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A Late Quartet

A moving and thoughtful ensemble drama Also Inside

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About MovieMail MovieMail Team Q. With A Late Quartet as our film of the month (page 5) and also a sale of classical music in film (page 19), our question is ‘What’s your favourite music-themed film?’.

It’s the year of our seventeenth anniversary but the idea stays the same – to share interesting films and to celebrate one of the world’s great communal art forms.

Alain Corneau’s Tous les Matins du Monde

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July 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

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n extraordinary coincidence of releases in July sees the same actress, Lillian Gish, appearing in two films that she made 72 years apart. She was 21 when she starred in DW Griffiths’s still-controversial 1915 film The Birth of a Nation (page 20), and 93 when she took her last role in Lindsay Anderson’s 1987 film, The Whales of August (page 27). An interesting double bill! You’ll notice a profusion of starred releases in our contemporary section this month. Lack of space means that some films worthy of reviews – A Field in England, Danny Boyle’s Trance, The Place Beyond the Pines – had to settle for less. Don’t let this put you off, they are all well


Film of the Month 5 A Late Quartet To Have and Have Not Ealing Rarities Volume 3

worth your time.

Mike McCahill (Tom Hanks’ That Thing You Do!) writes on film for The Sunday Telegraph and on cinema for MovieMail Anthony Nield (Nicolas Roeg’s Performance) edits The Digital Fix and



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In the House Le Pont du Nord

Finally, two must-see additions to our range of Exclusives & Rarities: To Have and Have Not, the film which first teamed up Humphrey Bogart with Lauren Bacall, and 70s spy thriller Three Days of the Condor with Robert Redford.

Silent Film

Enjoy your films



The Birth of a Nation



Jennings Volume 3


Television The Village


The Whales of August Three Days of the Condor A. Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colours Blue

François Girard’s Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould) Angie is a Contributing Editor of Empire magazine and a Sony Award-winning broadcaster on film, arts and entertainment for BBC radio and television. She also reviews films regularly for the Mail on Sunday and Metro newspapers, while her own books include The Rough Guide to The Lord of the Rings.

Rick Burin (Humphrey Jennings’ Spare Time) has a blog over at


Classic Movies

Angela Errigo

Michael Brooke (Allan Arkush’s Rock’n’Roll High School) has a blog over at


writes for The Quietus and New Empress magazine James Oliver (Peter Jackson’s Meet The Feebles) is a freelance film writer David Parkinson (Richard Lester’s A Hard Day’s Night) is a film critic and historian with a number of books on cinema to his name, most recently 100 Ideas That Changed Film Julian Upton (Claude Whatham’s That’ll Be the Day) wrote Fallen Stars and Offbeat


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John Boorman’s classic thriller in which a man left for dead by his wife and her boyfriend exacts a terrible revenge. Lee Marvin plays the remorseless Walker in this neo-noir classic filled with New Wave style and blunt dialogue. Item# 71894 USA | 1967 | 87 | 18 | £12.99

DVD: £11.99

2 NO

NO tells the true story of how a young advertising executive helped Chile free itself from Pinochet’s dictatorship. An intelligent, furtively humorous film in which ’80s-style cinematography blends seamlessly with real campaign footage. Item# 71756 Chile | 2012 | 118 | subt | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £13.99 Save £6

3 Lincoln

Steven Spielberg’s mighty, Oscar-winning biopic stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. The film focuses on one month in Lincoln’s life, which not only saw the ending of slavery but also victory in the American Civil War. Item# 71391 USA / India | 2012 | 144 | 12 | £19.99

DVD: £12.99 Save £7

4 Time of the Gypsies

A vivid and magical film from Emir Kusturica, in which a young gypsy with telekinetic powers is seduced by a world of petty crime. Grand, surreal, absorbing, fantastical – this is many films in one and cannot help but mark itself indelibly on the viewer. Item# 71474 Yugoslavia / Italy | 1988 | 136 | subt | 15 | £14.99

DVD: £13.99 Save £1

5 A Late Quartet

and the 8 Emil Detectives

6 Phantom Lady


DVD: £11.99 Save £4

DVD: £8.99 Save £1

7 Volume 3

Ealing Rarities: DVD: £11.99 Save £3

DVD: £13.99 Save £6


The Spirit of ‘45 DVD: £11.99 Save £3

Underground DVD+Blu-ray: £13.99 Save £6

Reader Feedback David Wootton got in touch to enquire about the availability of Clochemerle, a much-requested 1972 BBC series set in a village in France’s Beaujolais region, scripted by Galton & Simpson, narrated by Peter Ustinov and starring a host of familiar faces. It was due to be released this summer but has been postponed for an entertaining reason. Acorn Media have put the release back to November to coincide with the arrival of this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau! Certainly something to look forward to for when the nights start drawing in. Please email with queries, news and musings or send us a postcard.

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Names of the Month: Daniel Birt, David Farrar, Randolph Scott, Reg Varney, Lillian Gish

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July 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

MovieMail’s Film of the Month

A Late Quartet Recommended Director: Yaron Zilberman Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Christopher Walken Released: 29th July Extras: TBC Item# 71805 | USA | 2012 | ART-E | 106 | Cert 15

Buying Details

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£11.99 RRP: £15.99 Save £4

W B 55 Bonus Points If purchased for £11.99

Also on Blu-ray A Late Quartet Item# 71794 USA | £19.99

Blu-ray Price: £13.99

See Also Hilary and Jackie Anand Tucker

Item# 50888 UK | 1999 | 121 | 15 | £15.99

Our DVD Price: £5.99


Dustin Hoffman Item# 70834 UK | £19.99

DVD: £13.99

Three Colours Blue

Krzysztof Kieslowski Item# 8741 Fr | 100 | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our DVD Price: £5.99

ith a great ensemble at the top of their games, and accompanied by sublime chamber music, A Late Quartet proves a more grown-up and thoughtful relationship drama than most of the recent ‘movies for the mature’. It’s an actors’ showcase, and a tuneful one too. Christopher Walken plays Peter, cellist and bedrock of New York-based The Fugue Quartet. They are about to begin rehearsals for their 25th anniversary concert series when Peter has to tell the others that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This is devastating to all of them, professionally and personally. The older Peter was teacher and mentor to the others when they were students. He and his late wife raised the viola player Juliette (Catherine Keener) after her parents died. Juliette is married to second violinist Robert (Philip Seymour Hoffman). And their bewitching daughter Alexandra is studying under – and we do mean under – passionate first violinist Daniel. So the ties that bind them all are tight. There is a lot of love between them, but there are also the jealousies and


Moving, thoughtful cinema accompanied by sublime music resentments of artistic egos vying for excellence, attention and control. A lot has been suppressed in their years of collaboration and Peter’s bombshell opens emotional floodgates. Hoffman has top billing but it’s a toss-up whose film this is because they all deliver. Certainly his Robert is one of the most sensitive and sympathetic characters he has played in an age. Walken is painfully moving but also conveys the solace and beauty in a life immersed in music. Writer-director Yaron Zilberman immerses us in the cultural life of New York and the intimate intensity among these long-term friends and collaborators. The film’s title refers to the centrepiece of their rehearsals, Beethoven’s revolutionary Opus 131 String Quartet in C-sharp minor, composed shortly before his death, its movements a perfect musical metaphor for the quartet’s journey and legacy. Angie Errigo Page 5

Classic Movies English Language Films, 1930 - 1969 Dakota Lil

New Releases

Lesley Selander 1950 western starring George Montgomery as an agent sent undercover by the US Treasury to try and recover the fortune stolen in a train hold-up by the Hole in the Wall gang. He teams up with forger Dakota Lil (Marie Windsor) to try and haul in the baddies.

Abdul the Damned Karl Grune

The first British film by Karl Grune (Die Strasse, 1923) is a gripping drama of a sinister Sultan (Fritz Kortner, Pandora’s Box) tortured by fear of assassination. The film also stars John Stuart and Swedish silent-era heartthrob Nils Asther. UK | 1935 | NWORK | 90 | Cert PG Item# 72111 | RRP £9.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Billy the Kid: Smoking Guns / Trapped Sam Newfield

A pair of 1942 westerns starring Buster Crabbe as the legendary outlaw: Smoking Guns in which Billy, Fuzzy and Jeff find themselves mixed up with some ranchers who are being given a tough time by a sheriff and Trapped.

Edwin L. Marin

A fast-paced western starring Randolph Scott as a member of the Confederate gang Quaintrill’s Raiders who is given the opportunity to try his hand at being a lawman after switching identities.

Gipsy Blood Cecil Lewis

The Cariboo Trail Edwin L. Marin

A 1950 western starring Randolph Scott as a rancher who sets out for British Columbia in the hope of a better life. First though he has to cross the land of Frank Walsh, who takes payment by force when people refuse to pay a toll to cross a bridge in his territory. USA | 1950 | SIMP | 81 | Cert PG Item# 71708 | RRP £12.99 | 22nd July

In 1931, Sir Malcolm Sargent, then a rising young conductor, acted as musical director for this first filmed musical version of Prosper Mérimée’s classic story of passion and fatal jealousy. With a score based on Bizet’s opera, Gipsy Blood features celebrated American soprano Marguerite Namara as the capricious gipsy girl from the cigarette factory. 10 minutes of deleted scenes; Brand-new transfer from original film elements. UK | 1932 | NWORK | 90 | Cert U Item# 72097 | RRP £9.99 | 22nd July

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

The Curse of Frankenstein Terence Fisher

Hammer’s horror was the first to update the Gothic classic with lurid bloodletting. Peter Cushing brings an icy English malevolence to Baron Frankenstein; Christopher Lee is both hideous and strangely human as the 2 discs; Monster. Bonus feature: The Four Sided Triangle (1953).

Page 6

Fighting Man of the Plains

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

DVD Price: £13.99 Blu-ray: £17.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

USA | 1949 | SIMP | 90 | | Cert PG Item# 71721 | RRP £12.99 | 22nd July

USA | 1942 | SIMP | 120 | Cert U Item# 71715 | RRP £12.99 | 22nd July

UK | 1957 | LGATE | 80 | Cert 15 Item# 72181 / 72182 | RRP £19.99 | 8th July

USA | 1950 | SIMP | 84 | Cert PG Item# 71717 | RRP £12.99 | 22nd July

The Lone Ranger / The Lost City of Gold Heisler / Selander

A double bill of westerns featuring the masked hero and his Native American sidekick Tonto: The Lone Ranger (Heisler, 1956) and The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold (Selander, 1958). Clayton Moore plays the eponymous hero, Jay Silverheels, Tonto.

Otley Recommended Exclusive Director: Dick Clement Starring: Tom Courtenay, Freddie Jones, Romy Schneider, Alan Badel, Leonard Rossiter, James Bolam, Edward Hardwicke, James Villiers Released: 15th July Item# 71518 UK | 1968 | SONY | 87 | Cert 15

Tom Courtenay, at his most mischievous and endearing, is Gerald Arthur Otley, a womanising scamp and sometime Notting Hill bric-a-brac dealer. Always on the scrounge for a place to stay, preferably at the invite of a member of the opposite sex, he gets out of his depth one night after crashing down at a swanky townhouse party. When the host turns up dead, Otley finds he is the chief suspect. But instead of talking to the police, he is soon up to his neck in kidnappers, double-crossers and a group of agents led by the fragrant Imogen (Romy Schneider). In order to clear his name, he has no choice but to play along with the lively spy-jinks. Taking its place in a long line of modish spy comedies, Otley is youthful and lean, and charged with an infectious zeal, achieving its casual goals with an apparent breezy effortlessness. The supporting cast teems with youngish performers just becoming household names or faces – James Bolam, Leonard Rossiter, Freddie Jones, James Villiers – and the script by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais is awash with genuinely funny dialogue. JU

Buying Details

USA | 1956-58 | UPV | 163 | Cert PG Item# 72230 | RRP £9.99 | 22nd July

Our DVD Price: £8.99

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Our DVD Price:

£12.99 RRP: £12.99

July 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

To Have and Have Not Recommended Limited Stocks Director: Howard Hawks Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall Released: Out Now Extras: Dutch Region 2 edition, playable in all UK DVD players; Original English with optional subtitles; Making-of; Merry Melodies Cartoon; Bogart and Bacall perform at the Lux Radio Theatre. Item# 69866 | USA | 1944 | Parovisie | 96 | B&W | Cert PG

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

£9.99 RRP: £14.99 Save £5

B 45 Bonus Points If purchased for £9.99

See Also The Big Sleep Howard Hawks

Item# 6230 USA | 1946 | 110 | B&W | PG | £15.99

Our DVD Price: £5.99


Michael Curtiz

Item# 5075 USA | 1942 | 102 | B&W | U | £12.99

Our DVD Price: £5.99

For Whom the Bell Tolls Sam Wood

Item# 15529 USA | 1943 | 158 | PG | £9.99

Our DVD Price: £5.99


ou do know how to whistle, don’t you Steve?’ asks Lauren Bacall’s Slim, raising an eyebrow. ‘You just put your lips together and ... blow.’ And with those words, a sultry, chain-smoking 19-year-old in a striped dressing-gown became a star. To Have and Have Not is swamped in such mythos. It began as a bet, with director Howard Hawks telling Ernest Hemingway that he could make a movie out of the worst thing the author ever wrote: ‘that bunch of junk, To Have and Have Not’. The feline, husky-voiced Bacall, one of the few stars to make her first appearance in a lead part, got her break after being spotted on the front of Harper’s Bazaar by Hawks’ wife. Warner’s publicity machine would make much of ‘The Look’ – the actress’s signature expression; her chin pulled close to her chest, her eyes peering upwards – but it was the only way the newcomer could disguise the fact she was shaking with nerves. Jules Furthman wrote the initial screenplay, only to attract the ire of the US Government, so Hawks suggested shifting the action from Cuba to the less contentious Martinique, and let resident script


