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NO Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal in a triumph of political positivity

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About MovieMail MovieMail Team Q. With NO, Lincoln and Oliver Stone’s The Untold History of the United States in our catalogue this month, our question asks for a favourite work of political cinema.

Dan Hunter Editor Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Conformist

Graeme Hobbs Writer

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Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera

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June 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

MovieMail News


his year has been notable for the heartening increase of releases of vintage – and especially vintage British – cinema on DVD and Blu-ray. This month sees a new label, Altitude, join the party, with a number of releases that you will see sprinkled through our classic section on pages 6-10, their titles running the range from 1930s horror to film noir, costume drama and ‘60s British sci-fi. It all looks very promising, especially when added to the number of classic films coming out from established labels such as Odeon, Renown and Network. The larger point is how the studios who produced these films in the first place (Sony excepted) show little or no


Film of the Month 5 NO

Classic Movies

World Cinema interest in now bringing them to the public, outside of a few titles that are reissued on a regular basis. Plaudits then to those who appreciate there is an audience for such films out here. As James mentions in his blog on page 30, they can often make for glorious rediscoveries. Enjoy your films

Rick Burin (John Ford’s Young Mr Lincoln) has a blog over at Alex Davidson (Alea & Tabío’s Strawberry and Chocolate) is a Web


Time of the Gypsies Beyond the Hills





Arne Dahl





Gay and Lesbian 28 Silent Film


Underground A. Pablo Larraín’s NO




(Peter Watkins’ Punishment Park) Michael Brooke is a freelance film writer. A prolific contributor to Sight & Sound, he has also written numerous booklet essays for Arrow, the BFI and Second Run. He produced the acclaimed Quay Brothers and Jan Švankmajer DVD collections for the BFI, and is currently working on a similar dream project.

Mike Bartlett (Gillo Pontecorvo’s Burn!) is a freelance writer on film and subtitler


Phantom Lady CFF Volume 3 Point Blank

Michael Brooke

Alexander Ballinger (Fernando Solanas’s El Viaje) wrote New Cinematographers and blogs on cinematography for MovieMail


Producer for the BFI Mike McCahill (Abbott & Achbar’s The Corporation) writes on film for The Sunday Telegraph and cinema for MovieMail James Oliver (Sidney Gilliat’s Left, Right and Centre) is a freelance film writer

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Julian Upton (Alan J Pakula’s All the President’s Men) wrote Offbeat

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Milo Wakelin (Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers) writes for Gay Times

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NO tells the true story of how a young advertising executive helped Chile free itself from Pinochet’s dictatorship. An intelligent, furtively humorous film in which ’80s-style cinematography blends seamlessly with real campaign footage. Item# 71756 Chile | 2012 | 118 | subt | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £13.99 Save £6

2 Lore

Shot in bold and striking style by Cate Shortland (Somersault), Lore is a deeply moving and meticulously realized story of survival in a country ravaged by war. Stranded with her younger siblings after their Nazi parents are imprisoned, Lore leads the remains of her family across war-torn Germany. Item# 71055 UK / Austria / Germany | 2012 | 109 | subt | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £11.99 Save £4

3 Lincoln

Steven Spielberg’s mighty, Oscar-winning biopic stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. The film focuses on one month in Lincoln’s life, which not only saw the ending of slavery but also victory in the American Civil War. Item# 71391 USA / India | 2012 | 144 | 12 | £19.99

DVD: £12.99 Save £7

4 Time of the Gypsies

A vivd, magical, powerful film from Emir Kusturica, in which a young gypsy with telekinetic powers is seduced by a world of petty crime. Grand, surreal, absorbing, fantastical – this is many films in one and cannot help but mark itself indelibly on the viewer. Item# 71474 Yugoslavia / Italy | 1988 | 136 | subt | 15 | £14.99

DVD: £13.99 Save £1

5 Cría Cuervos

8 Point Blank

6 Phantom Lady


DVD+Blu-ray: £13.99 Save £6

DVD: £8.99

7 Volume 2

Ealing Rarities DVD: £11.99 Save £3

DVD: £11.99

Les Misérables DVD: £12.99 Save £7

10 Lives at 21

The Murderer DVD: £12.99 Save £5

Reader Feedback Douglas Williamson got in touch to say thank you for the most recent catalogue, which he thought the best so far this year, not least for the Westerns sale which included some he had been waiting years for. Alan Bramley is the most recent of a number of people who have contacted us to enquire whether War and Remembrance – the sequel to Herman Wouk’s The Winds of War, is (or ever has been) available. Sadly not, although we keep looking out for it! Likewise, he asked about the Merchant-Ivory production, The Deceivers (with Pierce Brosnan and Saeed Jaffrey), adapted from John Masters’ novel. The DVD has been out of print for six years so is long overdue a reissue. Please email or send us a postcard.

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Names of the Month: Sabu, Marlon Brando, Lucy Gannon, Peter Hall

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June 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

MovieMail’s Film of the Month

NO Recommended Director: Pablo Larraín Starring: Gael García Bernal, Alfredo Castro Released: 17th June Extras: Behind the Scenes; Interviews and Q&As with Pablo Larraín and Gael García Bernal; Image Gallery. Item# 71756 | Chile | 2012 | NWORK | 118 | subt | Cert 15

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

£13.99 RRP: £19.99 Save £6

F B 65 Bonus Points If purchased for £13.99

See Also The Candidate Michael Ritchie

Item# 30316 USA | 1972 | PG | £12.99

Our DVD Price: £6.99

Mad Men: Seasons 1-5 Item# 69208 USA | 15 | £79.99

DVD:£52.99 Blu-ray: £66.99

Made in Chile: Two Films by Pablo Larraín

Item# 67263 Chile | subt | 18 | £19.99

Our DVD Price: £13.99

ollowing Tony Manero and Post Mortem – brilliant dramatisations of the toxic trickledown effects of General Pinochet’s Chile – No is director Pablo Larraín’s most celebratory feature yet, the heroes of which are the ad men chosen to run what was expected to be the losing ‘No’ campaign at the 1988 referendum to determine whether Pinochet would stay in office for eight more years. These were the underdogs from the off. Those expected to get out and vote, amid claims of widespread electoral corruption, were Pinochet’s die-hard supporters, and while much fuss was being made to international observers about both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns receiving an equal fifteen minutes on daily state television, the remaining hours of programming were the dictator’s personal fiefdom, to be occupied as he and his party wished. The task of uniting dissenting interests under the banner of a single word fell to René Saavedra (Gael García Bernal), whose initial pitches were disastrous. Gradually, however, he found his voice, and what makes No so compelling is the struggle it depicts between two men with


A remarkable film that celebrates positivity triumphing over Pinochet very different visions for Chile: a creative with the populist touch, pitted against a figurehead brandishing an iron fist. While Saavedra’s paymasters – including Larraín’s regular Pinochet-substitute Alfredo Castro as the ad agency’s conservative chief – wanted the same old male faces up on screen, Saavedra wanted women, music, dance, jokes – elements that would make a negative sound upbeat, full of promise and hope. This would set him against the police parked outside his house, ready to make him, his cameramen and performers disappear into the night. By the final-reel uprising, reality and fiction have merged to the point where the drama spills out of the frame as a stirring rebuke to present political cynicism. The No campaign made Chile a better place to live. This remarkable film commemorating it will make you a better viewer – and a better citizen too. Mike McCahill Page 5

Classic Movies English Language Films, 1930 - 1969

The Blood Beast Terror

New Releases The Beauty Jungle Val Guest

1960s British drama dealing in the darker side of the beauty business. Child star Janette Scott stars as the typist who wins a new career as a beauty queen, but soon finds herself lost in the beauty jungle after she gets an agent (Ian Hendry) and moves to London. UK | 1964 | SpiritStrawberry | 110 | Cert 12 Item# 70109 | RRP £12.99 | 3rd June

A British farce starring Ian Carmichael as a petty criminal who steals a briefcase full of counterfeit notes which he starts to spend in order to win the affections of a barmaid (Belinda Lee). Among the actors having fun are James Hayter, Kathleen Harrison and Robert Helpmann.

UK | 1937 | RENOWN | 80 | Cert PG Item# 71908 | RRP £12.99 | 17th June

UK | 1958 | SpiritStrawberry | 86 | Cert PG Item# 70110 | RRP £12.99 | 3rd June

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Death Goes to School / Night of the Prowler

The Black Cat

Stephen Clarkson / Francis Searle

Edgar G. Ulmer

The first and best pairing of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi in a film that is the nearest Hollywood got to German Expressionism. Lugosi plays a freed PoW seeking vengeance on the man whose betrayal led to his imprisonment – and who is now the leader of a satanic cult.

Arthur Lubin

A 1940 mixture of horror, science-fiction and gangster movie starring Boris Karloff as a surgeon who leaves his friend with the brain of a mobster after life-saving surgery. He learns of a secret stash, but will he get to it first? Bela Lugosi co-stars. USA | 1940 | ALT | 70 | Cert PG Item# 71876 | RRP £9.99 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Page 6

DVD: £9.99 Blu-ray Price: £18.99

1930s comedy about feuding Lancashire mill owners Sam and Bill (Stanley Holloway and Will Fyffe), who try to work together to secure a major American contract. Then Sam’s son (Jimmy Hanley) and Bill’s niece (Mary Lawson) become Digitally restored and romantically involved. remastered.

JP Carstairs

Black Friday

UK | 1968 | ODEON | 88 | Cert 12 Item# 71758 | RRP £12.99 | 24th June

Bernard Vorhaus

The Big Money

Our DVD Price: £8.99

A Tigon production with an inventive script from Hammer’s Peter Bryan (Plague of the Zombies), starring Robert Flemyng as an entomologist whose daughter happens to be a giant moth. They move to a quiet village where he begins work on an insect mate for her, but then the killings start. Peter Cushing investigates. Commentary; Interviews; Booklet.

Cotton Queen

Our DVD Price: £9.99

USA | 1934 | ALT | 65 | Cert 15 Item# 71880 | RRP £9.99 | Out Now

Vernon Sewell


Double bill of British crime thrillers. Gordon Jackson plays the detective investigating the murder of a teacher at a girls’ school in Death Goes to School (Clarkson, 1953), while John Horsley investigates the murder of a car racing company executive in Night of the Digitally restored and remastered.

UK | 1953-62 | RENOWN | 120 | Cert PG Item# 71897 | RRP £14.99 | 17th June

Our DVD Price: £11.99


Henry Koster Marlon Brando takes the role of Napoleon in this lavish fictionalised costume drama based on Annemarie Selinko’s novel about Désirée Clary (Jean Simmons), the Emperor’s first love. Merle Oberon plays Joséphine.

CFF Collection: Weird Adventures Recommended

Contains: The Monster of Highgate Ponds (1961, Calvalcanti), The Boy who Turned Yellow (Powell & Pressburger, 1972) and A Hitch in Time (Darnley-Smith, 1978). Released: 17th June Extras: Illustrated Booklet. Item# 70680 UK | 1961-78 | BFI | 162 | Cert U

Containing Powell & Pressburger’s final collaboration, a film from the erstwhile head of the GPO Film Unit, Alberto Cavalcanti, and an adventure featuring Doctor Who’s Time Lord number two, Patrick Troughton, as a bewhiskered inventor who sends two schoolchildren off on an unpredictable journey through British history in his imperfect time-travelling machine, the three films included on this latest Children’s Fim Foundation volume offer plenty of enjoyment for nostalgists and novices alike. The highlight though is the wonderfully improbable final collaboration between Powell and Pressburger, in which a boy who has suddenly and inexplicably turned yellow, skis on electric waves through his TV set to look for his pet mouse after meeting an alien dressed entirely in yellow and sporting a rotating amber beacon on his head. It’s completely batty, great fun, and was voted best children’s film by its intended audience – and who’s to argue with them? GH

Buying Details

USA | 1954 | ALT | 105 | Cert U Item# 70703 | RRP £9.99 | 10th June

Our DVD Price: £8.99

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Our DVD Price:


RRP: £19.99 Save £6

June 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Phantom Lady Recommended Director: Robert Siodmak Starring: Franchot Tone, Ella Raines, Regis Toomey, Alan Curtis, Elisha Cook Jr. Released: 27th May Item# 71852 | USA | 1944 | ALT | 86 | B&W | Cert PG

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

£8.99 RRP: £9.99 Save £1

‘M B 40 Bonus Points If purchased for £8.99

See Also Double Indemnity Billy Wilder

Item# 32714 USA | 1944 | 103 | B&W | U | £9.99

DVD: £5.99 Blu-ray: £11.99

The Spiral Staircase

Robert Siodmak

Item# 55230 USA | ‘45 | B&W | PG | £6.99

Our DVD Price: £5.99

The Woman in the Window Fritz Lang

Item# 56920 USA | 1944 | 95 | B&W | PG | £15.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

itchum was film noir,’ Martin Scorsese once said of a certain cobralidded leading man, but for other fans of the genre, the star has competition from a namesake: Robert Siodmak, the director who devoted most of the 1940s to making vividly-shot, expressionistic crime flicks. When they worked – like The Killers, Cry of the City and Criss Cross – they were simply extraordinary. And when they didn’t quite, they still had their compensations: like seeing Gene Kelly as a murderer and Deanna Durbin as a prostitute in the bizarre Christmas Holiday. Siodmak’s first excursion into the genre came in ‘44, the year that produced such cynical, shadow-drenched fare as Double Indemnity and Murder, My Sweet, and, at its best, Phantom Lady is a match for either, with two sequences as distinctive and arresting as noir ever produced. In the first, steely Ella Raines sits, unmoving, on a bar-stool, like some furious, one-person flashmob, as the world whirls around her. Then she starts to shadow her prey – a balding bartender – haunting him like his conscience, only for the tables to turn at a deserted railway station. The second is the film’s infamous ‘sex’ scene, in which


An atmospheric, nerveshredding noir from Robert Siodmak lascivious drummer Elisha Cook, Jr bashes out a jazz number in a dingy basement, with the most alarming look on his face. Raines is unequivocally fantastic as a secretary who sees her boss – and prospective partner – wind up on death row after he’s accused of strangling his wife and can only offer a flimsy alibi about a woman in a funny hat who’s disappeared into thin air. What follows is a crackling thriller: a sour, sweaty suspenser with all those Siodmak trademarks. There’s the stripping away of the heroine’s safety net that we see in The Spiral Staircase, the same seedy milieu as The Dark Corner, and that habit of drawing fine performances from overlooked actresses which enhanced the work of Durbin, Ava Gardner and the naturalistic leads of his astonishing debut, People on Sunday. Shot by Woody Bredell and replete with hard-boiled dialogue, it’s an atmospheric, nerve-shredding noir that offers still more proof of its director’s singular gifts. Now, who’s going to tell Scorsese? Rick Burin Page 7

Classic Movies Devil Girl from Mars David MacDonald

A British B-movie cult classic in which a vinylclad, raygun-toting dominatrix Martian (Patricia Laffan) on the hunt for Earthmen to repopulate her planet disturbs assorted guests at their supper in a remote Scottish inn. John Laurie plays the tippling landlord, and Hazel Court is one of the guests. UK | 1954 | NWORK | 76 | Cert U Item# 71038 | RRP £9.99 | 10th June

The Man Who Haunted Himself Basil Dearden

James Bond.

