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FP model agency – mother agency. Works with girls and boys 13-24 years old. Provides model contracts to Asia and Europe! Located at Kyiv and Moscow.

Agency: @fp_model_agency_rus Photo: @smyshlyaeva_photo Style: @sasha__zbs Mua: @kseny_bakaeva Md: @yana__sadykova__

COVER Ph: @ph.naf Md: @katrin_catalini Video: @repin_photo @k__inside Mua: @grinovmakeup Hairstyle: @aleksa_hairstylist Style: @ynastyle Loc: @0603st Magazine: @movermagazine MA: @modelagentgroup Agent: @soldatovanastya




I wanted to engage in this profession since childhood, and everyone around said that I had all the chances to become a model. However, I was a very modest girl and for some reason was embarrassed by my thinness. At school I was teased about this, and thus, of course, various complexes in me developed. And only in adulthood, and even after more work on myself in terms of psychology, introspection, selfdevelopment, I was able to admit to myself that if I don’t try myself in this area, I will regret it later on.

- Was it such that you, changing your activity, felt sorry, afraid, wanted to go back? This often happens to people at the beginning. Or did you purposefully go to what you want, without looking back?

Corset Sorell , pants Paul & Ioe, coat Max & Mara, necklace Versace

- We know that you are a professional model. How long have you been in this profession, and what area of modeling do you deal with (photos, shows)?

In fact, I am new to this field. I have been modeling a little over a year and a half. However, due to the fact that I entered the modeling business after 20, which is not quite a standard situation, I need to think and act in advance and go by leaps and bounds. For the most part, I am a fashion model, however, I also shoot in videos, which, by the way, is always very interesting to me. Since it seems to me that the videos are more lovely, I can show the real me through them. Also sometimes I take part in shows, but rarely, because my type is commercial.

- Has it always been like this? Have you been interested in this profession since childhood? Tell us how you became a model?

I did not look back. In my opinion, this is a foolish thing to do. My decision was made consciously, and, gritting my teeth, I began to carry out step by step in my new favorite business. It’s hard to start from scratch. Especially when you left a good position, in which you were already a professional and respected by your supervisor, where you have a full social package, high salary and prospects. But I never regretted starting from scratch! Because this zero quickly turns into positive results, if you approach it with a passion, and this is my case.

- What obstacles did you come across on the new path? Perhaps there was no support from

Body Ushatava, hat Lichi, necklace Elisabetta Franchi



the loved ones in the abrupt change of activity, or something else?

There were many obstacles. The main thing is a lot of competition. The model market is oversaturated. In Russia there are the most beautiful girls and everyone knows this. And you are faced with the fact that you have to be better than the rest. One must constantly be in good shape, and yes - just being beautiful is not enough. In the beginning, I worked without a mother agency, and it was very difficult to look for work. This is especially difficult when you are a beginner. I worked a lot for free. I can’t say that this led astray. I knew that I was doing everything right, and was gaining experience. Not all of my loved ones happily accepted my shift of activity. There was a misunderstanding on their part, fear for what might not work, and how I could give up stability and so on. However, with my determination and firm confidence in success, I was able to reassure them over time. Even now I think, when I look at all this, how much of enthusiasm there is in me! Many in my place, having encountered difficulties at the beginning of the journey (I still haven’t listed this because I don’t want to intimidate future colleagues) would have left this idea and that’s all, but not me! I always go ahead.

Body Ushatava, necklace 8 Elisabetta Franchi, fur coat MW collection

- How did you come to realize that you are not doing what you want? Perhaps some events preceded this?

