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4 Point Authenticity Checklist for Moving Company Quotes People have become increasingly mobile in recent years and the realty market too has been reporting an upward trend in the demand for rental properties. Consequently, the demand for packing and moving services has been growing. To meet this upsurge in demand, new players have been entering the market with amazing alacrity and the industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. Up until a few years ago, there were only a few established players in the fray. These days, with the explosion of the digital age, a simple search for moving quotes online managesto throw up a hundred and one results. Each player professes to offer something unique, something extra that has hitherto been unavailable from the existing incumbents. However, reports have also been growing about the presence of unscrupulous elements in the industry. Tall claims have become a de-facto tactic, one where the service provider fails to walk the talk. Such operators function in the most unprofessional of ways, almost seeming to bend backwards over one another in an attempt to fleece customers. Almost every website featuring moving company quotes can be seen to have reviews from customers who seem to have purportedly availed of the company’s services. But, given the amount of manipulation and fakes that are floating around, the feeling that this too could be among the same, cannot be helped. Thankfully, there are a few simple ways in which the reviews can be checked for authenticity. Review Websites: There are certain websites that are dedicated to reviews. Some even have user forums. These usually tend to have actual customers reporting on their service experience from particular providers. Comparing the feedback that is featured on the movers website with the opinion shared on such forums is a good way to gauge the real situation. To further safeguard against manipulation, cross check the reviews across two or three review forums. This should give a fair indication on the overall reputation and quality of service from a particular operator. Ratings Check: Many moving company websites deploy a star-rating system for customers to quickly share their feedback on services. In the real world, customers tend to give a maximum 4 out of 5 star rating in most cases.If one does come across 5-

star ratings a-plenty, it could very well be that the ratings are manipulated. Especially if the reviews verification, explained in the earlier step throws up contradicting feedback. On the other hand, if there are a large number of 1 and 2 star ratings, then it could very well be that the competition may be playing dirty. Mind the language: Often, if a particular company is manipulating the reviews in an attempt to cheat prospecting customers, it is the language in the reviews that leads to their being caught. Paid reviewers tend to use flowery language, terms which, under normal circumstances, a genuine customer wouldn’t use (positive & negative, both) and so on. Also, there is usually a single person or two/three people at best who are deployed for the task. So there is a significant degree of repetition in the language being used. Thus, if such behaviour is observed on the site of a moving company, it is time to walk away.

The timing trap: If a moving company is trying to unscrupulously manipulate its reputation, then chancesare that its customer reviews are being cooked too. A quick glance at the date and time of the reviews being posted should reveal the truth in all detail. An easy way is to check if the posts are updated at the same time or are bunched up closely. There are numerous ways in which moving companies can get ahead of the competition. However, all the best ways that can be sustained over time are the one’s that deploy honesty, integrity and a high level of service in equal measures. Not the one’s that look to fleece customers through falsification and manipulation of feedback.

4 Point Authenticity Checklist for Moving Company Quotes  

These days, with the explosion of the digital age, a simple search for moving quotes online manages to throw up a hundred and one results. B...