Roger Moore is the man whose existence is reshaped by malevolent forces after a car accident in this taut psychological thriller. Made post-Saint and pre-Persuaders, this is the film that showcased Moore’s big-screen charisma and led to him taking over the role of 2 discs; Commentary.

UK | 1970 | NWORK | 94 | Cert PG Item# 71014 | RRP £19.99 | 24th June

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Elizabeth Taylor: A Place in the Sun / Elephant Walk Dieterle / Stevens

Our DVD+Blu-ray Price: £13.99

The Quiet Man John Ford

A double-bill of Elizabeth Taylor, containing the six Oscar-winning romantic drama A Place in the Sun (Stevens, 1951) in which she stars opposite Montgomery Clift, and Elephant Walk (Dieterle, 1954), in which she plays the new bride of a tea plantation owner (Peter Finch) who falls for his 2 discs. overseer (Dana Andrews).

John Wayne plays the Irish-born American ex-boxer who returns to his home village and falls in love with the fiery Maureen O’Hara while incurring the wrath of her brother (Victor McLaglen). Mixing gentle lyricism with comic blarney, this is one of the screen’s most popular romances, with its charm added to by its wild Galway locations.

USA | 1954 | PARAH | 222 | Cert U Item# 71672 | RRP £12.99 | Out Now

USA | 1952 | PARAH | 129 | Cert U Item# 71649 | RRP £9.99 | 3rd June

Our DVD Price: £12.49

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Horrors of the Black Museum Arthur Crabtree

Michael Gough gives a gloriously overwrought performance in this notorious 1959 shocker in which a series of grisly, macabre and seemingly motiveless murders leaves Scotland Yard baffled. An interesting, and somewhat nastier, departure from the period politeness of Brand-new Hammer films of the time. transfer from original film elements. UK | 1959 | NWORK | 81 | Cert 15 Item# 71046 | RRP £9.99 | 24th June

Our DVD Price: £8.99

I Could Go On Singing

The Raven

Lew Landers Following the success of The Black Cat (see page 6) Karloff and Lugosi teamed up for this classic Universal horror. Lugosi gives his best as a brilliant but deranged surgeon whose obssession with a dancer sees him enlisting a criminal to help get rid of her father and fiancé. USA | 1935 | ALT | 59 | Cert 15 Item# 71881 | RRP £9.99 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Scream and Scream Again Gordon Hessler

In her final film role, Judy Garland plays a singer engaged in a bitter struggle to win custody of her son from her estranged husband (Dirk Judy Bogarde). Garland: Conquering the Lonely Stage.

In spite of its horror-bait title, this is actually an ambitious, fragmented 1969 conspiracy thriller / sci-fi movie, described as ‘one of the best sciencefiction films made in Britain’. Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are among the many familiar faces.

UK | 1963 | ACORN | 95 | Cert PG Item# 71863 | RRP £17.99 | 3rd June

UK | 1969 | ALT | 91 | Cert 18 Item# 71861 | RRP £9.99 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £12.99

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Ronald Neame

Page 8

Arabian Nights Recommended Director: John Rawlins Starring: Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Sabu, Leif Erickson, Billy Gilbert, Shemp Howard Released: 10th June Item# 70740 USA | 1942 | ALT | 86 | Cert PG

The first thing to do is ignore the title. This film owes less to the original 1001 Nights than it does to The Thief of Bagdad; in fact this is one of Hollywood’s very best homages to the classic British film from two years earlier, a sumptuous adventure set in a fantasy vision of the Middle East, complete with another turn by the ever-wonderful Sabu as an enthusiastic urchin. Here Sabu plays Ali, an acrobat who sees an assault on the Caliph of Baghdad (Jon Hall), who is in the process of being deposed by his brother. Sheltered by Ali’s theatre troupe, the rightful ruler falls for the beautiful dancer Scheherazade (Maria Montez). The trouble is, his brother has his eye on her too – and there are still others who want her dead (palace intrigue; long story). Oh, but it’s fun, offering the sort of blissful escapism that audiences deserved in 1942. It’s filled with bravado, high passions and saucy dancing. The studio system’s full resources are deployed to conjure the wonders of old Araby and it all looks as beautiful as only three-strip Technicolor can. Go on, treat yourself. JO

Buying Details Our DVD Price:

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RRP: £9.99 Save £1

June 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Point Blank Recommended Limited Stocks Director: John Boorman Starring: Lee Marvin, Angie Dickinson Released: Out Now Extras: Dutch release; English language menus, original English soundtrack, optional subtitles; Commentary with John Boorman and Steven Soderbergh; The Rock. Item# 71894 | USA | 1967 | par | 87 | Cert 18

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

£11.99 RRP: £12.99 Save £1

B 55 Bonus Points If purchased for £11.99

See Also Blow-Up

M Antonioni

Item# 17230 UK | 1966 | 106 | 15 | £12.99

Our DVD Price: £6.99


John Boorman

Item# 51220 USA | 1972 | 104 | 18 | £13.99

Our DVD Price: £7.99

The Hot Rock Peter Yates

Item# 70726 USA | 1972 | 97 | PG | £9.99

Our DVD Price: £8.99


oint Blank is much more than a classy adaptation of Donald Westlake’s pulp novel. It holds its own against Antonioni (in the composition of actors within architectural space and the complexity of its colour scheme and sound design) and Resnais, Renoir and Roeg (in its multi-narratives and flashbacks). But its longevity is also due to the powerhouse performance of the deeply troubled Lee Marvin, without whose wholehearted support the film would not exist in all its mesmeric glory. In fact, it’s difficult to think about Point Blank without conjuring up the iconic image of Marvin striding down a corridor, his brown brogues echoing relentlessly as he seeks retribution throughout a modernist Los Angeles. Marvin is simply known as Walker and some poor soul owes him $93,000 and somebody’s got to pay. Walker is furious, his best friend Reese (John Vernon) has double crossed him in a heist, nabbed his wife (Sharon Acker), and then shot and left him for dead in a rancid Alcatraz cell. Somehow (there’s much critical conjecture as to whether Point Blank is Walker’s last fractured thoughts and wish fulfilment) he escapes Alcatraz and tracks down Reese and a trio of


An essential arthouse thriller that recalls Antonioni and Roeg shadowy figures who help run what’s known as ‘The Organization’. Walker’s quest for his money leads him into a memorable series of encounters that generally don’t turn out too well for those he meets. First off, it’s his washed-out soon to be ex-wife, then a slimy used car salesman (with the name of Big John) who really regrets accompanying him on a test drive. With the help of his sister-in-law (a sultry Angie Dickinson) who’s also been bedding Reese and has a half-an-eye on Walker (their ferocious foreplay makes for some pretty insalubrious viewing), he inveigles his way into his nemesis’s closely guarded penthouse. Some more meetings with a couple of Organization bigwigs, a few corpses later and Walker is back where he started, waiting in the darkness for another cash drop-off in Alcatraz.  When Marvin died his widow asked Boorman if he wanted anything to keep to remember his friend by? He chose those big brown brogues. Alexander Ballinger Page 9

Classic Movies The Velvet Touch

Spider Baby

Jack Gage

Jack Hill

The first solo feature by Jack Hill (dubbed ‘the Howard Hawks of exploitation filmmaking’ by Tarantino), this twisted movie stars Lon Chaney Jr as a guardian to three murderous childlike 2 discs; adults. Commentary by Jack Hill and Sid Haig; Interviews: The Cinema Sounds of Ronald Stein; The Host (Hill, 1960); Booklet. USA | 1968 | ARROW | 81 | Cert 18 Item# 70694 | RRP £19.99 | 24th June

USA | 1948 | ODEON | 96 | Cert PG Item# 69253 | RRP £12.99 | 3rd June

Our DVD+Blu-ray Price: £13.99

William A. Wellman

Featuring an early appearance by Jack Nicholson, this documentary-like film depicts the brutal gang warfare between Al Capone and Bugs Moran that led to the notorious gangland killings of 1929. Jason Robards stars as Al Capone, a gangster consolidating his grip on Chicago’s underworld, with only the Moran gang standing in his way. USA | 1967 | ALT | 96 | Cert 15 Item# 71855 | RRP £9.99 | Out Now

Michael Winner

Sidney Lanfield

With its razor sharp script, this western is really a tough film noir that just happens to be set in the Old West, where someone is raiding gold shipments. Everything seems to point to the beautiful local heiress Charlie (Jane Greer) and her right hand man. Then a mysterious stranger (Dick Powell) rides into town and starts asking too many questions...

The Terror

Richard Bird Adapted from a play by Edgar Wallace, The Terror stars Wilfrid Lawson and Bernard Lee in a tale of underworld intrigue with a ghostly twist. Superb casting and lively dialogue showcase Wallace’s trademark wry humour. UK | 1938 | NWORK | 73 | Cert PG Item# 71006 | RRP £9.99 | 10th June

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Page 10

USA | 1949 | ODEON | 98 | Cert PG Item# 71746 | RRP £12.99 | 24th June

Classic psychological film noir which gave Olivia de Havilland a meaty dual role as identitcal twin sisters – one a polite girl-nextdoor, the other an icy manipulator – suspected of murder. Item# 67538 USA | 1946 | 85 | £12.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £4

Cobra Woman A riotously camp Technicolor cult classic set in the South Seas. Maria Montez stars as twin sisters separated at birth. Item# 64516 USA | 1944 | 67 | PG | £12.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £7

You Must Be Joking!

Station West

Our DVD Price: £9.99

A classic western starring Gregory Peck as James ‘Stretch’ Dawson, the leader of a gang of outlaws who stumble across a ghost town in the desert, where an old prospector and his daughter (a feisty Anne Baxter) work a gold mine. The gang plans a robbery, but Stretch falls for the granddaughter, pitting him against them.

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Director of more quality noirs than anyone else and supreme visual stylist, Siodmak was a master of the genre.

Robert Siodmak

Yellow Sky

Roger Corman

Robert Siodmak Sale

The Dark Mirror

Our DVD Price: £9.99

The St Valentine’s Day Massacre

USA | 1948 | ODEON | 80 | Cert PG Item# 69256 | RRP £12.99 | 3rd June

A 1948 thriller starring Sydney Greenstreet as the poice captain investigating a brutal murder in the world of theatre. Actress Valerie Stanton (Rosalind Russell) and her producer Gordon Dunning (Leon Ames) are the toast of Broadway, with a host of hit shows behind them. They are also secret lovers. Now, Valerie wants to work with someone new...


Terry-Thomas stars as an eccentric psychiatrist who oversees a 48-hour army initiative test in which a motley group of soldiers are ordered to find, amongst other things, a rare breed of rose, an electric rabbit and a set of plaster ducks. The many familiar faces include James Robertson Justice, Bernard Cribbins, Lionel Jeffries and Denholm Elliott. UK | 1965 | SONY | 102 | Cert U Item# 71542 | RRP £12.99 | Out Now

The Crimson Pirate Burt Lancaster, Nick Cravat. Swashbuckling exuberance abounds in this affectionate celebration of pirate pictures. Item# 53671 USA | 1952 | 105 | U | £9.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

The Killers Siodmak adds plenty of original material to Hemingway’s tale of a boxer (Burt Lancaster) waiting resignedly in a hotel room for two hit-men. Item# 32362 / USA | 1946 | 105 | B&W | PG | £9.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

Our DVD Price: £12.99

Son of Dracula

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A certain ‘Count Alucard’ relocates from Budapest to the American Deep South in this stylish Universal horror starring Lon Chaney Jr.

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DVD: £6.99 Save £3

Item# 54008 USA | 1943 | 79 | B&W | PG | £9.99

The Spiral Staircase A chilling Gothic thriller, filled with suspense and dread, in which a mute servant girl is threatened by an unknown member of her household. Item# 55230 USA | 1945 | 81 | B&W | PG | £6.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £1

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June 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Powell & Pressburger Film Sale

Celebrate one of cinema’s finest partnerships. With their final film released this month (page 6), we present a sale of established classics from the ‘The Archers’ writer-director-producer collaboration.

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (Restored)

The Powell and Pressburger Collection

One of Powell and Pressburger’s greatest achievements, portraying the life of a stuffy British soldier (Roger Livesey), from the Boer War to the Blitz.

Eleven films: Narcissus, Blimp, AMOLAD, Red Shoes, 49th Parallel, Hoffmann, They’re a Weird Mob, Canterbury Tale, I Know..., Ill Met, River Plate. 11 discs.