I became interested in the topic of psychology and self-development, listened to lectures, read books, and have been following this path till this day. I was very inspired by the topic of destination, and I realized how cool it is when everyone is doing what they love, when everyone is in their place. That is, to do what you are destined for. For example, the purpose of salt is to be salty, to give a salty taste, and sugar to give a sweet taste. Salt cannot be sweet or bitter. Everything should be in place. Many people live “Groundhog Day”, work on an unloved job, or work just for the money, or without any sense - just because everyone works and needs to live on something. And from the realization of this, it became uneasy. You can live your whole life meaninglessly and unconsciously. But I want to be in my place and follow my destiny. It was hard to understand which way to go. This is also a huge job, work on yourself. But no one said it’s easy to get the cookies.

- What character traits do you consider to be the best in yourself, which have helped and are helping you to succeed every time? The inner core, determination, confidence, openness, responsibility and honesty.

- You said that while working in another job, you imagined your future, and it was not what you want. What do you imagine yourself in the future now? What goals do you set, for example, for 1 year, 10, 20?

“You want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” Of course, there are goals, but at any moment the goals can be transformed. At first it surprised and upset me, a little scared, but then I got used to it. I can say for sure one thing - my goal is to further develop and be implemented in my favorite business modeling. And the most important thing is to be useful to people. And I’ve been working on this for the last months, developing the idea, and I think that I will soon be able to share it with you! 9

Ph: @ph.naf Md: @katrin_catalini Video: @repin_photo @k__inside Mua: @grinovmakeup Hairstyle: @aleksa_hairstylist Style: @ynastyle Loc: @0603st MA: @modelagentgroup Agent: @soldatovanastya




Olindo Nuzzo Italian influencer @olindonuzzo


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Bikini fitness of Polish Championships. Monika is a personal trainer, so she works with other people, and guide them into the fitness lifestyle.

Have you started doing sports since you What else do you want to achieve in were 16? Why did you want to go in for this sport? Do you plan to play other sport? sports? My passion started when I was 16 years old, I went to the gym where I met a friend who compete in bikini fitness competition, then when I saw her on stage, I told myself „ You can also do this, if you want it enough”. Soon after that, I started to prepare for my first show, and this way I found out my passion for this sport.

Why working out? Why do you like it?

I love working out, because you can build your body, how you want it, you can reach more and more with every single training. It’s perfect sport to develop yourself, in any way in your life, not only at the gym.

I did not achieve in this sport enough for me. I’ve won Polish Championships, and went to World Championships in Dominican, where I took 7th place. My journey with competing is not over, I’m coming back, after few years to compete, to beat my last achievements. I also love dancing, and do it in my free time, I take twerk lessons, and love to do that.

How often do you train? And do you like to train people?

I train 4-5 times a week, but I am at the gym every day, because I train people, and love working with them! It’s the best work I could imagine.

What is the secret of a successful sports career? Discipline? Desire? How do you force yourself year after year, day after day, to constantly push and engage? The secret of a successful sport career is in constancy and pushing yourself harder. It’s important to put your priorities first, diet, training, regeneration, sleep, health. There is no time to party, eat pizza, when you’re on prep. It’s important to stay focus on your goals. It’s the key to be successful.

What is the hardest in the sport? Where do you get the motivation? Share the secret with us!

The hardest in this sport is to stay focus, concentrate on yourself, not others. The true is that you have to think about your priorities, your diet, training session and health. You have to refuse yourself and your friends to go for a pizza with them, or a party.


Moisak Tanya Ph: @ph.nataliia.renkas Mua&Hair:@gorodetskaya_ann Dress: @evening_dresses_ua Video: @anya.bod 16



Red Shirt - Lanvin Pants - Won Hundred Tee - Vintage Blue corduroy shirt - Sies Marjan Jeans - Fabric Sneakers - Off White


With the critically acclaimed series Broad City coming to an end after its 5th and final season, Paul W Downs, who played Trey Pucker and is part of the core creative team behind the show, has a lot to look forward to. The American actor, writer, producer and director is developing three new shows and working on a new feature film with his partner Lucia Aniello. He will also appear in Apple’s upcoming Little America anthology series and can be seen in the feature film Rough Night opposite Scarlett Johansson and the film Like Father on Netflix with Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer and Seth Rogen.