A legendary movie with one of cinema’s most iconic pairings doctor William Faulkner take a crack at it. With echoes of Casablanca, the finished film concerns a fishing boat captain (Humphrey Bogart) who is drawn into helping the Free French, but spends much of his time sparring with seductive saloon singer Lauren Bacall. Also on board are the great character actor Walter Brennan, playing Bogie’s alcoholic right-hand man, and hopeless resistance fighter Dolores Moran, who’s not sure whether she loves the captain or hates him. Hoagy Carmichael pounds the ivories tunefully in place of Casablanca’s Dooley Wilson. The film is light on plot but heavy on entertainment, its script dripping with zingers, and the performances crackling with life. Bogie and Bacall began an affair three weeks into filming and their chemistry is scorching: they’re hardly able to keep their eyes and hands off each other. Hawks’ movie is legendary. So why not put your feet up and bask in the heat of one of cinema’s most iconic pairings? Rick Burin Page 7

To Have and Have Not

Classic Movies The Man Who Finally Died Quentin Lawrence

Stanley Baker, Peter Cushing and Mai Zetterling feature in the impressive line-up for this British espionage thriller set in postwar Germany, where a man’s search for his father reveals some disturbing truths. UK | 1963 | NWORK | 96 | Cert PG Item# 72067 | RRP £9.99 | 1st July

The Old Man and the Sea

Our DVD Price: £8.99

The Missing Million Philip Brandon

A sprightly British wartime mystery drama, adapted from a story by Edgar Wallace about a millionaire who goes missing the night before his wedding. His sister hires a private detective to track him down, and he quickly uncovers a trail of bodies that leads towards a mysterious figure known as the Panda. John Stuart, Linden Travers and Patricia Hilliard also star. A quintessential Edgar Wallace film. Brand-new transfer from original elements. UK | 1942 | NWORK | 90 | Cert PG Item# 72086 | RRP £9.99 | 22nd July

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation Henry Koster

A quiet vacation at the beach with his wife (Maureen O’Hara) turns into a nightmarish full family reunion for grumpy grandpa Roger Hobbs (James Stewart) in this delightful comedy with a sparkling script from Nunnally Johnson. Digitally remastered. USA | 1962 | ODEON | 112 | Cert PG Item# 71839 | RRP £14.99 | 29th July

Our DVD Price: £11.99


André De Toth

Veronica Lake stars in this western about a bitter territorial battle between a wilful woman who has inherited land from her father and landowner Ivey (Preston Foster) whose advances she spurns. Her foreman (Joel McCrea) favours a peaceful solution, but the two adversaries are bent on vengeance. USA | 1947 | SIMP | 90 | Cert PG Item# 71720 | RRP £12.99 | 22nd July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Page 10


Limited Stocks

Director: John Sturges Starring: Spencer Tracy Released: Out Now Extras: Region 2 French import; Plays in original English language with optional subtitles. Item# 70865 USA | 1958 | WHVFrance | 86 | Cert U

In 1938, Spencer Tracy won his first Best Actor Oscar for Captains Courageous, playing a Portuguese fisherman who bonds with a little boy and teaches him how to be a man. Here, 20 years on, Tracy pushes out once more. Again his closest confidante is a child who respects him beyond measure, but the latent dark thoughts of that earlier character are replaced by a sad and quiet world-weariness, as his lonely, unlucky Cuban endures an 84th day without a catch. On the 85th, he hooks a gargantuan marlin, only for the invisible quarry to drag him further and further out to sea, spending his dwindling energy and threatening his life. John Sturges takes an aggressively faithful approach to adapting Hemingway’s ‘unfilmable’ novella, but the main draw here is Tracy. It’s something else to hear him tackling the beauty and profundity of Hemingway’s prose, his steady, unpretentious handling perfectly complementing the material, with its overtones of obsession, spirituality and mortality. RB

The Long Ships Recommended Exclusive Director: Jack Cardiff Starring: Sidney Poitier, Gordon Jackson, Colin Blakely, Richard Widmark, Lionel Jeffries, Russ Tamblyn, Oskar Homolka, David Lodge, Edward Judd, Clifford Evans, Rosanna Schiaffino Released: 15th July Item# 71477 UK / Yugoslavia | 1964 | SONY | 120 | Cert PG

By Odin’s beard, here’s a thunderingly good romp. Richard Widmark stars as Rolfe, a Viking who loses both his crew and his boat – but not before learning the location of a fabulous treasure: a great big bell all made out of gold. He sets out on a return mission with an eye to bringing the gold back home to the fjords, but he has competition – Moorish prince Sidney Poitier wants it too. Their race for the bell, appropriately enough, strikes up a right old ding-dong. Jack Cardiff had dealt with Norsemen before when he photographed Richard Fleischer’s The Vikings. The Long Ships, though, is even less historically accurate and even more rumbustious than that stately Scandinavian saga. Freed from any constraints of respectability, Cardiff trowels on the feasting and the fighting, decorating the film with such thoroughly lurid touches as the horrible execution machine ‘the mare of steel’. This is adventure at its most brash and all the more enjoyable for it. So pour yourself a horn of mead and enjoy the fun. JO

Buying Details

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

Our DVD Price:

RRP: £14.99 Save £5

RRP: £12.99


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July 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Ealing Studios Rarities Collection: Volume 3 Recommended Contains: Freida (Dearden, 1947), Cage of Gold (Dearden, 1950), The Impassive Footman (Dean, 1932), Death Drives Through (Cahn, 1935) Starring: David Farrar, Jean Simmons, Mai Zetterling, Glynis Johns, Bernard Lee Released: Out Now Image from The Impassive Footman

Extras: 2 discs. Item# 71032 | UK | 1950 | NWORK | 360 | B&W | Cert PG

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

£11.99 RRP: £14.99 Save £3

B 65 Bonus Points If purchased for £13.99

See Also Ealing Rarities Volume 1

Item# 71030 UK | 1930-54 | 360 | B&W | PG | £14.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Ealing Rarities Volume 2

Item# 71031 UK | 1935-42 | 360 | B&W | PG | £14.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99


f the four films contained in this latest volume of Ealing rarities, there is a genuine find in the form of Frieda, Basil Dearden’s 1947 film about the tricky subject of postwar treatment of Germans. It stars the saturnine David Farrar, fresh from Black Narcissus, essaying his brand of stern and slightly impatient sensitivity as an RAF man who has escaped from enemy territory thanks to the help of a German girl (Mai Zetterling) he hurriedly half-marries (she is Catholic, he is not) under fire in a bombedout church in No Man’s Land. He returns with her to his home in Denfield. ‘Nothing to be frightened of there,’ he reassures Frieda, ‘it’s like any other town in England’ – underestimating the task of winning over the townsfolk by introducing a German girl into their midst while the war is still on. Dearden’s 1950 film, Cage of Gold, also stars David Farrar, having a whale of a time as a sly, smirking seducer – an irredeemable cad who spells trouble for the women who fall in his path, not least his old flame Judy (Jean Simmons), whose plans to settle down with a nice dependable doctor are thrown into turmoil


A fine collection of four films, including the excellent Frieda when her head is turned. It’s a thick pea-souper of a melodrama, with betrayal and blackmail, love thwarted and love found, with familiar faces – Bernard Lee as an investigating officer (as he often was at the time), and the dependable Gladys Henson as a nanny (as she often was, and indeed is, in Frieda) – adding reassurance. The set is completed by a pair of 1930s quota quickies, of which the first is the John Huston and Katherine Struebyscripted Death Drives Through – a full-throttle motor-racing drama filmed at Brooklands banked race-track and air field. Lastly, The Impassive Footman is a ripe melodrama punctuated with plenty of cutting retorts and surprisingly sour oneliners which at one point includes a scene that would not have been out of place in an effective Universal horror of the era. All told, a good collection to satisfy a variety of tastes. Graeme Hobbs Page 11


Classic Movies Sleeping Car to Trieste John Paddy Carstairs

A postwar British spy thriller set on The Orient Express, which a man who has stolen a politically dangerous diary boards, pursued by spies. Double-crossing, adultery, murder and robbery ensue. Albert Lieven and Jean Kent star.

Highlights New from Odeon B Movie Double Bills The Birth of a Nation (Masters of Cinema) DW Griffith

Item# 71812 USA | 190 | B&W | 15 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £14.99

Complete Humphrey Jennings: Volume 3 Item# 71909 UK | 213 | B&W | E | £19.99

UK | 1948 | Strawberry | 91 | PG Item# 72050 | RRP £12.99 | 12th August

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Three Hats for Lisa Sidney Hayers

An exuberant musical romp set in the heart of Swinging London. French pin-up Sophie Hardy is whisked away on arrival at Heathrow by her number one fan, Johnny Howjego (Joe Brown) and his Cockney pals Sammy, Flora and Sid (Sid James), taking her around London and trying to bag her a bowler, a busby and a policeman’s helmet. Brand-new transfer from original elements. UK | 1966 | NWORK | 90 | Cert U Item# 72128 | RRP £9.99 | 12th August

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Three Steps in the Dark Daniel Birt

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Victim Five Robert Lynn

Lex Barker (Tarzan), Walter Rilla and Ronald Fraser star in this midsixties British thriller that takes full advantage of its spectacular South African setting, showcasing sumptuous imagery from cinematographer Nicolas Roeg. UK | 1964 | NWORK | 90 | Cert U Item# 72139 | RRP £9.99 | 12th August

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Page 12

Best of British B Movies – Corsair Collection: Vol 1 Birt / Elvey A great double bill of classic 1950s British crime thrillers from Corsair Pictures, both scripted by prolific screenwriter Brock Williams (Candlelight in Algeria, Rag Doll): the engaging comedy-thriller The Harassed Hero (Maurice Elvey, 1954) and The Night Won’t Talk (Daniel Birt, 1952) – one of Corsair’s finest whodunnit murder mysteries, in which, after a beautiful young artist’s model is strangled in her bed, Scotland Yard find themselves with three suspects – her sinister ex-husband, a sexually disturbed artist and her violent new boyfriend. Unseen since their first screening, these lost gems of British cinema have been rediscovered, restored and remastered for their release. Item# 72019 UK | 1952-54 | 120 | B&W | PG | £14.99

One of the BFI’s 75 Most Wanted ‘Missing, believed lost’ films, this sparkling Agatha Christie-style murder mystery was recently found in a UK film storage facility. Untouched for over fifty years, it has now been restored to its former glory. It features all the classic ingredients: a lonely country house, a cantankerous patriarch, changes to a will and siblings falling out. Hugh Sinclair, Greta Gynt and John van Eyssen star. UK | 1953 | ODEON | 57 | Cert PG Item# 72021 | RRP £12.99 | 8th July

Our DVD+Blu-ray Price: £13.99

DVD: £11.99 Save £3

A Field in England Ben Wheatley

Item# 72091 UK | 2013 | B&W | 15 | £21.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £17.59

In the House François Ozon

Item# 72221 Fr | 106 | subt | 15 | £17.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie John Cassavetes

Item# 72013 USA | 1976 | 108 | B&W | 15 | £19.99

Our DVD+Blu-ray Price: £13.99

A Late Quartet Yaron Zilberman

Item# 71794 USA | 2012 | 106 | 15 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Me and You

Bernardo Bertolucci

Item# 71993 Italy | 96 | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

The Place Beyond the Pines Derek Cianfrance

Item# 72005 USA | 2012 | 140 | 15 | £24.99

The Corsair Collection: Vol 2 Birt / Williams A second volume of 1950s British crime thrillers produced by Corsair Pictures: comedy crime caper I’m a Stranger (Brock Williams, 1952) and Meet Mr. Malcolm (Daniel Birt, 1954). In I’m a Stranger, a man returns from India to claim his inheritance from grasping relatives – but is he really who he claims to be? Meet Mr. Malcolm is a gripping, Agatha Christie-style country house whodunnit with a fiendish twist in which a celebrated mystery writer (Richard Gale) finds himself accompanying his estranged wife on the trail of a devious and twisted murderer. Sinister letters from London refer to a ‘double crime’. Who will be the killer’s next victim? Item# 72020 UK | 1952-54 | 120 | B&W | U | £14.99

DVD: £11.99 Save £3

Our Blu-ray Price: £17.99

Le Pont du Nord (Masters of Cinema) Jacques Rivette

Item# 71816 France | 129 | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Post Tenebras Lux Carlos Reygadas

Item# 71786 Mexico | 115 | subt | 18 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £14.99

Runaway Train

Andrei Konchalovsky

Item# 71917 USA | 1985 | 109 | 15 | £19.99

Our DVD+Blu-ray Price: £13.99


Danny Boyle

Item# 72224 UK | 2013 | 102 | 15 | £28.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £24.49

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Vintage British Cinema Sale Treat yourself to some mouthwatering vintage British movies with these 18 DVDs from Strawberry Films. Over the last couple of years, Strawberry have been reliably publishing real crackers from the archives. This sale collects some of the best and is packed with classics featuring beloved stars.

The Rocking Horse Winner

Stanley Baker Box Set

A drama set in a British Borstal, whose governor (Jack Warner) tries to reform a group of juvenile delinquents through sympathy rather than punishment. Dirk Bogarde and Richard Attenborough star.

Anthony Pelissier

Three films starring the the everwatchable leading man: Violent Playground (Dearden, 1958), maritime adventure Sea Fury (Endfield, 1958) and motor-racing drama Checkpoint (Thomas, 1956).