Item# 68751 / 69809 UK | 1943 | 157 | U | £15.99

Item# 30839 UK | 1943-66 | 1239 | PG | £59.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £6 Blu-ray: £11.99

DVD: £26.99 Save £33

Age of Consent

A Matter of Life and Death

Item# 56129 Australia | 1968 | 95 | 12 | £9.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

USA | 1959 | ALT | 116 | Cert 12 Item# 70713 | RRP £9.99 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £8.99

The Hot Rock Peter Yates

Robert Redford and George Segal star in this crime caper from the director of Bullitt in which a team of criminals can’t hold on to the diamond they have stolen, and have to steal it again, and again, and again... USA | 1972 | ALT | 97 | Cert U Item# 70726 | RRP £9.99 | 3rd June

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Item# 3080 UK | 1946 | 103 | U | £19.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £14

Peeping Tom

The Himalayas work their mysterious magic on a group of Anglican nuns in this Technicolor wonder, shot entirely at Pinewood, amazingly.

Michael Powell’s controversial, disturbing masterpiece about a voyeuristic, murderous focus puller outraged many. Far ahead of its time.

Item# 23880 UK | 1947 | 101 | PG | £19.99

Item# 66425 / 63357 UK | 1960 | 101 | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £11

DVD: £8.99 Save £7 Blu-ray: £13.99

The Edge of the World

The Red Shoes (Restored)

A moving drama about the evacuation of St Kilda, where new trawler fleets collide with old island ways.

One of the great films about creative passion. Moira Shearer stars as the dancer torn between loves.

Item# 15231 / 62358 UK | 1937 | 74 | U | £19.99

Item# 58828 / 60301 UK | 1948 | 153 | U | £15.99

DVD: £11.99 Blu-ray: £11.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £7 Blu-ray: £12.99

I Know Where I’m Going

The Small Back Room

Item# 14056 UK | 1945 | 90 | B&W | U | £9.99

Adapted from Tennessee Williams’ play ‘Orpheus Descending’, Sidney Lumet’s drama stars Marlon Brando as guitarplaying drifter Valentine ‘Snakeskin’ Xavier, whose involvement with the married owner of a small town five-and-dime leads to tragedy.

Dir: Powell & Pressburger. David Niven’s airman debates his right to live in a heavenly courtroom.

Black Narcissus

One of Powell & Pressburger’s most delightful films – a lyrical appeal for tradition and simplicity in life and love.

Sidney Lumet

This superbly crafted low-key war movie sees David Farrar play the backroom boffin doing battle with whisky and booby-trapped bombs.

Poster and still from The Fugitive Kind

Dir: Michael Powell. James Mason plays the painter on a gorgeous Australian island; the nubile Helen Mirren his willing model.

The Fugitive Kind

Item# 57885 UK | 1949 | 107 | B&W | PG | £15.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

DVD: £9.99 Save £6

Ill Met by Moonlight

The Spy in Black

The Archers’ final film is set in Nazioccupied Crete, where British officers and local patriots try to kidnap the German commander-in-chief.

An atmospheric spy thriller in which a German spy (Conrad Veidt) seeks to destroy a large number of the British fleet during WWI.

Item# 17918 UK | 1957 | 100 | PG | £9.99

Item# 67234 UK | 1939 | 78 | B&W | U | £12.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

DVD: £7.99 Save £5


Page 11

World Cinema Films in a Foreign Language

The Fourth State

New Releases Accused

Jacob Thuesen Echoing themes seen in the recent Danish hit The Hunt, this gripping drama – starring Sofie Gråbøl and Søren Malling from The Killing – sees a family’s life torn apart when their 14 year-old daughter, a compulsive liar, claims her father sexually abused her. Denmark | 2005 | Arrow E1 | 101 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 71622 | RRP £12.99 | 17th June

Dennis Gansel

A sharp political thriller from Dennis Gansel (Before the Fall) in which, Moritz Bleibtreu’s journalist, who heads to Moscow to bring fresh impetus to a Russian tabloid magazine, is persuaded to run a politically motivated obituary by a beautiful Russian activist – an act that soon finds him on the run in the Russian metropolis.


Germany | 2012 | Koch | 115 | Cert 15 Item# 70577 / 70578 | RRP £15.99 | 17th June

Director: Cristian Mungiu

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray: £15.49

Starring: Cosmina Stratan, Cristina Flutur

Here, Then

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Beyond the Hills

Released: 10th June

Mao Mao

Item# 71444 Romania | 2012 | A-E | 152 | subt | Cert 12

The two-part sequel to Burnt by the Sun (1994) which picks up the story of General Kotov in 1941, with Russia under threat 2 of German invasion. discs; NB: Exodus and Citadel are available individually at £9.99 each.

An alluringly enigmatic portrayal of the alienation, disillusionment and loss of direction among young people in China. Filmed in elegant long takes, the film interweaves the lives of several rootless people – a reindeer herder, a restaurant worker in Shanghai and a Chinese student in Paris – who are linked by chance, sexual obsessions and the loss of a mobile phone.

Rus | 2010-11 | Ar | 300 | subt | 15 Item# 72152 | RRP £19.99 | 1st July

China | 2012 | 2RUN | 86 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 71991 | RRP £12.99 | 24th June

The cloistered heroines of Cristian Mungiu’s restrained and quietly compelling latest drama form a rhyming couple with the girls seeking an illegal abortion in his earlier film, 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days. These are teenage friends who, while growing up in an orphanage, became lovers, then went their separate ways. The younger, quieter Voichita sought further sanctuary as a nun in a retreat high on a hill way out in the countryside, where superstition still prevails. It’s here that the bolshier Alina arrives, newly worldly from a spell overseas, with the intention of rekindling their relationship. Alina’s first night at the convent will end with her having to be physically restrained, but everybody is being held back here – at least until the frantic final hour, wherein Mungiu’s camera suddenly becomes as unmoored as his characters, and the conformism the film has isolated gives way to something more compelling yet: a procedural-like vision of hell breaking loose. The laws of God are eventually trumped by the laws of Man; it’s Mungiu’s very skilful means of returning us all to reality. MM

Burnt by the Sun 2: Exodus & Citadel Nikita Mikhalkov

DVD Price: £13.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99



Peter Lindmark Swedish action thriller starring Mads Mikkelsen as a businessman suspected of murdering his partner just before the sale of their firm. Escaping custody when he learns his family are being held hostage, he enlists the help of his his cousin (Alexander Skarsgård), to

Muzaffer Özdemir

to try and save them.

The poetic first feature by Muzaffer Özdemir, best known for his role in Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Uzak, this is a beautifully composed meditation on memories and a changing world which sees a neurotic architect revisiting the countryside of his childhood, where his search for the familiar is an elusive one.

Sweden | 2006 | Arrow E1 | 100 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 71875 | RRP £12.99 | 1st July

Turkey | 2011 | DRAKE | 77 | subt | Cert 12 Item# 71631 | RRP £15.99 | 24th June

Our DVD Price: £9.99

For Love’s Sake Takashi Miike

The prolific and ever unpredictable Takashi Miike turns his genrebending hand to a Bollywood-style love story with this delirious musical based on Kajiwara Ikki’s 1970s manga series. Jap | 2012 | 3W | 133 | subt | 15 Item# 71447 / 71450 | RRP £14.99 | 10th June

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £14.99

Page 12

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Love is Not a Game Gunnar Höglund

1970s Swedish drama starring Christina Schollin and Johnny Nash as lovers struggling for acceptance in a racist society. Soundtrack CD with music by Bob Marley and Johnny Nash. Swe | 1971 | REV | 97 | subt | 18 Item# 71648 | RRP £15.99 | 24th June

Buying Details Our DVD Price: £11.99 RRP: £15.99 Save £4

Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

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RRP: £17.99 Save £4

June 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Time of the Gypsies Recommended

Exclusive Director: Emir Kusturica Starring: Davor Dujmovic Released: 27th May Item# 71474 | Yugoslavia / Italy | 1988 | SONY | 136 | subt | Cert 15

Buying Details

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£13.99 RRP: £14.99 Save £1

W B 65 Bonus Points If purchased for £13.99

See Also Black Cat, White Cat

Emir Kusturica

Item# 28448 Yugoslavia | 1998 | 124 | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our DVD Price: £6.99

Transylvania Tony Gatlif

Item# 70161 France | 2006 | 103 | subt | 15 | £9.99

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Underground Emir Kusturica

Item# 30048 Hungary | 1995 | 160 | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our DVD Price: £6.99

ith a Cannes Palme d’Or already under his belt for When Father was Away on Business (1985), Emir Kusturica was hardly an unknown when he made his third feature, but Time of the Gypsies became (and remains) his most popular and characteristic film, a favourite on the UK repertory cinema circuit that has been bafflingly hard to get hold of on video until now. Perhan (Davor Dujmovic) is a slightly goofy teenager with no discernible talent aside from a mild telekinetic ability that he allegedly inherited from his grandmother. Unable to marry his girlfriend, Azra, because her mother believes him to be a worthless and illegitimate good-for-nothing, he instead goes to Italy to look after his sister, who needs an operation that is allegedly going to be subsidised by Ahmed, the so-called ‘Gypsy sheikh’. Those of us who first clock Ahmed with less innocent eyes than Perhan’s will correctly predict that things will turn out very differently and, during the course of his increasingly picaresque adventures, the previously scrupulously honest Perhan discovers that he has quite a talent for stealing, general criminality and keeping one step ahead of a deeply unsympathetic


Thrilling cinema from Kusturica with moments of breathtaking beauty Italian police force. But when he manages to get home, will Azra still be there for him?  Bosnia’s Roma community (whose inhabitants speak their own language, only occasionally dipping into Serbo-Croat or Italian) is portrayed so vividly that one could almost believe that the film is an ethnographic documentary, were it not for plenty of familiar Kusturica elements along the way – constant invasions by geese, turkeys and other farmyard animals, moments of quite breathtaking beauty (witness the torchlit riverside ritual scored to Goran Bregovic’s massed-choir arrangement of the ancient folksong ‘Ederlezi’), regular injections of magical realism and scabrous satire (a reaction to a suicide attempt is a dismissive ‘only politicians should be hanging themselves! Get down this minute!’), and a pervasive joie de vivre for which the term ‘boisterous’ seems pitifully inadequate. This is thrilling, often heartbreaking cinema, and Kusturica has never really managed to top it since. Michael Brooke Page 13

Beyond the Hills

World Cinema Neighbouring Sounds Kleber Mendonça Filho

A reflection on history, violence and noise, this lively Brazilian drama is centred around the residents of a middleclass neighbourhood in Brazil’s socially divided city of Recife, where the arrival of a private security firm only increases tension in the community. Brazil | 2012 | ART-E | 131 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 71833 | RRP £15.99 | 24th June

Recommended Exclusive

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Director: Isidor Annensky

The Parade

Starring: Alla Larionova, Vladimir Vladislavsky

Srdjan Dragojevic

Released: Out Now

The links between enemies and allies are entertainingly intertwined in this Serbian comedy in which a homophobic, middle-aged gangster makes a deal to protect the participants of a Gay pride parade in order to win his girlfriend back.

Extras: Russian import; Film plays in Russian language with optional English subtitles; English language menus. Item# 70779 Russia | 1954 | Ruscico | subt |

Serbia / Slovenia / Croatia | 2011 | MATCH | 110 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 71242 | RRP £15.99 | 24th June

Our DVD Price: £11.99

State Affairs Eric Valette

An action-packed, suspenseful French political thriller in which a corrupt politician (André Dussolier), his henchman (Thierry Frémont) and a female police officer, Nora (Rachida Brakni) – cross paths, with Nora’s investigations taking her dangerously close to powers at the heart of state. France | 2009 | Arrow E1 | 99 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 71826 | RRP £12.99 | 17th June

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Blu-rays Django, Prepare a Coffin Ferdinando Baldi

Item# 72025 Italy | 1968 | 88 | 18 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Kuroneko (MoC) Kaneto Shindo

Item# 71809 95 | subt | B&W | 15 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

The Naked Island (MoC) Kaneto Shindo

Item# 71810 93 | subt | B&W | U | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Page 16

The Anna Cross

‘A woman’s heart is more fearful than a pistol’, observes a guest at the lavish royal ball that marks the turning point of this Sovcolor adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s 1895 short story ‘Anna on the Neck’. He’s not wrong: by the end of the film the protagonist Anna (Alla Larionova) is unrecognisable from the downtrodden waif at the start – and not in a good way.  Despite the Tsarist Russia setting and numerous lavish set-pieces (the film was made to mark the halfcentury of Chekhov’s death, and it’s clear that little expense was spared), it’s easy to see why this subject appealed to Soviet filmmakers: the notion that money is the root of all evil is conveyed with devastating effect, beginning with an arranged, utterly loveless marriage between 18 year-old Anna and 52 year-old Modeste Alexeyevich, a physically unprepossessing skinflint.  But what if his strictures on wealth don’t derive from finger-wagging moralism but from a genuine fear of its power to change lives, and not necessarily for the better? MB

The Complete (Existing) Films of Sadao Yamanaka Recommended

Contains: Sazen Tange: The Million Ryô Pot (1935), Kôchiyama Sôshun (1936) and Humanity and Paper Balloons (1937) Released: Out Now Extras: 2 discs; New digital transfers; Fragments of other lost Yamanaka films; Lengthy booklet. Item# 70327 Japan | 1935-37 | EKA | 260 | B&W | Cert PG

This set collects together the three surviving films of a director who in Japan enjoys a similar reputation to that of Jean Vigo in the West. Like Vigo, he died young, at the age of 29, and was also a subversive figure, capable of delivering his progressive ideas in the form of fun, witty, often boisterous jidaigeki, or period films. In The Million Ryô Pot, Yamanaka drops a popular samurai hero of the time – the one-armed, one-eyed Sazen Tange – into a light-hearted treasure hunt. In Kôchiyama Sôshun, a stolen knife is a McGuffin through which Yamanaka explores the various layers of Edo society. The jewel in the crown of this set though is Humanity and Paper Balloons, a sprawling, Altman-esque portrait of a workingclass suburb in which a penniless samurai and a wily thief find common cause against the ruling elite.  All three films bristle with rich and complex characterisations, and the world of pre-20th century Japan is vividly realised. MBa

Buying Details

Buying Details

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Our DVD Price:

RRP: £16.99 Save £2

RRP: £24.99 Save £7


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Superb World Cinema 3 for £25 Grow your library with the best in world cinema. For the first time, we present a multi-buy deal from one of the UK’s most respected DVD publishers – choose any 3 DVDs (they’re all great) and pay just £25.

