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The Secret Five that help de-stress during an Office Move Moving – the one word that unlocks a few hundred emotions. Tough on families that have to endure it, tougher on those brave ones who go through the whole uprooting process year after year. What goes unnoticed however, is the sheer quantum of stress that is unleashed on employees during an office move. Like members of a household, employees too have a routine of sorts. They have their reference vendors, familiar sights and sounds, a loosely-knit set of dos and don’ts that come into effect on the basis of having worked in a common place for some amount of time. There are a few managements out there that believe in employee sourcing their moving crew. Opinions on such a decision are mixed. One camp believes that such a practice goes on to foster a greater sense of belonging among the workforce. They believe that since each employee knows their desk or workspace best, they’d be perfect for the job of packing and moving their own stuff. Others say that this is nothing but a crass move to skimp on the moving charges. They allege that such decisions could backfire and endanger the safety of a valuable human asset. While the discussions between both camps of opinion continue, the one key point that can help swing the decision is the experience and expertise of the team entrusted with affecting the move. There can be nothing more reassuring than the knowledge of having a well trained team that is capable of handling any eventuality that may arise. That then, is the big pearl of wisdom that has a significant influence on the reduction of stress levels during an office move. So how exactly does one go about it? Well, it is time you got acquainted with the Secret Five that help de-stress during an office move Begin Recruitment: The best way to begin is by getting in touch with reputed commercial moving services providers in the market. They tend to be well equipped in terms of both, equipment as well as personnel that are well qualified for the task at hand. Slay the demon of redundancy: Over time, a commercial enterprise does tend to accumulate a lot of redundant materials. These may take the form of outdated hardware, promotional materials that have gone past their timelines and so on. An office move makes for perfect timing to slay the demon of redundancy that lives on through such junk. Eventually, the lesser the stuff there is to move; the better it shall be for all stakeholders involved. Fail-Safes: No matter what people say, office moves can and most likely, will go wrong in some aspect or the other. In this case, it is important to have fail safes in place that help bolster and support the situation till it is corrected and made functional again. Delegate & Empower: It is a good measure to assign responsibilities to team leaders and managers who then take charge of their respective teams. They can delegate tasks and empower their juniors, thereby ensuring that each section of the workplace is shifted in a responsible manner.

Bringing up the rear: A significant number of office moves do not get completed in a single attempt. They often require dedicated follow-up actions that are designed solely to bring up the rear and pickup all that has been left behind. In the end, office moves are all about taking a balanced approach and harnessing the power of a team effort. So set forth wisely and may the de-stressing begin...

The Secret Five that help de-stress during an Office Move  
The Secret Five that help de-stress during an Office Move  

Moving – the one word that unlocks a few hundred emotions. Tough on families that have to endure it, it is often tougher on employees that h...