Item# 70112 UK | 1949 | 83 | B&W | U | £12.99

Item# 66543 UK | 1949 | 87 | B&W | PG | £12.99

Montgomery Tully

John Mills and John Howard Davies star in this dark psychological drama adapted from DH Lawrence’s story about a boy who is given a sinister rocking horse. DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £8.99 Save £7

Conspiracy of Hearts

High Treason

Operation Amsterdam

Dir: Ralph Thomas. A 1960 drama starring Lilli Palmer and Sylvia Syms as two nuns smuggling Jewish children out of an internment camp.

Dir: Roy Boulting. A 1951 British espionage thriller – a sequel to Seven Days to Noon. Liam Redmond and André Morell star.

Dir: Michael McCarthy. WWII thriller in which a team of British experts are sent into Holland to secure a cache of valuable diamonds.

Item# 67225 UK | 1960 | 113 | B&W | PG | £12.99

Item# 70106 UK | 1951 | 89 | B&W | | £12.99

Item# 66095 UK | 1959 | 104 | B&W | £12.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

Deadly Nightshade



Dir: John Gilling. A well-scripted, twisting British suspense thriller in which an innocent man is mistaken for an escaped convict.

Dir: Charles Crichton. An early British road movie. Dirk Bogarde plays a killer on the run who joins up with an emotionally scarred youngster.

Dir: Basil Dearden. A hard-hitting British 1950s crime drama exploring racist attitudes towards immigrants among the London public and police.

Item# 70116 UK | 1953 | 61 | B&W | 15 | £12.99

Item# 67410 UK | 1952 | 81 | B&W | PG | £12.99

Item# 66098 UK | 1959 | 91 | £12.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

Flame in the Streets

The Man Who Changed His Mind

The Singer Not The Song

Dir: Robert Stevenson. Boris Karloff stars as a once-respectable scientist. The title is literal.

Dir: Roy Ward Baker. Dirk Bogarde and John Mills play gunslinger and priest in this homoerotic western.

Item# 67722 UK | 1936 | 65 | B&W | £12.99

Item# 64642 UK | 1961 | 133 | PG | £12.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £6.99 Save £6

No Love for Johnnie

So Long at the Fair

Dir: Ralph Thomas. Peter Finch plays the parliamentary MP whose thirst for greater power leads him into political intrigue in this 1961 film.

Dir: Fisher & Darnborough. Jean Simmons and Dirk Bogarde play the pair who try to solve the mystery of her brother’s disappearance in Paris.

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

Dir: Roy Ward Baker. A seething melodrama about racial tensions in early 1960s England, starring John Mills and Sylvia Syms. Item# 66104 UK | 1961 | 83 | B&W | PG | £12.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

Great British Movies: Horror Nothing But the Night (1973), Vampire Circus (1971), The Man Who Changed His Mind (1936). 3 discs.

Item# 66115 UK | 1961 | 110 | B&W | 12 | £12.99

Item# 64606 UK | 1950 | 86 | B&W | PG | £12.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £7

DVD: £6.99 Save £6

DVD: £6.99 Save £6

The High Bright Sun

Nothing But the Night

Violent Playground

Dir: Ralph Thomas. Dirk Bogarde stars in this adventure set in Cyprus in 1957 against the background of the island’s independence struggle.

Dir: Peter Sasdy. Lee and Cushing star as policeman and pathologist drawn to occult goings-on in a Scottish island orphanage.

Dir: Basil Dearden. Stanley Baker’s Juvenile Liaison Officer sets about tackling youth crime in Liverpool. Also stars David McCallum.

Item# 67218 UK | 1964 | 109 | PG | £12.99

Item# 67720 UK | 1973 | 90 | 15 | £12.99

Item# 67223 UK | 1958 | 107 | B&W | £12.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

Item# 68447 UK | 1936-73 | 18 | £15.99

3 discs.

Item# 70115 UK | 1956-58 | B&W | £15.99

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Offer ends 28th August or while stocks last. Image of Jean Simmons in So Long at the Fair

Boys in Brown

World Cinema Films in a Foreign Language

The Girl from Nowhere

New Releases

Jean-Claude Brisseau

A cerebral ghost story from the director of Choses Secrètes. Brisseau himself plays the widower writing a book on man’s illusory beliefs who shelters a beaten girl – and comes to believe that she may hold a connection to his dead wife.

Berlin 36

Kaspar Heidelbach A film inspired by the true story of Jewish athlete Gretel Bergmann in the 1936 Summer Olympics, where despite her being the best jumper in the team camp, she was replaced because of her origins by a rival, Marie Ketteler. Marie, however, has her own dark secret. Germany | 2009 | PECCA | 100 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 67899 | RRP £15.99 | 12th August

Our DVD Price: £11.99


Andrei Tarkovsky Filled with extraordinary, mysterious images, Tarkovsky’s first film outside of Russia (it was made in Italy) meditates upon themes of memory and the melancholy of the expatriate. In it, a Russian poet, accompanied by his guide Eugenia, travels through Italy researching the life of an 18th century Russian composer. In his dreams, the poet’s longing for home and his ambivalent feelings for Eugenia and Italy become intertwined.

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Blancanieves Pablo Berger

A Spanish black and white silent fantasy inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairytale of Snow White and set in southern Spain in the 1920s, where a young girl learns to be a bullfighter and runs away with a troupe of dwarves.

Italy | 1983 | ART-E | 120 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 71785 | RRP £15.99 | 8th July

Spain | 2012 | STUDC | 100 | 12 Item# 72186 | RRP £19.99 | 5th August

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Our DVD Price: £13.99

One. Two. One.

Death Game

Mania Akbari

Hideo Nakata

Ten strangers apply for the job from hell in this Japanese horror from the director of Ring. After responding to an advert that is too good to be true, the candidates are locked underground and forced into a bloody, lastman-standing battle for survival. Japan | 2010 | MVM | 103 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 70230 | RRP £15.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Fist of Fury Wei Lo

Considered by many to be the ultimate martial arts movie. In an electrifying performance, Bruce Lee battles against Japanese forces determined to subjugate his people, demonstrating complete mastery of his art in scene after scene of brutal unarmed combat. Hong Kong | 1972 | E1 | 102 | subt | Cert 18 Item# 72312 | RRP £9.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Page 14

Fra | 2012 | MATCH | 92 | subt | 15 Item# 71632 | RRP £15.99 | 8th July

Iranian painter-filmmaker Mania Akbari (the star of Abbas Kiarostami’s Ten) tells an enthralling narrative of love, loss and renewal in her deftly rhythmical film centring on a beautiful woman who has been disfigured in an New HD accident. transfer; Booklet. Iran | 2011 | 2RUN | 78 | subt | Cert PG Item# 71994 | RRP £12.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Post Tenebras Lux Carlos Reygadas

After darkness, light ... a startlingly beautiful work of sensual, metaphysical cinema that won Reygadas (Battle in Heaven, Silent Light) Best Director at Cannes 2012. An evocative masterpiece, it examines marriage, poverty and class, our place in nature and how evil lives with us in the most intimate and ordinary of places.

The Sun in a Net Recommended Director: Stefan Uher Starring: Marián Bielik, Jana Beláková Released: 12th August Extras: Booklet Item# 71979 Slovakia | 1962 | 2RUN | 90 | subt | B&W | 12

Critics widely recognise The Sun in a Net as the film that kickstarted the Czechoslovak New Wave, and its international neglect seems primarily linked to the fact that it was shot in Bratislava (and Slovak) rather than Prague (and Czech). Ostensibly, it’s a youthful love story of a familiar type, in which a couple try to keep their relationship going against a backdrop of family conflict, involuntary separation and temptation from others. However, what gives the film its peculiar distinction is the way that it combines complex and often unresolved social criticism (very daring for the time, given widespread censorship), surprising sexual frankness, and an exhilaratingly freewheeling, decidedly non-linear and almost experimental approach to the film medium, in which memories and fantasies are treated as matterof-factly as actual events, and are studded with symbolic moments.  The Sun in a Net showed Uher’s contemporaries what they could get away with, thus directly triggering one of film history’s great creative explosions. The rest of us have had to wait half a century to catch up, and this is very much our loss. MB

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Mexico | 2012 | DRAKE | 115 | subt | Cert 18 Item# 71967 / 71786 | RRP £15.99 | 22nd July

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £14.99

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July 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

In the House Recommended Director: François Ozon Starring: Fabrice Luchini, Emmanuelle Seigner, Yolande Moreau, Kristin Scott Thomas, Denis Menochet Released: 22nd July Extras: Costumes Bloopers; Premiere at the Grand Rex; Poster concepts; Deleted scenes; Making-of (50 mins) Item# 72208 | France | 2012 | MOMET | 106 | subt | Cert 15

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£12.99 RRP: £17.99 Save £5

B 60 Bonus Points If purchased for £12.99

Also on Blu-ray In the House

Item# 72221 Fr | 106 | subt | 15 | £17.99

Blu-ray: £15.99

See Also Potiche

François Ozon

Item# 66437 France | 2010 | 102 | subt | 15 | £17.99

DVD: £8.99 Blu-ray: £11.99

Swimming Pool François Ozon

Item# 58431 France / UK | 2003 | 0 | 15 | £19.99

Our DVD Price: £6.99


ith In the House, François Ozon continues his project to reframe or redress familiar narratives: you may recall 2002’s musical murder-mystery 8 Women, or 2004’s 5x2, with its love-match played out in reverse. Here, he’s telling two stories, one born of the other. Jaded writer-turned-teacher Germain (Fabrice Luchini) has had his interest piqued by the one pupil of his who can string a sentence together. Each week, Claude turns in a piercing anecdote sourced from a classmate’s home – handwritten A4 sheets that soon have everybody on tenterhooks. The theme is one Ozon has explored in everything from his scandalous debut Sitcom to the more respectable Swimming Pool: that of the outsider causing havoc within a bourgeois household. Claude’s stories set forth vivid descriptions of his classmate’s blustering father and neglected mother, labelled ‘the world’s most bored woman’ – which is to say both the kind of character Flaubert himself would have adored and, with her fondness for interior design magazines, a very Ozon heroine. Yet Claude’s gossipy phrasemaking also penetrates more intimate spaces yet: the assignments become compulsive bedtime reading for Germain and his wife Jeanne


An eloquent film from one of French cinema’s enfants terribles (Kristin Scott Thomas), seeking distraction from her failing gallery enterprise. Each element starts to comment on every other. Germain ponders whether to intervene when Claude starts to stray in too deep: should he encourage the boy to seduce the mother in the interests of a racier narrative? Or – as a responsible adult – does he caution restraint? What is it we want from our stories? Through superb composition and casting, Ozon swats that canard about the act of writing not being enough for involving cinema. Luchini and Scott Thomas give life and wit to characters who are mostly just annotating Claude’s text – indeed, there’s something particularly inspired about the manner in which the teacher comes to remember that, in correcting the story, he can change the course of a life. One of French cinema’s foremost enfants terribles here finally grows up: this elegant and eloquent film weighs its words and images with commendably mature precision. Mike McCahill Page 15

World Cinema Reality

Matteo Garrone A dark Italian comedy from the director of Gomorrah which follows a Neopolitan fishmonger obsessed with fame and celebrity who begins to believe the cameras are already upon him after his family suggests that he audition for Big Brother. Italy | 2012 | INDED | 117 | sub | 15 Item# 71787 | RRP £15.99 | 22nd July

Our DVD Price: £11.99


The Returned

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci

Robin Campillo

The French zombie movie which was recently adapted into hit TV series Les Revenants. When the deceased residents of a small town return from the dead, their loved ones are initially pleased to have them back. However, the zombies show signs of brain damage and as they encounter difficulty reintegrating into society, they begin to congregate to form a secret plot. France | 2004 | Arrow E1 | 102 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 72199 | RRP £12.99 | 22nd July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

The Sacrifice

Andrei Tarkovsky Tarkovsky’s extraordinary final film is set on an isolated Swedish island, where a man (Erland Josephson) offers all he has to God, including his 6 year-old son, in order to avert the nuclear war that has been announced. Then the next day dawns and everything is restored

to normality. Sweden | 1986 | ART-E | 142 | subt | Cert 12 Item# 71789 | RRP £15.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Student Services Emmanuelle Bercot

Student Laura (Déborah François of The Page Turner) is unable to make ends meet so she answers an internet ad: ‘Joe, 57, seeks female student for tender moments. 100 Euros an hour.’ Just this once, she promises herself. Three days later, Laura is in a hotel room with Joe, and the downward spiral begins. France | 2010 | Axiom | 101 | subt | Cert 18 Item# 71241 | RRP £15.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Page 16

Me and You Starring: Jacopo Olmo Antinori, Tea Falco Released: 8th July Item# 71783 Italy | 2012 | ART-E | 96 | subt | Cert 15

Directed from a wheelchair following a serious back injury, Italian maestro Bernard Bertolucci’s first film in ten years is an adaptation of a Niccolò Ammaniti novel about an introverted teenager hiding out in his basement from his doting mother. Just when Lorenzo’s settled in, his presence is discovered by one of the block’s less reliable inhabitants, twentysomething photographer Olivia, who comes looking for a hideout from the men in her life, the law, and her many other problems. What follows is a study in cohabitation: she comes to use Lorenzo’s pull-out sofa-bed as a fallback, while he gets an introduction to the trials – and to some degree the intimacies – of adult life. A measured miniature, Me and You is less obviously marketable than Bertolucci’s previous film, 2003’s The Dreamers, with its explosive combo of revolutionary politics and nubile bodies, yet the quiet, rapt attention the director’s camera pays to the actors proves indicative of a work fully committed to capturing the experience of being young and on the cusp of something simultaneously exciting and terrifying. MM

Buying Details Our DVD Price: £11.99

Emil and the Detectives Recommended Director: Gerhard Lamprecht Starring: Fritz Rasp, Rolf Wenkhaus Released: 15th July Extras: Emil and the Detectives (Milton Rosmer, 1935); Fully illustrated booklet. Item# 71911 Germany / UK | 1931 | BFI | 69 | Cert U

Emil and the Detectives, Erich Kästner’s beloved Berlin-based adventure story, was first published in 1929 and like all instant bestsellers then and now, the movie rights were quickly snapped up: this wonderful DVD showcases the results and also includes the 1935 British adaptation of the story. Young tearaway Emil is dispatched by his mother to deliver some money to his grandmother in the city but, en route, he’s robbed by a sinister man (the great Fritz Rasp in perhaps his very best role). Upon arrival in Berlin, he teams up with a gang of local urchins to find the villain and thence put a stop to his monkey business. Scripted in part by Billy Wilder and an uncredited Emeric Pressburger, the film is yet more evidence for the sheer vitality of German film of this period, still firmly in its golden age. Moreover, it shows just how much more there was to Weimar cinema than the sturm und drang of its best known directors. Capturing the vivacity of prewar Berlin, this is an adventure possessed of a genuine effervescence and excitement. JO

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Blu-ray Price: £13.99 RRP: £19.99 Save £6

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Modern French Cinema Sale

With its sophisticated, stimulating cinema, France remains the first port of call for distinguished adult drama. Our sale draws from the 1990s to the present day, with films from essential directors such as Jacques Audiard, Eric Rohmer and Claire Denis alongside lesser known talents. Lovers of cinema will find abundant treasures here.