Valerie and her Week of Wonders


The Round-Up

István Szabó

Miklós Jancsó

A haunting and profoundly moving drama about love, trust, loyalty and betrayal under exceptional circumstances, in which two members of the Resistance pose as husband and wife in WWII.

A true masterwork of world cinema in which Austrian soldiers round up Hungarian partisans on the plains. The formal, distanced beauty of the film’s choreography make this an astounding work of art.

Jaromil Jireš

Item# 67986 Hungary | 1980 | 101 | subt | 15 | £12.99

Item# 52606 Hungary | 1965 | 87 | subt | B&W | 15 | £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

Item# 55334 Czechoslovakia | 1970 | 73 | subt | 15 | £12.99

Another Way


Marketa Lazarová

Dir: Károly Makk. A tender and tragic love story of two women, set against the backdrop of the fall-out from the 1956 Hungarian uprising.

Dir: Vera Chytilová. A satirical, wild and playfully irreverent story of teenage female rebellion against a degenerate, oppressive society.

Dir: František Vlácil. Set in the 13th century, this ambitious and multilayered epic is a stunning work of cinema. Voted best Czech film.

Item# 23068 Hungary | 1982 | 103 | subt | 18 | £12.99

Item# 57510 Czech Republic | 1966 | 76 | subt | 15 | £12.99

Item# 32128 Czechoslovakia | 1967 | 173 | subt | 15 | £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

Blissfully Yours

Diamonds of the Night

Mother Joan of the Angels

Dir: Jan Nemec. Two teenage Jewish boys escape from a train bound for a Nazi death camp in this thrilling film.

Dir: Jerzy Kawalerowicz. A striking Cannes-winning film about faith and possession in 17th century France.

Item# 61181 Czech | 1964 | 64 | subt | B&W | 12 | £12.99

Item# 68398 Poland | 1961 | 102 | subt | B&W | PG | £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

A Blonde in Love

The Ear

My Way Home

Dir: Miloš Forman. A tender and beautifully observed story about the impossible odds of young romance in Communist Czechoslovakia.

Dir: Karel Kachyna. A study in oppression and paranoia in which a couple begin to crack in their bugged house. Immediately banned.

Dir: Miklós Jancsó. A wonderfully lyrical film in which a young boy attempts to return home in the final days of WWII.

Item# 63133 Czech | 1965 | 80 | subt | B&W | 15 | £12.99

Item# 24216 Czech Republic | 1969 | 91 | subt | 12 | £12.99

Item# 32127 Hungary | 1965 | 108 | subt | PG | £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

Casa de Lava

Innocent Sorcerers

Dir: Pedro Costa. A poetic, esoteric film homage to Tourneur’s I Walked with a Zombie, set on the island of Cape Verde.

Dir: Andrzej Wajda. A provocative chronicle of youth in late 1950s Poland that brilliantly captures the post-Stalin thaw.

Our Beloved Month of August

Item# 62876 Portugal | 1994 | 110 | subt | 15 | £12.99

Item# 68874 Poland | 1960 | 84 | subt | B&W | 12 | £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

The Cremator

Knights of the Teutonic Order

Item# 27827 Thailand | 2002 | 122 | subt | 18 | £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

Dir: Juraj Herz. A ‘surrealist-inspired horror’ about an ambitious cremator who, through his work, becomes important to the occupying Nazis. Item# 27849 Czech | 1968 | 95 | subt | B&W | 15 | £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

Dir: Aleksander Ford. An epic medieval Polish saga with some tremendous battle scenes. Item# 29128 Poland | 1960 | 165 | PG | £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

Dir: Miguel Gomes. A kaleidoscopic docu-drama, set in a summer music festival in central Portugal. Item# 66042 Portugal / France | 2008 | 147 | subt | 0 | £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

Szindbád Dir: Zoltán Huszárik. One of the great masterpieces of international cinema, depicting the life, loves and memories of an ageing Don Juan. Item# 64819 Hungary | 1971 | 90 | subt | 15 | £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £3

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Offer ends 27th July or while stocks last

Dir: Apichatpong Weerasethakul. An impressionist rendering of a lazy afternoon beside a river in the border region between Thailand and Burma.

A celluloid poem combining horror, fairy-tale and surrealism into an adolescent girl’s dream which sees her seduced by priests, vampires, men and women alike.

Neighbouring Sounds

1980s TV S

This decade was British television’s golden age, when expertly-written dramas rubbed shoulders with in of changes and innovations took place – a fourth channel was born, studio production largely gave way political events. As you can see from the DVDs in this sale, even three decades on the quality is extreme

All Creatures Great and Small

The Beiderbecke Trilogy

Brideshead Revisited

Christopher Timothy plays James Herriott, Robert Hardy Siegfried Farnon and Peter Davison his brother Tristan in this complete Yorkshire-set series based on the books of veterinarian Herriott. 91 episodes, 33 discs.

The complete Beiderbecke - the popular comedy-drama detective thriller in which jazz-fan Trevor and his girlfriend find themselves in various mysterious situations. James Bolam and Barbara Flynn star.

Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Item# 59909 UK | 1990 | 4550 | PG | £129.99

Item# 62733 UK | 1988 | 660 | PG | £39.99

DVD: £69.99 Save £60

DVD: £22.99 Save £17

’Allo ‘Allo!: Complete

Brass: Complete

East of Ipswich

Every episode of the BBC’s WWII sitcom set in Occupied France. Gorden Kaye stars as café owner René Artois. 16 discs.

Timothy West stars in this popular, barbed and witty pastiche of soap operas and the gritty realism of period Northern dramas. 5 discs.

Dir: Tristram Powell. Michael Palin drew on his memories of holidays in grey seaside resorts for this coming of age comedy set in the late 1950s.

Item# 59932 UK | 1992 | 2550 | PG | £99.99

Item# 33146 UK | 1983-1984 | 800 | PG | £39.99

Item# 58992 UK | 1987 | 73 | 12 | £15.99

DVD: £59.99 Save £40

DVD: £24.99 Save £15

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

The Agatha Christie Hour: Collection


Fortunes of War

The collected blackly comic adventures of Liverpudlian family the Boswells in two volumes. 3 discs each.

Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson and Rupert Graves star in this majestic serial set in the upheaval of Europe in the 1930s. 3 discs.

Item# 61617 UK | 1982 | 515 | PG | £29.99

Item# 17132 / 21505 UK | 1986-7 | 352 | PG | £24.99

Item# 30624 UK | 1987 | 407 | 15 | £29.99

DVD: £13.99 Save £16

Volumes 1 & 2: £11.99 each Save £13

DVD: £11.99 Save £18

Are You Being Served?: Complete

Chronicles of Narnia

The Good Soldier

Ten hour-long ITV dramas based on a selection of Christie’s less familiar short stories. 5 discs.

6 discs

Anthony Andrews, Jeremy Irons, Gielgud, Olivier, Bloom ... the classic adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s epic novel. Yorkshire’s Castle Howard is Brideshead. 4 discs. Item# 65947 UK | 1982 | 641 | 15 | £22.99

DVD: £13.99 Save £9

An adaptation of Ford Madox Ford’s classic Edwardian story of love and deception. Jeremy Brett is outstanding in the lead.

Join Mrs. Slocombe, Mr. Humphries and the rest for all ten seasons of the innuendo-laden comedy. 10 discs.

An enchanting production of CS Lewis’s powerful fantasy for all ages, mixing live action, animation and special effects. 4 discs.

Item# 62696 UK | 1985 | PG | £89.99

Item# 24605 UK | 1988-90 | 600 | U | £14.99

DVD: £34.99 Save £55

DVD: £9.99 Save £5

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

The Barchester Chronicles

The Comic Strip Presents: Complete

Hedda Gabler

An adaptation of Trollope’s classics The Warden and Barchester Towers. Alan Rickman stars. 2 discs. Item# 32452 UK | 1982 | 399 | U | £24.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £17

Boys from the Blackstuff The reality of unemployment strikes home in Alan Bleasdale’s angry, funny, politicised drama. 3 discs. Item# 13762 UK | 1989 | 305 | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £7

Hilarious collection of send-ups and spoofs from Mayall, Planer, French, Saunders & Edmondson. 9 discs. Item# 50850 UK | 1980s | 999 | 18 | £49.99

DVD: £19.99 Save £30

Item# 65698 UK | 1981 | 105 | 12 | £12.99

Dir: David Cunliffe. Diana Rigg takes the lead as the beautiful but manipulative Hedda Gabler in this 1981 adaptation from Henrik Ibsen. Item# 54548 UK | 1981 | 75 | £9.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £2

Dear John

Howards’ Way: Complete

Classic 80s comedy. Ralph Bates stars as the man who joins a singles club after his wife leaves. Two series, available separately. 2 discs each.

The BBC’s Solent boatyard-set answer to the wave of glamorous dramas coming out of America in the 1980s. 24 discs.

Item# 61500 / 61780 UK | 1986 | 210 | E | £19.99

Item# 59918 UK | 1990 | £81.69

DVD: £9.99 each Save £10

DVD: £39.99 Save £41.70

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ncisive and hilarious comedies. In the background, a series y to location filming, and programmes began to reflect key ely high.

Martin Campbell An engaging, dark, humanistic drama of a father/daughter relationship (a superb Bob Peck and Joanne Whalley) mixed up with conspiracies in the nuclear power industry. 2 discs. Item# 13764 UK | 1985 | 314 | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £10

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy The classic TV comedy series based on Douglas Adams’ radio comedy that sees Arthur Dent join alien Ford Prefect on a very strange journey across the galaxy. Item# 8769 UK | 1981 | 180 | 15 | £24.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £17

Poirot: Complete The complete series 1-8 of the crime drama based around Agatha Christie’s most famous sleuth – the eccentric, enigmatic, moustache-twirling Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. 32 discs. David Suchet stars. Item# 64367 UK | 1989-2010 | 4598 | 15 | £99.99

DVD: £69.99 Save £30

In Sickness and in Health

P’tang Yang Kipperbang

The sequel to Till Death Do Us Part with Alf Garnett. Six series, available separately and in an 8-disc box set.

Dir: Michael Apted. An enchanting 1948-set comedy which follows a teenage boy’s sexual awakening.

Item# 53797 UK | 1985 | 210 | 12 | £15.99

Item# 50905 UK | 1982 | 85 | PG | £19.99

S1-6: £5.99 each Complete: £24.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £14

DVD: £7.99 Save £17


Porterhouse Blue

Dir: Douglas Camfield. A great cast, splendid costumes, pageantry and scenery make this the best adaptation of Walter Scott’s tale.

Dir: Robert Knights. Based on the novel by Tom Sharpe, this satirical miniseries surveys the machinations of upper-crust academics.

The Two Ronnies: Series 8-12

Item# 58552 UK | 1982 | 137 | PG | £14.99

Item# 53490 UK | 1987 | 194 | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £9

DVD: £9.99 Save £10

The Jewel in the Crown

The Singing Detective

The Woman in White

Dennis Potter’s dark, twisting, noirtinged series is simply one of the most entertaining and crucial slices of television history. 3 discs.

Dir: John Bruce. An outstanding BBC adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ Victorian mystery thriller, starring Alan Badel and Diana Quick. 2 discs.

One of the high points of 1980s TV drama, bringing Paul Scott’s ‘Raj Quartet’ to life. 4 discs.

Tutti Frutti Robbie Coltrane. All six episodes of the excellent BBC Scotland comedy drama series about over-the-hill rock band The Majestics. 2 discs. Item# 58226 UK | 1987 | 300 | 12 | £24.99

‘And in a packed programme tonight...’ Five much-loved series 2 discs. from Barker & Corbett. Item# Various UK | 1980s | PG | £15.99

DVD: £8.99 each Save £7

Item# 16746 UK | 1986 | 360 | 15 | £19.99

Item# 62596 UK | 1982 | 275 | PG | £17.99

DVD: £19.99 Save £10

DVD: £8.99 Save £11

DVD: £5.99 Save £12


Smiley’s People

Dir: Boris Sagal. US mini-series set in Roman Palestine. Peter O’Toole stars as the commander who besieges the fortress of Masada. 2 discs.

Dir: Simon Langton. Alec Guinness is riveting as Smiley, the retired spymaster called in to help out when a double agent is killed. 2 discs.

Wood and Walters: Complete

Item# 56928 USA | 1981 | 394 | 12 | £19.99

Item# 18071 UK | 1982 | 337 | 15 | £10.20

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

DVD: £6.99 Save £3.21

Only Fools and Horses: Complete

Swallows and Amazons Forever!

Yes, Minister / Yes, Prime Minister

David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst. All the series and all the specials of the long-running comedy. 26 discs.

Delightful TV adaptations of Arthur Ransome’s children’s books Coot Club and The Big Six.

All the episodes from the two evergreen parliament-set series. Nigel Hawthorne stars. 7 discs.

