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About MovieMail Moviemail Team Q. What is your favourite work of political cinema? (The Battle of Algiers is our film of the month on page 5)

Dan Hunter Editor The Fog of War (Morris, 2003)

Graeme Hobbs Writer The War Game (Watkins, 1965)

Becky Smith

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The Lives of Others (von Donnersmarck, 2006)

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September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

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s you will have seen from the stunning cover image, this month sees the release of Encounters at the End of the World, Werner Herzog’s new film about Antarctica and the people who work there. It’s the latest in his uniquely diverse filmography, see p.25. One of Herzog’s principles of filmmaking is that it should be a physically challenging act and that a director should not remain isolated in safety behind a camera. In Herzog’s world it’s only after stripping away all the safety nets that you may get to something like the truth of appearances. If you haven’t watched any of his films yet, you really should. Lastly, I’m pleased to say we

Film of the Month 5 Battle of Algiers Jeanne La Pucelle Beyond the Clouds The Fireman’s Ball Look Back in Anger Exclusive DVDs! have numerous exclusive releases this month, from A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, to von Sternberg’s Shanghai Gesture. Turn to the classic section on page 18 for more.

Barry Forshaw (Advise and Consent) wrote The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction.



Encounters at the End of the World


Television Hillsborough


Enjoy your films,


A. Il Divo (Sorrentino, 2008)

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Rick Burin (Turn Back the Clock) has written on film for The Guardian.


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Michael Brooke (Battle of Algiers) is Screenonline Curator, BFI National Archive.


James Oliver (Medium Cool) is a freelance film writer. David Parkinson (Battleship Potemkin) is a film critic and historian. Emma Paterson (Do the Right Thing) is a freelance film writer.

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg

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1 The Battle of Algiers (Special Edition)

Dir: Gillo Pontecorvo. A powerful, dispassionate account of the Algerian war of Independence. Aided by Morricone’s score it’s a film that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and doesn’t let go. Could be 1957, could be 2009..

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Italy | 1965 | AGT | 116 min | subt | B&W | Cert 15 | # 59449 | RRP £19.99

DVD: £12.99 Save £7

2 Tutti Frutti

This iconic BBC series was first transmitted in 1987 to widespread critical acclaim. Written by John Byrne, it starred a wealth of award-winning British talent, including Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson and Richard Wilson, in roles that brought them national prominence. UK | 1987 | 2ENT | 300 min | Cert 12 | # 58226 | RRP £24.99

DVD: £15.99 Save £9

3 Lola Montes (Restored Edition)

Dir: Max Ophuls. The story of the legendary courtesan. Ophul’s breathtaking mastery of mise en scène has never been more in evidence than here in his first and only film to use colour and widescreen. France / Germany | 1955 | SECND | 111 min | subt | Cert PG | # 57175 | RRP £19.99

DVD: £12.99 Save £7

4 Let the Right One In

Dir: Tomas Alfredson. Acclaimed as one of the most brilliant horror films for years, Let the Right One In sees 12-year-old Oskar gain a mysterious new neighbour, Eli, a girl of his own age who turns out to be a vampire. Sweden | 2008 | MOMET | 114 min | subt | Cert 15 | # 59000 | RRP £17.99

DVD: £10.99 Save £7

at 5 Encounters the End of... DVD: £11.99 Save £8

Fireman’s Ball 6 The DVD: £10.99 Save £5

7 Imagination

Mystery and DVD: £34.99 Save £5

Back in 8 Look Anger DVD: £10.99 Save £5


Comrades DVD: £14.99 Save £8

10 Il Divo

DVD: £9.99 Save £6

Reader Feedback Battle of Algiers has always been an important film for us at MovieMail, and regularly appears in customers’ top 10 lists too. Recently, Carol talked with a customer who was so keen on the film that he determined to visit Algiers to see where it was made. It wasn’t possible to visit Algiera easily, and the Foreign Office advised against it, but he found a travel agent in Mali who booked a bespoke escorted tour just for him. It was expensive but well worth it to actually see the flight of steps that play such an important part in the film. As ever you can contact us at or by postcard to the usual address.

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Names of the Month: Sandrine Bonnaire, Richard Burton, Simon Cuff

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September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

MovieMail’s Film of the Month

The Battle of Algiers Recommended Director: Gillo Pontecorvo Starring: Jean Martin, Brahim Haggiag Released: 31st August DVD Extras: Restored from new master; The Real Battle of Algiers: Exclusive interview with Saadi Yacef – the film’s co-producer and the real-life Algerian National Liberation Front leader on whose memoir the film was based; The Making of The Battle of Algiers: an exclusive director interview; Gallery; Dual audio options (French-Arabic and Italian version created for the Venice Festival). Italy | 1965 | AGT | 116 mins | subt | B&W | Cert 15 | Item # 59449

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


RRP: £19.99 Save £7 (35%)

B 60 Bonus Points If purchased for £12.99


See Also I Am Cuba

Mikhail Kalatozov Cuba / Russia | 1964 | Bongo | 135 min | subt | B&W | Cert PG | # 28904 | RRP £14.99

Our DVD Price: £13.99


n 1954, the Front de Libération Nationale (FLN) launched its bid to end 120 years of French colonial occupation in Algeria. Based on actual events – although not without its moments of dramatic licence – The Battle of Algiers chronicles three years of insurrection and repression with such cineveracity that the producers felt the need to append a caption at the end of the opening titles assuring viewers that ‘not one foot’ of documentary material had been included. Released just four years after Algeria had secured its independence from France, Gillo Pontecorvo’s film has lost none of its power to shock and provoke. Indeed, it’s been given renewed relevance by recent events in the Middle East. Some may see an irony in the decision of the United Nations not to intervene back in the mid1950s, leaving France to conduct a pitiless and unpopular rearguard in the face of terrorist assault. Others may find justification for recent tactics (on both sides of the Iraq war), while others again might lament at humanity’s inability to learn from the lessons of history. But what remains incontrovertible is the technical and dramatic skill

Newly restored, this film has lost none of its power to provoke that enabled Pontecorvo to create one of the most emotive political films ever made. Pontecorvo, however, avoids melodrama by presenting the victims of both the bomb blasts and the reprisals as genuinely innocent people rather than the faceless casualties of a revolutionary or imperialist cause. Consequently, the lingering shots of unsuspecting individuals before the carnage are every bit as disturbing as those depicting the rebels being tortured by Jean Martin’s military. Pontecorvo’s sympathies may be evident, but his conviction and condemnation are not devoid of compassion. Despite winning the Golden Lion at Venice and being nominated for three Academy Awards, the film was banned in France for five years. It’s this contentiousness on which its reputation still rests. But it also has a vigour, a commitment and an intelligence that is absent from too much modern cinema. David Parkinson


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World Cinema Films in a Foreign Language

New Releases La Belle Captive

Alain Robbe-Grillet An enigmatic, erotic and surreal classic from the writer of Last Year in Marienbad, in which a man is locked into an isolated villa with a beautiful woman. The following morning she has gone and the villa is a deserted Remastered. ruin. France | 2ND | 85 min | subt | 15 Item # 59567 | RRP £19.99 | Released 14th Sep

Starring: Jan Vostrcil, Vaclav Stockel

La Belle Noiseuse

Released: 17th August.

Jacques Rivette

One of the finest evocations of a painter’s life, Rivette’s sensual film sees Emmanuelle Béart model for Michel Piccoli’s painter, who restarts a long-abandoned picture, causing a relationship to blossom between the tyrannical genius and his young muse. Features the 4 hour cut and, for the first time, Belle Noiseuse: Divertimento, 3 discs. composed from alternate takes. France | 1991 | ART-E | 229 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 59107 | RRP £29.99 | Released 24th August

Our DVD Price: £17.99 Save £12

Boys on Film: Volume 2

A second volume of sexy and uplifting gay shorts from across the globe, including a karaoke romance, frisky farm boys, vengeful mums and a magical Powerpoint presentation! Features Till Kleinert’s Cowboy, Håkon Liu’s Lucky Blue, and many more.

USA/France/Germany | 2007-08 | PECCA | 148 min | Cert 18 Item # 59089 | RRP £14.99 | Released 17th August

Our DVD Price: £11.99

C’etait un Rendezvous Claude Lelouch

Terrifying, exhilarating, this legendary 8-minute film shows a high-speed dawn drive through the streets of Paris. Pigeons are scattered, and red lights and one-way streets ignored; and for what? A girl of course! France | 1976 | Spirit Level Films | 8 min | Cert PG Item # 19929 | RRP £14.99 | Released 14th August

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Recommended Director: Miloš Forman

Our DVD Price: £13.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

The Fireman’s Ball

Czech Republic | 1967 | ARROW | 73 mins | Cert PG | Item # 58903

One of the best-loved Czech New Wave classics, this was the film that earned Forman a ticket to future Hollywood Oscar glory, though at home it was formally ‘banned forever’ by the Czech authorities, who assumed it was an allegory about their misrule. Forman always claimed however that the film had no more ambition than being a more or less accurate recreation of a memorably chaotic provincial event that he personally attended. Starting from the knockabout opening, in which an over-zealous investigation into petty theft triggers a series of slapstick collisions worthy of Buster Keaton, the celebrations of a veteran fireman’s 86th birthday rapidly degenerate into a near-riot. The film’s notorious centrepiece is a disastrous beauty contest populated by the decidedly plain offspring of ill-advisedly pushy mothers, the judging of which plumbs toe-curling levels that even Ricky Gervais might baulk at matching. What makes all this not just irresistibly entertaining but also strangely touching is Forman’s characteristically quizzical, sympathetic eye. MB

Blue Eyelids Recommended Director: Ernesto Contreras Starring: Cecilia Suárez, Enrique Arreola Released: 24th August DVD Extras: Director Interview; Trailer. Mexico | 2007 | Axiom | 98 mins | subt | Cert 15 | Item # 59170

Framed by early expectations of fairytale romance from which it gradually falls away, Ernesto Contreras’s Mexican reverie follows the awkward and tentative relationship that develops between Marina and Victor after Marina, a solitary shopgirl, wins a luxury holiday for two in an office competition, but finds she has noone to share it with. After a chance encounter with old school mate, Victor, Marina invites him to join her and the two make abortive efforts at romantic familiarity in preparation for their trip. Protracted shots of empty interiors and uncomfortable faces lend this quiet meditation on erotic loneliness and disappointment an elusive, disquieting quality that happily frustrates the conventions of the boymeets-girl genre in which the film at first appears to sit. Propelled by the dynamic between fantasy and absence – Marina and Victor attempt to recreate the torrid affair of a couple they watch on screen, but manage only an excruciating love scene in deathly silence – Blue Eyelids is a refreshingly poetic take on romantic deflation. EP

Buying Details

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

Our DVD Price:

RRP: £15.99 Save £5 (31%)

RRP: £15.99 Save £5 (31%)



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September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

Jeanne La Pucelle: The Battles / The Prisons Recommended Director: Jacques Rivette Starring: Sandrine Bonnaire Released: 24th August Part 1 - The Battles France | 1994 | ART-E | 160 mins | subt | Cert 15 | Item # 59356

Part 2 - The Prisons France | 1995 | ART-E | 176 mins | subt | Cert 15 | Item # 59357

Buying Details Our DVD Price:

£10.99 each RRP: £15.99 each Save £5 (31%)

B 50 Bonus Points If purchased for £10.99


See Also The Trial of Joan of Arc Robert Bresson

France | 1962 | ART-E | 61 min | B&W | Cert 15 | # 21861 | RRP £19.99

Our DVD Price: £8.99

The Passion of Joan of Arc

Carl Theodor Dreyer Region 1 DVD - will not play in standard UK players FRANCE | 1927 | Criterion | 82 min | B&W | Cert Not Rated | # 51823 | RRP £32.49

Our DVD Price: £26.49


he common wisdom is that Jacques Rivette’s two-part biopic, Jeanne La Pucelle: The Battles and The Prisons, is a companion piece to Carl Theodor Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc (1927) and Robert Bresson’s The Trial of Joan of Arc (1962), as it draws so heavily upon contemporary records. But, notwithstanding its factual accuracy, this meticulous epic owes more to the historical realist style that Roberto Rossellini developed in his later years, long after he starred then-wife Ingrid Bergman in Joan at the Stake (1954). Consequently, this feels more like medieval reportage than costumed recreation. Moving William Lubtchansky’s camera through a 15th-century milieu that has been expertly fashioned by production and costume designers Emmanuel de Chauvigny and Christine Laurent, Rivette is able to locate Joan’s triumphs and travails in a world that is much bleaker, brutal and benighted than its Book of Hours façade would suggest. Thus, it’s possible to accept both that a peasant teenager could persuade the Dauphin and his sycophantic advisors that divine voices would inspire her to victory over the occupying English

A magnificent epic that feels like medieval reportage and that she could be discarded so easily by her supporters and persecuted so viciously by her military and ecclesiastical foes. Yet, for all Rivette’s mastery of period detail and dramatic pacing, it’s Sandrine Bonnaire’s performance that makes the Maid’s career so compelling and credible. Joan of Arc has proved an elusive character since she was first portrayed on screen in 1899. But Bonnaire displays the faith to believe what God is asking of her, the courage to lead her troops into battle, the humanity to doubt her calling after her arrest, and the fear for her fate after her courtroom ordeal. Thus, for all the fidelity of the combat and conspiracy sequences, the focus always remains on the innocence of an illiterate girl at the mercy of timidly treacherous and enviously vengeful men, whose hypocritical chauvinism contrasts with her patriotic zeal and spiritual purity. David Parkinson


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World Cinema Chan is Missing

USA | 1982 | DRAKE | 80 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 58976 | RRP £14.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £11.99


Come Play with Me

Director: Pedro Almodóvar

Salvatore Samperi

Starring: Victoria Abril, Marisa Paredes, Miguel Bosé, Miriam Diaz, Anna Lizaran

Lou Castel plays young Alvise, whose body is paralyzed – or so he thinks. He is infatuated by his beautiful aunt Lea, and what starts as innocent therapy and care soon develops into a strange erotic and psychological battle.

Released: 17th August DVD Extras: TBC. Spain | 1991 | OPTIM | 109 mins | subt | Cert 18 | Item # 59105

Italy | 1968 | MEDIA | 94 min | Cert 15 Item # 59412 | RRP £9.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £7.99

Conversations with My Gardener Jean Becker

A simple, charming, touching film, in which Daniel Auteuil is a successful Parisian artist in the throes of a mid-life crisis who decides to return to his childhood home in the country. Unable to keep on top of the work there, he gets help in the form of an old school friend. As they spend time together in the garden, the two men gain an insight into each other’s worlds and learn from each other. France | 2007 | CFWF | 109 min | subt | Cert 12 Item # 59502 | RRP £17.99 | Released 31st August

Our DVD Price: £12.99


Vaclav Marhoul A tense, unsentimental WWII drama in which two Czech recruits find themselves sent to Libya as part of the force to help in the relief of Tobruk. But on arrival, the realities of war sink in, and, as the German barrage intensifies, the lack of supplies affects the men’s morale. Czech Rep / Slovenia | 2008 | HIFLI | 100 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 59495 | RRP £12.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Page 8

High Heels

High Heels is often neglected in discussions of Almodóvar’s work, a surprising omission considering it paved the way from the pure camp comedy of his earlier films to the more mature works which would establish him as Spain’s most important director since Luis Buñuel. The narrative follows a plot which could have come straight from Dynasty: a newsreader marries an ex-lover of her estranged mother. He turns up dead – but who is guilty? The heightened emotions immediately echo the work of Sirk and the larger-than-life performances of Victoria Abril and Marisa Paredes recall 1950s melodrama, yet the film is never insensitive to its cinematic roots. Movie buffs will relish the sly references to Mildred Pierce, Stella Dallas and Imitation of Life. One extraordinary scene, among Almodóvar’s best ever, sees Abril confessing to the murder during a news report while a sign language interpreter translates. The sequence tips from shocking to funny to moving to tragic, and is a tour-de-force for all concerned. AD

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


RRP: £15.99 Save £5 (31%)

Known for his profound explorations of modern alienation and the malleability of identity, he was a consistently innovative and thoughtful filmmaker whose films are of a surpassing beauty.

La Notte (MoC) Jeanne Moreau and Marcello Mastroianni are the couple in crisis in this profound study of modern alienation and spiritual desolation. One of the masterworks of 1960s cinema and still a defining film for our age. Italy | 1961 | EUR | 118 min | subt | B&W | 12 | # 53306 | RRP £19.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £10

L’Avventura Monica Vitti stars in this highly influential and subversive film that commences the loose trilogy which also comprises La Notte and L’Eclisse. Italy | 1960 | Bongo | 136 min | subt | B&W | PG | # 54463 | RRP £15.99

DVD: £11.99 Save £4

L’Eclisse Monica Vitti’s summer romance with Alain Delon’s stockbroker ends at a bus stop, on a corner, where neither arrives and everyone passes by. Italy | 1962 | OPT | 118 min | subt | B&W | PG | # 50577 | RRP £17.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £12

Il Grido (MoC) Jilted refinery worker Aldo wanders the misty, muddy Po River delta, seeking elusive respite with a series of lovers. A key early work. Italy | 1957 | EUR | 116 min | subt | B&W | 12 | # 58266 | RRP £19.99

DVD: £12.99 Save £7

Identification of a Woman Movie director Niccolo searches, without success, for a leading lady for both his movie and his life. Italy | 1982 | Bongo | 125 min | subt | Cert 18 | # 54466 | RRP £12.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £4

The Passenger Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni. Jack Nicholson plays the reporter who takes on the identity of a deceased stranger to escape his own life. USA | 1975 | SPHE | 113 min | Cert PG | # 29122 | RRP £12.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £7

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Offer ends 25th September or while stocks last

Wang’s directorial debut is an amusing, offbeat take on the Chinese-American experience and the collision between eastern and western cultures, in which two taxi drivers search San Francisco’s Chinatown for the mysterious character who took off with their money.