Who did you want to become when you If you didn’t have an acting career what were a child? Have you become whom profession would you have mastered? you imagined to be? Olympic swimming. Yeah, definitely I think I wanted to be an actor and an Olympic swimmer. Both are insane dreams but one panned out, so you never know.

would have been an Olympian. For sure.

I studied acting and did comedy at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade theater in NY. That’s where I met my partner Lucia Aniello. We started making shorts together. We begged, borrowed and stole shots to make our earliest videos and put them online. We met a lot of other artists who wanted to break in and we all just worked together, often spending our own money to get our voice out into the world.

my friends are comedians it all kind of bleeds together. So, I guess the secret is date well.

I’d say film and television but I do love performing live - there’s really nothing like it. But I haven’t done theater since college. Now I do standup to get my fix. And I’m really getting addicted to it.

can make work and get it out there, you’ll learn from it. It’s better to take risks and put things into the world then wait till you’ve perfected something. Because nothing will be perfect. And the person who puts 100 failed attempts out into the world will get noticed before the person who puts one perfect thing out.

How do you balance your career with your personal life? Is there any secret of successfully combining these spheres?

How did you get into the film industry? Working with my romantic partner has What was your professional way? made it a lot easier. And so many of

Can you share your plans with our readers? What to expect from you in the professional field? Unfortunately, no, my plans are very private.

What do you consider to be the most important in the development of a successful acting and directing We know that you studied theater at career? What do you recommend for a Duke University. So what do you prefer: beginner? cinema or theater? I think you learn by doing. So do. If you

You are not only an actor, but also a director and writer, which of these «roles» are you most interested in?

I would never want to do just one. It’s so rewarding to get to do it all. I feel very lucky I’ve had the chance to. But if I could only do one acting is the most fun.


Ph: @kateklipatskaya

G.R.U.P.P.I.R.O.V.K.A G.R.U.P.P.I.R.O.V.K.A is one of the most successful Ukrainian public account which has grown into a youth movement. MOVER spoke with the founders of the public about the origins of this idea, about the values they bring to the youth, about the «trend for charity» and how to become a part of their team.

Tell us how the idea of creating a public was born?

- This is not even a public, it is already a youth movement. And initially, the public was created simply as a chat, there were 7 people, then everyone started adding their friends, and in general this chat turned into more than 500 people! And they began to download funny videos and stories. So I decided to share this on Instagram, why not? And it started to gain momentum. After 50,000 subscribers, we realized we could develop it in different directions.

How did you come up with that name?

- There is no particular story. Just when I was creating a chat in Viber, it was written «group», and I added «GRUPPIROVKA» – that’s the way the name appeared.

What values do you bring to the young generation, and with what methods? - Young people today see only the propaganda

that it is fashionable, let it be fashionable. Why not? But it has to bend, go over some frames so it doesn’t look like a show, because it’s nasty. And if it’s right – it’s cool.

What are your plans for the G.R.U.P.P.I.R.O.V.K.A?

- It’s a suprise . Sasha can call me at night and say:»I come up», and we immediately begin to brainstorm. All the junior curators in our team come up with ideas, and we are all looking for them! Ideas are always welcomed to us, it is invaluable.

What would you advise to beginner bloggers to begin with?

- It is always necessary to remember, if you work with any public, first of all, you should forget about any inconveniences, don’t think about someone else opinion. Do what you like and stay on course. You can, of course, listen, but always stick to what you come up with. If you like it, then you have to make it appealing to others.

Were people, friends who said you were doing something unnecessary? What did you do? How did you fight it?

- Yes of course. Even my ex-girlfriend told me I was doing nonsense when I was starting of alcohol, drugs, this is what we can see on TV. out. Now she often comes to ZVD with And we decided to show to young people our G.R.U.P.P.I.R.O.V.K.A signs. Then Instagram example. All of us are working, everyone has became a platform for opportunities and it’s own bussiness, we can share our experience, money. The same ones who said «you are doing nonsense» ask for help or to advertise them. and thanks to it motivate people.