Item# 66187 UK / India | 1981-2003 | 12 | £75.99

Item# 12978 UK | 1983 | 200 | U | £15.99

Item# 30957 UK | 1980-88 | 1140 | PG | £51.05

DVD: £44.99 Save £31

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

DVD: £16.99 Save £34.06

Item# 59407 UK | 1984 | 800 | 15 | £29.99

Sketches, songs, sharply-observed humour and agony aunt advice from Victoria Wood and Julie Walters. Item# 56095 UK | 1981-82 | 200 | 12 | £15.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

om or call 0844 376 0009

Offer ends 27th July or while stocks last, TV set image from The Singing Detective

Edge of Darkness

Documentaries “The Creative Interpretation of Actuality”

New Releases F*ck for Forest Michal Marczak

FFF is one of the world’s most unlikely charities. The brainchild of Leona Johansson and Tommy Hol Ellingsen, it is based on the idea that sex can save the world, with the NGO raising money for their environmental cause by selling their homemade sex films on the internet. Michael Marczak’s film takes a look at their colourful neo-hippie operation. Germany / Poland | 2012 | DOGW | 86 | Cert 18 Item# 71460 | RRP £14.99 | 24th June

First Position Bess Kargman

A documentary following six young dancers from around the world hoping to prove their balletic ability at the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix in New York - a showcase for awe-inspiring talent, tenacity and passion.

Jean-Christophe Rosé

An archive-based film tracing the history of the world’s most famous cycle race. Celebrating the event’s centenary year, it highlights the tour’s enduring relationship with the public and looks back at a number of its legendary riders. France | 2013 | UPV | 104 | Cert E Item# 71840 / 71843 | RRP £12.99 | 24th June

USA | 2009 | UNIV | 101 | Cert 15 Item# 71685 / 71686 | RRP £17.99 | Out Now

DVD Price: £15.99 Blu-ray: £17.49

Page 22

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Michael H Profession: Director Yves Montmayeur

The Royal Air Force in the 1950s

The Tour: The Legend of the Race

A documentary exploring the musical legacy of Laurel Canyon, the LA neighbourhood that was home to 60s musicians such as Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills and Nash. 2 discs; Interviews; Archive footage; Booklet.

USA | 2012 | INDED | 106 | Cert 15 Item# 71461 | RRP £15.99 | 24th June

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Jon Brewer

Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side) explores the scandals, cover-ups and dark history of the Catholic Church, suggesting endemic negligence within its upper echelons.

Austria / France | 2013 | ART-E | 92 | subt | Cert 18 Item# 71803 | RRP £15.99 | 10th June

USA | 2011 | ART-E | 95 | Cert PG Item# 71097 | RRP £15.99 | Out Now

Legends of the Canyon

Alex Gibney

An essential documentary about filmmaker Michael Haneke. With contributions from actors who have worked with him throughout his career, including Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Huppert and Emmanuelle Riva, we are given an important insight into the methods of the Austrian director.

Our DVD Price: £11.24

DVD Price: £9.99 Blu-ray: £11.99

Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God

An extensive collection of 30 official RAF archive films from the 1950s – most of them previously unreleased. Presented in chronological order, these information, recruitment, training and instructional films give an in-depth insight into the breadth of RAF operations and 2 discs. celebrate the early jet age. UK | 1950-59 | C-RED | Cert E Item# 71658 | RRP £24.99 | 10th June

Our DVD Price: £19.99

Victory at Sea

All 26 episodes of the 1950s series which offers a comprehensive account of naval warfare during WWII. Famous for its combat footage, eloquent narration by Leonard Graves and Richard Rodgers score, the series played a major role in establishing historic documentaries as an important TV genre. 5 discs. USA | 1952 | GO-D | 720 | Cert E Item# 71699 | RRP £29.99 | 24th June

Chasing Ice Recommended Director: Jeff Orlowski Released: 10th June Extras: Q&As; Glacier Watching; Sundance Experience; Audience Testimonials; James Balog’s Lecture Tour; Updates in Glaciology. Item# 71635 USA | 2012 | DOGW | 76 | Cert 12

This urgent eco-doc opens with a sample of particularly wafty hot air from US TV’s tortuous global warming debate, the better to define a subject whose work forms a rebuttal of the climate-change naysayers and states: look, whether you like it or not, this is happening. James Balog, photographer for Time, National Geographic and the New Yorker, has set himself the assignment of capturing man’s impact upon the planet at its remotest extremes, revealing how once super Arctic structures have dwindled to shadows of their former selves. Director Jeff Orlowski finds him and his bobble-hatted assistants on an expedition to install time-lapse cameras at various points around the frozen North, a trip that occasions some of the most telling and breathtaking cinematography you’ll ever see in a documentary. These pictures, at once gorgeous and terrifying, speak far more persuasively and eloquently than the Fox News loudmouths, both pinpointing and pining for everything we stand to lose if the climate changes and we don’t. MM

Buying Details Our DVD Price: £10.99 RRP: £14.99 Save £4

Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Our DVD Price: £19.99

Order now

RRP: £19.99 Save £6

Histories of Britain Sale

Newsreels, documentaries & rare footage

Delve deep into the archives of our national history with this sale of must-have documentary, public information and newsreel compilations at bargain prices. Don’t miss the BFI’s Here’s a Health to the Barley Mow, a fascinating collection of films about British customs and songs, the five volumes of Variety Acts and Turns or Keep Calm and Carry on, a digest of WWII news reports from the Home Front.

Here’s a Health to the Barley Mow

The Pattern of Britain

Variety Acts and Turns: 1930s-1949

A rich, wide-ranging and thoroughly entertaining collection of 44 films celebrating the folk customs, songs and dances of Great Britain, with films dating from 1912-2002. 2 discs.

Four beautiful, remastered films about the farmlands of rural England, from Cornwall to the Downlands and the Fens, made between 1944-1947: The Grassy Shires, Fenlands, Cornish Valley and Downlands.

Five glorious volumes of British variety acts, featuring great names and legendary acts: Mid 1930s, Late 1930s, Pre-WWII, wartime and postwar collections available. Choose your pleasure!

Item# 65812 UK | 1912-2011 | 360 | E | £22.99

Item# 21729 UK | 1944-47 | 65 | B&W | E | £19.99

Item# Various UK | 1930s | 198 | B&W | E | £14.99

DVD: £12.99 Save £10

DVD: £9.99 Save £10

DVD: £9.99 each Save £5

British Railways: 1948-1961

Know the British in 1974

A Romance of Engineering

The definitive archive-film led history of the early years of Britain’s nationalised rail network.

A fabulous ‘do they mean us?’ film made in 1974 to educate American businessmen about Britain.

Films by Stanley Russell: Men of Iron, A Romance of Engineering, James Watt, Story of a Steel Wire Rope.

Item# 57458 UK | 2009 | 163 | E | £19.99

Item# 63149 UK | 1974 | 95 | E | £14.99

Item# 58590 UK | 1946-1959 | 97 | B&W | E | £19.99

DVD: £11.99 Save £8

DVD: £8.99 Save £6

DVD: £11.99 Save £8

Crown of the Year

Fabulous Fashions of the 1940s

Rosie Newman’s Britain at War in Colour

Item# 17286 UK | 1941-42 | 60 | B&W | E | £19.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £10

The definitive collection of Pathe’s fashion-related 40s newsreels, with Make Do and Mend and many more. Item# 63636 UK | 2010 | 70 | E | £14.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £6

Rosie Newman’s fascinating 1946 film showing life on the Home Front. Item# 66636 UK | 1946 | 121 | E | £19.99

DVD: £13.99 Save £6

Cruachan: The Hollow Mountain

Portraits of Railwaymen

The St Kilda Story / Wildlife of St Kilda

Two films about Hydro Electric Schemes in Scotland: The Moriston Project (1956) and Cruachan (1966).

Four films about work on the railways in the 1940s and 1950s, including Shunter Black’s Night Off.

The filmed history of St Kilda from 1906-80 paired with 25 years of wildlife filming on the island.

Item# 58620 UK | 1956; 1966 | 81 | B&W | E | £19.99

Item# 17287 UK | 1941-1959 | 71 | B&W | E | £19.99

Item# 53203 UK | 1980 | 60 | E | £19.99

DVD: £11.99 Save £8

DVD: £11.99 Save £8

DVD: £9.99 Save £10

The Glen is Ours

Britain’s Railways at War

This Sceptred Isle

Three films touching on the life of post-war rural Scotland: The Glen is Ours (1946), Crofters (1946) and North East Corner (1946). Item# 18460 UK | 1946 | 75 | E | £19.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £10

A comprehensive collection of archive documentaries covering the wartime role of railways on the Home Front. Item# 68533 UK | 1941-1946 | 201 | B&W | E | £19.99

A comprehensive collection of 14 archive travelogues jam-packed with ideas for English holidays and weekends away, 1944-74. 2 discs. Item# 66853 UK | 1974 | 365 | E | £20.99

DVD: £12.99 Save £7

DVD: £12.99 Save £8

Keep Calm and Carry On

Roll Out the Barrel: The Pub on Film

Women and Children at War

An 8 hour digest of WWII news reports from the British Home Front, 1939-45. 3 discs.

A fascinating, varied collection of films from 1944-82, all centred around the British pub. 2 discs.

Eight documentary shorts depicting the lives of evacuees, factory workers, the WI and more.

Item# 66288 UK | 1945 | 482 | B&W | E | £19.99

Item# 67918 UK | 1944-82 | 321 | PG | £22.99

Item# 31573 UK | 1940s | 84 | B&W | E | £19.99

DVD: £12.99 Save £7

DVD: £12.99 Save £10

DVD: £9.99 Save £10

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Offer ends 27th July or while stocks last

Four fascinating wartime farming films showing seasonal activities on a selection of British farms during 1941 and 1942.

Television Programmes Originally Broadcast

Limited Stocks

Doctor Who: Regeneration

New Releases Boss: Season 1

The first season of the US political drama that follows the machinations of combative Chicago Mayor Tom Kane (Kelsey Grammer), who after being diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder, opts to conceal his condition, controlling physical symptoms with delusion-inducing levels of medication as he 2 discs. sets about securing his legacy.

Our DVD Price: £17.99

The Cedar Tree: Series 1, Volume 2 The second volume of episodes from the costume drama which followed the fortunes of the Bournes of Larkfield Manor, whose daughters find themselves torn between two ages as World War II approaches. 4 discs.

Our DVD Price: £45.49 Gillian Anderson stars in this tense, brooding psychological thriller that examines the lives of two hunters. One is a serial killer who stalks his victims at random in and around Belfast; the other is a talented female Detective Superintendent from the Met who is brought in to catch him. A thriller to fill a 2 discs. Broadchurch-sized hole. UK | 2013 | ACORN | 292 | Cert 15 Item# 70427 / 70428 | RRP £19.99 | 17th June

UK | 1976 | NWORK | 800 | Cert 12 Item# 71060 | RRP £29.99 | 3rd June

DVD Price: £13.99 Blu-ray: £19.49


Our DVD Price: £25.99 Lynda La Plante’s 1992 series follows a group of soldiers struggling to readjust to civilian life. Jason Isaacs takes the lead as the ex-Para looking for employment who may not be able to resist the approach of Peter O’Toole’s gangster. 2 discs.

UK | 1992 | ACORN | 360 | Cert 15 Item# 71878 | RRP £19.99 | 3rd June

Eve Myles (Torchwood’s Gwen Cooper) stars as cheery district nurse Frankie Maddox, whose dedication to her work in Bristol compromises her private life in this six-part BBC drama series written by Lucy Gannon. 2 discs.

UK | 2013 | 2ENT | Cert 12 Item# 72043 | RRP £19.99 | 24th June

Our DVD Price: £13.99

House of Cards: Season 1

Our DVD Price: £13.99

The Master (Roger Delgado) plots to plunge the world into war through a scheme involving an alien parasite that feeds on evil and fear. Can the Doctor (Jon Pertwee), Jo (Katy Manning) and UNIT thwart 2 discs; the plan? Restored in colour; Commentary; Featurettes.

The complete first series of the US political drama starring Kevin Spacey, based on the novel by Michael Dobbs and the BBC’s subsequent adaptation. Here, Spacey plays Francis Underwood. the gravely dissatisfied House Majority Whip who, fuelled by a sense of ambition matched and encouraged by his wife (Robin Wright) and armed with an arsenal of political secrets, sets out to scheme and blackmail his way to the 4 discs. top.

UK | 1970 | 2ENT | 153 | Cert U Item# 71749 | RRP £19.99 | 3rd June

USA | 2013 | COL-T | 463 | Cert 18 Item# 72100 / 71692 | RRP £29.99 | 10th June

Our DVD Price: £13.99

DVD Price: £25.49 Blu-ray: £32.99

Doctor Who: The Mind of Evil Timothy Combe

Page 24

DVD Sale

UK | 2010 | 2ENT | 1000 | Cert 12 Item# 71544 | RRP £59.99 | 24th June

The Fall

USA | 2011 | LGATE | 431 | Cert 15 Item# 71587 | RRP £24.99 | 10th June


A beautifully-packaged, limited edition coffee table book-styled collectors’ album containing every Doctor’s regeneration episode, including an advance release of the First Doctor’s final adventure The Tenth Planet. Contains The Tenth Planet, The War Games, Planet of the Spiders, Logopolis, The Caves of Androzani, Time and the Rani, Doctor Who: The Movie, Bad Wolf & The Parting of the Ways and 6 discs. The End of Time.

Buried on CBBC, this multi-awardwinning Python-esque comedy might have passed you by. Wonderfully written, these series bring history to life through always entertaining and often hilarious sketches that work for all ages. It’s loved by critics and audience alike and series 4 has just been released – find out what you’ve been missing.