The films of Michelangelo

Wayne Wang

September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

Beyond the Clouds Recommended Director: Michelangelo Antonioni / Wim Wenders Starring: Inés Sastre, Kim Rossi Stuart, John Malkovich, Sophie Marceau, Fanny Ardant, Jean Reno, Irène Jacob, Vincent Perez, Jeanne Moreau, Marcello Mastroianni Released: 14th September DVD Extras: To Make a Film is to be Alive (Enrica Antonioni, 1996) (52 minute documentary); Audio Essay by Seymour Chatman; Production Stills Gallery. Italy | 1994 | 2ND | 105 mins | subt | Cert 18 | Item # 59566

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


RRP: £19.99 Save £7 (35%)

B 60 Bonus Points If purchased for £12.99

See Also In the City of Sylvia

Jose Luis Guerin Spain / France | 2007 | Axiom | 85 min | subt | Cert PG | # 58398 | RRP £19.99

Our DVD Price: £15.99


Three films including Antonioni’s The Dangerous Thread of Things. USA / Italy / Hong Kong | 2004 | ART-E | 102 min | subt | Cert 15 | # 31492 | RRP £19.99

Our DVD Price: £15.99


eyond the Clouds comprises four short films, based on stories, ideas and sketches written by Michelangelo Antonioni, about the mysteries of love; its compulsion, its absence and its consolation. In the first, about ‘a relationship that lasted for years without ever existing’, a young man twice turns away from the consummation of his meeting with a gracefully beautiful woman (Inés Sastre). Before he leaves for the second time, he motions the caresses of her naked body without ever touching her, except with his breath, until, seemingly realising that they are held together in perfection by a distance from each other that can only be destroyed by touch, he leaves. In the second, John Malkovich’s wandering film director enjoys a brief sexual liaison, in off-season Portofino, with a woman (Sophie Marceau) he learns has killed her father. The third sees Fanny Ardant and Jean Reno as the two halves of cheating spouses who find themselves alone together in an emptied room, while the last sees a young man spend an evening in the fruitless pursuit of a young woman (Irène Jacob) who has already found perfect spiritual love. The films have the strengths and weaknesses of short stories; at their enigmatic

Four sensual stories about the mysteries and consolation of love best, they leave much unsaid and intimate even more, while at other times, themes are simply abbreviated to gestures. It’s incredible though that the films exist at all. Beyond the Clouds was Antonioni’s first feature since a stroke 10 years before had left him partially paralysed and, barring a dozen or so words of basic Italian, without speech. He was assisted by Wim Wenders in translating his ideas into film, with Wenders providing the linking segments, including a delightful vignette with Jeanne Moreau and Marcello Mastrioanni. John Malkovich plays the roaming film director, with his words taken from Antonioni’s own writings, giving utterances such as ‘true words are shut inside’ are certain poignancy. The DVD also includes the valuable ‘making-of’ documentary, made by Antonioni’s wife Enrica on the set of Beyond the Clouds, showing the directors’ collaborative process at work, and featuring reflections from Wenders and famed screenwriter Tonino Guerra. Graeme Hobbs


Page 9

World Cinema Delta

Maurice Pialat

Kornél Mundruczó

An enigmatic Hungarian drama, filmed on a river delta, where a returning son sets about building a house on land his father owned there. His halfsister, eager to get away from her mother and her lover, helps him. As their relationship becomes ever more intimate, the villagers’ suspicion and jealousy is aroused. Hungary | 2008 | ICA | 95 min | subt | Cert 18 Item # 59171 | RRP £12.99 | Released 24th August

New DVD Releases Nous Ne Vieillirons Pas Ensemble

The Girl Cut in Two

Our DVD Price: £9.99


Dim Sum

Director: Claude Chabrol

Wayne Wang Geraldine is happy going steady with her boyfriend, but her widowed mother is convinced she is dying and develops an obsession with seeing her daughter walk up the aisle. A warm-hearted comedy which focuses on first and second generation Chinese Americans in San Francisco. Bonus short: Take Out (Wang, 1988). USA | 1985 | DRAKE | 87 min | subt | Cert U Item # 59250 | RRP £14.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Fermat’s Room Luis Piedrahita

Spanish mystery thriller in which four mathematicians are invited by an unknown host to enter a contest to solve a mysterious, complex enigma. As they join forces to unravel the clues, the contestants soon discover that there is far more at stake than they ever imagined. Spain | 2007 | REV | 92 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 59503 | RRP £14.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Red Psalm

Miklós Jancsó At the end of the 19th century, a group of peasants demand basic rights from a landowner, confronting and symbolically conquering a group of soldiers and landed gentry. Composed of less than 30 intricately choreographed shots, this is an amazing revolutionary open air pageant. Sourced from French DVD label Doriane Films. Hungary | 1972 | Doriane | 90 min | subt | Cert TBC Item # 58522 | RRP £25 | Out now

Our DVD Price: £25

Page 10

Starring: Ludivine Sagnier, Benoît Magimel Released: 7th September. France | 2007 | ART-E | 115 mins | subt | Cert 15 | Item # 59430

Veteran director Claude Chabrol, now 79, makes a superb return to form here. What first appears to be a sharp dissection of the French bourgeoisie gradually turns into something more sinister, as a woman is torn between a sadistic older writer and a spoiled rich kid. Chabrol is often compared to Hitchcock, although at first glance the parallels are hard to spot in this film. Slowly, however, suspense and tension build, and the treatment of the heroine certainly echoes the British director’s treatment of female characters, especially in the sinister and suggestive party scene. The film is loosely inspired by the Stanford White case, and the cast brilliantly portray their flawed, destructive characters. Ludivine Sagnier, a charismatic, sexy actress rarely offered roles worthy of her talent, gives a powerful performance as the enigmatic protagonist, and emerges as a strong character in spite of her abuse at the hands of difficult men. Chabrol has just finished a murder mystery starring Gérard Depardieu; hopefully it will continues his exciting renaissance. AD

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


RRP: £15.99 Save £5 (31%)

Aka We Won’t Grow Old Together. Jean (Jean Yanne, of Godard’s Weekend) and Catherine (Marlène Jobert, of Godard’s Masculin Féminin) are the couple whose every move charts an advancement deeper into an emotional war. Theirs is the classic, tragic case of emotional abuse centred around powerful, interdependency. At last the point arrives that determines the relationship can go no further, and, in a final shot of genius, Pialat discloses all the ways in which the future might be at once liberated, and enslaved, by the past. Based on a novel by Pialat himself, this was, in spite of its subject Short film: matter, a smash hit on its release. La Camargue (Pialat, 1966); Video interview with star Marlène Jobert; Excerpts from the 1972 programmes Pour le Cinéma: Spécial Cannes, and Vive le Cinéma, featuring interviews with Jean Yanne, Maurice Pialat, and François Truffaut; Trailers for the six other Pialat features available from MoC; Booklet with newly translated interviews with Pialat. France | 1972 | EUREK | 102 min | subt | Cert 12 Item # 59542 | RRP £19.99 | Released 24th August

Our DVD Price: £11.99 Save £8

Passe Ton Bac D’abord

Aka Graduate First. This unsparing portrait of teenage life in the French suburbs sees a group of schoolfriends adrift at the end of the 1970s. There’s drama, violence, and potinduced laughs, group holidays, indiscriminate sex, advances from teachers twenty-five years their seniors, attempted moves to Paris – and few prospects of passing the Bac, the final set of exams French students take before embarking into the world ... to do what? Marking the last work of Pialat’s turbulent cycle of 1970s films, this is the brilliant spiritual sequel to the filmmaker’s feature-debut L’Enfance-nue (1969) – picked up again from a vantage point ten years on from the lives of the Video interview with earlier film’s protagonists. Pialat collaborators Arlette Langmann and Patrick Grandperret; Après le Bac: 2003 documentary that catches up with the cast; Trailers; Lengthy booklet with a new essay by filmmaker JeanPierre Gorin, and interviews with Pialat. France / Canada | 1979 | EUREK | 81 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 59541 | RRP £19.99 | Released 24th August

Our DVD Price: £11.99 Save £8

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Classic World Cinema Sale from Arrow Films

Arrow have a rich and diverse selection of films from many of the greatest directors of World Cinema – Chabrol, Rossellini, Fassbinder, Buñuel – as well as some of the most salacious!

Like Water for Chocolate

RW Fassbinder: 1969-72

The Tree of Wooden Clogs

Alfonso Arau

Nine films: Love is Colder than Death, Katzelmacher, American Soldier, Niklashauser Journey, Gods of the Plague, Rio das Mortes, Holy Whore, Merchant of Four Seasons, Petra Von Kant. 9 discs.

Ermanno Olmi

Mexico | 1992 | ARROW | 112 min | subt | 15 | # 23321 | RRP £15.99

Germany | 1969-1972 | ARROW | subt | Cert 18 | # 51996 | RRP £59.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £10

DVD: £29.99 Save £30

Les Amants du Pont-Neuf

Claude Chabrol Vol 1

Dir: Leos Carax. Juliette Binoche plays the painter, slowly going blind, who falls in love under the Pont-Neuf. France | 1991 | ARROW | 120 min | subt | 18 | # 7991 | RRP £15.99

8 films from ‘The French Hitchcock’, including classics such as Les Biches, La Femme Infidèle, Madame Bovary and Le Boucher. 8 Discs. France | 1968-91 | ARROW | 826 min | subt | 15 | # 28359 | £44.99

An elegaic, Palme d’Or-winning portrait of the lives of four peasant families in turn-of-the-century Lombardy, where their life is revealed in a mosaic of wonderful sequences. Italy | 1978 | ARROW | 179 min | subt | Cert 12 | # 33019 | RRP £15.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

RW Fassbinder: 1973-1982 Eight films: Fear Eats the Soul, Maria Braun, Effi Briest, Satan’s Brew, Fox and his Friends and more. 8 discs. Germany | 1973-1982 | ARROW | 856 min | 18 | # 51997 | £59.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £7

DVD: £12.99 Save £32

Andzrej Wajda War Trilogy

Claude Chabrol Vol 2

Miracle in Milan

Six films: Innocents aux Main Sales, La Route de Corinthe, Une Partie de Plasir, Poulet au Vinaigre, La Fleur du Mal, La Rupture. 6 discs.

De Sica mingles his trademark realistic style with whimsical fantasy to address the shameful treatment of displaced persons after the war.

A Generation, Kanal, Ashes and Diamonds, three films about the resilience of the human spirit. 3 discs.

DVD: £29.99 Save £30

France | ARROW | 640 min | subt | Cert 18 | # 50806 | RRP £34.99

Italy | 1950 | ARROW | 93 min | subt | B&W | U | # 26948 | RRP £17.99

DVD: £13.99 Save £16

DVD: £12.99 Save £22

DVD: £6.99 Save £11

Les Biches

The Count of Monte Cristo

Quiet Days in Clichy

Poland | 1958 | ARROW | 313 min | subt | 12 | # 54084 | RRP £29.99

Dir: Claude Chabrol. Jean-Louis Trintignant, Stephane Audran. This puzzle of a ménage à trois makes for compelling and sensual cinema. France | 1968 | ARROW | 95 min | subt | 15 | # 18478 | RRP £15.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

Caligula (Imperial Edition) Dirs: Guccione & Brass. Uncut and in full explicit detail, the orgiastic days of Imperial Rome. 4 discs.

Dir: Josée Dayan. Gerard Depardieu takes the lead in this French miniseries, adaptated from Dumas’ novel. France | 1998 | ARROW | 360 min | Cert PG | # 55243 | RRP £15.99

Dir: Jens Jorgen Thorsen. The orgiastic Paris of Henry Miller comes alive in this good-humoured and graphic adaptation of his novel. Uncut. Denmark | 1969 | ARROW | 100 min | B&W | 18 | # 13767 | RRP £17.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

DVD: £6.99 Save £11

Elvira Madigan

Rome, Open City

Dir: Bo Widerberg. A haunting tale of doomed love in which an aristocratic lieutenant abandons the army to run away with a beautiful circus girl.

Dir: Roberto Rossellini. Shot on the war-torn streets of Rome, this tale of Resistance is often cited as the true beginning of Italian neo-realism.

Sweden | 1967 | ARROW | 85 min | subt | 15 | # 22573 | RRP £15.99

Italy | 1945 | ARROW | 103 min | subt | B&W | PG | # 21556 | £17.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £15

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

DVD: £6.99 Save £11

Cinema Paradiso



Dir: Giuseppe Tornatore. The poignant tale of a young Sicilian boy’s love affair with the cinema. Features a lavish Ennio Morricone score.

Dir: Régis Wargnier. Catherine Deneuve plays a plantation owner who battles with her daughter over love for a young officer in Indo-China.

Dir: Luis Buñuel. A film shot through with black humour, anti-clericalism and scathing satire. The parody of the Last Supper is legendary.

Italy | 1989 | ARROW | 167 min | subt | Cert PG | # 7207 | RRP £15.99

France | 1991 | ARROW | 151 min | subt | 15 | # 7989 | RRP £15.99

Spain | 1961 | ARROW | 87 min | subt | B&W | 15 | # 29703 | £15.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

USA | 1979 | ARROW | 735 min | Cert 18 | # 55607 | RRP £24.99

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Offer ends 25th September or while stocks last

A deliciously sultry love story, with exquisite comedy, adapted from Laura Esquivel’s bestselling novel about a girl who discovers the power of cooking to entice a man she loves.

World Cinema Pedro Almodovar Collection

A diverse selection of four films from the renowned Spanish director: the dark romantic comedy Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1990), Live Flesh (1997), All About My Mother (1999) and the semi-autobiographical Bad Education (2004).

The Best in

Czech Cinema

4 discs.

Spain | 2004 | FOX | 420 min | subt | Cert 18 Item # 59505 | RRP £19.99 | Released 3rd August

In this sale you’ll find an endlessly varied, magical trove of ideas and visual wonders that can charm as well as bite, enchant as well as provoke. If you want a dreamlike folk tale, a medieval epic, charming New Wave dramas or dangerous satires, surreal animation or an anarchic exercise in rebellious irreverence, then look no further!

Our DVD Price: £13.99

Jacques Rivette

Presenting us with a spider’s web of events, hypnotically woven, this is Rivette at his best in this complex drama of secrets from the past, imprisoning those who uncover them, leading to deception, revenge and murder. Sandrine Bonnaire is riveting in the lead. France | 1998 | ART-E | 170 min | subt | Cert PG Item # 59165 | RRP £15.99 | Released 24th August

Our DVD Price: £10.99

3 discs.

Czech | 1964-1992 | BFI | 464 min | subt | 15 | # 33886 | RRP £29.99

In 1950s Tokyo, the authorities have decreed that the city’s brothels are to be closed down. Street of Joy – one of the most successful of Nikkotsu’s famous ‘romantic porno’ movies – chronicles the activities of the prostitutes in one establishment, on the day before the law comes into effect. Japan | 1974 | HBF | 87 min | subt | Cert 18 Item # 59427 | RRP £12.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £9.99

The Second Wind

Closely Observed Trains


Czech | 1996 | BUENA | 101 min | subt | 12 | # 21198 | RRP £15.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £10

The Cremator

Intimate Lighting

Dir: Juraj Herz. A ‘surrealist-inspired horror’ about an ambitious cremator who, through his work, holds great interest to the occupying Nazis.

Dir: Ivan Passer. A quietly funny, reflective film about a musician’s visit to a friend in the country. One of the best works of the Czech New Wave.

Czech | 1968 | 2RUN | 95 min | subt | B&W | 15 | # 27849 | RRP £12.99

Czech | 1965 | 2RUN | 72 min | subt | B&W | PG | # 23050 | £12.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £4

DVD: £8.99 Save £4


I Served the King of England

Dir: Vera Chytilová. A satirical, wild and playfully irreverent story of teenage female rebellion against degenerate, oppressive society.

Divided We Fall Dir: Jan Hrebejk. A black comedy set during the Nazi occupation, in which a couple offer house room to both a fleeing Jew and a Nazi official. Czech | 2000 | MET-D | 122 min | subt | PG | # 11710 | RRP £15.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

The Ear Dir: Karel Kachyna. A chiling study in oppression and paranoia in which a couple begin to crack in their bugged house. Immediately banned. Czech | 1969 | 2RUN | 91 min | subt | Cert 12 | # 24216 | RRP £12.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £4

Page 12

Dir: Jan Sverák. A down on his luck cellist marries a Russian woman for money; when she runs off to her lover, he’s left with her 5 year-old son.