Rust and Bone


Abdellatif Kechiche

Jacques Audiard

Olivier Nakache

Winner of the 2013 Palme d’Or for Blue is the Warmest Colour, Kechiche’s previous film, in which a 60 year-old man dreams of founding his own restaurant, is richly-characterised and affectionate.

A powerful drama about two people from very different worlds – a bouncer and an orca trainer (Marion Cotillard) who loses the use of her legs in an accident – seeking redemption in each other.

A genuinely moving, hugely successful comedy about the friendship between an aristocratic thrill-seeker who becomes quadriplegic after a paragliding accident and his Senegalese carer.

Item# 56136 France | 2007 | 151 | subt | 15 | £19.99

Item# 70433 / 70434 Fra | 2012 | 123 | subt | 15 | £17.99

Item# 70513 / 70514 Fra | 2011 | 112 | subt | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

DVD: £9.99 Save £8 Blu-ray: £13.99 Save £9

DVD: £9.99 Save £10 Blu-ray: £10.99

The Chorus

Holy Motors

Three Colours Trilogy

Dir: Christophe Barratier. A music teacher in a strict boarding school introduces its children to the magic of singing, changing their lives forever.

Dir: Leos Carax. A brilliant, surreal and visually striking film in which Denis Lavant takes on a variety of guises as he travels through Paris.

Dir: Krzystof Kieslowski. Contains Blue, White and Red: three brilliant cinematic meditations on liberty, equality and fraternity. 4 discs.

Item# 22749 France | 2004 | 96 | subt | 12 | £19.99

Item# 69954 France | 2012 | 116 | subt | 18 | £15.99

Item# 17916 France | 1993-94 | 338 | subt | 15 | £39.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

DVD: £19.99 Save £20


House of Tolerance

Dir: Małgorzata Szumowska. Juliette Binoche stars in this frank drama about students turning to prostitution to fund their studies.

Dir: Bertrand Bonello. Ravishing and opulent, this is a stylised and languid look at the final days of a turn-of-thecentury brothel in Paris.

The Well-Digger’s Daughter

Item# 68656 France | 2011 | 99 | subt | 18 | £15.99

Item# 68113 France | 2011 | 125 | subt | 18 | £12.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

DVD: £6.99 Save £6

Dir: Daniel Auteuil. A sun-soaked Provençal tale of ruin and romance, adapted from Marcel Pagnol. Item# 67732 France | 2011 | 109 | subt | 12 | £19.99

36 Quai des Orfèvres DVD £6.99

5x2 DVD £6.99

Amelie DVD £5.99

L’Appartement DVD £8.99

The Artist DVD £6.99

Belleville Rendezvous DVD £6.99

Coco Before Chanel DVD £6.99

Dans Paris DVD £5.99

D’Artagnan’s Daughter £6.99

L’Ennui DVD £6.99

Eric Rohmer: Four Seasons DVD £17.99

Gainsbourg DVD £7.99

Leaving DVD £5.99

A Prophet DVD £6.99

Not Here To Be Loved DVD £6.99

Tango (Leconte) DVD £7.99

Two Days in Paris DVD £5.99

White Material DVD £6.99

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Summer Film &

Splash out on some hot DVDs and Blu-rays in our scorching Su and TV series on special offer for the first time with prices from £

World Cinema


About Elly


The Collector

Asghar Farhadi

Michael Haneke

William Wyler

A group of extended family and friends rent a villa for a weekend away by the sea in this gripping and powerful tale of secrets and lies from the Oscar-winning director of A Separation.

An unflinching and profoundly moving film from one of the great directors of our time. Veteran French actors Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva play the ageing couple confronting death.

A seminal psychological drama based on John Fowles’ first novel. Terence Stamp plays a butterfly collector who kidnaps an art student (Samantha Eggar), believing she will come to love him.

Item# 69972 Iran | 2009 | 114 | subt | 12 | £15.99

Item# 70350 / 70351 Fra | 2012 | 127 | sub | 12 | £15.99

Item# 70013 UK | 1965 | 114 | 15 | £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £6

DVD: £8.99 Save £7 Blu-ray: £11.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £4

Babette’s Feast

Mysteries of Lisbon

Dir: Gabriel Axel. A heartwarming film set in 1870s Denmark, where a renowned Parisian chef surprises her austere friends with a feast.

Dir: Raúl Ruiz. Love, vengeance and revelations take their place in this richly-plotted and rhapsodic voyage of linked destinies across continents.

Abbott and Costello Collection

Item# 67984 / 67985 Den | 1987 | 105 | subt | U | £15.99

Item# 67427 Portugal | 2010 | 266 | subt | PG | £22.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9 Blu-ray: £11.99

DVD: £10.99 Save £12

La Belle Captive



Dir: Alain Robbe-Grillet. This surreal, erotic classic is a precursor to David Lynch’s world of enigmatic characters and dreamlike encounters.

Dir: Pier Paolo Pasolini. This ‘exquisitely revolting satire’ from 1969 is one of Pasolini’s most wilfully provocative works.

Dir: Cecil B. DeMille. Claudette Colbert takes the lead in DeMIlle’s outrageous pre-Hays code paean to decadence and depravity.

Item# 59567 France | 1983 | 85 | subt | 15 | £19.99

Item# 68504 Italy / France | 1969 | 98 | subt | 15 | £15.99

Item# 69319 / 68516 1934 | 100 | B&W | PG | £16.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

DVD: £10.99 Save £5

DVD: £11.99 Save £5 DVD+Blu: £12.99

César and Rosalie

Le Plaisir


Dir: Claude Sautet. An insightful, audacious 1972 French romance starring Romy Schneider, Yves Montand and Sami Frey.

Dir: Max Ophuls. A wonderful adaptation of three short stories by Maupassant, each relating a tale about a different kind of pleasure.

Dir: Terence Fisher. The definitive edition of Hammer’s Dracula, starring Christopher Lee. 3 discs; Two restored versions of the film.

Item# 69199 / 69203 Fra | 1972 | 106 | subt| 12 | £15.99

Item# 29731 France | 1951 | 93 | subt | B&W | PG | £19.99

Item# 70451 UK | 1958 | 79 | 15 | £24.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £6 Blu-ray: £13.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

DVD+Blu-ray: £12.99 Save £12



A suspenseful Russian drama from Andrey Zvyagintsev (The Return) in which an ageing ex-nurse takes control of her family’s destiny.

Dir: Derek Jarman. Jarman’s controversial first feature, a homoerotic version of episodes from the life of Saint Sebastian.

It Always Rains on Sunday (Restored)

Item# 70149 / 70353 Ru | 2011 | 109 | sub | 12 | £15.99

Item# 7851 UK | 1976 | 82 | 18 | £19.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £7 Blu-ray: £11.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £12



Dir: Ursula Meier. Isabelle Huppert stars in this satire in which a new motorway brings chaos to a family’s hitherto tranquil life.

Dir: Ursula Meier. A mysterious, eloquent French drama in which two siblings make a clandestine living from a nearby ski resort.

Item# 59744 Switzerland | 2008 | 97 | subt | 15 | £15.99

Item# 69955 France | 2012 | 97 | subt | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £5

DVD: £8.99 Save £12

A box set housing 25 of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello’s most celebrated comedies. 13 discs. Item# 29935 USA | 1941-55 | | B&W | PG | £149.99

DVD: £36.99 Save £113

Dir: Robert Hamer. Googie Withers stars as a housewife whose ex-lover returns in this excellent Ealing film. Item# 69206 / 69566 UK | 1947 | 92 | B&W | PG | £15.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £6 Blu-ray: £13.99

The Quatermass Double Bill A double-bill of early Hammer sci-fi: The Quatermass Xperiment (1955) and Quatermass 2 (1957). Item# 66010 UK / USA | 1955-57 | 160 | 12 | £9.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

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TV Sale

ummer Sale, featuring many films £5.99


Modern Film

Dancing on the Edge

The Master


Paul Thomas Anderson

Roman Polanski

Stephen Poliakoff

Anderson’s excellent drama about the intense, ambiguous relationship that develops between a troubled drifter (Joaquin Phoenix) and a charismatic cult leader (Philip Seymour Hoffman).

Nastassia Kinski is irresistible as the wronged woman in Polanski’s adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s famous tale, filmed in Normandy to evoke a long-lost Wessex. Also stars Peter Firth.

Item# 70526 / 70528 USA | 2012 | 144 | 15 | £19.99

Item# 70141 France / UK | 1979 | 172 | PG | £19.99

DVD: £12.99 Save £7

DVD: £10.99 Save £8 Blu-ray: £11.99

DVD+Blu-ray: £10.99 Save £9


Anna Karenina

Great Expectations

The characters of PG Wodehouse come to life in this BBC comedy. Timothy Spall plays Clarence and Jennifer Saunders his sister Connie.

Dir: Joe Wright. A bold new theatrical vision of Tolstoy’s epic love story, adapted by Tom Stoppard and starring Keira Knightley.

Dir: Mike Newell. Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter star in this evocative new adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic novel.

Item# 69402 UK | 2012 | 12 | £19.99

Item# 69960 / 69982 UK | 2012 | 130 | 12 | £19.99

Item# 70519 / 70520 UK | 2012 | 129 | 12 | £19.99

DVD: £12.99 Save £7

DVD: £8.99 Save £11 Blu-ray: £11.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £10 Blu-ray: £13.99

The Human Jungle


The Impossible

All 26 episodes from the 1960s ABC TV series starring Herbert Lom as the idiosyncratic psychiatrist, Dr Roger Corder. 7 discs.

Dir: Ben Affleck. A dramatic political thriller chronicling the covert operation to rescue six Americans during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

Dir: Juan Antonio Bayona. A powerful story based on one family’s survival of the 2004 tsunami. Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor star.

Item# 67799 UK | 1963-64 | 1300 | B&W | 12 | £59.99

Item# 70446 / 70445 USA | 2012 | 120 | 15 | £15.99

Item# 71524 / 71525 Spain | 2012 | 113 | 12 | £19.99

DVD: £36.99 Save £20

DVD: £8.99 Save £7 Blu-ray: £12.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £11 Blu-ray: £12.99

Scotland Yard

Beasts of the Southern Wild

On the Road

Item# 70417 UK | 2012 | 360 | 12 | £19.99

All 39 episodes of the 1957 crime drama based on real cases faced by London’s Metropolitan Police. Russell Napier stars. 6 discs. Item# 69269 UK | 1957 | 1170 | B&W | | £59.99

DVD: £36.99 Save £20

Dir: Benh Zeitlin. A magical tale in which a young girl has to learn to survive ecological catastrophe. Item# 70363 / 70365 USA | 2012 | 93 | 12 | £17.99

Dir: Walter Salles. An adaptation of Kerouac’s iconic Beat novel. Sam Riley stars as Sal Paradise, who takes to the backroads of America. Item# 70423 / 70424 USA | 2012 | 124 | 15 | £17.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £8 Blu-ray: £13.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £9 Blu-ray: £13.99

The Dark Knight Rises

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Dir: Christopher Nolan. Christian Bale reprises his role as Batman in this conclusion to the trilogy. 2 discs.

Dir: Stephen Chbosky. Emily Watson. A heartfelt drama about an introvert whose new friends change his world.

Item# 69836 / 69842 USA / UK | 2012 | 164 | 12 | £22.99

Item# 70036 / 70037 USA | 2012 | 102 | 12 | £15.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £13 Blu-ray: £15.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9 Blu-ray: £8.99

Tempo: Volume 1

Ginger & Rosa

To Rome with Love

12 programmes from ITV’s seminal arts programme, featuring Tati, Pinter, Welles, Menuhin, Mostel, Duke Ellington and more. 2 discs.

Dir: Sally Potter. A beautifully shot portrait of early 1960s Britain, as seen through the eyes of Elle Fanning’s impressionable teenager.

Dir: Woody Allen. Allen continues his European tour with this highly enjoyable comedy that follows a number of characters in the Italian capital.