Horrible Histories: Series 1 13 anarchic and unconventional takes on history, from the Savage Stone Age and Awful Egyptians to Terrible Tudors and Vile Victorians, with brilliant sketches, songs, cartoons and quizzes. 2 discs. Item# 65263 UK | 2009 | 360 | £12.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £7

Horrible Histories: Series 2 The complete second award-winning series, featuring Rotten Romans, Putrid Pirates, Tapeworm Traps and much, much more. 2 discs. Item# 65264 UK | 2010 | 360 | PG | £9.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £3

Horrible Histories: Series 3 Here be Nasty Knights and Slimy Stuarts, while visits are paid to the Measly Middle Ages, the Frightful 2 discs. First World War and more. Item# 72149 UK | 2012 | 360 | £9.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £3

Horrible Histories: Series 4 More songs and inspired sketches, with Henry VIII’s Cash in the Abbey, Stone-Age Geeks, Historical Dentist and much more. 2 discs. Item# 72063 UK | 2012 | 360 | £9.99

DVD: £9.99

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June 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Indoor League: Vols 1 & 2

Fred Trueman, with pipe and pint, hosted 72 shows over the space of four years for this Yorkshire TV series which covered darts, skittles, arm wrestling, bar billiards and shove ha’penny. ‘Ah’ll si thee!’, said Fred. Two 2 discs volumes. (Volume 2).

UK | 1973-74 | NWORK | 150 | Cert E Item# 30834 / 72070 | RRP £9.99 | Out Now

Vol 1 DVD: £8.99 Vol 2 DVD: £14.99

Inspector Montalbano: Collection 5

Under the warm gaze of a Mediterranean sun, pausing only for the occasional fine meal, Inspector Montalbano (Luca Zingaretti) battles bureaucracy and the mafia while solving cases designed to baffle and mislead. Contains four episodes: The Age of Doubt, The Gull’s Dance, 2 discs. The Potter’s Field, Treasure Hunt. Italy | 2011 | ACORN | 422 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 72031 | RRP £19.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £13.99

The Invisible Man

David McCallum stars in this classic 1970s sci-fi series which came after his starring role in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. A feature-length pilot and 12 gripping episodes follow his adventures as the scientist who becomes permanently invisible while experimenting with molecular disintegration – making him just the 4 discs. man for special assignments. USA | 1976 | ACORN | 631 | Cert 12 Item# 72026 | RRP £29.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £26.49

The Man in Room 17: Series 1

Richard Vernon and Michael Aldridge star in this inventive Granada series, which featured clever plot twists, dry humour and innovative production. As for the man in room 17, that’s Oldenshaw, an immodest, ex-Oxford type with a mind like a computer who runs the Department of Special Research, which pulls the strings that 4 discs. make the undercover world dance. UK | 1965 | NWORK | 650 | Cert 12 Item# 71020 | RRP £39.99 | 17th June

Our DVD Price: £32.49

The Best of Men Recommended Director: Tim Whitby Starring: Eddie Marsan, Rob Brydon, Niamh Cusack, Nigel Lindsay, George MacKay

The Untold History of the United States Recommended

Released: 24th June

Director: Oliver Stone

Item# 71944 UK | 2012 | DIGCL | 90 | Cert

Released: 1st July

Hollywood would have ruined this genuinely inspiring story of the origins of the Paralympics, inflating the humble origins at Stoke Mandeville Hospital village to a melodramatic tale of triumph against the odds. Fortunately the BBC beat them to it, and this drama, broadcast just before the 2012 Paralympics, is one of the television highlights from last year. Eddie Marsan, one of Britain’s best character actors, stars as Germanborn neurologist Ludwig Guttmann, who fled Nazi Germany and joined Stoke Mandeville Hospital to tend to soldiers with severe spinal injuries. The nurses had been trained to cosset the patients, easing their time as they waited for death or life as a dependent burden. But Guttman has other ideas, encouraging them to partake in competitive games. Lucy Gannon’s script never patronises the disabled men, but humanises them through their humour and reluctance to embrace the enthusiastic doctor’s theories. Rob Brydon offers fiery support as a taciturn Welsh patient, but it’s Marsan who deserves the plaudits, offering a funny, impassioned interpretation of a remarkable man. AD

Extras: 3 discs. Item# 71674 USA | 2012 | PNE | 450 | Cert E

Oliver Stone is no stranger to historical controversy, and films including JFK, Nixon and W. have contained an obsessive level of detail normally seen only in documentaries. His reputation as a powerful, passionate director is matched only by his notoriety as a polemicist, so it was only a matter of time before he turned his hand to documentary. Billed as a retelling of American history from World War II to the Obama presidency, this 10-part series has the scope and ambition of Jeremy Isaacs’ The World at War (1973), but, in the tradition of Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation (1969), it is an unashamedly personal project. Stone re-examines key events that have shaped modern US history from unexpected, provocative angles, and for each episode he has marshalled a wealth of archive footage. The focus on the forgotten role of progressive movements in American politics is fascinating; Stone is often accused of being anti-American, but this series might just cause jaded Old Worlders to gaze across the Atlantic with hope in their eyes. MW

Buying Details

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

Our DVD Price:

RRP: £14.99 Save £3

RRP: £29.99 Save £7




Page 25

Definitive versions n ColleCtable eDitions

network are proud to announce the launch of The British Film collection – a new range of classic films covering over half a century of british Cinema. showcasing a diverse mix of genres, The British Film collection features many titles that have never previously been released.

The Man Who Haunted Himself Roger Moore stars in the film that landed him the role of 007 – the tale of a man haunted by his doppelganger following a near-fatal car accident. Blu-ray + DVD Set

Perfect Friday Sir Peter Hall directs this sexy crime caper in which Stanley Baker plays a bank manager masterminding the robbery of his own bank. Co-stars David Warner and Ursula Andress. Blu-ray + DVD Set

Edgar Wallace’s The Terror Wilfrid Lawson and Bernard Lee star in this 1938 british crime film about two criminals on the hunt for their former comrade who betrayed them.

Ealing Rarities Vol. 3 this collection features Cage of Gold starring Jean Simmons, Herbert Lom and Bernard Lee and the 1946 hit frieda; the tale of a German girl suffering discrimination in post-war britain.

Horrors of the Black Museum Michael Gough stars in this ‘50s british b-movie box office triumph in which a young man is hypnotised to make him commit a series of grisly murders.

Devil Girl from Mars this british b-movie cult classic stars Patricia Laffan as a vinyl-clad, raygun-toting Martian on the hunt for earthmen to repopulate her home planet.

available tHis JUne thebritishfilm

networktweets #thebritishfilm

June 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Television North and South

Sparkling Cyanide

Rodney Bennett

Tristram Powell

Patrick Stewart and Rosalie Shanks star in this adaptation of the novel of the same name by Elizabeth Gaskell, which follows the life of Margaret Hale, who has her life turned upside down when her father leaves the Church of England and settles with his wife and 2 discs. daughter in the Black Country. UK | 1975 | ACORN | 240 | Cert TBC Item# 72032 | RRP £19.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £13.99

UK | 2003 | ACORN | 96 | Cert 12 Item# 71870 | RRP £17.99 | 3rd June

Pride and Prejudice: Having a Ball

Our DVD Price: £12.99

Inspired by the country house ball that is a key turning point in the romance between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, social historian Amanda Vickery leads the action as a team of experts recreate a Regency ball at Chawton House in honour of the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s novel. UK | 2013 | DAZZL | 89 | Cert E Item# 71898 | RRP £19.99 | 10th June

Richard III: The King in the Car Park / The Unseen Story A pairing of programmes about the 15th century King of England, Richard III, and the discovery of his skeletal remains in a Leicester car park. The films follow the team in their investigations and also feature previously unseen footage of the excavation and new interviews with the scientists involved. UK | 2013 | DAZZL | 150 | Cert E Item# 71954 | RRP £19.99 | Out Now

S1/S2: £27.49 each S1+S2: £32.49

Unit One: Season 2

All the episodes from the second season of the Danish crime drama which follows an elite mobile task force as they solve high-profile cases. Mads Mikkelsen and Charlotte Fich star and the storylines are based on true criminal cases. 3 discs.

Den | 2001 | Arr | 512 | subt | 15 Item# 71496 | RRP £24.99 | 24th June

Whicker’s World: Volume 3

Rise of the Continents

Our DVD Price: £13.99

Seasons 1 and 2, available separately, of the US legal drama that follows the cases of a pair of New York lawyers, one a law school graduate, the other a gifted college dropout who relies on his photographic memory 4 discs and quick wits. each; Also available: 8 disc seasons 1 & 2 box set.

Our DVD Price: £17.99

Our DVD Price: £14.99

UK | 2013 | 2ENT | 200 | Cert E Item# 70599 | RRP £19.99 | 1st July


USA | 2011 | UPV | Cert 15 Item# 71867 / 71872 | RRP £29.99 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Across the Earth, there are traces of a mysterious long-lost world. From seashells 8,000 metres above sea-level to species that have jumped thousands of miles of ocean. Rise of the Continents reveals the story of how our world came to be and the nature of the land that came before.

Feature-length ITV murder mystery, based on the novel by Agatha Christie but given a modern-day setting. When investigations into the mysterious death of his young wife at a West End party stall, a businessman proposes that the suspects return to the scene of the crime to re-enact the moment of the murder – and death strikes again. Oliver Ford Davies and Pauline Collins are the officers on the case.

2 discs.

Alan Whicker’s quiet brand of incisive, insightful journalism has enthralled audiences for six decades.This third volume presents a diverse and memorable selection of films made between 1968 and 1980, ranging in topic from the cryonics industry to the Gay Lib movement in America, the modern-day Maharajahs of Rajasthan to the Carib tribe of 3 discs. Dominica. UK | 1960s-80s | NWORK | 600 | Cert E Item# 72071 | RRP £29.99 | 1st July

Our DVD Price: £25.49


Arne Dahl: Season 1 Recommended Contains: The Blinded Man, Bad Blood, To the Top of the Mountain, Many Waters, Europe Blues Starring: Irene Lindh, Malin Arvidsson, Shanti Roney, Claes Ljungmark, Magnus Samuelsson Released: 10th June Extras: 3 discs Item# 71836 Sweden | 2012 | Arrow | 900 | subt | Cert 15

After the success of Scandinavian crime series The Killing, Borgen and The Bridge, Arrow’s Nordic Noir label have now delved deeper into a rich back catalogue of crime dramas and unearthed the equally rewarding Swedish TV series, Arne Dahl. Created by the same production company responsible for The Bridge, Arne Dahl is based on the series of books by novelist Jan Arnald (for which he was awarded a special prize from the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers for his ‘vitalization of the crime genre’). The series sees CID inspector Jenny Hultin (her gender changed from the novels’ male copper) assemble an elite team, hand-picked for their skills and backgrounds, in order to tackle complex and dangerous crimes. The 10-part series adapts five of Arnald’s novels, each with a different member of ‘A-group’ to the fore. For those who love watching tangled webs of Scandinavian crime, whose connections reach deep into the investigators’ lives, this enjoyable series will serve very well indeed.

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


RRP: £34.99 Save £10

Page 27


Gay & Lesbian

Overture 1912: Deutsche Oper Berlin

Macbeth: Glyndebourne Michael Hadjimischev

Verdi’s opera performed at the Glyndebourne Festival in 1972 with With the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Kostas Paskalis, James Morris, Josephine Barstow, Rae Woodland, Keith Erwen and Ian Caley are among the principal performers.

Enrique Sánchez Lansch

Incorporating archive footage of performances from the last 100 years, Overture 1912 traces the history of Berlin’s famous opera house and features contributions from Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, René Kollo and Christa Ludwig amongst others. Ger | 2012 | ART-H | 89 | subt | E Item# 71637 | RRP £19.99 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Deutsche Oper Berlin: 100 Years – Centennial Edition Götz Friedrich

A second volume of performances marking the centenary of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. The productions featured include Preussisches Märchen (1974), Montezuma (1982), Die Tote Stadt (1983), Die Gespenstersonate (1984) 5 discs. and Oedipus (1987).

UK | 1972 | ART-H | 146 | Cert E Item# 71866 | RRP £14.99 | 3rd June

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Wozzeck: Staatskapelle Berlin Patrice Chéreau

Alban Berg’s opera about taunted soldier Wozzeck, as staged in Berlin in 1994 by Patrice Chéreau (La Reine Margot) and the Theatre du Châtelet. Waltraud Meier takes the role of Marie, Franz Grundheber Wozzeck. Barenboim conducts. Germany / France | 1994 | EUROA | 97 | subt | Cert E Item# 71630 | RRP £24.99 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £20.99

Germany | 1974-87 | ART-H | 558 | | Cert E Item# 71627 | RRP £81.99 | Out Now


Our DVD Price: £58.99

Falstaff: Glyndebourne Festival Opera

Grave of the Fireflies

Dave Heather

A classic Glyndebourne production of Verdi’s comic opera with the Glyndebourne Chorus and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Soloists include Benjamin Luxon, Elizabeth Gale, Kay Griffel and the late, great American baritone Donald Gramm.

Isao Takahata

A visually stunning and emotionally powerful film from Studio Ghibli that reflects on the devastating consequences of war and has rightly earned a reputation as an anime 2 discs; classic. English or Japanese Soundtracks; Interviews; Deleted Scenes.

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Page 28

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Men to Kiss

Robert Hasfogel Unpredictable, funny and fresh, Men to Kiss is a light-hearted romp through queer Berlin that sees a banker’s life turned upside-down when he falls in love with Tobi, a flighty performance artist who lives for the city’s wild nightlife. The two are complete opposites but they want to make it work and need all the help they can get. Germany | 2012 | TLAUK | 83 | Cert 15 Item# 71499 | RRP £15.99 | 10th June

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Silent Tabu: A Story of the South Seas (Masters of Cinema) FW Murnau

USA | 1931 | EUREK | 82 | Cert PG Item# 71813 / 71814 | RRP £17.99 | 17th June

DVD Price: £17.99 Blu-ray: £20.99

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray: £13.99

Our DVD+Blu-ray Price: £20.99

UK | 1979 | ART-H | 128 | Cert E Item# 71865 | RRP £14.99 | 3rd June

UK | 2013 | TLAUK | 95 | Cert 15 Item# 71638 | RRP £15.99 | 10th June

USA | 2012 | WDHV | 108 | Cert PG Item# 71905 / 71907 | RRP £17.99 | 3rd June

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Hall’s faithful interpretation of Beethoven’s opera, recorded live in 1979. Bernard Haitink conducts the London Philharmonic Orchestra, with Elizabeth Söderström as Leonore, Elizabeth Gale as Marzelline and Curt Appelgren as Rocco.