DVD: £6.99 Save £11

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

Monica Bellucci. Daniel Auteuil takes the lead as a gangster who has just escaped from jail. Before fleeing with the woman he loves, he pulls off a final job for some cash. Then a police scheme makes him appear to be a traitor to his accomplices – and now his priority is to redeem his lost honour.

Czech | 2RUN | 173 min | subt | Cert 15 | # 32128 | RRP £12.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £4

Czech | 1966 | 2RUN | 76 min | subt | Cert 15 | # 57510 | RRP £12.99

Alain Corneau

Set in the 13th century, this ambitious, multi-layered medieval epic about warring families, filmed in monochrome widescreen, is a stunning work of cinema. Voted the best-ever Czech film.

DVD: £17.99 Save £12

Czech | 1966 | ARROW | 88 min | subt | B&W | 15 | # 17034 | £17.99

Tatsumi Kumashiro

Our DVD Price: £13.99

The most comprehensive edition ever assembled of the short films by the legendary Czech surrealist filmmaker-animator, spanning The Last Trick (1964) to Food (1992).

Frantisek Vlácil

Dir: Jirí Menzel. A wonderful, Oscarwinning, darkly comic tale of a young railway guard’s wartime adventures.

Street of Joy

France | 2007 | OPTIM | 149 min | subt | Cert 18 Item # 59177 | RRP £19.99 | Released 14th Sep

Marketa Lazarová

Jan Švankmajer: Complete Short Films 1964-1992

Dir: Jirí Menzel. A black comedy about an ambitious wartime waiter, mixing wit, slapstick and melancholy. Czech | 2006 | ARROW | 114 min | subt | 15 | # 56682 | RRP £15.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

The Party and the Guests Dir: Jan Nemec. An unflinching, dangerous satire, distinguished by being ‘banned forever’ in its native country. Czech | 1966 | 2RUN | 67 min | subt | B&W | 15 | # 32125 | RRP £12.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £4

Valerie and her Week of Wonders Dir: Jaromil Jireš. A celluloid poem combining horror, folklore and surrealism into a young girl’s fever dream. Czech | 1970 | 2RUN | 73 min | subt | Cert 15 | # 55334 | RRP £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

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Image on opposite page from Valerie and her Week of Wonders / Offer ends 25th September or while stocks last

Secret Defense

World Cinema Time Regained Raul Ruiz

A supremely elegant and beautifully designed adaptation of the last volume of Proust’s masterwork. An international cast – Deneuve, Béart, Malkovich – and an imaginative script highlight Proustian motifs of memory and time as it weaves through the intrigues of Parisian high society, just after the First World War. France / Italy / Portugal | 1999 | 2ND | 155 min | subt | Cert 18 Item # 59593 | RRP £19.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £13.99

Women from the Lake of Scented Souls Xie Fei

One of China’s most revered stars, Gaowa Siqin, takes the lead role in this touching but hardedged tale of a woman attempting to carve out a life for herself, hindered by having a mentally challenged son and hopeless alcoholic husband. China | 1993 | ESCAP | 106 min | subt | Cert TBC Item # 59155 | RRP £14.99 | Released 24th August

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Page 14

theEYE Anthony Caro

Ian Davenport

Sandra Blow

Tony Hill

Antony Gormley

Sam Taylor-Wood

Vong Phaophanit

Anish Kapoor

Ian Hamilton Finlay

Tony Cragg

William Turnbull

Boyle Family

Julian Opie

Tracey Emin

Yinka Shonibare

Chris Ofili

Joe Tilson

Conrad Shawcross

Karl Weschke

3 for 2 or £12.99 each

David Batchelor

Liliane Lijn

Dryden Goodwin

Lisa Milroy


Roy Lichtenstein

Dalziel and Scullion

Martin Creed

Diego Velazquez

Rene Magritte

Michael CraigMartin

Jan Vermeer

Edouard Manet

Paul Cezanne

Joan Miro

Gilbert And George

Mona Hatoum

Vincent van Gogh

Pablo Picasso

Michael Landy

Henri Matisse


Graham Gussin

Malcolm Morley


Andy Warhol

Gary Hume

Marc Quinn

Francis Bacon

Coco Chanel

Gereon Krebber

Mark Wallinger

Marc Chagall

Piet Mondrian

Grayson Perry

Richard Deacon

Edgar Degas

Gavin Turk

Richard Wilson

David Hockney

Henri ToulouseLautrec

Hamish Fulton

Rachel Whiteread

William Hogarth

Howard Hodgkin

Stuart Brisley

Jasper Johns

Gillian Ayres

Langlands & Bell

Art Lives

£15.99 each

New August 2009

The Art of Antony Gormley Best known for his iconic Angel of the North, Antony Gormley's artwork One & Other on the empty plinth in London's Trafalgar Square has attracted debate, derision, enthusiasm and controversy. Over 100 days, 2,400 volunteers are occupying the plinth for an hour to create a diverse living portrait of the UK in 2009. This DVD features the documentary Antony Gormley and the 4th Plinth, which reveals the background to the project and the origins of Gormley's beautiful and mysterious art. Special offer £17.50 or buy both Gormley films for £27.00

theEYE: Antony Gormley

In addition six exclusive short films focus on major artworks including Angel of the North, Event Horizon and Field.

This revealing DVD profile of the internationally acclaimed artist showcases Gormley's most significant works alongside personal reflections of his art and career.

72 mins / £19.56

26 mins / £12.99

Summer promotion

3 for 2

theEYE A best-selling series of 45 profiles on contemporary artists in Britain. Offering a rare and personal insight into their influences and ideas, theEYE provides an accessible means of engaging with the pleasures and puzzles of art in the twenty-first century. 26 mins Moviemail price 12.99 each

10% discount on the boxed set

Architectures This 5-DVD series of 29 half-hour films presents a unprecedented look at the work of superstar architects and some of their most brilliant creations. Each documentary explores a single building chosen for its pioneering role in the evolution of contemporary architecture. 16.99 each or DVDs 17.99 £92.00 £85.00 for boxed set of 5 DVDs

Art Lives From Old Masters to modern greats, this series of key documentaries offers an introduction to major artists, providing a rich and exciting journey through art history. £17.99 15.99 / 26 titles now available

Available to buy from MovieMail now

Classic Movies English Language Films, 1930 - 1969

New Releases The Admirable Crichton Lewis Gilbert


Sally Ann Howes, Martita Hunt, Cecil Parker, Diane Cilento. Comedy based on James Barrie’s classic play in which Kenneth More’s English butler, shipwrecked with his employers, resourcefully leads them in their attempts to survive. UK | 1957 | SPHE | 90 min | Cert U Item # 59554 | RRP £12.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Tom Bell, Olivia Hussey. Provocatively, tagged ‘Is 15 1/2 too young for a girl? Is one wife enough for one man?’, this timecapsule tells the story of a married man’s affair with a teenage girl, part of a peculiarly 1960s British wave of films exploring Now and Then intersuch subject matter. view (1967); The Spy’s Wife (O’Hara, 1972). UK | 1969 | BFI | 87 min | Cert 12 Item # 59434 | RRP £17.99 | Released 24th August

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray Price: £14.99

The Big Knife Robert Aldrich

A bold indictment of the amoral world of 1950s Hollywood, this classic noir thriller sees Jack Palance’s screen idol trapped as victim of a studio blackmail plot to force him to renew his contact. His wife (Ida Lupino), wants him to give it all up and get away. USA | 1955 | OPTIM | 107 min | PG Item # 59181 | RRP £15.99 | Released 31st August

Edward Wood

Ed Wood’s cult horror film sees Bela Lugosi play a mad scientist on a quest to create a new race of atomic people. Then he is himself experimented on by his mute assistant, after which he is able to resist bullets – but not a giant rubber octopus! USA | 1955 | BSPK | 68 min | Cert PG Item # 59229 | RRP £7.99 | Released 31st August

Our DVD Price: £6.99

Page 16

Recommended Director: Tony Richardson

Starring: Leslie French, Eddie Albert, Paul Massie, Lillian Gish, James Robertson Justice

Starring: Jeanne Moreau, Ettore Manni Released: 31st August. France / UK | 1966 | OPTIM | 103 mins | B&W | 18 | Item # 59100

UK | 1958 | OPTIM | 93 mins | B&W | Cert 12 | Item # 59052

Gerry O’Hara

Our DVD Price: £10.99



Director: Anthony Asquith

Released: 17th August

All the Right Noises

Bride of the Monster

Orders to Kill

Orders to Kill is a mixture of thriller, human drama and expressionist nightmare along the lines of Powell and Pressburger’s The Small Back Room, but with an added dimension. Beginning wittily, it weighs in with the big themes about a half hour in, asking what can be justified in times of war. Paul Massie plays an American bomber pilot sent to Paris to rub out a suspected traitor (Leslie French). We follow his training, then the mission itself, as Massie’s initial excitement gives way to uncertainty and disorientation. Incredibly, the cast includes not only former silent screen titan Lillian Gish, who is quietly magnificent, but also British cinema’s finest buffoon, James Robertson Justice, playing an expert in execution with an unexpected depth. Drawing immense power from Massie’s central performance, this is an intelligent, adult, and almost unbearably tense war drama, with at least one moment of sheer jaw-dropping terror. It also features a sublime ‘fun house’ training sequence that has imagery worthy of noir pioneers John Alton and Nicholas Musuraca. RB

Scripted by Marguerite Duras from a story by Jean Genet, this is a hugely cinematic study of destructive obsession, emotional manipulation and provincial xenophobia that is strewn with references to Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête, De Sica’s Bicycle Thieves, Pagnol’s Manon des Sources and Truffaut’s The 400 Blows. Despite this, it is a much maligned film. Most critics applaud Jeanne Moreau’s darkly obsessive performance as the French village schoolteacher who is prepared to jeopardise the lives of her neighbours to pursue her passion for Italian woodcutter Ettore Manni. But few can find a good word for Tony Richardson’s symbol-heavy direction or his seemingly prurient filming of Manni’s son, Keith Skinner. However, Richardson follows the lead of Michelangelo Antonioni in using David Watkin’s glowering monochrome photography to contrast Moreau’s psychological state with her environment. Were Michael Haneke to remake this with Isabelle Huppert, it would be commended for its audacious attitude to bestial lusts. This disconcerting drama is long overdue reappraisal. DP

Buying Details

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

Our DVD Price:

RRP: £15.99 Save £5 (31%)

RRP: £15.99 Save £5 (31%)



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September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

Look Back in Anger Recommended Director: Tony Richardson Starring: Richard Burton, Claire Bloom, Mary Ure, Edith Evans, Donald Pleasence Released: 31st August UK | 1958 | OPTIM | 95 mins | B&W | Cert PG | Item # 59083

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


RRP: £15.99 Save £5 (31%)

S B 50 Bonus Points If purchased for £10.99

See Also A Kind of Loving John Schlesinger

UK | 1962 | OPTIM | 112 min | B&W | Cert 15 | # 55841 | RRP £15.99

Our DVD Price: £8.49

Rebel Without a Cause Nicholas Ray

USA | 1955 | WHV | 111 min | PG | # 212 | RRP £15.99

Our DVD Price: £6.49

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning Karel Reisz

UK | 1960 | BFI | 85 min | B&W | PG | 57214 | £17.99

Our DVD Price: £15.39

uch was the seismic effect on the cultural landscape of John Osborne’s stage play Look Back in Anger, that a star name was required to play the protagonist Jimmy Porter in Tony Richardson’s big screen version. For the role of the frustrated, apoplectic, working class university graduate, raging against the world from his pokey, Midlands flat, thoughts turned to Richard Burton. Burton certainly had the intensity to enliven Porter’s vehement monologues, targeting everything from his inert wife to the staid conventions of the typical English Sunday. But above hung the question, was he too intense? Burton’s Jimmy Porter is forceful and virile; anger oozes from him, venom coats his tongue. Surely, many thought, Porter should be more inconsequential. Yes, he has a chip on his shoulder – about his class, his education, the social mores of fifties England – but his rages are largely impotent; he is pissing against the wind. Fifty years on, however, Burton’s performance seems to capture everything Look Back in Anger – and its author John Osborne – was really about. His overbearing aggression was prescient – it foreshadowed the ugliness of Osborne, who

Richard Burton rages against the world in a virile, venomous performance became more vitriolic and more embittered with the passing years, lashing out at wives, critics, anyone in his sights. For all his Bohemian passion and class-fuelled indignation, Porter’s (and Osborne’s) hatred is self-hatred, and Burton (who shared the sentiment) captures this sublimely. Jimmy Porter isn’t a hero; he’s an appalling man, cruel and abusive to his wife. But he also has a devastating turn of phrase, a capacity for dazzling insight. Somehow, the 1950s needed someone like him before it could become the 1960s. Tony Richardson had directed the play on stage, and he stays faithful to its theatricality here. But there are attempts to open out the action, and a lot of what the film achieved set the tone for the New Wave, ‘kitchen sink’ cinema of the next decade. To his credit, Richardson retains Mary Ure from the stage version. As Porter’s longsuffering wife – glacial, pained and silent – she steals a few scenes from under Burton’s nose. Julian Upton


Page 17

Classic Movies Gaiety George

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Leontine Sagan

Gordon Douglas

Romantic musical biopic starring matinee idol Richard Greene as a dashing entrepreneur who buys a run-down music hall and fills it with musical comedies, much to the delight of his audiences. But after George marries Ann Todd’s beautiful young chorus girl, a vindictive critic attempts to destroy his career... UK | 1946 | ODEON | 93 min | Cert U Item # 57434 | RRP £9.99 | Released 24th August

The Shanghai Gesture

Our DVD Price: £7.99

Much Too Shy, Get Cracking (1943), BellBottom George (1944), I Didn’t Do It (1945), South American George (1941), He Snoops to Conquer (1944) and George in Civvy Street (1946). 7 discs.


Director: Josef von Sternberg Starring: Walter Huston, Gene Tierney, Victor Mature, Ona Munson USA | 1942 | PALL | 98 mins | B&W | Cert PG | Item # 59451

Our DVD Price: £34.99

The Greengage Summer EXCLUSIVE! A young and blossoming Susannah York plays a 16 year-old who takes charge of her siblings when they have to fend for themselves in France. Kenneth More’s caddish Englishman comes to her aid – much to the chagrin of his jealous mistress (Danielle Darrieux). UK | 1961 | SPHE | 95 min | Cert PG Item # 59556 | RRP £12.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Herostratus Don Levy

When a young poet hires a marketing company to turn his suicide into a media spectacle, he finds his subversive intentions diluted, and his motivations revealed as a desperate attempt to seek attention through celebrity. Unseen since its release in 1967, this is an audacious and prescient work. Includes short films by Levy. Director Interview; Ten Thousand Talents (1960); Time Is (1964); Five Films (1967); Booklet. UK | 1967 | BFI | 142 min | Cert 15 Item # 59439 | RRP £17.99 | Released 24th August

‘Shanghai’ has a rich history in Hollywood movies: synonymous with the exotic orient, it’s a place of loose morals, where unwary western visitors might find themselves succumbing to temptation. It was a city von Sternberg first celebrated with Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express. Nine years later, he paid a return visit for this, his last great Hollywood film, which centres on one of the city’s most notorious flesh pots, the gambling joint owned by ‘Mother’ Gin Sling. Although popular with the punters, the city authorities take a more jaundiced view. Then a wealthy Englishman buys the land where this den of vice is situated, with the intention of clearing its disreputable tenants. But Gin Sling will not yield so easily... Had Dietrich been tempted to participate, the film might enjoy more of a reputation than it does. As it is, it acts as a useful summary of von Sternberg’s favourite themes and shows his visual genius off to sensational effect. It certainly deserves to better known and regarded more highly. JO

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray Price: £14.99

Page 18

Recommended EXCLUSIVE!

Released: 27th July

UK | 1941-46 | SPHE | Cert PG Item # 59562 | RRP £39.99 | Released 14th Sep

Lewis Gilbert

USA | 1950 | PALL | 102 min | Cert PG Item # 59545 | RRP £12.99 | Released 24th August

Our DVD Price: £7.99

George Formby Film Collection Marcel Varnel


James Cagney is amoral crook Ralph Cotter, who manipulates a grieving widow into his arms, while two crooked cops follow her into his pocket. Ralph’s lack of scruples brings him success in a series of robberies, but his easy conquest of gullible heiress Margaret Dobson proves more dangerous to him than any crime.