Are you currently involved in the charity work How to become a part of your team? for orphanages and nursing homes, or do you - We page, you can write on this page that you want to organize plan to do more in the field? - We still want to launch the social project «Give Hope». We have a wheelchair person, who works and lives on the street. He sells the bracelets he makes. We want to completely bring him back to the society – to find him an apartment, house, work. In addition, we want to promote sports. First it’s football, then we want to do some free trainings.

Do you agree that it is fashionable to do charity? - Well, first of all, if someone is comfortable

a team. We will support both mentally and financially. We will tell you how and what to do. Only desire and everything will turn out. There are of course bad people who have used our organization for their profitable purposes. Different people happen, and in life as well there are good, and there are bad. We would really like to see more cool young people join us and do cool and right things. We really appreciate it! 21

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Top: COS / Sunglasses: Good Time Eyewear / Pants: La Bomba Vintage / Shoes: Calvin Klein Top & Blazer: La Bomba Vintage / Sunglasses: Good Time Eyewear / Pants: Le 31 La Maison Simons / Shoes: Calvin Klein Suit: Le 31 La Maison Simons / Shoes: Calvin Klein

Photographer: Eluvier Acosta @EluvierAcosta Model: Jason Kekich @jaselaface Agency: DT Model Management @dtmodelmgmt Makeup Artist: Nyla Olynyk @NylaOMakeup Wardrobe Stylist: Nadiya Mazurczak @janedoecollective Retoucher: Tasha Marie @Teaplam.retouch



Md: __anna.vladi__ Ph: @ivalina_ph Mua: @_ann.s._mua Hair: @pricheski_kiev_rina


We are often unable to change what is around, but we ourselves regulate the internal attitude to what is happening

Anna, in what words can you describe yourself?

It is difficult to characterize yourself, as you can overestimate or underestimate your qualities, so I turned to my friends for help. I made a post asking friends to write a few words about me, both those who know me not too long and those who have been around for many years. You know, I was stunned by the honest answers, warm, kind words, and realized that my life is not useless. The answers included many compliments and positive feedback. The ones I absolutely agree say that I am kind, polite, caring, cheerful, fair, responsible, humble, responsive, strong and genuine. I am extremely pleased that people see all these important things in me.

Esotericism – a kind of religion, mysticism, or science whose time has not yet come? What is it like for you personally? «Esotericism» means «secret knowledge». This is

a fairly comprehensive concept, which includes a system of teachings about the universe and the inner world of man. Religion implies adherence to certain norms and rules and prescribes to fully rely on God’s will. Esoteric teachings say that a person himself can change his or her fate and influence events. Esotericism and self-knowledge are inextricably linked, only by exploring the inner world can the laws of the universe be known. Currently, occult sciences, such as: numerology, healing, astrology, fortune telling, etc. are called esotericism. This is not a true statement, since their main task is to improve life in the material world. While esotericism is the path to God and spiritual perfection. For me, it is a tool and technique that shows that human capabilities are endless. It is quite possible to change reality and discover hidden

opportunities in yourself with a competent The biggest achievement is to overcome yourself approach. in despondency, to stop feeling sorry for yourself, How and when did you hear about esotericism? to reach the highest level of stress resistance Why did it interest you so much? Was it your and to develop immunity to periodic negative own initiative or did somebody else adviсe it to influences of people around and events in life. you? And of course, no matter what, stay human. I faced the term Esoterica for the first time The biggest setback? I don’t remember. Any about 15 years ago, when I began to see experience is always for the good. prophetic dreams. Strange and mysterious Describe your attitude to life with one motto. things began to happen to me and to my life, What makes you happy? so i had of questions and curiosity about this. Any trifles make me happy, every new day, any Fate brought me together with a woman – wise, weather, everything alive. I began to observe strong, energetic and spiritual, who revealed everything that is happening around me, how this knowledge to me a little, though for some the grass turns green, how the trees breathe, time I did not understand what she was talking how the flowers bloom, I love animals, I love about and how it all works, but I began to gather nature, travelling. The smiles of my children, information in books, on the Internet. A lot friends, and relatives bring me happiness. of things were learnt with life experience and My motto is: Treat others as you would like age, and now all the understanding is logically others to treat you. arranged in my mind. What principles should be followed to live a

