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A Guide on VoIP Service Many people have stopped using traditional landline phone technology as it is outdated. This has affected telephone companies as they are losing customers which have led them to switch exclusively to wireless cell phone plans or VoIP broadband. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service offers various advantages to small business. With this technology you can make free phone calls through internet and is assigned an IP address. This phone service can replace traditional landline service for residential and business customers.


 Portability is one of the important advantages of this phone service. You can carry a  

   

VoIP phone adapter along with you to any place in the world where there is high speed internet connection and use it from that location to make and receive calls. In addition, another advantage is you can make affordable long distance and international calls for a flat monthly fee. You can create backups for your voice mails and other items so that your data is not lost. In landline only two persons can talk to each other. But with voice over internet protocol phone service you can speak with multiple persons at the same time by using conferencing. Most of the phone companies charge extra fees for features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, call forwarding and voicemail. But if you use Voice over internet protocol service, you can make use of this feature without paying any additional fee. Another advantage of voice over internet protocol phone is you can have face to face conversation with your loved ones through web camera. In this type of phone service, you can keep track of your daily usage, by just accessing your account. Since calls are made through internet, government has not taxed heavily on VoIP Phone Service . But if you have a look at the local telephone bill, you have to pay taxes each month. So if you use VoIP services you can save money.

In past few years there has been increase in the number of VoIP phone companies which has to lead to increase in its usage. Varieties of voice over internet protocol plans are available to residents and businesses. Some of the basic plans include:       

Unlimited calls within a certain area Overseas calls to select countries Caller ID Call forwarding Call waiting Voice mail Emergency 911 calling

Additional features include international calling plans, fax numbers, second lines, virtual numbers and visual voice mail. When selecting a VoIP provider, evaluate the costs and features of various competitors. Find out are there any promotional offers on adapters, routers and calling plans either online or consumer electronic stores. Before selecting a provider and calling plan, try to get consumer feedback and also find out whether VoIP phone service will replace traditional telephone landline. SOURCE:

A Guide on VoIP Service