Item# 67791 UK | 1961-68 | 300 | B&W | E | £19.99

Item# 70153 / 70157 UK | 2012 | 90 | 12 | £15.99

Item# 70215 USA / Italy / Spain | 2012 | 112 | 12 | £15.99

DVD: £11.99 Save £8

DVD: £6.99 Save £9 Blu-ray: £11.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £7

The Stone Tape Dir: Peter Sasdy. Nigel Kneale’s atmospheric ghost story which updates a haunting to the technological era. Michael Bryant stars. Item# 70145 UK | 1972 | £19.99

DVD: £10.99 Save £9

com or 0844 376 0009

Offer ends 28th August or while stocks last

A compelling five-part jazz-age murder mystery set in London in the 1930s, written and directed by Poliakoff, which follows the rise and fall of a black jazz band.

World Cinema We Shall Overcome

World Cinema Blu-ray Sale Two for £15

Niels Arden Oplev

It is 1969 and the world is changing – and it is changing too for 13 yearold Frits who lives in rural Denmark. When he starts a new school, a teacher introduces him to new music and the Civil Rights movement, which inspires him to stand up to his bullying headmaster. Denmark | 2006 | DRAKE | 109 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 71791 | RRP £15.99 | 22nd July


Our DVD Price: £11.99

Director: Jacques Rivette

White Elephant

Starring: Pascale Ogier, Bulle Ogier

Pablo Trapero

Ricardo Darín and Jérémie Renier play the two priests who work tirelessly to help the local people in a shantytown in the slums of Buenos Aires. When Nicolás finds solace in an attractive, atheist social worker (Martina Gusman), his faith weakens. Meanwhile, tension and violence between the slum drug dealing cartels grows. Argentina / Spain | 2012 | AXIOM | 105 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 72255 | RRP £15.99 | 22nd July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Blu-rays The Coward Satyajit Ray

Item# 71999 India | 1965 | 74 | subt | B&W | PG | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

The Holy Man Satyajit Ray

Item# 72000 India | 1965 | 65 | B&W | PG | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

The Lonely Wife Satyajit Ray

Item# 71462 In | 1964 | 120 | sub | U | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Pre-ordering from MovieMail If you see a title listed here due for release in the future you’re welcome to pre-order it from us. Your card will only be charged when it’s despatched and you’ll receive the title on or close to its release date. Page 20

Le Pont du Nord

Boost your Blu-ray library with these excellent films in HD – any two for just £15 or individually at marked price

Released: 29th July Extras: Lengthy booklet Item# 71815 France | 1981 | EUREK | 129 | subt | Cert 15

Much like his 1974 masterpiece Céline and Julie Go Boating, Jacques Rivette’s Le Pont du Nord treats the French capital as a playground. Marie and Baptiste, played by Bulle Ogier and her real-life daughter Pascale, are adrift in the city. Marie has recently been released from prison and can no longer set foot indoors. Baptiste wanders the streets for other reasons, her paranoia having made her homeless and especially distrustful of public monuments and posters with eyes. United by a chance encounter, the pair play detective when a briefcase belonging to Marie’s former lover (Pierre Clémenti) falls into their hands. Containing maps, codes and an assortment of newspaper clippings, it hints at a darker underbelly to the city which occupies their daily meanderings. Made strange and lovely by cinematographer William Lubtchansky, Paris becomes a place of magic and of possibilities in the film, whose simplicity and sense of fun is infectious. It makes a fine starting point for the Rivette newcomer. AN

13 Assassins Blu-ray £8.99

Berberian Sound Studio Blu-ray £8.99

La Cérémonie Blu-ray £8.99

Chungking Express Blu-ray £8.99

Double Life of Veronique Blu £8.99

Le Havre Blu-ray £8.99

Melancholia Blu-ray £8.99

Le Quattro Volte Blu-ray £8.99

Uncle Boonmee... Blu-ray £8.99

Vincere Blu-ray £8.99

Buying Details Our DVD Price: £12.99 RRP: £17.99 Save £5

Blu-ray Price: £13.99 RRP: £19.99 Save £6

The Woman in The White Ribbon the Fifth Blu £8.99 Blu-ray £8.99

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Classical Music in Cinema Sale Inspired by our film of the month, A Late Quartet, we’ve assembled a sale that lovers of both cinema and classical music will enjoy. These superb biographical and fictional films all have classical music at their heart and make richly rewarding viewing.

England, My England

Three Colours Blue

An exceptional, fictionalised portrayal of the life of composer Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham) and his relationship to his rival, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce). Scripted by Peter Schaffer.

Tony Palmer

The lauded first part of the Three Colours trilogy. Juliette Binoche play a woman exploring freedom after the death of her composer husband. The music was written first and the action matched to the rhythms.

Item# 3515 USA | 1984 | 153 | PG | £12.99

Item# 58531 UK | 1995 | 153 | 12 | £14.99

Milos Forman

DVD: £5.99 Save £7

A sumptuous recreation of the life of composer Henry Purcell, featuring the Monteverdi Choir, conducted by John Eliot Gardiner. Simon Callow plays King Charles.

Krzysztof Kieslowski

Item# 8741 France | 1993 | 100 | subt | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £7

DVD: £5.99 Save £14

Death in Venice


A Song to Remember

Dir: Luchino Visconti. Dirk Bogarde plays the composer so obsessed by a young boy’s beauty that he cannot bear to leave Venice.

Dir: Ken Russell. Roger Daltrey takes the lead in this fantasy on the life of ‘the first classical pop star’ – the flamboyant composer Franz Liszt.

Dir: Charles Vidor. A great 1940s biopic, presenting the fictionalised life story of Chopin. Cornel Wilde stars, Merle Oberon plays George Sand.

Item# 17231 ITALY | 1971 | 125 | 12 | £19.99

Item# 57820 UK | 1975 | 102 | 18 | £14.99

Item# 66830 USA | 1945 | 107 | U | £12.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £14

DVD: £11.99 Save £3

DVD: £8.99 Save £4

Hilary and Jackie


Song Without End

A finely acted film telling the story of the gifted du Pré sisters, cellist Jaqueline (Emily Watson) and flautist Hilary (Rachel Griffiths).

Dir: Ken Russell. A controversial symbolic portrait of the life of one of the great composers. A fascinating study of art and sensuality.

Dir: Charles Vidor & George Cukor. An Oscar-winning 1960 biopic of the virtuoso pianist and composer Franz Liszt, played by Dirk Bogarde.

Item# 50888 UK | 1999 | 121 | 15 | £15.99

Item# 67378 UK | 1974 | 111 | 15 | £12.99

Item# 66832 USA | 1960 | 124 | U | £12.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £10

DVD: £6.99 Save £6

DVD: £8.99 Save £4

Immortal Beloved

The Page Turner


Dir: Bernard Rose. Gary Oldman stars as Beethoven in this biopic of the composer and the search for the unknown woman in his letters.

Dir: Denis Dercourt. A precise, subtle thriller in which a thwarted musician becomes a page turner for the woman who ruined her career.

Dir: Tony Palmer. Ben Kingsley turns in a superb performance in this dramatised account of the life of composer Dmitri Shostakovich.

Item# 56794 USA | 1995 | 115 | 15 | £12.99

Item# 32248 France | 2006 | 97 | subt | 15 | £19.99

Item# 57390 UK | 1987 | 150 | PG | £14.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £7

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

DVD: £7.99 Save £7


The Red Violin

Dir: James Lapine. Judy Davis plays seductress George Sand to Hugh Grant’s timid composer Frédéric Chopin in this lighthearted tale.

Dir: François Girard. Greta Scacchi and Samuel L. Jackson star in this haunting film that follows a violin across the centuries.

Thirty Two Short Films about Glenn Gould

Item# 17973 UK | 1989 | 103 | 15 | £12.99

Item# 54076 Canada | 1998 | 121 | subt | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £6

DVD: £5.99 Save £10


Screen Icons: Gerard Depardieu

Dir: Gregory Ratoff. The story of love between a renowned violinist and his daughter’s piano teacher. Leslie Howard and Ingrid Bergman star. Item# 13988 USA | 1939 | 70 | B&W | PG | £15.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £10

Four films including Tous les Matins du Monde, a beautiful film set in the 17th century about two viola players. Item# 54751 France | 1994 | 414 | 15 | £44.99

DVD: £12.99 Save £32

Dir: François Girard. Impressionistic biopic of the Canadian pianist. Item# 68076 Canada | 1993 | 93 | subt | U | £9.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £3

Wagner Dir: Tony Palmer. A beautiful, exhaustive biopic of the German composer Richard Wagner. Richard Burton takes the title role. 5 discs. Item# 66855 UK | 1984 | 466 | 15 | £27.99

DVD: £17.99 Save £10

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Offer ends 28th August or while stocks last. Image from Tous les Matins du


Le Pont du Nord



New Releases

The Elstree Story Gilbert Gunn

Richard Todd (Wing Commander Guy Gibson in The Dam Busters) introduces this fascinating 1952 documentary which profiles the legendary film studio, the pictures made there, and the stars and technicians who helped make it one of Europe’s great film centres.

25 Years

Peter Morley An impressionistic survey of the years from the Queen’s succession in 1952 through to her 1977 Silver Jubilee, exploring the monarchy through a quarter-century which saw the conquest of Everest, the development of television as a mass medium and space exploration.

The Birth of a Nation Recommended

UK | 1977 | NWORK | 90 | Cert E Item# 72072 | RRP £9.99 | 15th July

Director: D. W. Griffith Starring: Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, Ralph Lewis Released: 22nd July Extras: 2 discs; Music by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra; Archival introductions to the film by DW Griffith and Walter Huston; Newly rediscovered sequences; Seven Civil War shorts directed by Griffith; Lengthy booklet. Item# 71811 USA | 1915 | EUREK | 190 | B&W | Cert 15

The way some film historians tell it, DW Griffith’s American civil war epic is cinema’s Year Zero, the film that turned a fairground novelty into an art form. That’s a simplistic reading (it ignores those European innovators who were far ahead of Griffith) but there’s no denying its historical importance or, indeed, its ambition: Griffith was consciously crafting a national mythology, aspiring to a Shakespearean treatment of history. Modern viewers, though, will be struck less by form than by content, specifically the – well, ‘racism’ is an inadequate description for the poison that oozes through the film. So if ever there was a film that deserved a scholarly edition, it’s this one; we should be grateful to Masters of Cinema for rising to the challenge, coupling a magnificent presentation to a succession of Griffith shorts, contextualised by essays and more. This is surely the definitive way to confront this ‘great and terrible masterpiece’. JO

Buying Details Our DVD Price: £12.99 RRP: £17.99 Save £5

Blu-ray Price: £14.99 RRP: £19.99 Save £5

Page 24

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Beware of Mr. Baker Jay Bulger

A film portrait of the mad, bad drummer best known for playing in Cream and Blind Faith, Ginger Baker, whose reputation for all forms of excess preceded him. Interviews with Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Carlos Santana and others paint a fascinating portrait of a dangerous musical icon. USA | 2012 | ART-E | 92 | Cert 15 Item# 71801 / 71806 | RRP £15.99 | 22nd July

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £13.99

The British Circus 18981972: The Golden Years

The most comprehensive overview ever of the Big Top thrills of the British Circus, starting with 1898 footage of Barnum and Bailey in Sunderland. Circus companies featured include Tom Arnold’s Harringay Circus, Billy Smart’s Circus and Bertram Mills, famous for their enormous Christmas extravaganzas. UK | 1898-1972 | C-RED | 181 | Cert E Item# 72296 | RRP £19.99 | 29th July

Our DVD Price: £14.99

British Railways: The Home Front War Years

UK | 1952 | NWORK | Cert 12 Item# 71078 | RRP £9.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £7.99

The Gatekeepers Dror Moreh

An Oscar-nominated documentary in which six former heads of the Israeli intelligence organisation Shin Bet share their thoughts on the conflict with Palestine. One of the most piercingly critical appraisals of Israeli state policy cinema has so far ventured. Israel | 2012 | MET-D | 101 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 72314 | RRP £17.99 | 12th August

Our DVD Price: £12.99


Marcelo Machado

A film that charts the history and influence of the late 1960s Brazilian counter-cultural movement known as Tropicália – an artistic response to Brazil’s military dictatorship of the time which encompassed theatre, poetry and music. The film looks at the movement’s legacy through archive material and the participation of leading Tropicália figures of the day, including Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso. Brazil / UK | 2012 | Bongo | 87 | subt | Cert 12 Item# 71931 / 71933 | RRP £12.99 | 8th July

DVD Price: £9.99 Blu-ray: £9.99

Village at the End of the World Sarah Gavron

This definitive archive-led long-form documentary celebrating the railway’s vital role in the nation’s war effort includes significant amounts of previously unseen film footage from the vaults of the Imperial War Museum.

Exploring life at one of the most remote settlements in the world, Niaqornat, this is a surprising, witty and ultimately feelgood portrait of an isolated village of 59 people and 100 sledge dogs, surviving against the odds.

