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Good Friday – 29th March 10:00am – Hot Cross Bun Service for all the family 2:00pm – Hour by the Cross

Easter Sunday – 31st March 7:00am – Dawn Service at Mossock Hall Golf Club 10:30am – Family Communion with Easter Bonnet Parade and Easter Egg Hunt for the children

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Welcome to the third issue of The Juicy Word. After the Winter Word, the editorial team only had three months to complete The Juicy Word. We hope you enjoy the third issue from the editorial team. The editorial team enjoyed finding out about our teachers, taking pictures, attending a real wedding, researching magic tricks, writing about the recent swimming gala and school trips. With lots of crazy hair pictures from comic relief, fun stuff, bunny teacher lookalikes and fashion, this issue has it all. The Editorial Team Isobel Housley, Sophie Ruddock, Jospeh Ormesher, Lawrie O’Brien, Alex Brogan, Sydni Sweeny, Jessica Ball, Elliot Warwick and Jessica Burgess.

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Bunny Parade Cool Reviews & Magic Tricks Fashion Interview with Mr B Funny Stuff Colouring in

Juicy News 26, 27, 28 & 29

Photo albums


17 Front cover design: Lawrie, Elliot and Joseph Front cover captions: Alex, Joseph and Isobel Masthead design: Lawrie Contents foreword: Elliot The Juicy Word has been created and produced by the Bickerstaffe School Editorial Team.

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Rainforest Replica Bickerfold Challenge Book Bonanza The Roar of Aslan On Safari White Wedding Crazy Comic Ficional Fun Art Attack

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Rainforest replica Words by Jessica Burgess • Photographs by Sophie Ruddock and Alex Brogan This term Class 3 & 4 have turned the back of their classrooms into rainforests. It’s part of what we have been learning about in geography. We have also made our own collages with different materials and have really enjoyed the project. We worked in groups of four and it took three weeks to complete each classroom. Mr Ballard kindly brought in a camouflage sheet which we stuck leaves onto and hung up. There was a fierce sense of competition between the two classes with each hoping theirs would be the best. We made tropical rainforest flowers and we even added two monkeys to the display. The end result is Class 3 has an amazing rainforest tree with animals climbing up and Class 4 has a tropical hang out to write news reports, in our Rainforest Newsroom.

Cheeky monkey

Friends together

Daniel and Emma get creative Hanging leaves

Look who’s talking

All smiles

Making trees


Sydni & Sophie

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:22 Page 5

Yuk glue

Don’t you dare

A real lizard?

Joe busy working

Ready to hunt in the rainforest

Jessica gets stuck in

The rainforest newsroom

Jake’s frog

The tree grows

Just hanging around

The finished project

Captions by Lawrie O’Brien


The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:22 Page 6

Words by Elliot Warnock •

Bickerfold Challenge On Wednesday 13th February, Bickerstaffe C.E. Primary School arrived at the Dobbies Garden Centre in the freezing cold. First we went into the garden centre to put our numbers on. Whilst waiting to go we had some fun and chaos with the Bill and Ben kids ride in the centre. There was more chaos when Mrs Teachen was half way through her journey and realised she had forgotten the goody bags, so she turned around to go back to school to fetch them. Jacob suddenly started a hand in the middle pre-race team chant. We were now ready and headed off to the start singing songs about our school with Jacob leading the way. At the starting line we struck a pose of a lightning bolt (Usain Bolt style), the beast (Yohan Blake style) and I love you (Mo Farah style). The race was soon off with the pacemaker and Elliot coming from the back of the start line to take the lead. Elliot finished first for the juniors with all runners doing brilliantly in the bitterly cold conditions. It was another great race against Pinfold organised by Mrs Teachen. After we took off the numbers we got TWO goody bags probably because there was sleet and it was REALLY cold!

Pacemaker pins number on Thomas Ralfs

Everyone is happy!

Chaos on the baby rides!


Good spirits


Posing athletes

Trying to catch up

Bickerstaffe will win!

And they’re off

Take a breath

Full steam ahead

Cold conditions

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:22 Page 7

100% effort

You can do it! Racing together

Almost there!

Keep going!

Not far now

Warm hands

Final stretch

Dash to the end

All wrapped up

All out of breath

Unfortunately you are only allowed one winner!

