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How to Move into your New Home with Ease Moving into a new home, whether just around the block or into a new city, can be stressful if not planned right. It is important that you make a comprehensive moving checklist that helps you to make a smooth transition into your new home. Here are some essentials that must feature on your official moving checklist: Six to Four Weeks Before Your Move             

Identify an appropriate moving date In case you are renting, notify your landlord Make sure you have home insurance on your new home valid from the day you move in Cross-check with your insurance company whether or not you have protection for your belongings in transit Start talking to professional movers and get quotations on their moving services Ask friends and relatives to help, and start by collecting packing material and boxes To make your transition easy, book some extra storage space Commence formalities to notify various utility companies Host a garage sale or give away unnecessary possessions to charity Take stock of your food and household supplies and avoid stocking unless you are confident that you will use the items before you relocate If you are furnishing your new home, start working on purchasing new furniture and accessories right away. Find ways to get them delivered as soon as you move in Revisit your investment and financial arrangement to identify ways in which you can save money on tax and insurance Get professional help to disconnect your gas and other appliances around the house

Four to Two Weeks Before Your Move    

Apply for a change of address with the post office. Plan to have your telephone and electricity disconnected on the day you move. Get in touch with your newspaper carrier, lawn maintenance company and other such service providers to inform them. Start your packing by first putting in items that you do not use very often. This is a great time to find even more things you do not need and donate them to the needy. If you plan on giving away your plants, start making necessary arrangements. If you plan on taking them with you, check with your moving services provider on how they plan on transporting them. Make sure you make lists of all items that you move.

Do not forget to reconfirm your booking with the professional movers a few days before you plan on making the shift. With this list, you are set to make your much anticipated move with ease! For more such moving related tips, please visit our Guide on

How to Move into Your New Home with Ease  

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