RRP: £12.99 Save £5 (38%)

Love in Pawn

Charles Saunders Presenter Bernard Braden takes the leading role as a struggling artist living on a houseboat with his wife – who puts him in hock to a pawnbroker to raise some money, the farcical situation becoming a national sensation when she is reluctant to retrieve him! UK | 1955 | SIMP | 78 min | Cert U Item # 59733 | RRP £12.99 | Released 17th August

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Man of Violence Peter Walker

Aka Moon: Pete Walker’s affectionate low-budget homage to the gangster thriller is packed with sights and sounds from sixties Britain. It offers rare glimpses of a world gone by, and some unexpected twists on generic convention, while the cast includes Hammer girls Luan Peters and Virginia Wetherell. Also includes Pete Walker’s earlier thriller The Big Trailers; Alternative Switch (aka Strip Poker). Moon title-card; Booklet. UK | 1969 | BFI | 104 min | Cert 18 Item # 59440 | RRP £17.99 | Released 24th August

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray Price: £14.99

Morecambe and Wise Movies Box set featuring all three of Eric and Ernie’s big screen adventures. Contains The Intelligence Men (1965), That Riviera Touch (1966), and The Magnificent Two (1967) in which Eric is persuaded by a latin beauty to impersonate a dead Latin American rebel leader.

UK | 1965-67 | G-VEN | 282 min | Cert PG Item # 59473 | RRP £19.99 | Released 17th August

Our DVD Price: £13.99

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Vera Lynn New DVDs exclusive to MovieMail!

Classic Westerns 3 DVDs exclusive to MovieMail!

Vera Lynn Collection


Three films starring ‘The Forces’ Sweetheart’, Vera Lynn, the popular BBC radio singer famed for singing We’ll Meet Again and The White Cliffs of Dover. Features Rhythm Serenade, We’ll Meet Again and One Exciting Night. 3 discs.

Although originally intended as a reunion vehicle for Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur, the lead was assigned to Columbia’s golden boy, William Holden. Arizona was produced on a grand scale, complete with a full-sized recreation of the 1860s Tucson settlement, majestic location scenery, boisterous Apache raids and a spectacular stampede. It’s a ripping Western from Ruggles, who sure knew how to make ‘em.

Walter Forde

UK | 1943-44 | SPHE | Cert PG Item # 59548 | RRP £24.99 | Released 31st August

Our DVD Price: £22.99

One Exciting Night Walter Forde

Musical farce in which Lynn plays a would-be singer desperate to impress producer Stewart with her abilities. Her chance comes at a benefit concert that is also the scene of an attempted kidnapping of Stewart by a gang after a priceless Rembrandt. Can Vera thwart the rascals? UK | 1944 | SPHE | 86 min | Cert U Item # 59551 | RRP £12.99 | Released 31st August

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Rhythm Serenade Gordon Wellesley

Irene Handl, Jimmy Jewel. A patriotic romantic musical comedy, starring Vera as a young teacher who accepts an offer to run a day school for the employees of a munitions factory. She arranges for the school to use an empty house – and gets romantically entangled with its owner. UK | 1943 | SPHE | 87 min | Cert U Item # 59549 | RRP £12.99 | Released 31st August

Our DVD Price: £11.99

We’ll Meet Again Philip Brandon

Musical loosely based upon Lynn’s career, which all begins when she falls in love with a Scottish soldier who breaks her heart when he jilts her in favour of her best friend. Following the break-up, she decides to leave London and spend her time entertaining troops all over Europe. UK | 1943 | SPHE | 85 min | Cert U Item # 59550 | RRP £12.99 | Released 31st August

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Wesley Ruggles

USA | 1940 | SPHE | 116 min | Cert U Item # 59560 | RRP £12.99 | Released 14th Sep

Our DVD Price: £11.99

The Tall T

Budd Boetticher Randolph Scott stars in this suspenseful story in which he hitches a ride on a stagecoach with newlyweds Willard and Doretta Mims (Maureen O’Sullivan). Then the coach and its passengers fall into the hands of outlaws, and the slimy Willard, in an attempt to save himself, tells them that his wife is wealthy, and they should hold her for ransom. The tension grows as they wait for an answer from her folks. USA | 1957 | SPHE | 76 min | Cert PG Item # 59559 | RRP £12.99 | Released 14th Sep

Our DVD Price: £11.99


George Marshall A rip-roaring blend of action, thrills and humour. William Holden and Glenn Ford star as two saddle bums whose dream of making their fortune has gone seriously awry. When the drifters witness a stagecoach hold-up, they rob the robbers and go their separate ways, but when they meet again, the two friends discover that they’re not only in love with the same woman, but on opposite sides of the law. USA | 1941 | SPHE | 89 min | Cert PG Item # 59561 | RRP £12.99 | Released 14th Sep

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Audrey Hepburn

September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

Audrey Hepburn 80th Anniversary Collection

Contains: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Funny Face, Roman Holiday, Sabrina, My Fair Lady and Paris When it Sizzles plus 2 hours of new 7 discs. extras Item # 58805 | RRP £39.99 | Released 14th September

Our DVD Price: £35.99 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Funny Face Roman Holiday Sabrina Paris When it Sizzles - also available seperately for £7.99 each! My Fair Lady - available for £9.99

Pool of London Basil Dearden

Into the heart of the city’s Docklands sails the Dunbar, fresh out of Rotterdam, bringing crime and love for two of its sailors. Marking a departure for Ealing from their usual fare, Pool of London was notable for being the first British film to try and depict an interracial relationship in the post-Windrush years. UK | 1951 | OPTIM | 85 min | Cert PG Item # 59194 | RRP £15.99 | Released 17th August

Our DVD Price: £10.99


Lewis Milestone Joan Crawford stars in this classic Hollywood drama, adapted from W. Somerset Maugham, in which a ship’s passengers are quarantined on an American base. While they wait, Crawford’s prostitute amuses herself with the soldiers, but soon falls foul of the base missionary (Walter Huston), a man tortured by his own lust. USA | 1932 | BSPK | 92 min | Cert PG Item # 59033 | RRP £7.99 | Released 7th Sep

Our DVD Price: £6.99


Page 19

Two excellent DV

Most multi-buy deals encourage you to buy DVDs you don’t actually want. We any film lover’s DVD collection. Pick up any two for just £12, or 4 for £24…

Classic Movies 

World Cinema

School for Scoundrels

The Cruel Sea

Beau Travail

Charles Frend

Claire Denis

Robert Hamer

Jack Hawkins, Stanley Baker. The story of a tough sailor, his mainly amateur crew and how they learn to fight against Nazi subs and the Atlantic. Based on Nicholas Monserrat’s novel.

This poetic exploration of the near-mythical world of the French Foreign Legion, inspired by Herman Melville’s Billy Budd, is a powerful and enigmatic examination of masculinity.

Ian Carmichael’s born failure enrols at the College of OneUpmanship. Alastair Sim teaches him how to get the upper hand over Terry-Thomas’s moustachioed cad.

UK | 1953 | OPTIM | 121 min | Cert U | # 32028 | RRP £12.99

France | 1999 | ART-E | 90 min | subt | Cert 15 | # 5939 | RRP £19.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

2001: A Space Odyssey

The Adventures of Robin Hood


Dir: Stanley Kubrick. An amazing and suitably mind-warping treatment of Arthur C. Clarke’s novel.

Dir: Michael Curtiz. Errol Flynn dashing, Rathbone suavely villainous; 2 discs. many rousing swordfights.

Dir: Gilles Mimouni. A spellbinding thriller, this tale of assumed identities, twists and duplicities blends Gallic romanticism and Hitchcockian style.

USA | 1968 | WHV | 136 min | Cert U | # 30976 | RRP £16.99

USA | 1938 | WHV | 98 min | Cert 12 | # 15842 | RRP £19.99

France | 1996 | OPTIM | 112 min | subt | 15 | # 32138 | RRP £17.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £10

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

DVD: £7.99 Save £10

The Asphalt Jungle

Cluny Brown

I’m Not Scared

Dir: John Huston. Hugely influential in its use of criminal vernacular, this classic heist movie spawned a host of inferior imitations.

Ernst Lubitsch’s swansong Cluny Brown is satire at its most engaging, poking fun at the snobbery that existed within English society in the ‘30s.

Dir: Gabriele Salvatores. A young boy is drawn into a world of kidnapping in this suspense drama that is also a moving coming-of-age tale.

USA | 1950 | WHV | 112 min | B&W | Cert PG | # 26083 | RRP £15.99

UK | 1946 | BFI | 100 min | Cert PG | # 54197 | RRP £12.99

Italy | 2003 | BUENA | 101 min | subt | Cert 15 | # 20609 | RRP £15.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

Danger, Love At Work



Dir: Otto Preminger. A screwball comedy in which a lackadaisacal lawyer tries to get the kooky Pemberton family to agree on a large property deal.

Dir: John Schlesinger. Julie Christie is the enchanting but self-centred model who crosses the lives of three men in this triple Oscar winner.

Dir: Gabriele Salvatores. A magical anti-war story that follows eight Italian soldiers who find refuge, love and sun on a Greek island in the Aegean.

USA | 1937 | BFI | 79 min | Cert U | # 24034 | RRP £15.99

UK | 1965 | OPTIM | 129 min | Cert 15 | # 32240 | RRP £15.99

Italy | 1992 | OPTIM | 86 min | subt | Cert 15 | # 31099 | RRP £12.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

The Devil Rides Out

A Streetcar Named Desire

Shall We Dance?

UK | 1960 | OPTIM | 91 min | B&W | Cert U | # 30819 | RRP £12.99

Dir: Terence Fisher. One of the best Hammers, from Dennis Wheatley’s devilish novel, in which Christopher Lee gets a rare chance to be a hero. UK | 1968 | OPTIM | 91 min | Cert 15 | # 30649 | RRP £12.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

Dir: Elia Kazan. Vivien Leigh plays the fading Southern belle, Marlon Brando her brutish brother-in-law. USA | 1951 | WHV | 119 min | B&W | 15 | # 28265 | RRP £19.99

Dir: Masayuki Suo. A delicate and lovely ballroom dancing comedy in which a lonely office worker finds liberation in a stranger’s arms. Japan | 1995 | BUENA | 114 min | subt | PG | # 18311 | RRP £15.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

Trent’s Last Case

Went the Day Well?

Water Lilies

Dir: Herbert Wilcox. Orson Welles. Who killed American tycoon Sigsbee Manderson? Reporter and investigator Phillip Trent aims to find out.

Dir: Alberto Cavalcanti. Enemy German paratroopers invade a sleepy English village. A surprisingly brutal wartime morale booster.

Dir: Céline Sciamma. A brilliantly observed portrait of female adolescent passion and jealousy, set in the world of synchronised swimming.

UK | 1952 | OPTIM | 86 min | B&W | Cert U | # 52525 | RRP £12.99

UK | 1942 | OPTIM | 89 min | B&W | Cert PG | # 31547 | RRP £12.99

France | 2007 | CTEND | 84 min | subt | Cert 15 | # 54683 | RRP £15.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

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for £12 just

e don’t like that type of sale, so we’ve only selected films that would improve

Central Station

Barry Lyndon


Walter Salles

Stanley Kubrick

Kenneth Branagh

Crusty spinster Dora unwillingly becomes responsible for a small boy when his mother dies; this touching film charts the unlikely couple’s journey as they travel to find his long-lost father.

A visually stunning, four Oscarwinning adaptation of Thackeray’s novel. Ryan O’Neal takes the lead as the unscrupulous adventurer in what is now regarded as one of Kubrick’s finest films.

Filmed in glorious 70mm, the gripping, insightful performances from the star-filled cast are complemented by breathtaking sets, and make for a powerful interpretation of the Bard’s play. 2 discs.

Brazil | 1998 | BUENA | 106 min | subt | Cert 15 | # 11336 | RRP £15.99

UK | 1975 | WHV | 177 min | Cert PG | # 8315 | RRP £19.99

UK | 1996 | WHV | 242 min | Cert PG | # 50999 | RRP £16.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

DVD: £7.99 Save £9

Heartbeat Detector



Dir: Nicolas Klotz. Mathieu Amalric. A corporate thriller in which an in-house psychologist discovers troubling links in a company’s past.

Dir: Zack Snyder. A visually stunning account of the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC that helps redefine what is possible through digital imagery.

Dir: Terrence Malick. A classic road movie, fictionalising the murderous rampage of Charles Starkweather through the American mid west.

France | 2007 | TRNTY | 135 min | subt | 12 | # 56116 | RRP £17.99

USA | 2007 | WHV | 111 min | Cert 15 | # 52213 | RRP £10.99

USA | 1973 | WHV | 90 min | Cert 18 | # 12780 | RRP £19.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £10

DVD: £7.99 Save £3

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

Lemon Tree


Dangerous Liaisons

Dir: Eran Riklis. Drama based on the true story of a Palestinian widow on the Israel/West Bank border, whose lemon grove ‘threatens security’.

Dir: William Friedkin. The controversial story of an undercover cop (Al Pacino) who acts as bait for a killer in New York’s gay S&M scene.

Dir: Stephen Frears. A sombre treatment of Laclos’ epistolary novel in which a philanderer and his muse set out to destroy a woman’s reputation.

Israel | 2008 | UNANI | 106 min | subt | Cert PG | # 57731 | RRP £19.99

USA | 1980 | WHV | 97 min | Cert 18 | # 52820 | RRP £13.99

USA | 1988 | WHV | 115 min | Cert 15 | # 1487 | RRP £19.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

DVD: £7.99 Save £6

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

Il Postino

Inland Empire


Dir: Michael Radford. A lovely, moving film in which a simple postman on an Italian island forms a friendship with exiled ‘poet of love’ Pablo Neruda.

Dir: David Lynch. A potent, surrealist epic in which the real world, fantasy and reality collide in a grainy dreamscape of night and nightmare.

Dir: Richard Eyre. Judi Dench and Kate Winslet are superb in this biopic of Iris Murdoch, based on Bayley’s memoir, Elegy for Iris.

Italy | 1995 | BUENA | 104 min | subt | Cert U | # 9490 | RRP £17.99

USA / Poland | 2006 | OPTIM | 172 min | 18 | # 51240 | RRP £15.99

UK | 2001 | BUENA | 87 min | Cert 15 | # 12000 | RRP £17.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £10

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

DVD: £7.99 Save £10

I Vitelloni

O Lucky Man!


A compassionate semi-autobiographical film detailing the lives of a group of youths dreaming of escape from their life in provincial limbo.

Dir: Lindsay Anderson. Malcolm McDowell stars in this anarchic, episodic and highly enjoyable black comedy of 1970s Britain. 2 discs.

Dirs: Cammell / Roeg. Mick Jagger. A heady brew of sex, mind games and violence. The suits at Warner Bros hated it and shelved it for two years.

Italy | 1953 | NOUVE | 103 min | B&W | Cert PG | # 22970 | RRP £19.99

UK | 1973 | WHV | 169 min | Cert 15 | # 54088 | RRP £16.99

UK | 1970 | WHV | 105 min | Cert 18 | # 32784 | RRP £16.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

DVD: £7.99 Save £9

DVD: £7.99 Save £9

The Witnesses

Soylent Green

Dir: André Téchiné. Emmanuelle Béart. An unplanned love affair upsets a couple’s ordered lives in this moving AIDS drama.

Dir: Richard Fleischer. Charlton Heston plays a curious cop in dystopian New York, c. 2022, Edward G. Robinson his nostalgic father.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

France | 2007 | ART-E | 115 min | subt | 15 | # 52415 | RRP £19.99

USA | 1973 | WHV | 93 min | Cert 15 | # 14799 | RRP £15.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

Dir: Philip Kaufman. Lena Olin. Daniel Day-Lewis plays Milan Kundera’s incorrigible womanising surgeon. USA | 1987 | WHV | 166 min | Cert 18 | # 14166 | RRP £19.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £12 or 0844 776 0900

Offer ends 25th September or while stocks last

Contemporary Film

Classic Movies The Red Beret


Terence Young

Harry Andrews, Donald Houston. Alan Ladd stars in this story based on the wartime raid on the German radar station at Bruneval. He plays an American Army officer who shows up in 1940 as a volunteer for paratrooper school, where he obviously has a good deal more background and skills than he lets on. UK | 1953 | SPHE | 88 min | Cert U Item # 59558 | RRP £12.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £11.99


Robin Hood Collection

A triple-bill of outlaws and archery. Features The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (Levin & Sherman, 1946), Sword of Sherwood Forest (Fisher, 1960) and Rogues of Sherwood Forest (Douglas, 1950). Cornel Wilde, Richard Greene and John Derek take the leads.

3 discs.

Documentaries Triangle

Bernard Glasser Dana Wynter. The cause of a considerable amount of controversy upon its original release in 1970, Triangle tells the story of a frustrated bisexual author who goes to teach at his aunt’s private school in California, where he finds himself overwhelmingly attracted to a student. USA | 1970 | MEDIA | 87 min | Cert 18 Item # 59463 | RRP £9.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £7.99

The Victors


Carl Foreman George Hamilton, Albert Finney, Jeanne Moreau, George Peppard, Peter Fonda, Melina Mercouri, Eli Wallach, Senta Berger. Star-packed film that follows American GIs on their march through Europe in WWII, though its focus is as much on the war-ravaged villages through which they pass, and the women who live there.

