hearing the sound of the door bell. His eyes were still wet, his vision blurry and his muscles tired from long crying. He didn’t even bothered to look through the peephole, but he just opened the door while rubbing his eyelids. When he finally could see more detailed features of the figure in front of him, he threw himself at him and gave him two very accurate punches, knocking the other guy to the ground. Kyuhyun’s stomach was in knots due to fear and excitement when he saw Sungmin’s eyes for the second time. A moment later he could see only deep darkness. - Now we’re even.- Sungmin, panting heavily, looked at the figure lying in front of the door. He wanted to come back to his house, but something didn’t allow him to do the next step. Why Kyuhyun was here? Did he bother to mock him after his final defeat? Thinking of it, Sungmin clenched his hands. But Kyuhyun didn’t look like he was going to bully him again. Even through swollen eyelids Sungmin could see that in the eyes of the other was something else. Something, that also forced Sungmin to carry the boy on the couch in his living room when he registered, that the latter lost consciousness. *** Kyuhyun found himself in a strange living room, on a strange couch, with a strange damp towel on his head and a strange ointment on his cheek swollen from the hit. He looked around the strange house and his eyes fell on to not so strange person sitting on the other side of a table. He took off the towel from his forehead and rested on the shoulders. He didn’t take his eyes off Sungmin, who now stared at the floor. - You are here, because you lost your consciousness. Now, get out- said shortly Sungmin getting up off the couch and heading for the exit. - Sungmin, I… - I said get out!- he interrupted enraged and finally looked into Kyuhyun’s eyes. This time Sungmin’s eyes weren’t cold or without emotions, but filled with tears of hatred. The other boy felt that again, the same overwhelming feeling stirring in his head and stomach. He walked hesitantly to the form standing at the door, not taking his eyes from him until he finally stopped just in front of him feeling again the warm deep breath on his face. - Sungmin, I think…- he cut off for a while, suffocating in his own thoughts.- I think I like you. Both of them held their breath. Both were stunned by these words, but Kyuhyun even more, though besides he felt incredibly relieved. - What the hell did you say? - I said I like you.- This time Kyuhyun said it louder, clearly to emphasize the meaning of each word which also meant “I’m sorry”, “forgive me”, “let’s start things again”. But he couldn’t be proud of his own courage for too long. - What the fuck? Now you are a damn fag?!- Sungmin pushed Kyuhyun on the opposite wall making him wince in

pain. His cry hovered over the house.- Leave me fucking alone! Get out! Kyuhyun stared with fear at his beloved, tearful eyes. He shouldn’t have said that. Did he really think that Sungmin would forgive him so easily? How dumb he was. He himself wouldn’t forgive such a monster. He wasn’t even sure feelings of the other, how could it had spilled from his mouth? He should go out and leave Sungmin alone. And that’s what he did. *** He vomited several times at home. Leaning on a toilet seat he felt tears streaming down his face. Really stupid thing, it came out that Sungmin became his first love. Just wait for his father to know that his only son is gay. He was surprised when he heard his own chuckle. Was it possible to change so much in one day? *** Sungmin had not so little problem in disposing of questions from the two most loved women in his life. At one point he even started to count how many times he said “I’m fine”. But saying that he still felt a stinging in his heart. His mind was a total mess. The last Kyuhyun’s words and the vision of him staying and mocking around were mixing together. It didn’t make sense at all. He felt dizzy just from thinking. It was rather hard for Sungmin to believe that “I like you” had real meaning. Sooner he would say that the latter once again poked fun at him, although it wasn’t logical even a little. Not with the expression on Kyuhyun’s face, when he was saying that. *** Obviously his mother hadn’t let him go to school the next day and surprisingly he was grateful for that. He wasn’t really willing to come across his aggressors and his friends agreed to his request to not intervene in his fights, though with reluctance. He wasn’t that weak. The only thing Ryeowook and Siwon could do was to inform adequate people to save Sungmin from too large punishment. At the moment he wanted to set sail to the land of Morpheus once again, he heard a soft knocking. - Sungmin, I go to work. There is your cute friend, who wants to meet you and see if things are just fine. I’m letting him in~!- she said giggling. The door opened slowly, almost shyly. Sungmin, very curious, turned to the other side to see which of his two friends left the school to see how he was feeling. - Kyuhyun…?- He stifled a scream holding his breath suddenly. He stepped back on the bed, grabbed the sheets and pulled them up as if he wanted to defend himself. Was he going to bully him even in his house? But Kyuhyun wasn’t smirking. Not at all. He was smiling gently, as never, looking at the other. - How is your nose? Hurts a lot? It’s not broken, is it?- He sat boldly on his bed, just next to Sungmin. He held in his hand… Wait. What the hell? Were those flowers? - Ah, these…- Kyuhyun smiled again seeing Sungmin staring at him.- These are for apology. I know, it’s nothing compared to what I’ve done, but I couldn’t think of anything better. You see, I’m not really good at this.- He looked straight into his eyes, feeling butterflies in his stomach and seeing rainbows all around when he noticed no hate in his eyes, only intense surprise.- I’m sorry. - Why…? - Because I’m a coward. I used you to prove something to myself. I wanted to feel strong, powerful… like a man. But it turned out quite the opposite. - You are not a coward- Sungmin whispered loudly enough for Kyuhyun’s heart to flutter with joy. There was an awkward silence. Was his sudden change possible at all? Could he, like a beast, turn into a human prince?Why me? - You were staring- Kyuhyun answered shortly. - I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have. - No…- He moved a little closer to him, his eyes on the full bunny- like lips, now slightly agape with confusion.- I want you to stare at me.- He quickly looked away when he finally realized the intense thoughts of covering those sweet lips with his own, having a chance to taste him at least once.