Sophie sprinting to the finish line


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Book Bonanza •

Words by Alex Brogan • Photographs by Elliot Warwick and Lawrite O’Brien •

On Wednesday 6th February our class went to Ormskirk library. We set off at 9.30am and returned to school at 11.30am. We travelled by bus which is always lots of fun. When we arrived a lady asked us to sit on the carpet and she told us some interesting things about the library, including the fact that 20 books is the maximum you can borrow from the library at any one time. When a book is borrowed you are allowed to keep it at home for up to three weeks. The library has a self-service machine and you get to choose the books that you would like to borrow and read. We each got our own library card and were able to borrow books during our visit which was very exciting.

Working hard

I know, I know!

Having so much fun

Ballet reading


The boys answer questions


Cole chatting to a member of the library team

Multitasking...reading & typing

Yippee library cards

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Bunny Parade By Sydni Sweeny and Sophie Ruddock

We think these Easter bunnies have a look of our teachers, can you guess who is who? Answers at the bottom of page











K 9

ANSWERS: A. Miss Thomson. B. Miss Verey. C. Mr B. D. Mrs Hall. E. Mr Hall. F. Mrs Bell & Mia. G. Mrs Cartwright. H. Mrs Owen. I. Mrs Vaughan & Mrs Smith. J. Mrs Platt. K. Mrs Teachen.

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The Roar of Aslan •

Words by Jessica Ball and Lawrie O’Brien • Photographs by Elliot Warwick •

On Tuesday 12th February the juniors went to the Narnia Experience at the magnificent setting of St George’s Hall, Liverpool. It was very exciting and realistic. First of all we listened to some school children sing, then we had a quiz, which was on the screen. After that, we watched a short clip about Narnia. Finally, we went through the wardrobe and entered the imaginative world of Narnia. Thomas Ralfs said, “I didn’t enjoy it that much as there wasn’t enough realistic stuff!” However lots of pupils did because it felt as though we were really there and it told the story of Narnia. The day was very enjoyable and it was a great place to visit.

. Are we there yet?

Ready to rumble

The boys fall asleep

Beavers lodge

Wolf, wolf!


Mr Tumnus the faun

I wonder what it will be like?

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:27 Page 11

All friends

The White Witch tricks Edmund

The statues

Final questions about Narnia

Girls can do it!

The story begins… The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Edmund on the big screen

Aslam the lion

Step into the wardrobe…

Waiting in the lounge

Do not speak unless you are spoken to!

Aslam’s camp

Mr Beaver


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Words by Lawrie O’Brien • Photographs by the editorial team

On Safari

On Tuesday 19th March junior pupils visited Knowlsey Safari Park on an educational trip. We met lots of animals and they were all amazing to see, from cute and cuddly meerkats to the majestic African lion. We watched the brilliant sea lion show featuring Biffa, Max, Arthur and Reggie, even though Arthur kept swimming off! Even though we viewed many of the animals through the safety of the coach windows you still felt close to them. The lions were awesome and definitely kings of the safari park. It was a no go zone when it came to the mischieveious monkeys as they can find ways to get inside a coach. What was really exciting about the trip and different to when you normally visit is we got to go to safari school. We learnt a new scientific word, biodiverse, which means in very simple terms ‘lots and lots of different elements of something’. We also learnt how to distinguish between male and female stick insects plus where some animals live in the rainforest. The trip has definitely helped us ‘biodiversley’ learn more about rainforests. Argh it’s a croc!

I can see you

Who are you looking at?

Jump around

Tiptoe up – I dare you

What kind of creature is this?

Strike a pose


We’re here

Lunch, yum yum

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:28 Page 13


Where’s he gone

Ready to learn

Waiting patiently

Lazy days

King meerkat

Male or female?

Cool lizard

Got an itch


It’s mine No it’s mine


Mrs Bell’s group

I found my home

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:28 Page 14

On 8th March at 1pm Andrew Michael Nolan was married to Carolyn Jayne Fallows. Kindly all of Class 1, Jessica and I were allowed to go. It was at Holy Trinity Church up the road from school. The vicar, who was Reverend Andrew, made the service great and had a few jokes up his sleeve (which were a little but funny!) Lewis, their son, had the day off school as he was the ring bearer. It felt very exciting being there as it was my first wedding. Also we followed the photographer around as he was really good to watch and learn from. Overall it was a great day! We hope you enjoy the photographs as much as we enjoyed taking them as we are very proud of them!