Polar opposite teenagers Paul and George meet and fall in love on a campsite in Wales during the summer of 1988 in this quintessentially British drama from first-time director Lloyd EyreMorgan. The boys make a pact to return the next summer and run away together, but when only Paul shows up, he sets off to find George with his best friend in tow – and his overbearing mother not far behind.

Oscar-nominated Disney animation which follows an arcade game villain who is tired of being the bad guy – but whose attempts at playing the hero result in catastrophe as he unleashes an enemy that threatens every game in the arcade. Short film: Paperman.

Japan | 1988 | STUDC | 90 | subt | Cert 12 Item# 69219 | RRP £24.99 | 1st July

Peter Hall

Lloyd Eyre-Morgan

A Tahitian fisherman loves a young woman whose body has been consecrated to the gods, rendering her ‘tabu’ to mortals. The lovers flee their island and its restrictive traditions, but will their love prevail in the ‘civilised’ world? Rich in the universal themes of desire and loss, this is a film of magical beauty, which Lotte Eisner decsribed as ‘the apogee of New transfer of the the art of the silent film’. 75th anniversary restoration of the longer Murnau-approved version of the film, with uncensored scenes and titlecards; Full-length commentary track by R. Dixon Smith and Brad Stevens; 15-minute German documentary about Tabu by Luciano Berriatúa; Newly presented outtakes; Archive film: Treibjagd in der Südsee (1940); 56-page booklet.

UK | 1976 | ART-H | 118 | Cert E Item# 71629 | RRP £14.99 | Out Now

Fidelio: Glyndebourne Festival Opera

Dream On

Wreck-it Ralph Rich Moore

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June 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue


Top 10 Arthouse Crime Films Underground Recommended Director: Anthony Asquith Starring: Brian Aherne, Norah Baring, Elissa Landi, Cyril McLaglen

1 L’Argent

6 Ossessione

Robert Bresson

Luchino Visconti

The obvious choice would be Pickpocket, but L’Argent is for my money, greater, with forgery, fraud, robbery and, ultimately, murder. It’s a masterpiece, a horrifying portrait of a society that’s sold its soul.

This adaptation of The Postman Always Rings Twice translates laconic American passion to the flatlands of the Po Valley where it becomes unrestrained desire. A superb portrait of obsession.

Item# 21851 France | 1983 | 82 | subt | PG | £19.99

Item# 13854 Italy | 1942 | 140 | subt | B&W | PG | £19.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

DVD: £10.99 Save £9

2 Cutter’s Way

7 The Killing of a Chinese Bookie

Released: 17th June

Item# 70678 UK | 1928 | BFI | 94 | B&W | Cert U

This latest stop in our communal rediscovery of silent cinema follows the release of A Cottage on Dartmoor in repositioning Anthony Asquith as the other major homegrown director to emerge from the silents. A London-set film, from its title on down Underground busily involves itself with what’s going on in the capital both at and under street level, with promenades along the Thames, punch-ups at Battersea power station and a showdown at Waterloo that pre-empts the thrills of The Bourne Supremacy by eight decades. Narratively, the film offers a slightly stock merry-go-round involving a quartet of working class characters – a shopgirl, the ticket inspector she falls for, a seasoned ladykiller and one of his exes – intersecting like the tracks at King’s Cross. You could plot their couplings schematically as though on the Tube map itself – but that would miss out on the sheer fun and bold shadow play Asquith generates between stops. MM

Buying Details Our DVD+Blu-ray Price:


RRP: £19.99 Save £6

Ivan Passer One of the great portraits of disillusionment in US cinema sees the survivors of the sixties wake up to Reaganomics and some very damaged people wonder what’s happened to their lives.

John Cassavetes

Item# 22094 USA | 1981 | 105 | 15 | £12.99

Item# 72013 USA | 1976 | 108 | B&W | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £6

Cassavetes was a vital mentor to the young Scorsese and here he ventures down the mean streets his protégé made famous, with Released 15th July the emphasis firmly on the characters. DVD+Blu-ray: £13.99 Save £6

3 Pierrot le Fou

8 Sonatine

Jean-Luc Godard

Takeshi Kitano

Godard returns to the crime beat he first pounded in À bout de souffle for one of his finest achievements, in which a loverson-the-lam movie grows into a reflection on the failures of the nouvelle vague.

A ruthless yakuza, betrayed and ambushed, retreats with his crew to a seaside hideaway. A girl, escaping her violent boyfriend, joins them for some comic set pieces, all set to a mesmeric score.

Item# 52520 / 60793 Fr | 1965 | 105 | subt | 15 | £17.99

Item# 58253 Japan | 1990 | 93 | subt | 18 | £19.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £9 Blu-ray: £15.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £114

4 Fallen Angels

9 Drive

Wong Kar-Wai

Nikolas Winding Refn

Deeper and darker than Chungking Express, Fallen Angels, in which loners pursue their dreams in a seemingly endless Hong Kong night, looks increasingly like one of Wong’s major works.

This should have been just another neo-noir, but Refn made it much more, soft peddling ‘story’ and ramping up the style, partly to deconstruct and partly to celebrate the genre.

Item# 71969 / 68402 HK | 1996 | 92 | subt | 15 | £15.99

Item# 66986 / 66991 USA | 2011 | 100 | 18 | £17.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9 Blu-ray: £8.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £11 Blu-ray: £9.99

5 Performance

10 Point Blank

Nicolas Roeg

John Boorman

A riff on Joseph Losey’s The Servant, this battle of wills between a reclusive rock-star (Mick Jagger) and a gangland interloper (James Fox) remains as seductive – and as dangerous – as ever.

Lee Marvin took modernism to the midwest in this definitive example of ‘arthouse crime’, in which Boorman turned a pulp source into a study of corporate structures and urban anomie.

Item# 32784 UK | 1970 | 105 | 18 | £16.99

Item# 71894 USA | 1967 | 87 | 18 | £12.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £9

DVD: £11.99


Image from poster for Point Blank

Extras: 2 discs; Newly commissioned score by Neil Brand; Alternative score by Chris Watson; Bonus Films: A Trip on the Metropolitan Railway (1910); Scenes at Piccadilly Circus and Hyde Park Corner (1930-32); Seven More Stations (1948); Under Night Streets (1958); Booklet.

Page 29


Lincoln Recommended Director: Steven Spielberg Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, James Spader, Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Released: 10th June Extras: The Journey to Lincoln; Crafting the Past. Item# 71391 | USA | 2012 | FOX | 144 | Cert 12

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£12.99 RRP: £19.99 Save £7

S B 60 Bonus Points If purchased for £12.99

Also on Blu-ray Lincoln

Item# 71571 USA / India | 2012 | 144 | 12 | £28.99

Blu-ray: £19.99

See Also There Will Be Blood PT Anderson

Item# 65384 USA | 2007 | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £5.99 Blu-ray: £9.99

The West Wing: Seasons 1-7

Item# 65195 USA | 1999-06 | 15 | £99.99

Our DVD Price: £62.99

Young Mister Lincoln John Ford

Item# 18970 USA | 1939 | 100 | U | £9.99

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Page 32

teven Spielberg’s Lincoln is a mightily worthy addition to this director’s canon, shrewdly rejecting the standard biopic’s rushed overview in favour of honing in on the pivotal moment of January 1865, when Honest Abe pushed through the amendment that would abolish slavery, and end the Civil War for good. In drawing from this one month’s activity all those virtues the man in office is claimed to have stood for, Lincoln treads not lightly, yet, even at its most thunderous, the film’s underlying love of democracy, fair play and common sense proves touching in a way a Spielberg film hasn’t properly been for some while. The film is revealing on the intricacies of Civil War-era party politics, but also – at a time of constitutional deadlock in the States – pointedly dramatises the giant steps forward a nation can take when its factions listen to one another and allow themselves to be surprised, rather than clinging to old certainties out of fear of what might lie ahead. John Hawkes, Tim Blake Nelson and James Spader offer appreciable light relief as the lobbyists Lincoln sent into the field to win votes, but the real heavy lifting gets done at the top of the cast list. Tommy Lee

Daniel Day Lewis stars in Spielberg’s mighty Oscar-winning biopic Jones – an actor surely born to dismiss one of his co-stars as ‘a pompous nincompoop’ – is on cherishably ornery form as Thaddeus Stevens, the wily, bewigged statesman who eased the amendment’s passage through the House of Representatives. Yet this is Daniel Day-Lewis’s show: often shot in profile, lost in deep thought, he has the presidential bearing and timbre down pat, weighing each step, offering a word, and often a whole paragraph, for everyone, until that critical moment when talk must give way to action. Watching yet another Day-Lewis masterclass, you realise there was no need for Hollywood to have turned Abe Lincoln into a vampire hunter, as the real thing was stirring enough. Here is a leader with the capacity to put a stake through any lingering evil with just one look, considered phrase or sly chuckle. Modern politicos, students of history and acting alike: watch and learn. Mike McCahill

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Political Cinema Sale The machinations of those in power may not always improve our lives, but they do make for great cinema. With NO and Lincoln released this month we celebrate some of the finest films that explore political figures, their wiles and vision, along with key events and the ideas that shape our world.


The Candidate

Christian Petzold

Michael Ritchie

Mr Smith Goes to Washington

A subtle, persuasive drama set in East Germany in 1980, where a nurse is aiming to escape to the West. But who can she trust in a climate of suspicion? A skilled reconstruction of tense times.

Robert Redford stars as a refreshingly honest politician who finds his worthy stance being challenged from every corner in this film based on real-life experiences of political campaigning during the sixties.

Frank Capra

Item# 69793 Germany | 2012 | 12 | 105 | £17.99

Item# 30316 USA | 1972 | | PG | £12.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £9

DVD: £6.99 Save £6

Item# 68307 USA | 1939 | 124 | B&W | U | £9.99


Fahrenheit 451

Land and Freedom

Dir: Michael Anderson. The first cinema version of Orwell’s dystopian novel. Edmond O’Brien takes the role of Winston Smith.

Julie Christie and Oskar Werner star in Truffaut’s first English language film, adapted from Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi story about a bookless future.

Dir: Ken Loach. Loach’s acclaimed Spanish Civil War film stars Ian Hart as a Liverpudlian who joins the fight against fascism in Spain.

Item# 31968 UK | 1956 | 90 | B&W | PG | £12.99

Item# 15527 UK | 1966 | 109 | PG | £9.99

Item# 20937 UK / Spain | 1995 | 109 | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

DVD: £5.99 Save £14

The Best Man

The Great Dictator

Odd Man Out

Dir: Franklin J. Schaffner. The 1964 film version of Gore Vidal’s everrelevant play about Presidential politicking. Henry Fonda stars.

Charlie Chaplin’s satire served as a warning to America against apathy in the face of Nazism and contains some of his most inventive moments.

Atmospheric and suspenseful, this Carol Reed film stars James Mason as an idealistic IRA leader, hunted relentlessly by the police.

Item# 55143 USA | 1964 | 97 | B&W | PG | £12.99

Item# 61461 / 61464 1940 | 126 | B&W | PG | £15.99

Item# 29582 UK | 1947 | 110 | B&W | PG | £19.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £7

DVD: £9.99 Save £6 Blu-ray: £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £10 Blu-ray: £11.99

Charlie Wilson’s War

The Ides of March


Dir: Mike Nichols. A deft political drama, set during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and Tom Hanks.

Dir: George Clooney. Clooney’s political drama follows Ryan Gosling’s idealistic young press secretary as he falls prey to dirty backroom politics.

Dir: Marco Bellocchio. A significant new filmic perspective on the life of Benito Mussolini, based on the true story of his secret first wife and son.

Item# 53415 / 64742 USA | 2007 | 98 | 15 | £9.99

Item# 67219 USA | 2011 | 101 | 15 | £19.99

Item# 62630 Italy / France | 2009 | 125 | subt | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £4 Blu-ray: £11.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £13 Blu-ray: £7.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £13 Blu-ray: £8.99


Il Divo


Dir: Oliver Hirschbiegel. Controversial, award-winning drama about the final days of Hitler and the Nazi regime. Bruno Ganz stars.

A riveting tale of political intrigue and organised crime, based on the extraordinary life of Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti (1919-2013).

Dir: Kevin Brownlow & Andrew Mollo. A beautiful recreation of the life and struggle of 17th century social reformer Gerrard Winstanley.

Item# 29427 Germany | 2004 | 155 | 15 | £15.99

Item# 58669 Italy / France | 2008 | 114 | subt | 15 | £15.99

Item# 67772 UK | 1975 | 96 | B&W | PG | £19.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £10

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

DVD+Blu-ray: £10.99 Save £9

The Dreamers

The Iron Lady


Dir: Bernardo Bertolucci. A heady brew of sex and politics for cineastes. Eva Green stars in Bertolucci’s return to Last Tango in Paris territory.

An Oscar-winning Meryl Streep turns in an amazing central performance as ex-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Dir: Costa-Gavras. A gripping, double Oscar-winning conspiracy thriller set in an unidentified Mediterranean country under a totalitarian regime.

