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Move Your Plants With Cheap Long Distance Moving Companies Moving house but you don’t want to leave your beloved plants behind? Here’s how to take your indoor and garden plants with you to your new home when you are moving with cheap long distance moving companies.

Are you moving house but you don’t want to leave your beloved plants behind? It's understandable, you might have spent a lot of time honing your garden and of course, you are reluctant to leave your favourite specimens behind! But when you are moving with cheap long distance moving companies , what should you do? Should you ask them to move or should you move yourself? Here's the lowdown on what you need to consider when you are moving your prized plants from potted indoor plants to more established garden plants.

Check Whether You Can Move Them First and foremost, check with your State Department of Agriculture or Department of Natural Resources to find out the rules and regulations regarding plants in your destination state. Many states prohibit the entry of certain plants in order to minimize the risk of bringing new insects and pests into the state which can multiply rapidly and destroy cash crops.

Talk to Your Movers Most of the cheap long distance moving companies will not assume any responsibility for living plants because there is little control over the temperature inside the moving truck. However, if that's the only option you prefer then talk to your long distance movers ahead of time and let them know the size and number of plants that are being transported. Plants take up a lot of

room since they can not be stacked on top of each other and they will require sufficient protection, support and clear space. But if they refuse to handle them, here are your moving options  Your best option is to move plants in your car with you or have your florist ship them to your destination.  Some airlines will transport plants by air freight. Contact the airline first to understand what plants can be shipped.  Your last option is to give them to your friends rather than move them.

Tips For Moving House Plants 4 Weeks Before Moving: Repot any plants into clean, unbreakable, plastic containers. The new pot should not be too large because this can cause plants to grow poorly. 3 Weeks Before Moving: Prune larger plants. Pruning will make packing easier and produce healthier house plants. Consult a gardening book for proper techniques to prune various types of plants. 1 Week Before Moving: Treat your plants for pests. The most environmentally safe method is to seal the plant in a large black plastic bag along with a bug/pest strip or an animal flea collar. Keep the bag in a cool shady area overnight.

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Pack your plants in the morning or the night before. Drain off any excess water. Use regular packing cartons or dish packs with compartments which are available from your chosen full-service moving company. Securely anchor each plant inside the box to prevent any movement. Use paper around the base and cushion the branches and leaves with soft paper. Put air holes in the sides of the box and clearly label "This Side Up - Fragile - Plants" Plants are ready to travel for about four days as long as there are no severe temperature changes. After Unpacking, water them if they require it and gradually introduce them to sunlight to avoid severe damage.

Tips For Moving Garden Plants      

Contact your local horticulture store to get advice on whether the plants will grow in your new location. On the day of the move, dig up the root ball. Moisten the root ball and place the plant in a sealed plastic bag along with a bug/pest strip for up to 6 hours. Upon arriving, replant as soon as possible. Check the new soil PH level and adjust if required. Fertilize and water the soil around the plant regularly. It may take time for the plant to adjust to its new environment.

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Move Your Plants With Cheap Long Distance Moving Companies