rien • Words by Lawrie O’Brien • Photographs by Jessica Ball and Lawrie O’B

Say ‘cheese’ Class 1

The best man and groom

Lewis all smart

. dress Back of the

Carolyn and the bridesmaids

. to the church Crossing the road

Bye, bye. Class 1


The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:29 Page 15

All together

Kissy, kissy

Getting married

Holding hands

Hand in hand

Ceremony begins The aisle

Outside with Carolyn and Andrew

Mrs Teachen with Lewis

Lewis’s classmates with the bride and groom

At the registry


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Crazy comic •

Words by Lawrie O’Brien • Photographs by Jessica Burgess and Lawrite O’Brien •

Friday 15th March was Red Nose Day and our school had a day of fundraising and fun with a crazy hair theme. Pupils dyed hair red, applied gel to create wacky hairstyles and donned wigs providing a great opportunity to take lots of photographs. It was great to do something funny for money and the money raised helps people in the UK and across Africa. Our fundraising total was £198.70 which was a great team effort from pupils, staff and parents. From green to red hair with some purple and pink too, pupils definitely embraced the spirit of Red Nose Day this year.

Hair crazy

Curly, curly

Tinge of green Cool hair

Long hair Jessica

Cool hair

The hairy runners

Red noses at the ready


Hair raising assembly

Lonely wig

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:29 Page 17

What you looking at?

Clowning around



Lol my hair is red!

The girls

How many ponytails?


Mohican madness Explosive hair

Double red

Bad hair day

Groovy hair gang


The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:29 Page 18

Cool reviews App review

Review by Lawrie O’Brien

MINECRAFT It is a game where you are a man called Steve and you live in a world of blocks. The blocks are different things like grass, sand etc and it looks like a real world. The basis of the game is that you mine and then make stuff from mining. For example you can mine gold once you have mined iron in order to make an iron pick axe to get gold. Confused? Honestly it’s quite simple once you get started and very addictive. The game can be played on an ipod, iphone, android, pc and xbox. You can join games and play with friends at the same time in a parallel world. What’s great about this game is you can make houses, villages, churches, castles and then there are zombies, creepers, spiders and skeletons that you can make part of the game. It can get quite scary but is very exciting to play and lots of fun.

Game review

Review by Lawrie O’Brien

NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED It is a car game for a playstation, xbox and there is an app version for a phone, ipad and ipod. To play the game you drive around a city in a car and as you travel around you can find other cars that you can get into and drive if you like. Once you have found the car you want to drive you can then go and race and perform stunt jumps. It is a fast paced game and sometimes you can be in a police chase which can keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a one player game but is quite a good laugh if you have your friends watching you and you keep taking it in turns. Driving skills are not required for this game so anyone can have a go. If you have ever fancied driving a Ferrari now is your chance!

Book re view MATILDA Review by Faith Currie AUTHOR: ROALD DAHL Matilda is a funny but silly book about a girl called Matilda. She lives with her family who don’t understand her or like books and Matilda loves BOOKS! So she gets revenge by sabotaging her parents every way she can and I like this because of the reactions she gets from them. Matilda has a brother called Mike who is just like her dad by the attitude he has to school. Matilda likes learning and she could read by the age of three. I would recommend reading this book because it’s very funny. Quote: Matilda said, “Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it’s unbelievable...”

App review

Review by Lawrie O’Brien

GANGNAM STYLE A very funny app which lets you take a head shot photograph of a friend and put their face on PSY, the singer of Gangnam Style. He dances and it looks like you are dancing but with his body. You can download other outfits like bunny outfits too. The app is available on an iphone, ipad or ipod and is a free app. It is really simple to use and is fun for all the family to enjoy.

Book re view HAV3N Review by Thomas Ralfs Hav3n is a gruesome book about a disease which has killed everyone in the world, except a village of 82 people. The people were saved by a scientist called Michael, who had developed the antibiotics for the disease. The villagers treat him like a king, but he has got a cruel and nasty side. Faced with forced marriages, some of the villagers stand up to him, only to face violence. If you like a tale of survival, with a bit of gruesome on the side, then you’ll love this book.