UK | 1941-43 | C-RED | 142 | Cert E Item# 72228 | RRP £19.99 | 29th July

Denmark / UK | 2012 | DOGW | 81 | subt | Cert U Item# 71804 | RRP £14.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Our DVD Price: £11.24

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July 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

The Complete Humphrey Jennings: Volume 3 Recommended Contains: The True Story of Lili Marlene, The Eighty Days (1944), Myra Hess, A Diary for Timothy (1945), A Defeated People (1946), The Cumberland Story (1947), The Dim Little Island (1949), Family Portrait (1950) Released: 15th July Extras: V1 (1944): a shorter cut of The Eighty Days made for overseas distribution; The Good Life (1951). Item# 71909 | UK | 1944-1951 | BFI | 213 | B&W | E

Buying Details

DVD+Blu Price:

£13.99 RRP: £19.99 Save £6

B 65 Bonus Points If purchased for £13.99

See Also Jennings: Vol 1 – The First Days

Item# 65810 UK | 1934-40 | 211 | B&W | E | £19.99

DVD+Blu-ray: £14.99

Jennings: Vol 2 – Fires Were Started

Item# 67916 UK | 1943 | B&W | E | £19.99

DVD+Blu-ray: £14.99


ummer 2012 unveiled Danny Boyle’s justly celebrated Olympics Opening Ceremony, which Humphrey Jennings fans quickly realised was also a global showcase for the great poet-documentarist’s ideas, such as his ‘Pandaemonium’ portrait of industrial Britain, his co-founding of Mass Observation and his eye for the potent juxtaposition of seemingly disparate material. Volume 3 of his complete films spans 1944-50, when Jennings died following a location-scouting accident: in keeping with its completist remit, the BFI has included The Good Life (1951), the film that he was preparing at the time.  The recurring topics are music and postwar uncertainties. The former is tackled by The True Story of Lili Marlene (1944), the bizarre story of how a song played on German radio as a moralebooster was co-opted by the Allies, by Myra Hess (1945), a Beethoven sonata movement performed by one of the war’s great cultural figures, and by part of The Dim Little Island (1949), a reflection by composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, artist Osbert Lancaster, naturalist James Fisher


The final essential volume in the BFI’s survey of Jennings’ films and industrialist John Ormston on Britain’s continuing cultural and global importance in a much-changed postwar landscape.  This was the key theme of Jennings’ last half-decade, expressed most eloquently in the masterly A Diary for Timothy and his Festival of Britain-commissioned swansong Family Portrait (1950), the ‘family’ being the British nation. The Cumberland Story (1947) takes a different angle, examining the history and aftermath of the 1837 Workington mining disaster, while A Defeated People (1946) examines the challenges faced in rehabilitating Germany after total military defeat – a defeat that seemed far from certain at the time of The Eighty Days (1944), when V-1 rockets were being aimed at Britain. And so concludes the BFI’s survey of Jennings’ films; the hole that was once one of British film history’s glaring gaps now definitively filled. Michael Brooke Page 25

Television Programmes Originally Broadcast

Bootsie & Snudge: Series 2

New Releases A is for Acid

Harry Bradbeer

Martin Clunes and Keeley Hawes star in this crime drama based on the true story of the 1940s serial killer John George Haigh, who gets rid of victims with sulphuric acid. He first kills a friend in order to assume control of his business, but in order to boost his finances his murderous activities increase...

UK | 1962 | NWORK | 725 | Cert TBC Item# 72135 | RRP £39.99 | 22nd July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Accused: Series 2 Olivia Colman, Stephen Graham, Anne Marie Duff, Anna Maxwell Martin and Sean Bean are among the actors who take their place in the dock in Jimmy McGovern’s award winning second series of modern-day morality 2 discs. plays.

Brush Strokes: Series 5 & 6

2 discs.

UK | 1991 | ACORN | 410 | Cert TBC Item# 72051 | RRP £19.99 | 5th August

Our DVD Price: £13.99

UK | 2012 | ACORN | 240 | Cert 15 Item# 72157 | RRP £19.99 | 5th August


Our DVD Price: £13.99

Agatha Christie’s Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? Tony Wharmby

A host of familiar faces – Francesca Annis, John Gielgud, Eric Porter, Joan Hickson – play out Agatha Christie’s classic whodunnit in which a vicar’s son stumbles into a tangled web of false identities, faked wills and murder. UK | 1980 | ACORN | 186 | Cert 12 Item# 72045 | RRP £17.99 | 5th August

Our DVD Price: £12.99

Boardwalk Empire: Season 3 The third season of HBO’s Prohibition drama starring Steve Buscemi. Season 3 begins in 1922 with the introduction of Gyp Rosetti – a violent Sicilian mobster. Ten episodes later, there is full-scale mob war in Atlantic City. Also available: 15 disc 5 discs. seasons 1-3 box set. USA | 2012 | WHV | Cert 18 Item# Various | RRP £39.99 | 5th August

S3 DVD: £33.99 S3 Blu-ray: £40.99 S1-3 DVD: £57.99 S1-3 Blu: £68.49

Both series of Bulman. Pairing up in a private detective agency with Lucy McGinty (Siobhan Redmond) – a university dropout obsessed with criminology – is TV’s quirkiest cop, the eccentric, bad-tempered George Kitchener Bulman (Don Henderson). The classics-quoting detective is back on the streets – but this time he is free of the police code. 4/2 discs.

UK | 1985 | NWORK | 650 | Cert 12 Item# 72291 / 72292 | RRP £39.99 | 1st July

S1 DVD Price: £31.49 S2 DVD: £14.99

The Cedar Tree: Series 1 Volume 3 Created by Alfred Shaugnessy (Upstairs Downstairs), this classy 1930s-set period drama finds the three daughters of the Bournes of Larkfield Manor caught between codes of social behaviour that are rapidly coming to seem outdated in a decade that will end in world war. 3 discs.

Chiller: Complete Series Lawrence Gordon Clark et al

With John Simm, Martin Clunes, Sophie Ward and Nigel Havers among the cast, this five-part horror / fantasy anthology is compelling viewing. It also features the direction and production talents of Lawrence Gordon Clark – best known for the BBC’s classic A Ghost Story for Christmas thread. Contains the complete series, 2 discs. originally screened in 1995. UK | 1995 | NWORK | 250 | Cert 18 Item# 72294 | RRP £19.99 | 1st July

Our DVD Price: £32.49 The final two series of the comedy series from the writers of The Good Life, Bob Esmonde and John Larbey. Karl Howman stars as the optimistic ladies’ man Jacko, once again picking up his paintbrush and taking on the world. Series 5 commences with the collapse of his business, ‘Splosh’.

UK | 2002 | SpiritStrawberry | 120 | Cert 15 Item# 72110 | RRP £12.99 | 15th July

Page 26

All 29 episodes from the second series of The Army Game spin-off sitcom, written by Barry Took and Marty Feldman and starring Alfie Bass and Bill Fraser as two ex-army shirkers adapting to life in civvy street. Clive Dunn plays the decrepit dogsbody Old Johnson, and Robert Dorning is the irascible Rt. Hon. 4 discs. Sec. Hesketh Pendleton.

Our DVD Price: £14.99

City Beneath the Sea / Secret Beneath the Sea Highly popular sequels to ABC’s Pathfinders trilogy, these two series also star Gerald Flood, this time as intrepid scientific journalist Mark Bannerman, who with his assistant Peter Blake, gets into (and out of) all sorts of aquatic 2 discs. scrapes.

USA | 1962-63 | NWORK | 325 | PG Item# 72276 | RRP £24.99 | 1st July

Our DVD Price: £19.99

David Starkey’s Music and Monarchy

Historian David Starkey presents this new BBC series that reveals how British kings and queens shaped the story of the nation’s music: as patrons and tastemakers, and even as composers and performers. It looks at the music of pageantry, power and ceremony; music composed for Coronations and jubilees, thanks2 discs. giving and political expediency. UK | 2013 | ACORN | 240 | Cert E Item# 72109 | RRP £19.99 | 5th August

Our DVD Price: £13.99

Dixon of Dock Green: Collection Two ‘Good evening all.’ A second volume of colour episodes from the longrunning police series. Contains Target, Seven for a Secret Never to Be Told, Baubles, Bangles and Beads, Looters Ltd, A Slight Case of Love and Conspiracy. Jack Warner 2 discs. stars.

UK | 1976 | NWORK | 450 | Cert PG Item# 72082 | RRP £24.99 | 15th July

UK | 1975 | ACORN | 315 | Cert PG Item# 72041 | RRP £19.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £19.99

Our DVD Price: £13.99

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World Cinema BBC Bonanza Sale World Cinema DVDs & Sale Blu-rays from £5.99 Film Film Sale

Feed wonderful your television with some ofold theand best ever made. Explore international cinema newseries in thisthe saleBBC from has Optimum. RangingThe fromsummer essentialcan Explore wonderful international cinema old and new in this sale from Optimum. Ranging from essential classics like La Grande Illusion and AuTV, Revoir Les Enfants modern hits like Diva, Biutiful and The be a lean time for programmed so don’t leave to your evening’s viewing to chance – pick classics like Laselection Grande Illusion andwith Au Revoir Les cinema. Enfants Prices to modern hits like Diva, Biutiful and aThe Orphanage, this is packed rewarding are from just £5.99, so now’s great your winners from this wide-ranging selection of DVDs and Blu-rays at bargain prices. Period Orphanage, selection packed with rewarding are from time to pick upthis a film you’veisalways wanted to see or cinema. discoverPrices something new.just £5.99, so now’s a great dramas, documentaries, modern horror and more time to pick up a film you’vemysteries, always wanted to seedrama, or discover something new.– it’s all here. The Hollow Crown


Wonders of Life

Four superb filmed adaptations of Shakespeare’s History Plays – Richard II (starring Ben Whishaw) Henry IV parts 1 & 2 (starring Tom Hiddleston as Prince Hal and Simon Russell Beale as 4 discs. Falstaff) and Henry V.

All four series – each following a different case – of the superb French political crime drama which lends the class and grit of a modern noir to the police procedural thriller genre. Caroline Proust stars.

Visiting amazing locations around the world, Professor Brian Cox tells the story of the origins and history of life, from the fundamental laws which govern its creation, to the myriad species that populate our planet.

Item# 69374 UK / USA | 2012 | 520 | 12 | £29.99

Item# Various France | 2006 | 400 | 18 | £32.99

Item# 69357 / 69362 UK | 2012 | 293 | E | £19.99

DVD: £11.99 Save £18

S1,2,3,4 DVD: from £9.99 S1-4: £32.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £11 Blu-ray: £12.99

BBC Ghost Stories for Christmas

The Crow Road

Judge John Deed

Dir: Gavin Millar. Superior adaptation of Iain Banks’ novel in which teenager Prentice tries to find the truth behind his uncle’s disappearance.

Six series of the BBC crime drama following the career of the maverick judge (Martin Shaw), a hero figure to some, but an enemy to others.

Item# 55164 UK | 1996 | 228 | 15 | £19.99

Item# 28226 UK | 2001 | 15 | £24.99

DVD: £32.99 Save £17

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

S1,2,5,6 DVD: from £5.99 S3+4 DVD: £9.99

Call the Midwife

The Hour

The Victorians

Series 1 and 2 of the highly enjoyable drama based on tales of midwifery in 1950s East London. Jenny Agutter and Miranda Hart star.

Romola Garai, Dominic West and Ben Whishaw star in series 1 and 2 of the sharp BBC drama based around a 1950s news programme.

Jeremy Paxman journeys into Victorian Britain, taking his love of paintings of the era as the starting point of his investigation. 2 discs.

Item# 67582 / 70539 / 70355 UK | 2012 | £19.99

Item# 66039 UK | 2011 | 360 | 15 | £24.99

Item# 58222 UK | 2009 | 59 | 12 | £19.99

S1,2 DVD: from £6.99 S1+2 DVD: £17.99

S1,2 DVD: £9.99 each S1+2 DVD: £13.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £11

Item# 69093 UK | 1968-2006 | 480 | 15 | £49.99

Africa DVD £14.99

Marr’s History of Bergerac: Complete Modern Britain £7.99 DVD £37.99

Blott on the Landscape £5.99

Death in Paradise: S1 & 2 £8.99 each

Doctor Who: The Daemons DVD £8.99

Fawlty Towers DVD £12.99

A History of Christianity £10.99

Jonathan Creek: Series 1-4 £16.99

Last Tango in Halifax DVD £8.99

Luther: Series 1 & 2 DVD £6.99 each

Our Mutual Friend (1998) DVD £5.99

Parade’s End DVD £8.99

Return to Cranford DVD £5.99

Sherlock: Series 1 & 2 DVD £14.99

South Riding DVD £6.99

Wild Arabia DVD £8.99

Women in Love (2011) DVD £5.99

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All 12 of the wonderful dark miniatures that are the BBC’s A Ghost 5 discs. Story for Christmas.

2 discs.

Definitive versions n ColleCtable eDitions

The Man Who Finally Died

Stanley Baker is hunting for the truth about his dead father in this ‘60s spy thriller also starring the fantastic Peter Cushing.

25 Years this stunning 1977 documentary by Peter Morley is an intimate portrait of the Queen made to mark the silver Jubilee and chart the changes that swept the nation since her succession to the throne.

Abdul the Damned one of Die strasse director Karl Grune’s first english films, abdul the Damned stars silent movie favourites Fritz Kortner, Nils Asther and John Stuart.

Ealing Rarities: Volume 4 the latest collection of rare ealing treasures includes Googie Withers in the loves of Joanna Godden and the secret of the loch, an early credit for David Lean.

Gipsy Blood (AKA Carmen) the first filmed musical adaptation of Prosper Mérimée’s classic novella Carmen stars celebrated soprano Marguerite Namara and sees a young Sir Malcolm Sargent acting as musical director.

Edgar Wallace Presents: The Missing Million atmospheric wartime thriller starring John Stuart and Linden Travers based on a story by prolific crime writer, Edgar Wallace.