What are the hobbies besides esoteric? Why did happy life? Who do you see yourself in 10 years? they choose this? The feeling of happiness is in our own power. It I was always attracted by everything mysterious and not subjected to physical laws. I am fond of astrology, psychosomatics, psychology, Vedic culture, everything that expands the boundaries of vision and thinking, increases the level of awareness of ourselves and who we really are. In addition to this, of course, there is full dedication to household chores, family and the education of my beloved son and daughter.

is an internal state that we determine ourselves! We are often unable to change what is around, but we ourselves regulate the internal attitude to what is happening. As they say, you can’t change the situation, change your attitude towards it. After 10 years, I see myself as a happy, beloved and loving woman, conscious, wise, able to find and realize her destiny, unleash her creative What was your biggest achievement and biggest potential and inspire people with my own failure? example.



stand-up comedian, anchorman, script writer.


Anton, what do you think stand-up is a kind of art or a way to spend a good time?

- Stand-up – is art of spending a good time, but, generally speaking, everything is subjective. Everything depends on the circumstances: the audience, the comedian and the material. If everything concurs, a real theatrical miracle will happen. When there is deep meaning in ridiculous things, we call it Double Puntendre. I always try to conclude my performance with slight catharsis, a moment, when you put a definite stop after the laugh and loud cheers, and provide everybody with an opportunity to ponder upon an absolutely unfunny thought. For me, personally, the whole meaning of standup is implied in this moment. Having made just a single person laugh, you change thousands!

The stories you share – are they the ones taken from your own life or you make them up?

- Both. Of course, the majority o jokes are taken from real life. When you are looking for the plot, setup or pressure point that provide you with further ideas, you listen more carefully to the chats of passers-by or acquaintances – «A comedy of observation». The most pleasant thing is that everybody knows what you do and everyone wants to become a character of your monologue, even if they say the opposite! 30

Model: @antonzhytlov Ph: @bogdan_perfilyev @bo.concept

What does inspire you?

- Most of all – women. I may sound braggadocios, but it is a truth, which is difficult for a man to admit. Man can tell jokes just in order to be loved by women, to be interesting to them, and others will later follow them. Zhvanetskyi has described it in the best way: «The best companies are familiar men and unfamiliar women! »

How often do you have blunders during your performances?

- «Blunders», it depends on what you mean? There are often moments of improvisation when the audience doesn’t get your joke and you have to make the atmosphere friendlier, when the spectator replied funnily to your question to the audience or pursued your joke, providing some reflection. Of course, there are also people, who yell out something inappropriate or just want to express themselves and insert the word. We call them «hacklers» The main rule of a comedian in such cases is to evaluate the situation critically. If you feel that you can reply wittily – go on, but if you don’t, just smile and continue the show.

Where are the best jokes born – on the journey, in front of the computer, on vacation?

- Of course, not in front of the computer, but

somewhere among the friends, on the way to somewhere, in short, in every place, where is somebody to talk with and speak about. The joke is mastered in front of the computer and the material gets more compressed.

What pieces of advice can you give to struggling comedians?