USA | 1946 | SPHE | Cert PG Item # 59552 | RRP £24.99 | Released 31st August

USA | 1963 | SPHE | 175 min | Cert TBC Item # 59557 | RRP £14.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £22.99

Our DVD Price: £13.99

The Wind of Change

Sandokan the Great

Vernon Sewell

Umberto Lenzi

Steve Reeves stars in this swashbuckling tale of action and adventure in the Malay jungle, as a dashing, muscle-bound sultan’s son struggling to single-handedly stave off Queen Victoria’s army of invaders and thereby save his father from kidnappers. Spain / Italy / France | 1963 | MEDIA | 105 min | Cert PG Item # 59414 | RRP £9.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £7.99

Peter Watkins Box Set

Joan Littlewood

James Booth, Barbara Windsor, Roy Kinnear, Brian Murphy, George Sewell. Charlie returns to the East End after two years at sea to find his house demolished and wife gone. Everyone else knows she is now shacked up with married bus driver Bert and a toddler, and they all watch the trail of mayhem Charlie leaves as he goes about sorting things out.

Our DVD Price: £10.99

Page 22

UK | 1961 | ODEON | 127 min | Cert 12 Item # 57421 | RRP £12.99 | Released 24th August

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Sparrows Can’t Sing

UK | 1963 | OPTIM | 94 min | Cert PG Item # 59234 | RRP £15.99 | Released 17th August

Set against the Notting Hill race riots of the late 1950s, this is a gripping kitchen-sink drama focusing on the relationship between a worldweary, liberal father (Donald Pleasence) and his bigoted racist son Frank (Johnny Briggs). Also contains The Traitors (Tronson, 1962), a spy film starring Patrick Allen.

Four decades of innovative, intelligent and challenging work by one of the most criminally overlooked filmmakers. Features Culloden, The War Game, The Commune and Punishment Park, along with Forgotten Faces and The Diary of an 6 discs; Interview with Unknown Soldier. Peter Watkins. Sourced from French DVD label Doriane Films. UK / France | 1959-2000 | Doriane | 617 min | Cert TBC Item # 58511 | RRP £50 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £50

In Search of Beethoven Recommended Director: Phil Grabsky Released: 7th September DVD Extras: 2 hours of extra footage; Deleted scenes; Interview with Phil Grabksy. UK | 2009 | SEV-A | 180 mins | Cert E | Item # 59438

There have been many documentaries detailing the life of the greatest of all composers, and something new on Beethoven is required to pique the interest. Phil Grabsky provides just that – but not in any obvious fashion. The format is conventional enough, with respected talking heads (music experts and stellar conductors, framed very tightly), delicious extracts of the music (and in Beethoven’s case, that’s an almost unbroken series of masterpieces), views of the composer’s stamping ground (here an exquisitely photographed Vienna – Grabsky has a non-pareil visual sense that is one of the glories of this two-disc set), lingering shots of contemporary portraits, and a solidly analytical script. Grabsky subtly reworks all these tools of the documentary art, forging a nigh-definitive evocation of genius – the insights into Beethoven’s music and difficult, rebarbative personality are highly persuasive. The second disc has extended performances, including a number of full movements; the set is essential fare for lovers of great music. BF

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


RRP: £24.99 Save £9 (36%)

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Classic British War Films Sale War films have often tended to be anti-war films, but the war films of the early forties served as rallying cries for action in the face of Fascism and oppression, and as such could achieve a rousing mix of propaganda and integrity. WWII has since cast a very long cinematic shadow: from the epic to the poetic to the Boy’s Own adventure. In those veins, the films here have, if not all three, entertained us, enlightened us, or aspired to be profound.

Millions Like Us

Piece of Cake

Frank Launder

Ian Toynton

Gordon Jackson, Eric Porter, Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne star in this sincere, effective flagwaver evoking the trials and tribulations of a working class English family during WWII.

Topnotch BBC drama telling the stories of the men of the RAF Hornet Squadron – a fictional Spitfire fighter wing – during the early days of WWII. Great cockpit scenes and a sharp script. 2 discs.

Terence Young

UK | 1943 | DD | 98 min | B&W | Cert U | # 20173 | RRP £9.99

UK | 1988 | DD | 312 min | Cert PG | # 30629 | RRP £16.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

DVD: £9.99 Save £7

UK | 1950 | DD | 97 min | B&W | Cert PG | # 22989 | RRP £9.99

Appointment in London

Morning Departure

Secret Mission

Dir: Roy Ward Baker. John Mills. An excellent submarine drama that cranks up the intensity as twelve men find themselves trapped underwater.

Dir: Harold French. James Mason. A behind-the-lines adventure with four British Intelligence Officers parachuting into occupied France.

A huge hit at the box office in 1950, this action-packed WWII drama follows soldiers from D-Day to the final months of the war. From future Bond director Young. DVD: £7.99 Save £2

UK | 1950 | DD | 102 min | B&W | Cert U | # 20189 | RRP £9.99

UK | 1942 | DD.V | 94 min | B&W | Cert | # 28550 | RRP £9.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

The Battle of the V1

Nurse Edith Cavell

The Silver Fleet

Dir: Vernon Sewell. Christopher Lee. Two resistance men get deliberately captured so they can spy on the development of a new rocket.

Dir: Herbert Wilcox. Anna Neagle takes the lead in this true story of a WWI nurse who joins an underground resistance movement.

Dir: Wellesley & Sewell. Produced by Powell & Pressburger, this is a stirring and deeply-felt account of Europe under Nazi oppression.

UK | 1958 | SMPLY | 100 min | B&W | Cert PG | # 28870 | RRP £9.99

UK | 1939 | DD | 94 min | B&W | Cert PG | # 22975 | RRP £9.99

UK | 1943 | DD | 87 min | B&W | Cert U | # 20204 | RRP £9.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

Escape from Sobibor

The Pathfinders

Dir: Jack Gold. Based on a factual account, this is a gripping true story about the largest ever planned escape from a Nazi death camp.

The complete 1970s ITV series that followed the experiences of a typical Pathfinder squadron – the elite of RAF Bomber Command during WWII.

Two Thousand Women

UK | 1987 | DD | 142 min | Cert 15 | # 28873 | RRP £12.99

UK | 1972-73 | SMPLY | 600 min | Cert 12 | # 28862 | RRP £24.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £17.99 Save £7

Journey Together

School for Secrets

Unpublished Story

Dir: John Boulting. Richard Attenborough’s eager pilot has to swallow his pride and retrain as a navigator. RAF Film Unit production.

Comedy drama written, produced and directed by Peter Ustinov, focussing on the wartime exploits of a group of radar boffins in 1940.

Dir: Harold French. British wartime spy thriller, set in London’s Docklands during the Blitz of 1940, in which a journalist finds his stories censored.

UK | 1943 | SMPLY | 95 min | B&W | Cert PG | # 34171 | RRP £14.99

UK | 1946 | DD | 102 min | B&W | Cert PG | # 20202 | RRP £9.99

UK | 1942 | DD | 77 min | B&W | Cert PG | # 25599 | RRP £9.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £7

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

The Lion Has Wings

Sea of Sand

Waterloo Road

Docu-drama produced by Alexander Korda early on in the war, showing the efforts of the British people to fight the Nazi war machine.

Dir: Guy Green. Earnest desert-set war actioner, in which Richard Attenborough leads his battalion in an attack on Rommel’s petrol dumps.

Dir: Sidney Gilliatt. John Mills goes AWOL to beat the hell out of ladies’ man and spiv Stewart Granger in this wartime infidelity drama.

UK | 1939 | DD | 72 min | B&W | Cert U | # 28601 | RRP £9.99

UK | 1958 | DD | 98 min | Cert U | # 20171 | RRP £9.99

UK | 1944 | DD | 76 min | B&W | Cert U | # 20180 | RRP £9.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

UK | 1952 | DD | 92 min | B&W | Cert U | # 20206 | RRP £9.99

Dir: Frank Launder. PoW drama set in occupied France that is a testimony to women’s force in wartime cinema. UK | 1944 | DD | 93 min | B&W | Cert PG | # 21784 | RRP £9.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

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Dir: Philip Leacock. Stirring, realistic drama about a young Wing Commander close to breaking point.

They Were Not Divided

Documentaries “The Creative Interpretation of Actuality”

New Releases

Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History

A series of documentaries looking at the emergence, development and diversity of Hollywood musicals, from glitzy 1930s productions to the widening of themes in the 1970s. There are five volumes available, each looking at a decade from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Frost / Nixon: The Watergate Interview Jorn Winther

The Frost / Nixon interviews, from May 1977, were one of the great media events of the 20th century. Frost questioned Nixon on everything from Vietnam to China, but the most tense sessions were on Watergate, and culminated in the President apologising to his people. Includes a new interview with Sir David Frost. UK / USA | 1977 | DPP | 85 min | Cert E Item # 57487 | RRP £12.99 | Released 2nd September

Our DVD Price: £9.99

The Genius of Photography David Byrne

All six episodes of the BBC4 series tracking the history of photography, exploring every aspect of the art, from daguerreotypes to digital. Includes interviews with some of the world’s greatest living photographers. Winner of the Royal Television Society Arts Award 2007.

Lynch (one)

A documentary portrait of the unorthodox director David Lynch, filmed over a two-year period, as he worked on Inland Empire (2006). The film offers a rare insight into the creative process of one of the most distinctive directors of our time. USA | 2007 | SCANB | 84 min | Cert E Item # 58921 | RRP £15.99 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Page 24

Emir Kusturica A fascinating documentary, in which flamboyant filmmaker Emir Kusturica celebrates the story of Diego Maradona; sports hero, living God of football to his fans, and champion of the people to many Latin Americans. Sad, funny, controversial, this full and intimate collaboration fulfils Kusturica’s ambition to reveal the man behind the myth.

Ministry of Truth Richard Symons

2 discs.

A collection of documentaries paying tribute to legendary aviators and their planes, narrated by, among others, Raymond Baxter, Robert Powell and Edward Woodward. Features the Spitfire, Mustang, Blenheim, F-15, Tornado, and Aircraft 5 discs. Carriers.

Our DVD Price: £26.99


Our DVD Price: £11.99

Our DVD Price: £17.99

UK | EUREK | 614 min | Cert E Item # 59539 | RRP £29.99 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £13.99 each

Spain | 2008 | OPTIM | 93 min | Cert 15 Item # 59190 | RRP £15.99 | Released 7th September

UK | 2007 | 2ENT | 360 min | Cert 18 Item # 58888 | RRP £24.99 | Released 6th July

Heroes of Aviation

USA | 2009 | BECK | 150 min | Cert E Item # 59467 | RRP £19.99 | Released 6th July

Dom Joly. A highly irreverent exposé of our politicians’ take on honesty and transparency. At present, there’s no law in the UK that makes it an offence for MPs to deceive the electorate. The Ministry of Truth is part of a deadly serious campaign that has led to the ‘Prohibition of Deception’ Bill. Many MPs have already pledged their support. UK | 2007 | Spirit Level Films | 90 min | Cert E Item # 59565 | RRP £9.99 | Released 17th August

Our DVD Price: £7.99

Slacker Uprising Michael Moore

A film ‘for people who wanted their country back’, Slacker Uprising shows footage from Michael Moore’s 60-city tour of college campuses and other venues before the 2004 US election, and showcases what the filmmaker calls ‘the birth of a new political generation’. USA | 2007 | OPTIM | 102 min | Cert 12 Item # 59224 | RRP £9.99 | Released 17th August

Our DVD Price: £6.99

Encounters in the Natural World Recommended Director: Werner Herzog Contains: Encounters at the End of the World (2007), Grizzly Man (2005), The White Diamond (2004), La Soufrière (1977) and The Flying Doctors of East Africa (1969). Released: 31st August DVD Extras: 5 discs; TBC USA / Germany | 1969-2007 | REV | Cert 12 | Item # 58837

These five films span nearly four decades of genre-defying work from Werner Herzog. The earliest film here is The Flying Doctors of East Africa, from 1969, in which Herzog takes a look at a pioneering flying doctors service in East Africa. La Soufrière sees Herzog visit the island of Guadeloupe after hearing its volcano was about to erupt. Fortunately – but disapppointingly for Herzog – it didn’t, and he went on to make further films, the next of which in this set is the stunning The White Diamond, which shows an airship engineer’s exploration of the rainforest canopy in Guyana. Grizzly Man is his evocative portrait of wildlife activist Timothy Treadwell, assembled from the footage he amassed before being torn apart by the grizzly bears he thought he was protecting. Finally, Encounters at the End of the World sees Herzog in Antarctica doing his best to avoid penguins. AB

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RRP: £44.99 Save £12 (27%)

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September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

Encounters at the End of the World Recommended Director: Werner Herzog Released: 31st August DVD Extras: Interview with Werner Herzog; Ice Wall; Under the Ice; Dive Locker interviews; Over The Ice; Seals & Men; South Pole Exorcism; Guitars in Antarctica. USA | 2007 | REV | 100 mins | U | # 58816

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RRP: £19.99 Save £8 (40%)

M B 55 Bonus Points If purchased for £11.99

Also on Blu-ray Encounters at the End of the World USA | 2007 | REV | 100 min | Cert U | # 58820 | £24.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £15.99 Save £9

See Also The Wild Blue Yonder

Werner Herzog USA | 2005 | SODA | 81 min | PG | # 51125 | £15.99

Our DVD Price: £14.99

The Thing

John Carpenter USA | 1982 | UCA | 103 min | Cert 18 | # 14759 | RRP £9.99

Our DVD Price: £8.99

ost filmmakers travel to the South Pole in search of penguins, but Werner Herzog makes it clear he is looking for encounters of a very different variety. This brooding, dryly witty documentary follows the idiosyncratic director’s visit to a remote Antarctic outpost, and offers a unique, starkly beautiful meditation on humanity’s place in the universe. Herzog’s arrival in the McMurdo Research Station makes him one of the few directors to have filmed on all seven continents, but to his disappointment, he finds that it resembles a dilapidated Midwestern mining town complete with ATM, ice cream dispenser, and worst of all, yoga classes. He encounters a motley collection of individuals who, seemingly unable to find their niche elsewhere, have drifted down to congregate around the South Pole. From the journeyman plumber who claims ancestry from the Aztec kings, to the woman whose party piece is to fold herself into a piece of luggage, to the solemn scientists and professional dreamers who staff the research stations, Herzog’s interviews are characteristically funny, surreal and profound.

Herzog’s starkly beautiful meditation on Antarctica When he is finally allowed to escape the confines of McMurdo, Herzog lets his camera explore the strange beauty of the worlds above and below the ice surface. Although the film touches on environmental issues, this is no Al Gore-style polemic though. Herzog seems resigned to the fact that the human race is doomed to extinction. Will it be environmental catastrophe? Nuclear war? Or will microscopic organisms that lurk beneath the ice return to terrify us on land? For Herzog, the details are unimportant; he seems far more interested in how we meet our fate, not why. Despite his best efforts, the penguins are unavoidable. But his camera is drawn from the colony to a lone bird who has set out on a determined, doomed march into endless mountains of ice. For a brief moment we sense that Herzog – that bitter critic of sentimental anthropomorphism – has finally found a soulmate. Milo Wakelin


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Television Programmes Originally Broadcast

Armchair Cinema

New Releases A Kind of Loving

Granada TV’s triumphant adaptation of the ‘Vic Brown’ Trilogy follows the life and loves of Clive Wood’s Yorkshireman from the late 1950s. First he romances Joanne Whalley’s beautiful typist but his plans founder when the couple move in with her parents. He then escapes to London, and Susan Penhaligon’s 3 discs. actress enters his life... UK | 1982 | SIMP | 500 min | Cert E Item # 58885 | RRP £24.99 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £17.99

A Short Stay in Switzerland Simon Curtis

Julie Walters stars in this one-off drama, inspired by the true story of Dr Anne Turner. Having witnessed the death of her husband from an incurable disease, Anne is similarly diagnosed – and she demands the right to take her own life.

Celebrating a remarkable fifty years on our screens, broadcasting legend Alan Whicker dusts down his suitcase for a nostalgic journey around the globe, in which he revisits his groundbreaking interviews and favourite destinations, and reflects on his varied 2 discs. career.

Our DVD Price: £13.99

Arch of Triumph Waris Hussein

Wartime romance starring Anthony Hopkins and Lesley-Anne Down as illfated lovers in occupied Paris, with their future happiness endangered by his obsession for vengeance against his SS nemesis, Haake (Donald Pleasance). UK | 1984 | VINT | 93 min | Cert PG Item # 59285 | RRP £5.99 | Released 17th August

Our DVD Price: £5.99

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Our DVD Price: £44.99

Classic Girls Collection

Three classic dramas: Pollyanna (2002), The Railway Children (1999), from Edith Nesbit’s classic novel, starring Jenny Agutter as the mother, and 1930s drama Ballet Shoes (2007), in which three girls are adopted by Richard Griffiths’ eccentric 3 discs. explorer.

UK | 1999-2007 | G-VEN | 280 min | Cert U Item # 59402 | RRP £24.99 | Released 17th August

Our DVD Price: £17.99

Classic Period Drama

John Nettles returns to Jersey from Provence for this final batch from the detective series. However, his new career as private investigator soon brings him into conflict with Inspector Deffand, the new Bureau Chief on the 3 discs. island.

Contains Wuthering Heights (1998), Moll Flanders (1996), starring Alex Kingston and Daniel Craig in ITV’s adaptation of the 18th-century novel by Daniel Defoe, and Dr Zhivago (2002), the complete Andrew Davies adaptation of Boris Pasternak’s celebrated novel with Keira Knightley as Lara.