The Elstree Story the Dam busters’ Richard Todd takes us on a tour of the legendary british film studios in this 1952 documentary with appearances from some of cinema’s greatest stars.

on DvD tHis JUlY thebritishfilm

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July 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Television Doctor Who: The Green Death (Special Edition) Michael E. Briant

‘The one with the maggots’! UNIT is called in after a Welsh miner is found dead with his skin glowing bright green. Jo (Katy Manning in her final appearance) joins forces with a local environment group while the Doctor (Jon Pertwee) investigates 2 Global Chemicals. discs; Remastered; Expanded special features; Full-length documentary by Chris Chapman. UK | 1973 | 2ENT | 154 | Cert PG Item# 72074 | RRP £19.99 | 5th August

Our DVD Price: £13.99

Down the ‘Gate

The bustle and banter of London’s Billingsgate fish market provides the backdrop for Reg Varney’s first sitcom after On the Buses. He plays porter Reg Furnell, with Dilys Laye his more levelheaded wife. Although twelve episodes were made, the only copies now known to exist are six episodes from series 2 that Varney himself recorded off-air in 1976. UK | 1976 | NWORK | 175 | Cert 12 Item# 72137 | RRP £12.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Feet First: Complete Series

Penned by the creators of The Good Life, Feet First takes a humorous look at the trials and tribulations of a gifted young footballer who is plucked from obscurity and plunged into the heady, bewildering world of First Division football. Lee Montague stars.

UK | 1979 | NWORK | 150 | Cert PG Item# 72117 | RRP £12.99 | 15th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Heartbeat: Series 16

Series 16 of the 1960s Yorkshire-set crime series sees Aidensfield’s police and medical staff dealing with more challenging professional and personal situations. PC Rob Walker (Jonathan Kerrigan) is slowly coming to terms with the death of wife Helen and a tentative romance begins to blossom between the young officer and Aidensfield’s new District Nurse. By the series’ end, however, he is facing one of the 6 discs. hardest decisions of his life. UK | 2007 | NWORK | 1200 | Cert TBC Item# 72099 | RRP £49.99 | 29th July

Our DVD Price: £41.99

Released: 8th July Extras: 2 discs Item# 72275 UK | 2013 | E1 | 360 | Cert 15

3 discs.

France | 2013 | Arrow E1 | 480 | Cert 15 Item# 72206 | RRP £19.99 | 5th August

Our DVD Price: £13.99

The Last Explorers

Archaeologist and writer Neil Oliver presents a series on the golden age of exploration, charting the routes of contact that drew together the farthest reaches of the world. Episodes: Livingstone, William Speirs Bruce, John Muir, Thomas Blake 2 discs. Glover.

UK | 2012 | DAZZL | 240 | Cert E Item# 71899 | RRP £19.99 | 5th August

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Luther: Series 3

Martin Clunes stars in a TV adaptation of James Hilton’s classic story about a shy and dedicated teacher who finds short-lived love when he meets the unconvential Katherine Bridges (Victoria Hamilton) whilst walking on an Alpine holiday.

All four episodes from the third season of the BBC crime thriller series starring Idris Elba as the brilliant but flawed murder detective John Luther. His attempts to bring a fetishistic killer to justice are thwarted when he’s put on another case. Then it becomes apparent that a former colleague is out to nail him. Sienna Guillory and Dermot Crowley co-star. Also 2 discs. available: 6 disc series 1-3 set.

UK | 2002 | DAZZL | 98 | Cert PG Item# 71869 | RRP £15.99 | 8th July

UK | 2013 | 2ENT | 233 | Cert 15 Item# 71711 / 71760 | RRP £19.99 | 29th July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

S3 DVD: £13.99 S1-3 DVD: £24.49

Goodbye, Mr Chips Stuart Orme



Starring: John Simm, Maxine Peake, Juliet Stevenson, Emily Beecham, David Ryall


Jean Reno plays the veteran detective Joachim Jo Saint-Clair, a member of the Parisian elite Criminal Brigade which tackles the city’s most challenging murder cases. Fighting crime alongside Reno are Tom Austen as Jo’s rookie partner and Jill Hennessy as his adviser and friend.

The Village: Series 1

A moving, intelligent period drama from the BBC, The Village charts the life and times of a working class community in a Derbyshire village across the 20th century, as seen through the eyes of one character as he lives from boyhood to extreme old age. This first series spans the years 1914-20. It’s fair to say that The Village has none of Downton Abbey’s rosy period glow, concentrating instead on the poverty and rural hardship of the times. Yet it’s just as beautifully crafted and filmed; rewarding too, as we are drawn into the arc of the characters’ lives. In its concentration on workingclass history, it treads in the same area as Ken Loach’s 1975 BBC series Days of Hope, which followed the lives of a working-class family from WWI to the 1926 General Strike. However, its creator, Peter Moffat, envisions the series continuing the story through the 20th century as a British version of Edgar Reitz’s Heimat. It’s an intriguing prospect and certainly something to look forward to. For now though, this is where it all begins.

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Television Mussolini: The History of Italian Fascism Folco Quilici

The ultimate resource for those interested in the life and death of the man who shaped Italy in the 20th century, Benito Mussolini. The documentary features unseen footage from the Italian government’s archives, depicting the key events and personalities in Il Duce’s rise to power and eventual demise. 2 discs. Italy | 2008 | ODEON | 480 | Cert E Item# 71844 | RRP £19.99 | 29th July

UK | 1982 | ACORN | 136 | Cert PG Item# 72034 | RRP £17.99 | 5th August

4 discs.

Our DVD Price: £11.99

DVD Price: £33.49 Blu-ray: £40.49

The Paper Lads: Complete

This fondly remembered family series from Tyne Tees follows the adventures of JG, Ian, Gog, Baz and Sam – teenagers on a paper round for their local newsagent, retired policeman Jack Crawford. Filmed on the terraced streets of Gateshead, The Paper Lads ran for two 2 discs. series from 1977-79. UK | 1977-79 | NWORK | 350 | Cert PG Item# 72087 | RRP £19.99 | 29th July

Tony Robinson explores the weird and wonderful history of superstition, belief and religious experience in Britain. For 2000 years, Britain has been a Christian country. Or has it? Our ancestors actually kept many other dark, fantastical beliefs alive, with some having shaped our history as 3 discs. much as mainstream religion.

UK | 2011 | DIGCL | 260 | Cert E Item# 71768 | RRP £12.99 | 15th July

The Tyrant King

All the surviving colour episodes along with the five final episodes, available only in black and white, of the glamorous BBC crime series. Francis Matthews plays the cool, incisive crime writer turned crime solver, with Ros Drinkwater as his wife, Steve. An unmissable time capsule of fashion, clothes, 6 discs. cars, décor – and crime. UK | 1969-71 | ACORN | 806 | Cert 12 Item# 72033 | RRP £24.99 | 5th August

Tony Robinson’s Gods and Monsters

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Paul Temple: Complete

A popular detective crime show from the late 1950s. 179 episodes were transmitted between 1957 and 1959, but only four now remain in the archive. These are complemented by the sole remaining episode of the Shadow Squad spinoff Skyport.

UK | 1959 | NWORK | 131 | Cert U Item# 72265 | RRP £14.99 | 1st July

USA | 2012 | WHV | Cert 15 Item# 71560 / 71567 | RRP £39.99 | 22nd July

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Anthony Andrews makes for a splendid Sir Percy Blakeney – the fop who lives a double-life as the heroic Scarlet Pimpernel, rescuing noblemen from the guillotine – in this 1982 adaptation of Baroness Orczy’s novels. Jane Seymour plays the woman with whom he falls in love - even though he must keep his identity a secret from her.

Shadow Squad: Complete

The Newsroom: Season 1

Our DVD Price: £17.99

Clive Donner

Our DVD Price: £12.99

Our DVD Price: £14.99 All ten episodes from the first season of the HBO drama created by Aaron Sorkin which takes a look behind the scenes of the fictional Altantis Cable News and follows the newsroom staff, including anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) and executive producer MacKenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer).

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Mike Hodges Directed by Mike Hodges (Get Carter) and starring Philip Madoc, Murray Melvin and juvenile leads from the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, this six-part mystery thriller (Thames Television’s very first production) follows three teenagers as they traverse London searching for an answer to a hidden secret. The action is complemented by an contemporary soundtrack featuring Pink Floyd, The Nice, Cream and The Moody Blues. UK | 1968 | NWORK | 175 | Cert U Item# 72274 | RRP £14.99 | 1st July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

The War: A Ken Burns Film Ken Burns

The complete seven-part series focusing on the many ways in which WWII affected the lives of American families. An absorbing series from a great documentarian (The West, Jazz) that presents the war from an American 6 discs. perspective. USA | 2007 | GO-D | 900 | Cert E Item# 72016 | RRP £39.99 | 8th July

Our DVD Price: £25.99

Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club: Series 6 The sixth series of the TV variety show, compered by Colin Crompton and Bernard Manning, set in a mock-up of a northern working man’s club. This series includes performances by Paul Daniels, Cannon and Ball, George Melly, hypnotist Martin St James and The 2 discs. Dubliners.

UK | 1977 | PNE | 250 | Cert E Item# 72127 | RRP £19.99 | 22nd July

Our DVD Price: £14.99

World in Action: Volume 3

This third volume of programmes from ITV’s flagship current affairs show contains sixteen more investigations, with the subjects including euthanasia, Scientology, the National Front, the Miners’ Strike, the underhanded practices of the CIA in the 1970s, Stokeley Carmichael, Mary Whitehouse in Denmark, bogus benefit claims, The Hunt for the Ripper, the Falklands crisis and corruption in 3 discs. the Metropolitan Police. UK | 1968 | NWORK | 454 | Cert E Item# 72297 | RRP £24.99 | 1st July

Our DVD Price: £19.99

The Young Montalbano Before Inspector Salvo Montalbano became the seasoned and mature chief detective with whom we are familiar, he was just Salvo, new to Vigàta and new to being a police chief. In this prequel series, we witness the genesis of his friendships, rivalries and romance. 3 discs. Michele Riondino stars. Italy | 2012 | ACORN | 600 | subt | Cert 15 Item# 72036 | RRP £24.99 | 5th August

Our DVD Price: £17.99

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Contemporary Film English Language Films, 1970 – present

New Releases 200 Motels Tony Palmer

A crazy, experimental film of life on the road, directed and written by Frank Zappa and Tony Palmer. Ringo Starr plays Zappa, while Keith Moon appears in drag as a nun. The film was also a cinematographic first in that it was shot on videotape and transferred to film. USA | 1971 | BLVD | 98 | Cert 18 Item# 72277 | RRP £6.99 | 29th July

Our DVD Price: £5.99


Nicholas Jarecki A tense financial thriller starring Richard Gere as a hedge-fund manager trying to cover up his misdemeanours. With Laetitia Casta, Susan Sarandon and Tim Roth among the actors, this superbly cast film is a resonant parable of greed Director’s Commentary. and corruption. USA | 2012 | Koch | 106 | Cert 15 Item# 71942 / 71941 | RRP £15.99 | 15th July

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray: £15.49

Au Pair Girls Val Guest

Cheesy 70s naughtiness about the misadventures of four beautiful au pair girls (Including Gabrielle Drake and Astrid Frank). Among the many cameo appearances in the film are John Le Mesurier, Trevor Bannister and Richard O’Sullivan. UK | 1972 | ODEON | 81 | Cert 18 Item# 71845 | RRP £12.99 | 29th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

The Best Pair of Legs in the Business Chris Hodson

1970s comedy starring Reg Varney as a holiday camp entertainer determined to break into the big time – despite his absence of any identifiable talent. How long will his wife (Diana Coupland) wait for him to outgrow his delusions? UK | 1974 | NWORK | 95 | Cert 12 Item# 72125 | RRP £9.99 | 15th July

Our DVD Price: £8.99

The Whales of August Recommended

Three Days of the Condor Recommended

Limited Stocks

Director: Lindsay Anderson

Director: Sydney Pollack

Starring: Bette Davis, Lillian Gish, Vincent Price, Ann Sothern, Harry Carey Jnr, Mary Steenburgen

Starring: Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway

Released: 8th July

Extras: Region 2 Dutch release; English language menus, original English soundtrack.

Item# 72035 USA | 1987 | ACORN | 87 | Cert U

Sometimes it’s a privilege to watch actors at work. Lillian Gish and Bette Davis were 94 and 79 respectively when they headlined Lindsay Anderson’s adaptation of David Berry’s stage play. Yet they each give a masterly exhibition of how to play to the camera and invest the smallest gesture or expression with a significance outweighing lines of dialogue. They play sisters who have been coming to their summer house in Maine for years to watch the whales basking off the coast. Each senses that this could be the last time and Gish refuses to allow the crotchety, near-blind Davis to goad her into re-opening the ancient disputes that have come between them. Gish and Davis don’t excel alone. Vincent Price is also charming as an impecunious aristocratic émigré, while Ann Sothern and Harry Carey, Jr. make the most of supporting roles as a kindly neighbour and a clumsy handyman. Reining in the satirical savagery that had been his trademark, Anderson impresses with his restraint and the sense of pace and place that keeps the focus firmly on the characters. DP

Released: Out Now

Item# 71822 USA | 1975 | INNLC | 120 |

Sharp dialogue, naturalistic acting, wide lapels, chunky ties, shadowy government organisations with murky motives: Three Days of the Condor could only be a thriller from the height of Watergate-era paranoia. And it is gripping from the off. In what is surely one of the most compelling hooks in Hollywood history, Turner (Robert Redford) returns from lunch to find that all of his affable co-workers have been killed while he was on the sandwich run. He calls base for advice but smells a rat; suddenly he realises there is no-one to trust. From this opening we move into slick suspense movie territory, fashionably seventies but with nods to classic Hitchcock. Less cerebral and more conventionally entertaining than, say, Klute or The Parallax View, Three Days of the Condor nonetheless compares favourably with those established New Hollywood conspiracy classics. And with its action highlights it also prefigures the Bourne franchise by about 25 years. Chillingly, the answers Condor finds turn out to be equally as prescient. JU

Buying Details

Buying Details

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Our DVD Price:

RRP: £12.99 Save £2

RRP: £12.99 Save £1




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Contemporary The Killing of a Chinese Bookie

The Comedian Tom Shkolnik

A largely improvised comic drama following a man struggling with his identity. Call centre worker Ed (Edward Hogg) fills his nights performing on London’s stand-up circuit. Unhappy in his day job and unsure of his feelings for flatmate Elisa, he moves through life in a perpetual state of self-reflection. Then he meets the openly gay Nathan on a bus and has to decide about the man he wishes to become. USA | 2012 | TRIN | 79 | Cert 15 Item# 72267 | RRP £15.99 | 29th July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Evil Dead

The much-anticipated remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 cult horror in which five friends decamp to a backwoods cabin in an effort to straighten out their drug-ravaged friend. Then they unearth a Book of the Dead and summon up dormant demons... USA | 2013 | STUDC | 91 | Cert 18 Item# 72172 / 72174 | RRP £17.99 | 12th August

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray: £16.99

A monochrome trip into alchemy, magic and madness in the English Civil War from the director of Kill List and Sightseers. A small group of deserters are captured by an alchemist and forced to aid him in his search for treasure in a nearby field, but after feeding on its mushrooms, paranoia takes hold.