Review by Elliot Warwick

1. Self-tying shoelace by Jay Noblezada 2. Greed by Daniel Garcia 3. Liquid metal starring by Morgan Strebler 4. In the beginning there were coins by Jay Noblezada 5. On the spot by Gregory Wilson 6. Born to perform card magic by Oz Pearlman 7. Whirling card by Hummer 8. Spun by Morgan Strebler 9. Balloon school by Joe Montella 10. Postmentalism by Alvo Stockman 18

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:30 Page 19

PADDED JACKETS Maybe a little last season as spring approaches but have been a very popular look in our school over winter.

BUN RINGS Great for parties, school or just hanging out and lots of girls in our school love them. Ideal for making hair look bigger and very pretty.

BOYS HAIRSTYLE Not to be outdone by the girls the latest boys hairstyle, modelled by our very own Joseph Ormesher is the quiff!

SNAPBACKS Really popular to wear in spring and summer and with a huge variety to choose from you are guaranteed to look different form all your friends.


Compiled by Jessica Burgess and Isobel Housley •

Bickerstaffe BOUTIQUE

Lots of kids wear random stuff in their own time, but this guide is on what to wear at par ties, just hanging out and how to accessorise when not in school. BRACES Sometimes considered old fashioned but prove to be very popular when you look at the funky styles you can get to add to a boring look.

DR MARTENS are so fashionable at the moment and add a splash of colour to your feet.

19 19

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:30 Page 20

Chatting with

Mr Ballard We catch up with our Class 4 teacher during some rare peace and quiet at lunchtime.

What would you say is your fashion sense? Scruffy (mmm not so sure pin stripe suits would be classed as scruffy?) What do you do outside of school? I love to go camping and simply being around the farm. What was your favourite subject in school? That would have to be maths. Are you glad when we get a day off school? Yes so we can all have some fun. Have you ever had another job? Yes I once worked for The Co-operative Food. Can you tell us something about your family? I am married with three children and we live on a farm. How old were you when you built the lego helicopter? I was 12 years old. Do you still play with Lego? No (we’re not so sure!)


Who are your three top music artists? Quite a mix bag, Adele, Avril Lavigne and Joseph the Musical is a fantastic show with great songs. Do you like being a teacher? Yes having a class of great pupils to teach makes it a wonderful job! How do you manage being a farmer and a teacher? I farm in the morning before school and also when I get home at night. Why do you wear see through tights sometimes? (in school joke) I like to be Peter Pan of course. What is the worst habit a pupil can have? A pupil once picked his nose and ate it which is definitely not a good combination.

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:31 Page 21

Words by Isobel Housley •

Really Funny Stuff This is the file that will tell you every single scrap of really funny stuff that happens inside school and the playground.

Hahahahaha! The first one which took place earlier this year is of dear Mr Ballard. Whilst he was talking to one of our most talented and annoying pupils, Isobel Housley who had a MASSIVE grin on her face (no joke it was massive) and she was talking like crazy. Mr Ballard was laughing but trying not to show it on his face so she did it a teensy bit more until she stopped out of breath finally. Mr B saw his chance and swept her off the floor and carried her across the classroom as she kicked and laughed like crazy but nothing stops the evil Mr Ballard so he had won his glory!

! d i k e t a Kar

I do hope Rev Andrew is not reading this because we have some breaking news…one of his deep dark secrets is this; Rev Andrew goes to….KARATE!!!!! Yep I know what you are thinking, karate say what? But I am sorry to admit it is true.

Tickle tickle Another time was on 5th March when our editorial team were busily working away. Mr Hall was preparing for the lesson ahead when one of the editorial team, Sydni Sweeny was up for a laugh and crept up behind Mr Hall and jabbed him on his sides just above his hips. Mr Hall yelped and lept forward in surprise! That’s when the whole team discovered something… Mr Hall is ticklish. Sydni was not surprised and did it some more, which now had the attention of all the team who couldn’t stop laughing with Mr Hall half laughing and half crying. It was a truly funny moment and we only finally stopped when Mr Hall begged for mercy.

Slimed! Finally it was a Tuesday afternoon and we were having science with Mr Hall. We were experimenting by dissolving stuff and testing what did dissolve, what didn’t and what doubled in size. One of our pupils was trying to dissolve corn flour but as most of you may know corn flour does not dissolve but turns to gloopy gloop! Soon the gloop was all over the place but mainly all over the pupil. With gloop on her polo shirt, in her hair and frankly all over the place this was another totally funny moment at Bickerstaffe School.