UK | 1991 | 2ENT | Cert TBC Item # 58980 | RRP £24.99 | Released 31st August

UK | 1998-2002 | G-VEN | 560 min | Cert 18 Item # 59623 | RRP £24.99 | Released 17th August

Series 9 DVD Price: £14.99 Series 1-8 also available: £12.99 each

Our DVD Price: £17.99

Bergerac: Series 9

Peter Croft

Our DVD Price: £9.99

UK | 2009 | DIGCL | 240 min | Cert E Item # 58889 | RRP £19.99 | Released 7th Sep

UK | 1973-79 | NWORK | 890 min | Cert TBC Item # 59487 | RRP £49.99 | Released 31st August

The Black Arrow: Complete

UK | 2009 | DELTA | 90 min | Cert 15 Item # 58887 | RRP £12.99 | Out Now

Alan Whicker’s Journey of a Lifetime

David Hemmings, Ralph Richardson, Edward Woodward, Kika Markham, Patrick Mower, John Thaw, Dennis Waterman, Peter Sallis. All of the dramas in Thames TV’s Armchair Cinema series. Features Rumour, Suspect, Regan, Sea Song, The Prison, When Day is Done, Tully, In Sickness and in Health, 5 discs. The Sailor’s Return, Charlie Muffin.

Simon Cuff. All the adventures from the swashbuckling 1970s ITV children’s series, based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. As the Wars of the Roses rage through England, a masked avenger roams the land, delivering justice. But who is this hooded Black 3 discs. Arrow, fighting for the poor? UK | 1972-75 | SIMP | 500 min | Cert TBC Item # 59513 | RRP £19.99 | Released 17th August

Our DVD Price: £13.99

The Choir: Series 1 Ferdinand Fairfax

James Fox, David Warner, Jane Asher. This miniseries, based on Joanna Trollope’s novel, explores the internal politics and scandals of a British cathedral choir school. It features the singing voice of first-time actor and boy treble soloist Anthony Way, a real-life student at the St. Paul’s 2 discs. Cathedral Choral School in London. UK | 2009 | ACORN | 240 min | Cert TBC Item # 59649 | RRP £19.99 | Released 7th Sep

Our DVD Price: £13.99

3 discs.

Doctor Who: Black Guardian Trilogy Peter Moffatt

Features Mawdryn Undead, Terminus, and Enlightenment. On discovering public schoolboy Turlough lost aboard an apparently abandoned cruiser in space, the Doctor (Peter Davison) transports to Earth in 1983, little realising that it is part of a plot to destroy 3 discs. him by the Black Guardian. UK | 1983 | 2ENT | 295 min | Cert PG Item # 58899 | RRP £39.99 | Released 10th August

Our DVD Price: £35.99

Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma Peter Moffatt

The Doctor, suffering from post-regenerative trauma, takes off to a deserted asteroid to become a hermit, but discovers a plot by the Gastropod Mestor to shift some planets around in order to release more of his slimy ilk. Obviously he has to be stopped, but is the Doctor up to it? Colin Baker’s first outing as the Time Lord. UK | 1984 | 2ENT | 99 min | Cert U Item # 58896 | RRP £19.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £13.99

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September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

East of Ipswich Tristram Powell

Michael Palin drew on his own memories of family holidays in grey, provincial seaside resorts for this coming of age comedy set in the late 1950s. Sitting in deckchairs and visiting churches is not 17 year-old Richard’s idea of fun – but then he meets the girl-crazy Edwin, who is willing to take naïve Richard under his wing... UK | 1987 | 2ENT | 73 min | Cert 12 Item # 58992 | RRP £15.99 | Released 24th August

Three Men in a Boat

The Thirties in Colour

Our DVD Price: £11.99


Michael Powell These three plays, showcasing Powell’s foray into TV in the mid-1960s, are some of his most soughtafter productions. The gripping stories feature the director’s exploration of WWII sabotage (Never Turn Your Back on a Friend), the Cold War (A Free Agent) and a light-hearted take on the American Revolution (The Frantick Rebel). UK | 1960s | NWORK | 150 min | Cert 12 Item # 52916 | RRP £14.99 | Released 6th July

Our DVD Price: £11.99


Dominic Savage

A powerful drama that follows the lives of three men with everything on the line – a city exec who sells mortgage bundles for extortionate profit, a mortgage broker who can make anything happen, and his old school friend. who sees a way out of his council flat. Then the market collapses, and each character is confronted by some uncomfortable truths. UK | 2009 | 2ENT | Cert 15 Item # 59619 | RRP £15.99 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £11.99

The Gaffer: Series 1 The first series of the early 1980s sitcom starring Bill Maynard as Fred Moffatt, the cantankerous boss of a small engineering firm. With the economy on the wane and the unions in revolt, Fred has to use all his guile to keep the wolf, and the taxman, from the door.

UK | 1981 | NWORK | 150 min | Cert TBC Item # 59280 | RRP £12.99 | Released 17th August

Our DVD Price: £9.99



Director: Stephen Frears

Released: 14th September

Starring: Michael Palin, Tim Curry, Stephen Moore, Michael Elphick, Bill Stewart

DVD Extras: 2 discs; Accompanying booklet.

Released: 24th August

Colour photographic technology came of age in the 1930s, with a number of patented processes bringing authentic, vibrant colour into the reach of wealthy amateur filmmakers for the very first time. Through the images of intrepid travellers and cultural anthropologists, armed with cameras and traversing the globe in the years before the Second World War, this series shares telling insights into a time of huge social, political, cultural and economic upheaval. Showing everyday scenes in major western cities as well as life in small towns and villages worldwide, its films range from the earliest known colour footage of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, playing with her sister Princess Margaret in the garden, to film of German Jews who had escaped Nazi persecution by emigrating to South America. However, colour documentary film from the 1930s is truly scarce, and when found, often in a very fragile state, making this series, which delves into a treasure trove of rare colour films and photographs, a valuable, poignant and often surprising cultural record of a pivotal decade. AB

DVD Extras: TBC. UK | 1975 | 2ENT | 64 mins | Cert U | Item # 59120

One hot June day, three friends decide there is nothing they would like to do more than to get away from London. A boating holiday with lots of fresh air and exercise would be just the very thing, or so their doctors tell them. So, after debating the merits of hotel or camp beds and what to pack, they set off on their voyage – a trip up the Thames from Henley to Oxford – but very quickly find themselves ill-equipped for the trials of riverbank life. Jerome K. Jerome’s tale of three friends in need of a holiday may have been around for well over a century, but its humour and wit have been the source of its enduring popularity. This 1975 adaptation, directed by Stephen Frears and scripted for the BBC by playwright Tom Stoppard, captures the tone of Jerome’s original perfectly. Adding to its appeal is its cast, with Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Michael Palin and Stephen Moore starring as the trio of Victorian gentlemen in this comic treat. AB

UK | 2009 | 2ENT | Cert E | Item # 58985

Buying Details

Buying Details

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Our DVD Price:

RRP: £15.99 Save £5 (31%)

RRP: £15.99 Save £5 (31%)




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Television Getting On

Peter Capaldi

If The Office was set in a hospital... Dark, funny, tough and compassionate, this is the story of one ward, in one hospital, in one overlooked corner of the modern health service. This comedy of characters doing the best they can in a situation we can all relate to, is a long way from ER, and a lot closer to most people’s experiences. Jo Brand stars. UK | 2009 | 2ENT | Cert TBC Item # 59569 | RRP £15.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Hot Metal: Series 1

It Ain’t Half Hot Mum: Series 7

Stationed down in Tin Lin in Burma the boys of the Royal Artillery Concert Party are a little too close to the front line for their liking. But could things be looking up? Captain Ashwood has a female admirer, the men are set to perform on Forces Radio and the Sergeant Major may be about to become an officer. UK | 1980 | 2ENT | 180 min | Cert PG Item # 58962 | RRP £15.99 | Released 24th August

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Joanna Lumley in the Land of the Northern Lights

The Larkins: Series 1 Bill Ward

All six episodes plus the Christmas special of the first series of the classic 1950s ATV sitcom starring David Kossoff and Peggy Mount as rumbustious cockney couple Alf and Ada Larkin, who live with their aimless son Eddie, daughter Joyce and her American ex-GI husband Jeff, an unemployable writer of stories for cowboy comic ‘The Bullet’. UK | 1958 | NWORK | 175 min | Cert PG Item # 59237 | RRP £12.99 | Released 27th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Lie to Me: Season 1

A brilliant satire of tabloid press, in which mad millionaire Twiggy Rathbone (Robert Hardy) buys a newspaper and turns it into a muckraking scandal sheet with its head firmly in the gutter, and whose innovations include ‘Wobblevision’ glasses for its page 3 models. 2 discs.

One of the UK’s bestloved personalities, Joanna Lumley pursues a lifelong dream to track down the elusive and beautiful Northern Lights. Her journey takes her from train and boat to husky-sled and snowmobile as she is pulled ever northwards to ‘the strongest point of the compass’. However, her trepidation grows that her journey will be in vain.

UK | 1986 | NWORK | Cert TBC Item # 59534 | RRP £14.99 | Released 7th September

UK | 2009 | 2ENT | 60 min | Cert TBC Item # 58983 | RRP £15.99 | Released 7th September

USA | 2009 | FOX | Cert 15 Item # 59693 | RRP £34.99 | Released 14th Sep

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Our DVD Price: £31.49

Our DVD Price: £11.99

A compelling new detective series in which Tim Roth plays Cal Lightman, a man who can detect the truth by analyzing a person’s face, body, voice and speech. He heads a team of experts who assist federal law enforcement, government agencies and local police with their most difficult cases.

Christop Christopher Eccleston and Ricky Tomlinson strong cast in Jimmy McGovern’s 1996 head a s emotionally powerful and highly acclaimed emotion dramatisation of personal grief and public dramatis issues in the wake of the 1989 Hillsborough stadium disaster. ■ Winner Winn 3 BAFTA Awards ■ Winner Winn Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Award ■ Winner Winn Best Single Drama, Royal Television Society Award Available for the first time Availabl Packaging design d © 2009 Network

7th S SEPTEMBER 2009

September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

Midsomer Murders: Series 9

John Nettles, Jane Wymark, Jason Hughes, Barry Jackson. The complete ninth series of the show featuring John Nettles’ veteran DCI and his young Sergeant as they investigate murders around the regional community of Midsomer. 6 discs.

UK | 2006 | ACORN | 748 min | Cert 15 Item # 58544 | RRP £59.99 | Released 7th Sep

Our DVD Price: £53.99

Midsomer Murders: The Black Book / The Dogleg Murders / Secrets and Spies Three separate cases to try Barnaby and Jones’s skills and patience, with investigations connected to a painting from an esteemed Midsomer artist, a murder on the 13th hole of Whiteoaks Golf Club and a spy’s death at a cricket match that gets bound up in the Official Secrets’ Act and MI6 red tape.

UK | 2009 | ACORN | 90 min | Cert 15 Item # 59344 | RRP £16.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £12.74 each

Monday Monday

Jenny Agutter, Morven Christie, Laura Haddock. ITV1’s seven-part comedy drama series, set in the head office of struggling supermarket chain that moves its headquarters to Leeds. With its workers forced to relocate, leaving their friends and family behind, they are in each other’s pockets – and beds – like never before. 2 discs. UK | 2009 | PNE | 420 min | Cert 15 Item # 59675 | RRP £17.99 | Released 31st Aug

Our DVD Price: £12.99

Murder She Wrote: Season 10 All 21 episodes from the tenth season of CBS’s long-running mystery series, starring Angela Lansbury as retired English teacher, novelist and insatiably curious amateur detective Jessica Fletcher, who invariably finds herself involved in a murder investigation – and always gets the real murderer in the end. 5 discs. USA | 1994 | UPV | 1260 min | Cert 12 Item # 58433 | RRP £34.99 | Released 31st August

Our DVD Price: £31.49

Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years Recommended EXCLUSIVE!

Hillsborough Recommended Director: Charles McDougall Starring: Christopher Eccleston, Ricky Tomlinson, Annabelle Apsion

Director: John Schlesinger / Anthony Bushell

Released: 7th September

Starring: Richard Burton

UK | 1996 | NWORK | 110 mins | Cert TBC | Item # 59596

Released: 7th September

In 1989, 96 Liverpool football supporters died at the FA Cup semi final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield. With no mobile phones, the news emerged slowly from police briefings, with stories of Liverpool fans rioting. In fact a succession of policing mistakes had led to fans being crushed. The pattern of the subsequent cover-up is more familiar now. The Sun had ‘drunken Liverpool fans viciously attacked rescue workers as they tried to revive victims’ and ‘police officers, firemen and ambulance crew were punched, kicked and urinated upon’ – all from a briefing by the police officer in charge and a Tory MP to the Sun editor, and all untrue. It is impossible to separate Jimmy McGovern’s drama documentary from the real events. We follow three families through the day and through their subsequent attempts to find out what happened. Brilliantly acted, ruthlessly edited, the most heartrending performance is from Christopher Eccleston as Trevor Hicks, whose two teenage daughters were killed. AH

DVD Extras: 4 discs. UK / USA | 1960 | SPHE | 780 mins | Cert E | Item # 59553

Winston Churchill is now as much myth as historical figure. This exhaustive, 26 part series does a splendid job of explaining why. Made in 1961, when the old lion was still alive and his achievements loomed even larger in the popular imagination, it is an unabashed celebration of its subject: his prescient recognition of the Nazi menace, his stewardship of the war and his great gifts as a writer and orator. These last are demonstrated with readings by Richard Burton, who makes them as stirring as a Shakespearean soliloquy. Nor is Burton the only notable participant: the music is by Richard Rodgers and it was directed in part by John Schlesinger. Perhaps it was this pedigree that encouraged so many of the great and the good to appear and add their testimony. For many (Clement Atlee, for example) this was the only time they discussed Churchill on screen, making their contributions especially vauable. It is an epic tribute to one of this country’s greatest figures. BK

Buying Details

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

Our DVD Price:

RRP: £29.99 Save £3 (10%)

RRP: £15.99 Save £6 (38%)




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Television Sherlock Holmes: Complete

New Tricks: Series 5

Alun Armstrong, James Bolam, Dennis Waterman. Amanda Redman’s DS Pullman heads UCOS, the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad, cracking unsolved crimes. Her team are three ex-cops who opted for early retirement. In series five the team all face their demons and must pull together and support each other 3 discs; Behind the scenes. more than ever.

Jeremy Brett, Edward Hardwicke, Charles Gray. All 41 episodes from all four series of Sherlock Holmes, adapted from Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories. Features The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes and The Memoirs of Sherlock 41 discs. Holmes.

UK | 2008 | ACORN | 480 min | Cert 12 Item # 59382 | RRP £24.99 | Released 24th August

UK | 1984-94 | G-VEN | 2438 min | Cert 15 Item # 59406 | RRP £119.99 | Released 17th August

Our DVD Price: £17.99

Our DVD Price: £107.99

Stay Lucky: Series 1

Perry Mason: Season 2 Raymond Burr stars as the defense attorney who never lost a case. In every episode, Mason matches wits with his courtroom adversary D.A. Hamilton Burger. Every time, Mason – aided by devoted secretary Della Street and loyal private eye Paul Drake – uncovers evidence that clears his client of murder.

Dennis Waterman and Jan Francis star in this Yorkshire TV sitcom set onboard a houseboat, in which Waterman’s streetwise Cockney spars with Francis’s glamorous, headstrong Northerner. The complete first series.

UK | 1989 | NWORK | 150 min | Cert TBC Item # 59512 | RRP £14.99 | Released 7th September

8 discs.

Our DVD Price: £11.99

USA | 1958 | PARAH | Cert PG Item # 58819 | RRP £34.99 | Released 14th Sep

The Street: Series 3

Our DVD Price: £31.49

Scarf Jack

Christopher McMaster

Simon Cuff. Action and high adventure are the order of the day in this much-loved ITV children’s serial. Fleeing from strifetorn Ireland in 1798, the mysterious Captain Jack (Roy Boyd) is pursued across England by the vicious magistrate Hunter Gowan (Bernard Kay) and his hired thugs, upon whom he has sworn vengeance. UK | 1981 | SIMP | 144 min | Cert PG Item # 59618 | RRP £12.99 | Out Now

William Gaunt, John Barrie star in this popular but long-unseen detective series set in fog-shrouded Victorian London, which aimed to accurately portray the new methods of tracking down criminals by the use of scientific evidence. As a rival to Z Cars, it inevitably 4 discs. earned the nickname H Cabs! UK | 1964 | NWORK | 650 min | Cert TBC Item # 59510 | RRP £39.99 | Released 7th Sep

Our DVD Price: £35.99

Page 30

UK | 2009 | G-VEN | 360 min | Cert 15 Item # 59672 | RRP £15.99 | Released 24th Aug

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Taking the Flak

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Sergeant Cork: Series 1

The complete third series of the acclaimed drama from Jimmy McGovern in which six stories are told through neighbours living on the same street. Each story is unique and individual but linked by community, shared experience and an indomitable sense of humour. This series sees Timothy Spall return as Eddie and starring roles from Bob Hoskins, Frances Barber and 2 discs. Anna Friel among others.