Item# 19534 UK / France / USA | 2003 | 110 | 18 | £19.99

Item# 68066 UK | 2011 | 104 | 12 | £19.99

Item# 66659 France / Algeria | 1969 | 127 | subt | 15 | £14.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

DVD: £8.99 Save £11 DVD+Blu: £12.99

DVD: £12.99 Save £2

James Stewart, Jean Arthur and Claude Rains star in Capra’s classic drama in which Stewart’s naive senator discovers a cutthroat world of double dealing in Washington.

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DVD: £5.99 Save £4

Contemporary Film English Language Films, 1970 – present

The Legend of Hell House

New Releases Broken

Rufus Norris

An 11 year-old girl finds herself exposed to the inequities of life in this riteof-passage drama that features a remarkable performance by a new child star (Eloise Laurence) who finds herself in the middle of tragically interlocking lives on a London housing estate. Tim Roth, Rory Kinnear and Robert Emms star. UK | 2012 | STUDC | 91 | Cert 15 Item# 72115 / 72116 | RRP £17.99 | 1st July

John Hough

Pamela Franklin, Gayle Hunnicutt, Clive Revill and Roddy McDowall star in this 1970s haunted house movie in which a group of psychic investigators – a sceptical physicist, his wife, a psychic and the only survivor of the previous visit to Hell House – make an unnerving visit to the haunted mansion. USA | 1973 | ALT | 90 | Cert 15 Item# 71862 | RRP £9.99 | Out Now

Our DVD Price: £8.99

The Man from Snowy River George Miller

Adapted from ‘Banjo’ Patterson’s epic poem, this glorious Australian family film is filmed in stunning locations. In it, young Jim Craig makes the acquaintance of a grizzled prospector, Spur, and his brother, Harrison (both played by Kirk Douglas). When Jim falls for Harrison’s daughter, the old man doesn’t approve – but Jim is determined to prove his worth.

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray: £16.99

Cloud Atlas

A & L Wachowski A virtuoso, multi-stranded drama of action, mystery and romance, adapted from David Mitchell’s novel which explores how the actions of individual lives impact upon one another through the past, present and future. Tom Hanks stars. Germany / Hong Kong / Singapore | 2012 | WHV | 172 | | Cert 15 Item# 71761 / 71762 | RRP £15.99 | 1st July

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £17.99

Australia | 1982 | ODEON | 100 | Cert PG Item# 71771 | RRP £14.99 | 24th June

Our DVD Price: £11.99

The Manson Family Jim Van Bebber

Family Viewing

A biopic of the notorious Charles Manson and his followers. Shot in fauxdocumentary style, the film follows Manson (Marcelo Games) to the ‘Summer of Love’ in San Francisco, where he establishes a hippie commune.

Atom Egoyan

The darkly humorous breakthrough film from Egoyan, this is a sophisticated mock soap, set in a nursing home, a condominium and a phone sex establishment, charting the corrosive influence of TV and video on the fabric of family life. Canada | 1988 | ART-E | 86 | 18 Item# 71457 / 71458 | RRP £15.99 | 24th June

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £13.99


Sacha Gervasi Anthony Hopkins plays the legendary director in this biopic that chronicles the personal and professional relationship between Hitchcock and his wife Alma Reville (Helen Mirren) during the making of his 1960 classic Psycho. Scarlett Johansson plays Janet Leigh. USA | 2012 | FOX | 98 | Cert 12 Item# 71619 / 71620 | RRP £19.99 | 17th June

DVD Price: £13.99 Blu-ray: £17.99

Page 34

USA | 1997 | SEVER | 93 | Cert 18 Item# 71682 / 71671 | RRP £9.99 | 10th June

DVD Price: £8.99 Blu-ray: £11.99

Next of Kin

Atom Egoyan A sly comedy in which an unhappy young man undergoes video-therapy with his domineering parents. At the clinic, he comes across the tapes of a troubled Armenian family, who twenty years earlier gave up their infant son to a foster home. Pretending to be their son, Peter visits them – and they welcome him with open arms. Canada | 1984 | ART-E | 70 | Cert 15 Item# 71454 / 71505 | RRP £15.99 | 24th June

Stoker Recommended Director: Chan-Wook Park Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode, Dermot Mulroney Released: 1st July Extras: Deleted Scenes; Featurettes. Item# 72028 USA | 2012 | FOX | 99 | Cert 18

For his visually eloquent Englishlanguage debut, Korean director Chan-Wook Park (Oldboy) hasn’t so much brought something new to the table as brought back to the table something abandoned by the boys’ town LA has become: this is a contemporary, disturbing update of the 1940s women’s picture, referencing the likes of Jane Eyre and Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt, along with such odd Freudian exercises as Secret Beyond the Door. Following her father’s death, a reclusive teenager withdraws into the rural life she shares with her mother. But then her mysterious uncle arrives unannounced. Her initial distrust of his motivations begins to waver as she finds herself entranced by his sinister charm. At its best, Stoker is as vividly effective as any of its illustrious predecessors. Indeed, it’s a film that provides the gratifying, occasionally stirring sight of a distinctly off-kilter directorial sensibility being brought to a bigger screen and a wider audience without apparent compromise. MM

Buying Details Our DVD Price: £13.99 RRP: £19.99 Save £6

Blu-ray Price: £21.99

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £13.99

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RRP: £28.99 Save £7

June 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Oz: The Great and Powerful Sam Raimi

magical realm.

A fantasy adventure from Sam Raimi (Spider-Man) that acts as a prequel to the The Wizard of Oz, exploring how the titular hero (James Franco), a largely unsuccessful circus magician in Kansas, may have found his way to the Land of Oz and his early days in the Disney and the Road to Oz.

USA | 2013 | WDHV | 130 | Cert PG Item# 72140 / 72141 | RRP £17.99 | 1st July

DVD Price: £17.99 Blu-ray: £20.99

Perfect Friday Peter Hall

A mischievous early 70s crime caper starring the always-watchable Stanley Baker as a bank manager who teams up with a glamorous, aristocratic couple (David Warner and Ursula Andress) to pull off the ultimate inside job. 2 discs; New High Definition transfer; Alternative soundtrack score. UK | 1970 | NWORK | 95 | Cert 12 Item# 71083 | RRP £19.99 | 17th June

Our DVD+Blu-ray Price: £14.99

Side by Side

Bruce Beresford

There is a feast of 1970s nostalgia to be had in this madcap 1975 comedy starring Terry-Thomas and Barry Humphries. The film sees Sludgley’s rival nightclubs go to war when the council wants to shut one down. Cue guest performances by hot names in 1970s pop, such as Mud, Kenny, The Rubettes, Stephanie de Sykes and Restored. Desmond Dekker. UK | 1975 | ODEON | 82 | Cert PG Item# 71765 | RRP £12.99 | 24th June

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Song for Marion PA Williams

To the Wonder Terrence Malick

The latest beautiful film from Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life, Days of Heaven) is centred on a man (Ben Affleck) who is torn between two loves: an old flame and the European woman who comes to America to be with him (Olga Kurylenko). Throughout, Malick explores how love and its seasons – passion, sympathy, sorrow, obligation, indecision – can transform, destroy Making-of. and reinvent lives. USA | 2012 | STUDC | 113 | Cert 15 Item# 71614 / 71615 | RRP £17.99 | 17th June

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray: £15.99

Also Released... Beautiful Creatures Richard LaGravenese

Item# 71347 USA | 2013 | 124 | 12 | £24.99

DVD: £14.99 Blu-ray: £19.99

Broken City Allen Hughes

Item# 71356 USA | 2013 | 109 | 15 | £17.99

DVD: £12.99 Blu-ray: £16.99

A Good Day to Die Hard John Moore

Item# 71666 USA | 2013 | 98 | 12 | £19.99

DVD: £13.99 Blu-ray: £24.99


Jeremy Freeston

Item# 71828 UK | 1997 | 150 | 12 | £5.99

Our DVD Price: £5.99


Andrés Muschietti

Item# 71593 Spain | 2013 | 100 | 15 | £17.99

DVD: £13.99 Blu-ray: £18.39

Maniac (2012) Franck Khalfoun

Item# 71960 USA | 2012 | 89 | 18 | £17.99

DVD: £12.99 Blu-ray: £13.99

This Is 40

A heartwarming comedy in which Terence Stamp’s grumpy pensioner is inspired by his terminally ill wife (Vanessa Redgrave) to join a local choir. When Marion is no longer able to make practice he takes her place – and begins a journey that will help him prepare for life without her.

Judd Apatow

UK | 2012 | E1 | 93 | Cert 12 Item# 71575 / 71579 | RRP £15.99 | 24th June

Item# 71597 USA | 2012 | 97 | 15 | £15.99

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £14.99

Item# 71531 USA | 2012 | 133 | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £14.99 Blu-ray: £19.99

The Vineyard James Hong

Item# 71759 USA | 1989 | 90 | 18 | £12.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Warm Bodies

Jonathan Levine

DVD: £11.99 Blu-ray: £14.99


Zero Dark Thirty Recommended Director: Kathryn Bigelow Starring: Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Ehle, Mark Strong, Chris Pratt, Joel Edgerton, Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, Scott Adkins, James Gandolfini Released: 10th June Extras: UltraViolet Digital Copy. Item# 71431 USA | 2012 | UPV | 157 | Cert 15

Kathryn Bigelow’s expertly executed thriller is a clear-eyed, even-handed account of the horror and heroism leading up to the death of Osama Bin Laden. Like The Hurt Locker, it’s a masterclass in un-contrived suspense, and a powerful, unsentimental depiction of how warriors are shaped by war. Jessica Chastain plays ‘Maya’, a young CIA officer on the hunt for Bin Laden, in a striking performance that recalls the intensity, intelligence and loneliness of Jodie Foster’s Clarice Starling. Mark Boal’s screenplay skilfully condenses a decade of real world events into a singular narrative, but, like The Silence of the Lambs, much of the drama comes from watching a brilliant young woman defy the scepticism and chauvinism of her colleagues. There is one key difference though: Maya’s hunt must end in a death. This lends Bigelow’s film a darkness and ambiguity that many of its critics have seemingly failed to grasp; yes, Zero Dark Thirty shows how we can win, but it also reveals what we may have lost. MW

Buying Details Our DVD Price: £12.99 RRP: £19.99 Save £7

Blu-ray Price: £16.99 RRP: £24.99 Save £8

Page 35

To the Wonder

James Oliver’s From the Cheap Seats


Image from Herostratus


his column seldom, if ever, touches upon literary matters, but we make an exception this month to herald the arrival in paperback of the new book Offbeat, and we do so for two reasons. The first is because it is edited, and largely written, by Julian Upton, of this parish. Julian is one of our best, possessed of insight, judgement and good jokes (I cherish his description of Edward Woodward’s Callan: ‘a triumph of controlled violence, disarming vulnerability and hairpiece adhesive’). Those qualities are present and correct here, so it’s a pleasure to read. And honesty compels me to note that fellow MovieMailers Graeme Hobbs and, er, me, also contributed pieces to the book. The main reason to clasp Offbeat to our collective bosom though is that it deals with a subject that I think is ever more important. The subtitle says it all: Offbeat tackles ‘British cinema’s curiosities, obscurities and forgotten gems’. Starting in the mid-1950s (after the glow of the 1940s Golden Age had faded) and ending in 1985 (‘British film year’), the book escorts us through a parade of films that have never become part of the official histories. A pattern quickly establishes itself. These are often genre films, low of budget and (sometimes) loose of moral; the sort of things that gives BAFTA the heebie-jeebies. Sometimes mainstream (A Prize of Arms), occasionally artistic (Herostratus) and spasmodically crass (Percy), they are rarely familiar even to those of us who thought we were well-versed in British cinema. It builds into what might be an alternative history of British cinema, where Val Guest and Sidney Hayers are finally acknowledged as major

British cinema’s curiosities, obscurities and forgotten gems directors (and where Sir Richard Attenborough doesn’t even make the index); where rock ‘n’ roll movies are more important than costume dramas. Where films were made for British audiences rather than to cater to American preconceptions of jolly old England. Not all the films are of the same standard; given that well over a hundred are discussed, there’s inevitably some dross (amusingly reviewed dross, mind). But the quality is remarkably high: Payroll is a tight heist thriller that holds its own against contemporaneous American crime; Sitting Target and The Squeeze are two 70s crime films arguably superior to Get Carter. The stunning The Black Panther is a horrific true crime film buried on release but which now looks like a near-masterpiece. Not all the films are on DVD yet, although the situation is improving thanks to a few DVD labels committed to British film: Odeon (Mumsy, Nanny,

Sonny and Girly; Never Too Young To Rock (!)), Renown (The Strange World of Planet X; The Shakedown) and, above all, the BFI, whose ongoing Flipside series (Bronco Bullfrog, Deep End, Herostratus…) is one of the most important projects in the film world. Let’s hope they take further inspiration from Julian’s magnificent tome (and yes, I know that if I had a shred of critical objectivity, I’d call him ‘Upton’, not Julian. But I haven’t, and anyway, calling him ‘Upton’ makes me feel like I’m a sneering prefect at a minor private school). For myself, it’s already introduced me to many wonderful films I was previously unaware of. And if Julian ever plans a sequel, there are hundreds more waiting to be rediscovered...

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CFF Collection - Weird Adventures This highly enjoyable third volume of films from the archives of the Children’s Film Foundation contains three very weird adventures indeed. There’s The Boy who Turned Yellow - Powell & Pressburger’s splendidly eccentric final collaboration in which a boy does exactly that, The Monster of Highgate Ponds - a tale of a home-grown monster from the erstwhile Head of the GPO Film Unit, Alberto Calvalcanti, with the film featuring delightful animated sequences from Halas & Batchelor, and A Hitch in Time, in which Patrick Troughton’s whiskery inventor sends two children off on an unpredictable journey through English history in his home-made time machine. It’s all great fun, with plenty to appeal to novice or nostalgist alike. Item# 70680 UK | 1961-78 | 162 | U | £19.99

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