Good Vibrations Lisa Barros D’Sa

A biopic chronicling the life of the Northern Irish music promoter Terri Hooley, who championed the emerging Belfast punk music scene during the 1970s, starting a small record label to launch some of the local bands he discovers – notably The Undertones. UK / Ireland | 2012 | UPV | 103 | Cert 15 Item# 71868 / 71901 | RRP £15.99 | 5th August

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £14.99

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Recommended Director: Fred Haines

Our DVD+Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Released: Out Now

Starring: Max von Sydow, Dominique Sanda Extras: Director’s Cut.

Lee Daniels

Item# 71374 Switzerland | 1974 | CONTM | 104 | Cert 15

Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron star in this steamy crime thriller set in rural Florida at the end of the 1960s, where Kidman’s garishly seductive femme fatale enlists the help of an investigative reporter and his black colleague to overturn the conviction of a man on death row who is accused of murdering a racist sheriff.

A vivid, psychedelically-charged adaptation of Herman Hesse’s 1927 novel, Steppenwolf stars Max von Sydow as the disenchanted, selfabsorbed intellectual Harry Haller, a man pinned between polite upbringing and primal urges, fearful of taking pleasure yet outraged by his bourgeois fastidiousness. Approaching 50, he is contemplating suicide – but then in an all-night bar he meets the coolly seductive Hermine (Dominique Sanda) who offers to be his guide to a world of sensual enjoyment. As she leads him through her liminal night-time world, she and her companions teach him to take things a little more lightly – though at the cost of a life, or what counts as a life in this half-world. As 1920s cabaret mixes with an acid-tinged 70s sensibility, boundaries between real and unreal become ever more porous, until, when Haller enters the world of doors and mirrors that is the Magic Theatre, the film heads into full-blown trip mode, as a slew of visual effects assaults his benumbed senses. For all that, it’s faithful to the spirit of Hesse’s ‘document of our times’. It’s good to have it available at last. GH

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray: £16.49

Ben Wheatley


USA | 1976 | BFI | 108 | Cert 15 Item# 72013 | RRP £19.99 | 15th July

USA | 2012 | LGATE | 102 | Cert 15 Item# 71854 / 71853 | RRP £17.99 | 29th July

A Field in England

DVD Price: £14.99 Blu-ray: £17.59

Cassavetes’ hard-boiled portrayal of a man on the edge of desperation. In an absorbing performance, Ben Gazzara plays the owner of a sleazy LA strip joint who is blackmailed into a murderous commission when a gambling debt spirals out of control. 2 discs; 135 minute original cut and 108 minute re-edit; Short film The Haircut (Hoffs, 1981); Booklet.

The Paperboy

Fede Alvarez

UK / Ireland | 2013 | 4DVD | 86 | Cert 15 Item# 72090 / 72091 | RRP £19.99 | 5th July

John Cassavetes

The Place Beyond the Pines Derek Cianfrance

Ryan Gosling cements his reputation as a male lead in this triptych of tales that follows the impact a father’s actions have on the generations that follow. There are bold shifts of storytelling gear here, and the last third evokes comparisons to classic melodramas such as George Stevens’ Giant. USA | 2012 | STUDC | 140 | Cert 15 Item# 72004 / 72005 | RRP £19.99 | 12th August

DVD Price: £13.99 Blu-ray: £17.99

Robot & Frank Jake Schreier

Frank Langella plays a retired jewel thief who discovers that his cuttingedge home assistance robot may be the key to pulling off one last heist in this quirky but substantial thriller set in the near future.

Buying Details

USA | 2012 | MOMET | 89 | Cert 12 Item# 72161 / 72160 | RRP £15.99 | 15th July

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £11.99

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July 2013 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Also Released... Shell

Scott Graham

Scott Graham’s richly poetic directorial debut examines the intense relationship between a father and daughter living a secluded life in the Highlands of Scotland. Chloe Pirrie plays the 17 year-old girl whose horizons are unexpectedly widened when she receives a copy of Carson McCullers’ novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, an exploration of alienation and loneliness in 1930s America. UK | 2012 | VER | 91 | Cert 15 Item# 71795 / 71799 | RRP £15.99 | 8th July

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £14.99

Side Effects

Steven Soderbergh

Soderbergh’s final film is a gripping psychological thriller about big pharma and mental health that follows the effects of one woman’s mental breakdown on those closest to her. Rooney Mara, Jude Law and Channing Tatum Interviews; Super star. 8 featurette shot by Steven Soderbergh. USA | 2013 | MOMET | 106 | Cert 15 Item# 72179 / 72180 | RRP £17.99 | 29th July

The Brood

David Cronenberg

Item# 71923 Canada | 1979 | 89 | 18 | £15.99

Atom Egoyan

A psychosexual drama based in a hotel where the voyeuristic Lisa (Arsinée Khanjian) is obsessed with her co-worker, struggling actor Lance (Michael McManus), who gets involved with a scriptwriter staying there. Haunting images and obsessive sexuality merge as the characters become entangled in a fatal web of desire. Canada | 1989 | ART-E | 93 | Cert 15 Item# 71796 / 72012 | RRP £15.99 | 8th July

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away Andrew Adamson

An uplifting, kaleidoscopic romantic fantasy produced by James Cameron and Andrew Adamson and performed by members of the brilliant contemporary circus troupe Cirque du Blu-ray contains Soleil. 3D & 2D versions.

DVD: £11.99 Blu-ray: £14.99

Jack the Giant Slayer Bryan Singer

Item# 72170 USA | 2012 | 114 | 12 | £19.99

DVD: £16.49 Blu-ray: £19.99

The Wee Man Ray Burdis

Item# 71959 UK | 2012 | 105 | 18 | £17.99

DVD: £12.99 Blu-ray: £13.99

Welcome to the Punch Eran Creevy

USA | 2012 | PARAH | 91 | PG Item# 71602 / 71634 | RRP £19.99 | 15th July

DVD Price: £17.49 3D Blu-ray: £24.9

Henry V: Globe Theatre

Item# 72226 UK | 2012 | 100 | 15 | £17.99

Dominic Dromgoole

DVD: £12.99 Blu-ray: £13.99

A live performance of Shakespeare’s historical play at the reconstucted Globe Theatre. Acclaimed for his performance as Prince Hal in Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 (2010), Jamie Parker returns to Hal’s journey as Henry V.


Andrzej Zulawski

Item# 72169 Fr| 1981 | 119 | 18 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £14.99

Runaway Train

Andrei Konchalovsky

Item# 71917 USA | 1985 | 109 | 15 | £19.99

Our DVD+Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Gay & Lesbian

DVD Price: £13.99 Blu-ray: £14.99

Speaking Parts


UK / Ireland | 2012 | OPUS | Cert E Item# 72168 | RRP £19.99 | 1st July

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Il Ritorno D’Ulisse in Patria: Glyndebourne Festival Opera Peter Hall

A 1973 production of Monteverdi’s opera in which Ulysses attempts to thwart the will of the Gods on his return to Ithaca. The production stars Janet Baker, Benjamin Luxon and Raymond Leppard, and stage direction is from Sir Peter Hall.

I Want Your Love Travis Mathews

Banned in Australia, this hotly anticipated debut feature is a sexually explicit look at gay relationships within a group of friends. It’s a passionate and deeply intimate film that captures the uncensored zeitgeist of modern-day San Francisco. USA | 2012 | PECCA | 71 | Cert 18 Item# 71792 | RRP £12.99 | 22nd July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

UK | 1973 | ART-H | 148 | Cert E Item# 72166 | RRP £14.99 | 1st July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Teatro Alla Scala: The Opera Classics Pier Luigi Pizzi

Amnesia, hypnosis and the convergence of fantasy and reality fill this psychological thriller in which James McAvoy’s auctioneer falls foul of a gang of ruthless art thieves after he doublecrosses them.

In Volume 2 of the Sexual Tension diptych (following Volatile), we go on a journey through the twists and turns of female seduction. Two hostel guests become roommates and more, a shop assistant helps an uncertain woman and we witness great passion at a picnic.

A collection of operas performed at La Scala, Milan. Le Nozze di Figaro (2006) features performances by Ildebrando D’Arcangelo, Diana Damrau and Pietro Spagnoli, Maria Stuarda (2008) stars Mariella Devia, Anna Caterina Antonacci and Francesco Meli, and Simon Boccanegra (2010) has performances by Plácido Domingo, Anja Harteros and Ferruccio 4 discs. Furlanetto.

UK | 2013 | FOX | 102 | Cert 15 Item# 72223 / 72224 | RRP £19.99 | 5th August

Argentina / France | 2013 | TLAUK | 91 | subt | Cert 18 Item# 71982 | RRP £15.99 | 12th August

Italy | 2006-2010 | ART-H | 474 | Cert E Item# 72167 | RRP £29.99 | 1st July

DVD Price: £14.99 Blu-ray: £24.49

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Our DVD Price: £24.99

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £13.99


Danny Boyle

Sexual Tension: Violetas Berger / Mónaco


Page 33

The Place Beyond the Pines

James Oliver’s From the Cheap Seats

Good TV is Just Good TV

Image from The Wire


ntil the early years of this century, there was a perception that there was something a bit second division about television; it was very much the gauche younger brother to the sophisticated, maturity of cinema. More recently, though, TV has evolved. Networks like HBO have encouraged creators to be more adventurous, bringing an ever greater sophistication to the small screen. The Sopranos showed what was possible on the goggle box, a long form narrative with complex (and frequently unwholesome) characters, advancing with jarring developments. In its wake came things like Deadwood, Homeland, Girls, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire and Breaking Bad (to name but a few) – shows as good as any that have ever appeared on TV (or so we are told). The new conventional wisdom has it that television looks increasingly better than the movies made by a Hollywood system addicted to superhero movies and puerile comedies. Many people have turned turning their back on the cinema to spend more time with their box sets. Some commentators even wonder why people still bother with ‘the movies’. It’s hard not to have a certain sympathy for this view. There are many magnificent television programmes and many more dreadful Hollywood films. And yet, persuasive as this argument is, I’m not convinced. The first point to make is that this golden age is an American affair; although this year seems to be the best year of British TV in years (Broadchurch, The Fall), it still looks positively anaemic when compared to the glory days of the 1970s and 80s. That was the era of I, Claudius and

Good as it is, modern television seems to lack innovation and adventure Tinker, Tailor Soldier, Spy; when you didn’t need to leave home to watch new work by Ken Loach, Stephen Frears and Alan Clarke; when dramatists of the quality of Nigel Kneale and Dennis Potter were writing exclusively for the telly. I can’t help feeling that the work produced on British television back then was fundamentally more innovative, adventurous and challenging than the best of modern TV. Take Mad Men, for instance. I love Mad Men. It might be my favourite TV show ever. And yet, for all the liberties it (occasionally) takes with chronology and realism, it’s essentially a glorified soap opera. The focus is still on good, solid, character driven drama with none of the formal ambition that characterised say, The Singing Detective or Edge of Darkness. What’s more, a lot of these modern shows have simply been overrated. Take The Wire, sometimes held to be The Greatest TV Series Of All Time. There’s much to like about

The Wire, but not its lazy habit of abandoning its much vaunted realism whenever it wanted to Make Its Points (and The Wire often Makes Points: subtlety was never its strongest suit.) The real state of play comes not when you compare modern television to the average movie – I’m happy to accept that TV does middlebrow entertainment better than most movies – but when you stand them next to the best. Even in our impoverished age, the best of modern film (be it The Master or Lincoln or whatever) shows a medium still pushing forward, still stretching possibilities, as interested in ideas as in aesthetics. The best TV, by contrast, is just really, really good TV.

Related Films Edge of Darkness Martin Campbell

Item# 13764 UK | 1985 | 314 | 15 | £15.99

Our DVD Price: £5.99

I, Claudius Herbert Wise

Item# 59124 UK | 1970s | 648 | 15 | £44.99

Our DVD Price: £14.99

The Singing Detective Jon Amiel

Item# 16746 UK | 1986 | 360 | 15 | £19.99

Our DVD Price: £8.99

Visit the Cheap Seats blog and join in on the discussion! Page 36

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In the House

François Ozon’s playful French black comedy See page 13 for our full review

In the House François Ozon nimbly flits between satire, scares and the art of storytelling in this playful dark comedy co-starring Kristin Scott Thomas. Teacher Germain usually despairs about his pupils’ writing, so when Claude hands in a promising piece about a friend’s family he is intruiged. As Germain advises Claude on how to improve the dramatic tension in his submissions, the line between fiction and reality begins to blur. Item# 72208 France | 2012 | 106 | subt | 15 | £17.99

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