Described as ‘a bit like Drop the Dead Donkey meets The Constant Gardener”, this BBC2 sitcom (filmed around Arusha in Tanzania) is set in a small wartorn African country. For local BBC stringer Harry Chambers it’s his big break – until the London newsroom despatches its own team of Martin Jarvis’s egotistical foreign editor, Doon Mackichan’s long suffering producer and irritably-bowelled 2 discs. Margaret from the World Service. UK | 2009 | 2ENT | Cert 15 Item # 59311 | RRP £19.99 | Released 17th Aug

Our DVD Price: £13.99

Tom Grattan’s War: Complete

All 26 episodes of the children’s adventure series following the exploits of a teenage boy living in the countryside during WWI. Evacuated to Yorkshire, Londoner Tom (Michael Howe) moves in with his rural relatives, and soon has a band of new friends to help him explore. It’s not long before trouble rears its head though, as Tom and his pals stumble across a German 4 discs. spy ring. UK | 1970 | NWORK | 650 min | Cert 12 Item # 59112 | RRP £39.99 | Released 13th July

Our DVD Price: £39.99

West Country Collection Two series in which actor John Nettles explores his roots. In West Country, the actor journeys through the landscape of the region and interviews the painters, actors and poets of the region, while Betjemans’ West Country explores the lives and landscapes that shaped 2 discs. Sir John Betjeman.

UK | 2009 | ACORN | 368 min | Cert E Item # 59347 | RRP £24.99 | Released 3rd August

Our DVD Price: £17.99

The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn

This fascinating ten-part documentary series tells the story of French millionaire Albert Kahn’s monumentally ambitious early 20th century project to create his own ‘Archives of the Planet’ – a colour photographic record of human life on Earth. The Great Depression brought an end to his project, but his collection remains 3 discs. a treasury of vivid, beautiful images. UK | 2007 | 2ENT | Cert 12 Item # 58984 | RRP £29.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £17.99 Save £12

The Wire (Seasons 1-5) Seasons 1 to 5 available individually or in a box set. Intelligently scripted, morally ambiguous and giving as much time to those who commit crimes as those who try to solve them, this is first-rate drama. Each season delves deeper into a different area of life in Baltimore.

USA | WHV | Cert 18 RRP £50.99 each / £125.99 / £6 | Out Now

Series 1-5: £17.99 each Box Set: £99.99

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September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

Also Released 2Point4 Children: Complete

Sex and the City: Series 1-6 USA | 1998-2004 | PARAH | 2500 min | 18 | # 59233 | RRP £99.99

Our DVD Price: £89.99

UK | 1991-98 | EUREK | 531 min | # 55768 | £29.99

Our DVD Price: £26.99

Agony: Complete Series 3

Spitting Image: Series 7 UK | 1987 | NWORK | 150 min | # 59276 | RRP £14.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

UK | 1981 | NWORK | 175 min | # 59267 | RRP £12.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Are You Being Served?: Series 8

Surgical Spirit: Series 3 UK | 1991 | NWORK | 175 min | # 59338 | RRP £12.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

UK | 1981 | 2ENT | 210 min | # 58961 | RRP £15.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Ashes to Ashes: Series 1 and 2 UK | 2009 | E1 | # 59286 | RRP £59.99

Our DVD Price: £53.99

The Complete Dear Ladies and Gala Evenings UK | 1983-84 | ACORN | 961 min | Cert U | # 59391 | RRP £59.99

Our DVD Price: £53.99

UK | E1 | # 59079 | RRP £59.99

The Streets of San Francisco: Season 2

Our DVD Price: £53.99

USA | PARAH | B&W | Cert 12 | # 58850 | RRP £34.99

Coast: Series 1-4 Damages: Season 2 USA | 2009 | COL-T | Cert 15 | # 59213 | RRP £34.99

Our DVD Price: £31.49

Dollhouse: Season 1 USA | FOX | Cert 15 | # 59692 | RRP £24.99

Our DVD Price: £22.49

Frasier: The Complete Seasons 1-11 USA | 2004 | PARAH | 5808 min | # 59251 | £149.99

Our DVD Price: £134.99

Hawaii Five-O: Season 6 USA | 1973-74 | PARAH | Cert 12 | # 58822 | £34.99

Our DVD Price: £31.49

Hotel Babylon: Series 4 UK | 2009 | 2ENT | # 58982 | RRP £15.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

I Dream of Jeannie: Complete Seasons 1-5 USA | COL-T | # 59305 | RRP £79.99

Our DVD Price: £71.99

Oh No, It’s Selwyn Froggitt: Series 2 UK | 1977 | NWORK | 175 min | # 59525 | RRP £12.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Seinfeld: The Complete Series USA | 1989-1998 | COL-T | 4140 min | Cert 15 | # 59310 | £149.99

Our DVD Price: £134.99

Our DVD Price: £31.49

The Untouchables: Season 2 USA | PARAH | Cert 12 | # 58855 | RRP £34.99

Our DVD Price: £31.49

Trial and Retribution: Collection 6 UK | 2008 | ACORN | 350 min | # 59366 | RRP £24.99

Our DVD Price: £22.49

Cast Offs UK | 2009 | 4DVD | # 59691 | RRP £19.99

Our DVD Price: £12.99

Guinea Pig Club Shel Piercy

Canada / UK | 2002 | ORACL | 47 min | Cert E | # 26916 | RRP £10.99

Public Eye Working out of his shabby office for 6 guineas a day plus expenses (or £6.30 a day after decimalisation), and compelled to take on almost any offer of work just to earn his living, down-at-heel ‘enquiry agent’ Frank Marker takes cases at the lower end of the scale – the divorces, missing persons (and dogs) and bankruptcies. Marker’s character was created to get away from the typically square-jawed Hollywood hero, and Alfred Burke took the role and made it his own, helping to create one of the most distinctive and highly-rated detective dramas on British television. The series ran from 1965-75. Originally produced by ABC TV, many of these earliest episodes were wiped (though Nobody Kills Santa Claus, from 1965, is available as an extra on the complete 1969 series). Fortunately, all of the episodes in the Thames TV series, running from 1969-75 are complete and available.

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Kavanagh QC: The Complete Collection

Public Eye 1969 Series

UK | 2001 | G-VEN | 2074 min | Cert 15 | # 59404 |

UK | 1969 | NWORK | 350 min | B&W | Cert PG | # 19567 |

RRP £99.99

RRP £39.99

Our DVD Price: £89.99

Our DVD Price: £15.99 Save £24!

Oz: Seasons 1-6

1971 Series

USA | 1997-2003 | PARAH | 2520 min | 18 | # 59193 | RRP £99.99

UK | 1971 | NWORK | 650 min | Cert 12 | # 23505 | RRP

Our DVD Price: £89.99


Rosamunde Pilcher: Four Seasons

1972-3 Series

UK | ACORN | 176 min | # 59360 | RRP £19.99

Our DVD Price: £13.99

Pardon the Expression: Series 2

Our DVD Price: £17.99 Save £22!

UK | 1972-73 | NWORK | 650 min | Cert 15 | # 57566 | RRP £29.99

Our DVD Price: £17.99 Save £12!

1975 Series UK | 1975 | NWORK | 650 min | Cert 12 | # 59195 | RRP

UK | 1966 | NWORK | B&W | PG | # 59272 | £34.99


Our DVD Price: £31.49

Our DVD Price: £22.99 Save £17!


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Contemporary Film English Language Films, 1970 – present Chino

New Releases

John Sturges Aka Valdez the Halfbreed. Charles Bronson stars in this brooding cowboy story as loner horsebreaker Chino Valdez, who forms an unlikely friendship with a 15 year-old runaway and takes up an illicit romance with his crooked partner’s beautiful daughter.

Angels and Demons Ron Howard

Stellan Skarsgård, Ewan McGregor. Mystery thriller based on Dan Brown’s bestseller. Tom Hanks reprises his role from The Da Vinci Code as Harvard symbologist and religious expert Robert Langdon, who is called to Rome to help decipher the mystery behind the Illuminati and prevent anti-matter making a mess of the Featurettes; The Full Story. Vatican. USA | 2009 | COL-T | 140 min | Cert 12 Item # 59579 | RRP £19.99 | Released 14th Sep

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray Price: £17.99

The Boat That Rocked Richard Curtis

Star-packed comedy set in the world of the pop music and pirate radio stations of 1960s Britain. Philip Seymour Hoffman stars as the DJ who takes the airwaves by storm via Radio Rock, a radio station operating from a boat in North Sea.

Colossus: The Forbin Project Joseph Sargent

Sci-fi thriller in which supercomputer Colossus holds the US to ransom when it demands to be linked up with a similar machine in Russia. The authorities have no choice but to agree and both countries watch in alram as Colossus gains access to their nuclear stockpiles.

Our DVD Price: £5.99

The Damned United

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray Price: £16.99

The Burning Plain Guillermo Arriaga

A multi-narrative drama, in writer/director Arriaga’s signature style (and previously seen in films such as 21 Grams and Babel), in which three women’s lives are linked by a tragic event in their shared pasts. Stars Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger. USA | 2008 | HIFLI | 107 min | 15 Item # 59184 | RRP £12.99 | Released 24th August

DVD Price: £9.99 Blu-ray Price: £12.99

Tom Hooper

Michael Sheen stars in this dramatisation, based on the novel by David Peace, of Brian Clough’s tempestuous 44-day stint as the coach of Leeds United. Screenwriter Peter Morgan (The Queen and Frost/Nixon) says, ‘It deals with themes I love ... alcoholism and self-destruction and psychotic male competitiveness and Making-of; Creating Clough; treachery.’ Football in the Seventies, Remembering Brian. UK | 2009 | COL-T | 98 min | Cert 15 Item # 59185 | RRP £19.99 | Released 31st August

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray Price: £16.99

Eagle in a Cage Fielder Cook

Butterfly Kiss

Billie Whitelaw, John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson. ‘War and women were his passions ... and no island fortress could cage his lust for power!’ Kenneth Haigh plays the little general in this dramatic portrayal of Napoleon’s last days, in exile on St. Helena, as a prisoner to the British.

M Winterbottom Michael Winterbottom’s controversial debut film is a quirky British take on the road movie, in which Amanda Plummer and Saskia Reeves give mesmerising performances as two very bad girls on the run in a partnership of crime and passion. UK | 1994 | 2ND | 85 min | Cert 18 Item # 59573 | RRP £15.99 | Released 7th September

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Our DVD Price: £5.99

USA | 1970 | IN2FI | 100 min | Cert 12 Item # 58611 | RRP £5.99 | Released 24th August

UK | 2009 | UPV | 135 min | Cert 15 Item # 59312 | RRP £19.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Italy / Spain / France | 1973 | VINT | 98 min | Cert 15 Item # 59461 | RRP £5.99 | Released 24th August

UK / Yugoslavia | 1972 | VINT | 98 min | Cert PG Item # 59319 | RRP £5.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £5.99

In the Loop Recommended Director: Armando Iannucci Starring: James Gandolfini, Steve Coogan, Peter Capaldi, Tom Hollander, Gina McKee Released: 24th August DVD Extras: Deleted Scenes; Audio commentary; Cast & Director Interviews; Webisodes. UK | 2009 | OPTIM | 106 mins | Cert 15 | Item # 59047

If The Thick of It reinvented Yes Minister for the New Labour era, then In the Loop is a post-Cold War Dr Strangelove, in which bland glass-walled offices replace the cavernous War Room and where decisions to go to war are made by career-nervous mandarins rather than gum-chewing generals. The big-screen version of Armando Iannucci’s hit political satire stars Tom Hollander as hapless Secretary of State Simon Foster, whose ambivalence to a new US/UK-led war lands him in some very hot transatlantic waters. On the other side of the pond, US doves see the timorous Foster as a potential antiwar ally – but they haven’t counted on Britain’s very own WMD, the PM’s ‘enforcer’, who arrives in hot pursuit with a payload of F-Bombs that would make Derek and Clive duck and cover. Even though the plot has (hopefully) lost some of its political relevance in the post-Bush era, this painfully funny British comedy has the kind of laughs – and the quality of swearing – that will outlast any administration. MW

Buying Details Our DVD Price:

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RRP: £17.99 Save £7 (39%)

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September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg Recommended

EXCLUSIVE! Director: Peter Medak Starring: Alan Bates, Janet Suzman, Peter Bowles, Joan Hickson, Sheila Gish, Murray Melvin Released: 7th September DVD Extras: TBC UK | 1972 | SPHE | 104 mins | Cert 15 | Item # 59555

Buying Details Our DVD Price:

£11.99 RRP: £12.99

B 55 Bonus Points If purchased for £11.99


See Also In the Land of the Deaf

Nicolas Philibert France | 1992 | 2RUN | 95 min | subt | | Cert E | # 23045 | RRP £12.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Bleak Moments Mike Leigh

UK | 1971 | SODA | 106 min | Cert PG | # 53861 | RRP £15.99

Our DVD Price: £14.99


Harold Pinter UK | 1973 | FHE | 124 min | Cert 15 | # 18464 | RRP £19.99

Our DVD Price: £15.99


xploring the very black humour a married couple (Alan Bates and Janet Suzman) employ to navigate the challenges of life with their severely disabled 10-year-old daughter, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg was controversial enough in those experimental, boundary-pushing days of the late sixties and early seventies (when, respectively, the play and film first appeared), let alone in the politically hypersensitive era of today. To a 2009 audience, parts of it may appear particularly tasteless. But, in dealing with how two people attempt to maintain their relationship when pushed to the limits of emotional tolerance — and in showing just how dark humour can be the sturdiest of crutches for those faced with a chronically desperate situation — Joe Egg is in fact one of the most tasteful and humanistic portrayals of the issues surrounding disability ever committed to celluloid. Bates and Suzman excel as Bri and Sheila, a teacher and his wife who, in wellrehearsed routines evoking the cross-talk style of vaudeville, have created a comic character for their mute and motionless daughter (the eponymous ‘Joe Egg’). But the cracks in their marriage become appar-

Defiant, unsentimental and heartbreakingly profound ent when their staid, conventional acquaintances (Peter Bowles and Sheila Gish) come to visit and witness their unorthodox approach to parenting. Not unlike George and Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? — albeit with the contentious child at the centre of their torment alltoo-visibly present — Bri and Sheila’s comic sparring begins to give way to something more painfully raw, as Bri confesses to harbouring plans to end his daughter’s life along with his own. Here, the genius of author Peter Nichols’ writing really comes to the fore: the case for euthanasia has rarely been as convincingly argued for — or argued against. Defiantly unsentimental yet heartbreakingly profound, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg never strays far from its theatrical origins, but it doesn’t need to. It stands tall as a sublimely filmed record of one of the most affecting tragicomic plays of post-war British theatre. Julian Upton


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Contemporary Feast

Hamlet 2

John Gulager

Andrew Fleming

Winner of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Project Greenlight reality show, which invited budding filmmakers to make submissions to their production company, this horror film sees barflies fall prey to man-munching monsters. Two sequels are already on their way.

Goofball comedy starring Steve Coogan as a failed actor turned high school drama teacher who attempts to salvage the school’s under-achieving, under-funded drama programme by staging one of his own works, a musical sequel to Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet.

USA | 2008 | OPTIM | 95 min | Cert 18 Item # 59215 | RRP £15.99 | Released 17th August

USA | 2008 | MOMET | 92 min | Cert 15 Item # 59257 | RRP £15.99 | Released 7th September

Our Blu-ray Price: £10.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel Gareth Carrivick

British sci-fi comedy following the adventures of three nerdy social outcasts (Chris O’Dowd, Marc Wootton and Dean Lennox Kelly), whose attempts to navigate a time-travel conundrum at their local leads them to discover a rift in the space-time continuum in the pub toilets. UK | 2009 | LGATE | 83 min | Cert 15 Item # 59252 | RRP £15.99 | Released 7th September

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Political drama based on a stage play by CP Taylor and set in Germany in the years leading up to WWII. Viggo Mortensen stars as a literary professor and essentially decent family man who becomes drawn into the ascent of national socialism after he writes a novel advocating compassionate euthanasia, a book seized upon by politicians looking for propaganda for their ideas.

Guyana Tragedy

William A. Graham Powers Boothe, Brad Dourif. Drama based upon the true story of self-proclaimed prophet Jim Jones, who led his 1000 strong commune – who had donated their entire life savings to him – to follow him into suicide when his activities came to the attention of the authorities. USA | 1980 | VINT | 192 min | Cert 15 Item # 59200 | RRP £5.99 | Released 31st August

Our DVD Price: £5.99

Page 34

Dale Launer

A scientist, fed up with being unlucky in love, visits Anne Bancroft’s gypsy Madame Ruth, who gives him a love potion which he decides to try out with his friend Diane (Sandra Bullock). The duo settle down to wait for the results – and find themselves on an amorous escapade which threatens to get out of control. USA | 1991 | ARROW | 90 min | Cert 12 Item # 59261 | RRP £12.99 | Released 13th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Same Time, Next Year

Mysterious Irish drama exploring teenage identity, in which 18-year-old Helen is asked to play a missing girl, Joy, in a reconstruction tracing her last known movements. Joy had everything that Helen longs for – a loving family, a boyfriend and a bright future – and over time, her obsession manifests itself as a desire to hijack Joy’s life.

