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MovingON! interviews Larry Weyers, the new Global Executive Vice President of Manitowoc Cranes Integrity, Commitment to Stakeholders, and Passion for Excellence.

September/October Year 1 / Edition 1

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Luciano Dias and the choice of the ideal crane for Latin America n June 4th, the Manitowoc Cranes Brazil sales vice president, Luciano Dias, presented a lecture at the Radisson Hotel about the "choice of the ideal crane for Latin America". The event, which has been organized by KHL Magazine, was attended by many clients of the construction sector (mainly from South America) and nine employees of Manitowoc: Bruce Buchan, Guillaume Van Hoeck, Dustin Soerens, Guilherme Rodrigues, Carlos Di Martino, Angelo Furlan, Angelo Britto, Leandro Moura and Luciano Dias himself.


Passo Fundo and S達o Paulo are the headquarters of SIPAT Manitowoc Week he cities of S達o Paulo and Passo Fundo were the headquarters of the 1st SIPAT Manitowoc. From 17th to 21st June (in Passo Fundo) and from 24th to 28th June (in S達o Paulo) the employees and service providers of Manitowoc attended educational and security lectures. The event central theme was ergonomics, but subjects such as "lifestyle", "first aid", "STD/AIDS", "mouth health" and "home security" were also tackled.


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Employee names the internal newsletter of Manitowoc Latin America Rodrigo Marinho was the one who named the new communications vehicle. The name has been chosen through a contest

It was a great satisfaction, mainly because I feel I am contributing and being part of the future of Manitowoc”. It was with this sentence that the engineer Rodrigo Marinho, 37 years old, described the feeling of having won the contest that chose the name of the internal newsletter of Manitowoc Latin America. With 5 years at Manitowoc in his background, the sales manager has stand out among other contest participants by suggesting the name "MovingON!”. According to him, the ideas of integration

and working together were the great inspiration for the slogan’s creation. "The sinergy between the areas is getting better each day and we are in constant evolution. The newspaper, as I see it, will have the responsibility of register a little of this. So, let's keep moving forward... MovingOn!", explains the employee. When asked about the expectations about the new


communications vehicle, Marinho didn’t save wishes: "I hope the newsletter will show readers the accomplishments of each area and so everyone will know w h a t ' s happening in the company. Also, I hope the newspaper can identify our evolution over the years”.

LIFESTYLE LIFESTYLE Basic tips on how to behave on social networks: 1. Read your company's policy on using social medias and follow it to the letter. If there is no such policy, suggest creating a few basic rules;

4. Never forget that all the contacts in your social network have access to your publications. In other words, think twice before adding new people;

2. Never share confidential institutional information nor publish anything about the company's day to day;

5. Never talk about your colleagues or bosses on social networks. It doesn’t look good;

3. Before sharing any data about company, check the accuracy of information not to make mistakes;

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6. Think twice before you post anything on your social network. Do not engage in polemics nor publish anything related to prejudice or pornography.

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INTERVIEW INTERVIEW one to understand the company's strategies and its progress, it is necessary to share as much information as possible. We do this through meetings with all the employees, held once per quarter. One recent promising note I would share is that the year-to-date of 2013 we have achieved 100% of market share on the RT product line in Brazil. This is an increase of over 64% for the same period in 2012. In a down market you need to focus on growing its share and we have done just that, it is a clear sign that our strategy of establishing the manufacturing facility in Passo Fundo is paying off.

sions. A wise man once said “one test is worth a thousand expert opinions”.

What advice would you give to those who are initiating their careers at Manitowoc? The advice I would give is not to worry about climbing the ladder. I have seen this ruin some good careers. Focus on bringing all your talents to executing the task in front of you. Our company is very good at identifying strong talent based on their ability to execute.

What takes away your good mood? I don’t like politics or people working against each other to prove a point. My staff knows that coming into my office to complain about another department within the company will get you nowhere. “Don’t spend time trying to defeat each other, spend time on defeating the competition.”

In your opinion, what's the secret of success? I would say: see the response to the previous question. I would also say that what has worked well for me is not to make business decisions based on conversations without accurate data. I have been in many meetings in which personal passion and opinions managed to hide good deci-

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If you weren't an executive, which other profession would you have? Why? This is a tough question! My drive comes from handling many different tasks or challenges at the same time. Maybe driving racecars, but I am too old and too slow now. What's your hobby? I like to rebuild old cars into hot rods. I am currently working on a 1947 Pick Up Dodge. I like to make the parts and figure out how things work.

Tell us something about you that probably only few people know. Early in my career I was fortunate enough to have a mentor that pointed out to me that I had “two ears and one mouth but I was using them in the wrong ratio”. The company invested in getting me a personal coach to help me identify some of my leadership blind spots. This moment in my career helped me to change my approach and without it I would

not be where I am today. What is your opinion about the popular manifestations that happened in Brazil in June this year? I believe that the citizens in Brazil do not feel they are getting a payback from the government for the high tax rates and inflation. While these funds are driving short term growth for the World Cup Soccer and the future Olympics the normal person is seeing a higher cost of living and is driving frustration. I believe this will have an effect on the presidential elections in 2014 and we may continue to see some short term changes from the government between now and October of next year to bolster voter confidence. We will monitor this closely as it can have an effect on our customer confidence to purchase large capital goods, like cranes. Which sentence or life lesson you consider good to pass on to Manitowoc team? I grew up in a family who owned the CaseIH tractor dealership. I started working there when I was 13 years old and experienced how every decision made had a direct effect on the ability of the business to make money. When I am faced with difficult business decisions, like asking for capital or new hires, I always ask myself: “would I be doing this if it were my own business and the funds were coming out of my bank account?”. Sometimes, when you are part of a multi-billion dollar corporation, asking for things comes easy. If you would not do the same things if it was your own business don’t ask for it.


In April this year, the customer “Mongel Vendas e Locações”, located in a countryside of São Paulo and holder of 6 GMK 's, used the Grove crane to perform the lifting of a 59ft and 40 tons image of Christ

On September 24th, the Manitowoc Monterrey Foodservice team, in Mexico, packed the first machines to be sold

Foodservice factory’s team in Manitowoc Monterrey, Mexico

In August, Manitowoc Crane Group MCAC hosted a sales course with dealers and some customers, such as "Ameco" and "Tracsa", in which Cuauhtémoc Flores and Jorge Zanella were the masters

Journalist: Anna Thereza de Almeida Designer: Rafael Cardoso de Almeida Translation: Camila Vilar e Marina Marques

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Edition 01/2013 September/October