- I recommend to always remember that humor is subjective. Everyone has their own taste. You shouldn’t be afraid of a bad performance. Of course, you should always make conclusions. Trust the point of view of particular people. Trust those, who laugh at your jokes and are disposed to your style, your «Comedy body», with whom you can share your thoughts and if they laugh, the audience will also get it. Make a video or audio record of your monologue to point out the most prominent moments and topics, and then develop and master them. It can be extremely painful, especially if you give speech in complete silence. I went it through and experience it now. I am angry with myself, with the spectators, with the weather, but then I laugh at myself – and I can continue, but the main thing, which my friend, a comedian, taught me is «to be yourself». They came to you, but not you came to them. So just let them see you from the inside. 31

Photo by Stefan Legacy @stefanlegacy










Photographer: @nadrowskyy Model: @roksune MUA: @aleksandra.domaradzka


Chornohor Oleg, Bondarchuk Viacheslav – the founders of the company Ocean Cars. They are Ukrainian businessmen who import cars from the USA to Ukraine. Their team is in this business for over four years, during that period they have bought a lot of cars, the cost of which starts from 500$ and up to 100 000$. 2017, from 7000 $ Volkswagen Jetta

Why are cars imported from the USA?

Firstly, after the adoption of a law of lowering the customs value, the cars from the USA became cheaper at about 20-50% from the ones in Ukrainian market. Secondly, even the cars with slight damages from the USA are initially in better condition because of the qualitative maintenance and the state of the roads and the history of the vehicle is known from the day of its manufacture.

What cars are the most profitable and in demand?

They are mainly the cars starting from 5 000$ to 20 000$, the car market in the USA is one of the biggest in the world, that is why the list of car models is huge and constantly changes. From 3 000$ to 100 000$ can be saved in buying a car from the USA as compared to Ukrainian market, which also depends on the class of the vehicle. As experience has shown, 100 000$ is not the limit.

What should you bear in mind in order not to be tricked by crooks or “buy a pig in a poke”? Work with the companies under the contract, always make purchases at insurance companies and always check the history of the vehicle. These are the minimum requirements, without which you shouldn’t even start.

What are your principles in work? Honesty. Safety. Experience.

Can you present a small bonus for our readers?

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Let’s make a promo code Mover, providing which a person receives a discount of 200$ on the services by the end of the winter.

Influencer Valeria Arizzi in Foudesir ph. Carlo Campi

Influencer Valeria Arizzi in Hanita Blazer and P448 shoes Ph. Carlo Campi

Influencer Valeria Arizzi in Hanita dress and Menbur Shoes Ph. Carlo Campi


Influencer Valeria Arizzi in maxi dress and Orequo Foulard ph. Carlo Campi

Rising star @cocolavieenrose aka Valeria Arizzi was spotted at Milano Fashion Week by Mover Magazine. We loved so much her street-style looks that we had to do some digging! And here’s what we found out. Valeria Arizzi is an international influencer based in Italy. Her mission is to inspire women to take care of their looks as a means of empowerment. “It takes just a little something to make a person feel special” says Valeria. And she is determined to help women find that little something using her daily fashion and beauty tips. In addition to blogging on her website Coco et La vie en rose fashion and beauty, Valeria Arizzi is a beauty reporter for Glamour Italia and a top Influencer on Instagram. As a woman supporting women, @cocolavieenrose shares her personal style advice and favorite beauty products. Mostly she likes introducing herself as a friendly fashion blogger because of her relatable lifestyle. Truth be told, women of any age appreciate Valeria for being humble and down-to-earth, but terribly stylish at the same time. So much so that @cocolavieenrose was ranked among the top 100 Italian influencers in the world according to international magazines like Digital Scouting, Top Fashion Influencers, Huffington Post, Fohr, and many more.

Influencer Valeria Arizzi streetstyle ph. Leonardo Lussana


Photographer: Olya Poluna @iampoluna Model: Katerina Savicheva

Y M ? S E I T E T R E E U H G A W B 40


Md: @shushina1234 Ph: Mua: @almooost_famooous_mua Style:@anna_belle_style




Model: @diana_dina333 Photographer: @hanna_mykhailova Mua&Hair: @angelina_stylist_kiev Clothes: @n.di_official Location:

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MOVER MAGAZINE is absolute of beauty, style and content. Just enjoy and follow us

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