Robert Mulligan

UK / Ireland | 2008 | NW | 79 min | Cert PG Item # 59201 | RRP £19.99 | Released 7th September

USA | 1979 | 119 min | Cert 15 Item # 58633 | RRP £5.99 | Released 24th August

Our DVD Price: £13.99

Our DVD Price: £5.99

John Crowley

Vicente Amorim

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Christine Molloy

Is Anybody There?


UK / Germany | 2008 | LGATE | 96 min | Cert 15 Item # 59198 | RRP £15.99 | Released 31st August


Love Potion No. 9

Drama depicting a friendship between lonely 10 year-old Edward, growing up in the inauspicious setting of the old people’s home run by his distracted parents, and Michael Caine’s irascible retired magician Clarence, who becomes part of Edward’s ongoing quest to untangle the mysteries of mortality. UK | 2008 | OPTIM | 94 min | Cert 12 Item # 59044 | RRP £17.99 | Released 14th Sep

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray Price: £15.99

Joseph Andrews Tony Richardson

Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn glow on screen as two people who find enduring love with each other despite being married to other people. A meeting at a California inn leads the seemingly mismatched pair into a 26-year-long affair in which they meet for just one weekend a year.

Sean Connery Collection John McTiernan

A triple bill of films starring Sean Connery: the Prohibition-era gangster drama The Untouchables (De Palma, 1987), the Cold War naval drama The Hunt for Red October (McTiernan, 1990) and finally, the military murder mystery The Presidio 3 discs. (Hyams, 1988). USA | 1990 | PARAH | 338 min | Cert 15 Item # 57792 | RRP £15.99 | Released 27th July

Our DVD Price: £11.99


Eran Creevy

Employed as a servant in the household of Sir Thomas Booby, Peter Firth’s pure-hearted Joseph is in love with housemaid Fanny Goodwill, but is plagued by the unwanted attentions of Ann-Margret’s copiously endowed Lady Booby, which become even more aggressive after her husband’s death.

British thriller chronicling 24 hours in the life of a London crack dealer. Riz Ahmed plays Shifty, a young Muslim earning a living as a drug runner. Then the sudden return home of his old school friend Chris sets in motion a chain of events that see his life spiral out of control as he tries to outrun and out-smart a rival dealer intent on setting him up.

UK | 1977 | OPTIM | 104 min | Cert 15 Item # 59049 | RRP £15.99 | Released 31st August

UK | 2008 | MET-D | 86 min | Cert 15 Item # 58726 | RRP £15.99 | Released 24th August

Our DVD Price: £10.99

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray Price: £12.74

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September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

Also Released on DVD Angels and Demons / The Da Vinci Code Ron Howard

USA | 2009 | COL-T | 289 min | Cert 12 | # 59580 | RRP £24.99

Our DVD Price: £22.49

Fifty Dead Men Walking Director: Kari Skogland Starring: Jim Sturgess, Ben Kingsley, Natalie Press, Rose McGowan, Tom Collins Released: 7th September UK / Canada | 2008 | MET-D | 117 mins | Cert 15 | Item # 58723

Modern cinema loves the figure of the informer: it makes for great drama and has provided plum roles for actors including Ray Liotta in GoodFellas, Johnny Depp in Donnie Brasco and Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed. The newest addition to that list is the up-and-coming Jim Sturgess in this dark tale based on real events. Sturgess is superb as Martin McGartland, a young man from west Belfast who was recruited by the British Police in the 1980s to infiltrate the IRA. Seemingly immune to fear, he struggles with his conscience as he rises up the ranks, feeds information to his British handler (Ben Kingsley, again proving himself a national treasure) and starts a family with his girlfriend (Natalie Press). Director Kari Skogland ratchets up the tension and lays out the human cost of working as a ‘tout’. Fifty Dead Men Walking (the title a reference to the lives saved by McGartland’s informing) is a gripping account of an episode from all-too-recent history. NR

Buying Details RRP: £15.99 Save £5 (31%)

Starring: Stephen Dillane, Rosamund Pike, Rade Serbedzija, Rachelle Lefevre Released: 31st August

Also on

Beverly Hills Cop Collection John Landis

USA | 1984-94 | PARAH | 300 min | 15 | # 58845 | RRP £15.99

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Crank 2: High Voltage Brian Taylor

USA | 2009 | LGATE | 95 min | Cert 18 | # 59013 |

DVD Extras: TBC

RRP £17.99

Canada / Greece | 2007 | SODA | 106 mins | Cert 15 | Item # 58912

DVD Extras: TBC.


Recommended Director: Jeremy Podeswa


Our DVD Price:

Fugitive Pieces

Jeremy Podeswa’s film of the Orange Prize-winning novel by Anne Michaels went under the radar on its theatrical release – a fate it doesn’t deserve. Similarly undetected at the beginning of the film is little Jakob Beer (Robbie Kay, a child actor surely going places), who watches from his hiding place while the Nazis kill his parents and drag away his sister. After being rescued and adopted by a Greek archaeologist working nearby (Rade Serbedzija, craggily paternal) the two of them emigrate to Canada, where the adult Jakob (a quietly intense Stephen Dillane) becomes a writer and risks isolating himself from those around him as he struggles with old ghosts. Writer/director Podeswa preserves the flashbacks of Michaels’ novel, unfolding the double narrative of Jakob’s past and present in scenes that switch constantly between darkness and light. In the end, a story ostensibly about the terrible legacy of the Holocaust becomes a universal tale about the burden of loss and a journey out of the shadows. NR

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


Our DVD Price: £12.99


Lamont Johnson USA | 1970 | VINT | 94 min | 15 | # 59055 | £5.99

Our DVD Price: £5.99

I Love You, Man John Hamburg

USA | 2009 | | 105 min | Cert 15 | # 58847 | RRP £19.99

Our DVD Price: £13.99

Kiss Me Again

William Tyler Smith USA | 2006 | SCANB | 94 min | 15 | # 59702 | £9.99

Our DVD Price: £7.99

Man in the Chair Michael Schroeder

USA | 2007 | HIFLI | 109 min | 15 | # 59189 | £15.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Race to Witch Mountain Andy Fickman

USA | 2009 | BUENA | 98 min | Cert PG | # 59626 | RRP £15.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

The Inner Life of Martin Frost Paul Auster

USA | 2007 | Axiom | 94 min | Cert TBC | # 59474 | RRP £15.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

The Naked Gun Collection David Zucker

USA | 1988-94 | PARAH | 242 min | Cert 15 | # 58844 | £15.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

The Sentinel Michael Winner

UK | 1977 | IN2FI | 92 min | 18 | # 58667 | RRP £5.99

Our DVD Price: £5.99

RRP: £15.99 Save £6 (38%)


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Contemporary Summer, the First Time Xavier

Troubled couple Ryan and Issy try to patch up their relationship with a makeor-break holiday in the Algarve, where Ryan chances upon gorgeous beach boy Pavel, who unleashes his long-suppressed desires. Then Pavel’s promiscuous lover gets added to the mix... USA | 1996 | PRIDE | 90 min | Cert 18 Item # 59688 | RRP £9.99 | Released 17th August

This Month in Blu-ray Rounding up all the Blu-rays from this month’s film catalogue in one place. All the Right Noises Gerry O’Hara

UK | 1969 | BFI | 87 min | 12 | # 59432 | RRP £22.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £14.99

Easy Rider

Dennis Hopper USA | 1969 | COL-T | 92 min | 18 | # 59315 | £19.99

Our DVD Price: £7.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

That Sinking Feeling


Bill Forsyth

A group of unemployed Glaswegians embark on a big heist – and end up stealing some sinks, which they then have trouble offloading! Made with amateur actors from the Glasgow Youth Theatre, this film, shot through with dry Scottish wit, was Bill Forsyth’s acclaimed debut. UK | 1979 | 2ENT | 87 min | Cert 12 Item # 59390 | RRP £15.99 | Released 14th Sep

Don Levy

UK | 1967 | BFI | 142 min | 15 | # 59435 | £22.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £14.99

Man of Violence Peter Walker

UK | 1969 | BFI | 104 min | 18 | # 59436 | £22.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £14.99

48 Hrs

Walter Hill USA | 1982 | PARAH | 92 min | 18 | # 58839 | RRP £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Angel Heart

This Is Spinal Tap Rob Reiner

A wonderfully written satire of the rock ‘n’ roll world, capturing the sights, sounds and smells of an English rock band on tour in America, and proving ‘that it’s a fine line between stupid and clever’. Comes in three flavours: DVD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray with a Limited edition fully working Marshall Amp (going up to 11 of course), that can be used as an iPod Remastered; Many extras. speaker. USA | 1984 | OPTIM | 83 min | Cert 15 Item # 59392 / £6 | Released 7th September

Angels and Demons Ron Howard

USA | 2009 | COL-T | 140 min | Cert 12 | # 59581 | RRP £24.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £17.99

Crank 2: High Voltage Brian Taylor

USA | 2009 | LGATE | 95 min | 18 | # 59016 | £24.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £17.99


Ridley Scott

Is Anybody There? Our Blu-ray Price: £17.99

Near Dark

Werner Herzog

USA / Germany | 1969-2007 | REV | Cert 12 | # 58838 | RRP £54.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £39.99 Save £15

Fifty Dead Men Walking Kari Skogland

UK / Canada | 2008 | MET-D | 117 min | Cert 15 | # 59056 | RRP £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £12.99 Save £7

In the Loop

Armando Iannucci RRP £24.99


Lawrence Kasdan USA | 1985 | COL-T | 128 min | PG | # 59054 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

The Boat That Rocked Richard Curtis

UK | 2009 | UPV | 135 min | 15 | # 59313 | RRP £24.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £17.99

The Burning Plain Guillermo Arriaga

USA | 2008 | HIFLI | 107 min | 15 | # 59363 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

The New World Terrence Malick

USA | 2005 | EV | 135 min | 12 | # 59019 | RRP £14.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £11.99

USA | 1987 | OPTIM | 90 min | Cert 18 | # 59086 |

This Is Spinal Tap (Marshall Amp Edition)

RRP £15.99

USA | 1984 | OPTIM | 83 min | 15 | # 59392 | £69.99

Kathryn Bigelow Our Blu-ray Price: £11.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £62.99


The Dark Crystal

UK | 2008 | MET-D | 86 min | 15 | # 59070 | £19.99

USA / UK | 1982 | 89 min |PG | # 59017 | £19.99

Eran Creevy

USA | 2008 | MOMET | 114 min | Cert 15 Item # 59062 | RRP £15.99 | Released 31st August

Encounters in the Natural World

Our Blu-ray Price: £15.99 Save £9

Our Blu-ray Price: £11.99

UK | 2008 | OPTIM | 94 min | 12 | # 59242 | £24.99

Don Cheadle’s Samir Horn is a former US army explosives expert and devout Muslim, linked to a string of international bombings. FBI agent Roy Clayton (Guy Pearce) is assigned to investigate. Can he capture Horn before he strikes again?

Our Blu-ray Price: £15.99 Save £9

UK | 2009 | OPTIM | 106 min | Cert 15 | # 59241

John Crowley

Jeffrey Nachmanoff

USA | 2007 | REV | 100 min | U | # 58820 | RRP £24.99

USA | 1987 | OPTIM | 109 min | 18 | 59076 | £15.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £17.99


Werner Herzog

Alan Parker

UK | 2000 | UPV | 148 min | 15 | 59595 | £24.99

DVD Price: £13.99 Blu-ray Price: £17.99 Blu-ray Marshal Amp Price: £62.99

Encounters at the End of the World

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Jim Henson

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray Price: £17.99

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September 09 MovieMail Newsletter

Luc Besson

New DVDs & Blu-Rays


This unofficial companion to The Big Blue is a powerfully hypnotic sensory experience. Hardly ever has underwater sea life been captured on camera with such cinematic verve. This is surreal, haunting, original cinema. USA | 1993 | OPTIM | 72 min | subt | Cert U Item # 59084 | RRP £15.99 | Released 14th Sep

DVD Price: £10.99 Blu-ray Price £17.99

The Big Blue

Jean-Marc Barr and Jean Reno play the divers locked into lifelong rivalry which culminates in a series of free-diving competitions. A unique and magnificent romantic adventure, filmed in stunning locations worldwide. France | 1988 | OPTIM | 114 min | Cert 15 Item # 59179 | RRP £15.99 | Released 14th Sep

DVD Price: £10.99 Blu-ray Price £17.99

The Last Battle

In a devastated civilization populated with savages, a man fights against brutality and isolation. In black and white, and almost entirely dialogue-free, Besson’s first film is a cult exploration of post-apocalyptic survival. France | 1983 | OPTIM | 90 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 59096 | RRP £15.99 | Released 14th Sep

DVD Price: £10.99 Blu-ray Price £17.99

Leon: Director’s Cut

Natalie Portman made her debut here as a young girl who teams up with her solitary neighbour Leon (Jean Reno), a professional assassin. This version adds 24 minutes, mainly about Mathilda and Leon’s ambiguous relationship. France | 1995 | OPTIM | 133 min | Cert 18 Item # 59066 | RRP £15.99 | Released 14th Sep

DVD Price: £10.99 Blu-ray Price £17.99

Image from Subway


Isabelle Adjani, Richard Bohringer. Christopher Lambert plays a thief who discovers a huge subculture existing under the Parisian streets. Besson mixes humour and action with consummate ease. France | 1985 | OPTIM | 98 min | subt | 15 Item # 59090 | RRP £15.99 | Released 14th Sep

DVD Price: £10.99 Blu-ray Price £17.99


Page 37

James Oliver’s From the Cheap Seats

The Female Gaze


Women bring new perspectives to cinema and we need more of their films framing of their shots and the way they cut reflect a compelling perspective on the world. We might, to customise a key term of feminist film theory, call it ‘the female gaze.’ This strikes me as one of the best arguments for supporting and fostering female directors: women bring different angles to their films. Recent movies like Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, Lexi Alexander’s Green Street and Julie Delpy’s Two Days in Paris reflect concerns not found in films directed by men. At a time when many of us think cinema is stuck in a holding pattern, new ways of seeing should not simply be encouraged but cherished. Let’s not pretend women automatically make great films. We should be in no doubt that if equality were achieved, ladies would churn out as much dross as the boys. It could be argued that the high quality of female

filmmaking is because only the truly exceptional are able to attract funding in a film culture that is at best indifferent and at worst openly hostile to women directors. At Cannes this year, Jane Campion exhorted women to ‘put on their coats of armour’ and make movies. Certainly, this is something of a banner year for female directors: Campion has her Keats biopic Bright Star, Andrea Arnold follows her outstanding debut – the Cannes Jury Prize winner Red Road – with Fish Tank and Kathryn Bigelow (who, let’s not forget, gave us both Near Dark and Strange Days) releases The Hurt Locker. We owe them our support. Not because they are women but because they are great filmmakers. We need many more like them.

Related Films Daisies Czech | 1966 | 2RUN | 76 mins | subt | 15 | Item # 57510 | RRP £12.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Celia Australia | 1988 | 2RUN | 98 mins | Cert 15 | Item # 57500 | RRP £12.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Image from Daisies

he bald facts run something like this: even after four decades of equal opportunities legislation, of recruitment drives and culture shifts, the movie business remains immune to the concept of gender parity. Of the many thousands of movies that get released each year, a mere seven percent are directed by women. Indeed, this very column functions as proof of the parlous state of female filmmaking: would I be writing about women directors if they weren’t rare enough to be worthy of comment? With that in mind, let’s move from the general to the specific. After all, my interest in this topic was prompted by two recent releases from that increasingly essential label Second Run. The first is Daisies, directed by Vera Chytilová. It’s a classic of the Czech New Wave and the subject of much critical pontification over the tears. But no matter how much you’ve read about it, it’s something else to see it in action – a plotless, oestrogendrenched riot in which two young women decide to turn the world upside down for 75 minutes. It is utterly ace. Ann Turner’s film Celia is ace too, albeit for different reasons. It’s most easily described as a coming-of-age tale but there’s so much more to it than that. There are fairy tale monsters and real life equivalents; there are also communists, rabbits and death. Most of all, there is Celia herself, one of the most remarkable children in the movies: a little girl with a highly developed imagination and some alarming tendencies. There are precious few points of comparison between the two (beyond their quality, of course) but here’s one: both have a way of seeing the world that is fresh and unfamiliar. The emphasis their directors give, the

Visit the Cheap Seats blog and join in on the discussion! Page 38

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New DVDs from Jacques Rivette Rare and valuable releases from Rivette’s little seen oeuvre including the UK premier of his two volume portrait of Joan of Arc, Jeanne La Pucelle: The Battles and The Prisons

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MovieMail September Film Catalogue  
MovieMail September Film Catalogue  

Sporting a delightfully unseasonal - but rather beautiful - image from Werner Herzog's latest film on the front cover, our latest film catal...