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Movianto in the Benelux provides its international clients with innovative logistics and distribution solutions within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry. With the expertise to act as a reliable outsourcing partner across the entire supply chain, Movianto offers two strategically located warehouses that comprise a storage capacity of over 30,000 pallet spaces and the biggest facilities for deep-frozen products within Europe. The warehouse in Aalst, Belgium, and the facility in Oss, the Netherlands, are managed with fully validated temperature-control and information systems. Using existing synergies within geographical areas, Movianto Belgium and Movianto Netherlands are managed as one region within the Movianto Group.

Movianto Belgium

Movianto Netherlands

Starting as a company transporting conditioned goods in 1978, Movianto Belgium has developed into one of the leading outsourcing partners within healthcare logistics.

Movianto Netherlands is located in Oss, in the centre of the Benelux. The state-of-the-art warehouse is ideally suited to act as a European Distribution Centre.

The facility in Aalst provides:

The facility provides:

Ambient storage (+15°C to +25°C) for 8,000 pallets Cold chain facilities for up to 2,250 pallets (+2°C to +8°C) Frozen storage area (-20°C) Controlled drug storage and separated area for specialty products Centre for Clinical Trials management

16,000 pallets in ambient storage (+15°C to +25°C) 4,700 pallets in cold storage (+2°C to +8°C) Deep-frozen storage facilities (-20°C / -40°C) Controlled drug storage and dedicated storage for specialty products Storage for samples, promotional materials and clinical trials

Strict storage and handling requirements presuppose existing, transparent procedures and high security standards on Movianto’s side – flexible enough to adapt to clients’ individual business needs from long-term pallet storage to 24-hours emergency stock service.

Offering one of the largest deep-frozen facilities within Europe, Movianto is in an ideal position to deliver specialised solutions within the whole of Europe.


Movianto Transportation Manufacturing Services Movianto is solely dedicated to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and offers various flexible and attractive transportation models, not only on a local, but also on a regional and European level.

Movianto’s manufacturing services are flexible enough to meet specific product and delivery requirements, taking into account upcoming challenges in an ever-changing market.

Our service includes:

Manufacturing services include:

Validated multi-temperature vehicles (ambient, cool and deep-frozen) GPRS and temperature tracking 24 hour and dedicated express deliveries Highest product safety

With its validated fleet, Movianto can offer distribution to all hospitals and wholesalers within the Benelux on a daily basis. Flexible distribution models also comprise fully controlled dedicated transport solutions within all temperature ranges.

(Re-)packaging (Re-)labeling Kitting Rework Movianto can pack, label and assemble the products before they are delivered to the recipient. With our postponement service we let clients respond more flexible to ever changing markets, taking care of just in time customised deliveries once incoming orders are received.

Warehousing Services Our conditioned and validated warehouses are the centre of our storing activities. Products are continually monitored from the time they enter the warehouse up to their final destination.

Warehousing services include: ‘Virtual’ warehouse with the highest traceability Barcode picking Batch tracking Order-to-cash 24/7 emergency stock service Multi-lingual call centre Our state-of-the-art facilities fulfill even the most exacting requirements in terms of temperature and safety restrictions in line with GDP and GMP guidelines. 3

Movianto Cold Chain The temperature of cold chain products is under constant supervision and fully traceable on its way from the manufacturer to customers. Clients can be assured that their orders are carried out in line with the highest safety requirements.

Movianto’s cold chain management is linked to flexible tracking and reporting tools, allowing clients to maintain control along every step of the supply chain.

Cold chain distribution includes: Cold chain storage capacities Fully audited and traced cold chain delivery services (+2°C to +8° C / -20°C / -40°C) Real-time status of products Full-day reports, detailing temperature conditions


Movianto IT System Movianto Quality Quality at Movianto is based on a European Quality Management System (EQMS) with only one ISO certificate for the whole Group. Thus Movianto ensures the same high quality standards in all subsidiaries across Europe.

Our standards include: Certified EQMS in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008 Certified according to DIN ISO 13485 for medical device logistics (Oss facility) GxP guidelines Continual staff training Regular internal and external audits Product and patient safety is the core of our daily business. With one joint quality system, ongoing improvements are documented and constantly put into practice. At the same time, Movianto’s quality standards are flexible enough to match individual business needs.


Movianto’s IT system stands for full transparency along the entire supply chain allowing individual data access to all connected Movianto subsidiaries with only one IT interface. Your dedicated key account manager will assess your individual needs before adapting the system that best meets your business objectives.

Our IT system includes: Central IT platform Movianto Prince Validated SAP system Centralised vehicle scheduling Efficient, transparent and flexible service tools, which can be additionally arranged, allow you to check and monitor your products and sales online while creating dynamic reports.

O&M-Movianto Nederland BV Keltenweg 70 5342 LP Oss Netherlands Tel +31 (0)412 40 64 20 Fax +31 (0)412 40 64 40 Movianto Belgium NV Industrielaan 27 9320 Aalst Belgium Tel +32 (0)53 85 90 00 Fax +32 (0)53 85 90 10








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