Sungmin, not really getting the meaning, changed the topic. He was just too confused to think straight at that moment. - And you… Your jaw still hurts? You don’t have any visible bruises. - Ah, yes, your ointment helped me a lot. But I must admit, your blows are flawless. No wonder I lost consciousness.Sungmin chuckled lightly making Kyuhyun’s heart leap into his throat. - Sungmin… - Yeah? - Then, yesterday. I was talking seriously. Sungmin became silent. He clenched his hands on the bed. - I think you should go. Besides, I’m in bed and in my pajama and it’s rather weird to talk in this state.- Kyuhyun stood up slowly, placing flowers on a cupboard and opened the door. - Ah, and Kyuhyun… This feeling is mutual. The boy left the room, closing gently the door behind him. A man? Yeah, so he felt like right now. *** The next day two of his friends already waited for him at the school gate. Kyuhyun was going to pass them by quickly when a hand tightened on his arm. - How rude! Not even saying hello?- Heechul approached him with a smirk. -As I said before…- Kyuhyun sighed.- I don’t want to play the game any longer. You would have no use in hanging with me. - Hold me Heechul ‘cause I’m going to punch him- Yesung said bitterly.- You really think of us in this way? You really think of us as vultures preying on your fame? Don’t you give a damn about us? - You mean…? - Kyuhyun, Yesung wants to say that we have always treated you as a friend. Though sometimes you exaggerated with aggression, we knew you dreamt about that damn royal position, so we tried to support you. We didn’t give a fuck about your glory even once. - Guys… - Kyuhyun looked dumbfounded at Heechul. He always considered them as a little silly, but now it seemed that they were far wiser than him. Not thinking too much, he hugged them tightly and went to school still holding their shoulders. Suddenly he saw a small figure sitting under a tree and scribbling in a notebook with his pink pen. - Go, I’ll join you later.- He separated from his friends heading towards the tree. - You win- Yesung whispered giving Kyuhyun’s back amused smile. - Of course- Heechul giggled.- He would kill us if he knew. - Definitely. Kyuhyun came closer to Sungmin, who was obviously too preoccupied with catching up from the previous day to notice him. Prescribing notes from history classes he was trying to remember the causes of the Cold War, when he felt on top of his hand another one, much warmer. He turned his eyes from the notes to see Kyuhyun sitting next to him, resting his back on the tree, his eyes closed and lips curled into a soft smile. - Thank you- he whispered gently, sliding his fingers between Sungmin’s. The latter also closed his eyes to feel the chill of spring breeze along with the warmth of Kyuhyun’s hand.

This fanfiction is written by; Sungsmile on AFF CLICK HERE TO GO TO HER PROFILE


BIGBANG have returned with their brand new 5th mini album, suitably named “Alive”. BIGBANG have achieved many things in 2011 such as winning the EMA for best overseas artist, beating Britney Spears by a significant amount. Even topping the trending list of the night, topping such celebrities as Justin Beiber. This is a huge triumph for kpop fans. The voting system for them also brought many kpop fandoms together to vote for BIGBANG. This was a touching moment in the k-pop world and proved that we could all be peaceful and make powerful things happen.

Although with all this celebration, there was devastating news regarding Daesung. He had been involved in an incident in which a motorcyclist had died. There was quite a stir at the release of this new information. Many questioned his driving, “Was he drinking?” “Was he driving dangerously?”. We were all confused and patiently waited for the truth to be released. After many rumours and accusations against Daesung we were finally told the truth. Daesung had later been proven not guilty. VIPs were not sure if he would return but they assured him that they were there to support him always. While the Daesung scandal was just starting to settle, G-Dragon’s scandal had come out into the open. His Marijuanna drug scandal had been released into the public. Which caused him to disappear from the public eye and self reflect along with his fellow member, Daesung. We found out later in an interview with himself and Daesung that he had been giving some Marijuanna while he was drunk and he did not recognise it. Finally after all the missing member performances, the waiting, the worrying, the wondering, BIGBANG returned. YG carefully released a teaser each day of the new members. TOP with his new blue hair, Daesung with his blonde, Seungri and his “spock” hairstyle, G-Dragon and his new weave and of course Taeyang, the same old mohawk only much longer than normal. The five have returned and they are stronger than ever. The previous scandals had caused them to create a much stronger bond than before. The album most certainly lives up to his hype. From the very first song “Alive” we are introduced with the strong, determined BIGBANG. The song which is suitably titled, has a catchy beat and upbeat tempo.

“I’m still alive” echoes throughout the song. They want the world to know that they are still around and they will be for a long time. BIGBANG have always had catchy intros and it’s such a shame it’s so short because I think it would make a great full song. Next song on the album is “Blue” which was the first song released with an MV from the Alive album. The song that started the comeback for these five. It has a nice, calm beat to it. Personally I think it’s the perfect choice for the first song as a comeback. The lyrics and beat show a more mature side to BIGBANG. The song shows that they have reflected a lot over the time they have been away. The next MV to be released from the album was “Bad Boy” which brings us back to BIGBANG’s roots. It has the classic BIGBANG sound to it but also a mature vibe, too. The blending of voices works well with this song, TOP singing his part is also a nice touch. The final MV to be released from the album was “Fantastic Baby”. The most energetic song on the entire album. It has a techno, electric beat and is extremely catchy with words such as “Boom Shakalaka” which has taken the k-pop world by storm. The rest of the album does certainly not disappoint. Daesung’s solo “Wings” is definitely a song not to be missed. It was purposely written upbeat because G-Dragon wanted Daesung to enjoy himself performing it. A slow song would have been too much for Daesung to handle at this time. “Ain’t No Fun” and “Love Dust” are both fun songs and blend perfectly onto the album.Overall this album is a definite must listen for any k-pop fan.



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