The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:32 Page 22

Fictional fun •

Words by Lawrie O’Brien •

Every picture tells a story

Annual book week was celebrated in school with a weeklong book fair, a visit from aspiring children’s author, Victoria Barry, the storyteller, Tony Wilson popping in and a day dedicated to dressing up as our favourite fictional characters. Photographers Lawrie O’Brien and Jessica Ball snapped away with their cameras to bring you this special coverage of who’s who from the world of books. Make way for Dorothy, Annie, Alice, Oliver, Willy Wonker, Harry Potter, Mr Stink and plenty more...

Iron Man

The White Witch

. Wilks Captain

I found my rabbit


Cool tiara

Superman strikes

Clark and Jesse daydreaming

Witch art

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:33 Page 23

A true Little Miss Sunshine

Louie as Luigi

Cast - a spell

Aha me Alice

Don’t fall down the hole

Nurse Olivia

Click those heels Isabella

Did she make it snow

Double dose of Dorothy

Where’s my chocolate


The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:34 Page 24

Beware of the dwarfs

Triple batman

I’m not afraid of the big bad mouse

Who me Mr Stink

Dorothy pops up everywhere!

Kiesha as a pirate

Peeta let the hunger games begin Princesses like reading too


The story of Sydni Sweeny

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:35 Page 25

The book gang

Tin tin spies

A knight in shining armour

Another Alice!!!

Please sir can I have some more

Good enough to eat

Harry Potter’s secret potion

Rapunzal and her long hair

Annie can we have a song please

Brave princess

Bickerstaffe does Hogwarts


The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:35 Page 26

JUICY NEWS Taking a peak at our favourite recent news stories

Special award

A SNOWY PALM SUNDAY By Isobel Housley  On Palm Sunday some church members of Holy Trinity Church gathered at Hall Farm at the ‘freezing’ time of 10.30am. Parishioners then walked to church behind two donkeys, Moses and Tulula. The walk felt like it lasted forever as it was the coldest day ever. Barely ten people arrived but the walk still proceeded. However not all was lost as in the time we had walked half way, six more people had joined the parade. The walk was a challenge but everyone made it through our mini adventure! When we got to church we all dashed inside to get warm and enjoy the special Sunday before Easter service. There was even cake afterwards with was delicious so it was definitely worthwhile. The reason we walked behind a donkey is to mark the occasion of Palm Sunday. This is when Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem and the people of Jerusalem put their coats down in front of him along with palm leaves for his donkey to ride on. It is very special and lovely to be able to do our own Palm Sunday walk each year at Holy Trinity and it is fun for kids too!

A badge of honour By Sophie Ruddock

 Olivia O’Brien achieved a first in her family recently when she was awarded a Blue Peter badge. Following climbing the three peaks, Snowdon (April 2012), Scafel Pike (August 2012) and Ben Nevis (October 2012) aged 6 years old, Olivia decided to write to Blue Peter, one of her favourite TV shows. She enclosed a photograph of herself at the top of each mountain and climbed two of them in snow! The Blue Peter badge is a special award given to Blue Peter viewers and fans. Badge owners can gain free entry into over 200 Blue Peter badge attractions around the country, like theme parks, zoos and castles. Since receiving her award Olivia has drawn up a list of her top places she would like to visit. Olivia said, “I was very excited when the postman delivered my letter and love my badge so much. I can’t wait to visit one of the attractions and wear my badge!” When asked what mountains she will be climbing this year, Olivia was, surprisingly, lost for words. 26

Horsing around By Jessica Ball  Isla Webster has a horse that she sometimes rides on a farm. She enjoys riding and when she does ride she rides with an instructor. Sometimes she even rides in a class with people she doesn’t know. Isla does mainly flat work but every now and again she will do jumping. She particularly enjoys cantering because she gets a real adrenaline rush when she does it. Although Isla doesn’t normally groom

the pony that she rides she has done this before. Isla does get her hands dirty though as she mucks out the stable. When asked whether she will ride when she is older Isla said, “I don’t think I would like a pony when I am older because I won’t have the time!” Isla has fallen off lots of times before but that doesn’t stop her, she still rides and goes to the horse shows held on the farm.

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:35 Page 27


Joseph rocks up his first trophy By Joseph Ormesher

 Joseph Ormesher swims for Everton Swimming Association and has been doing so for the last year. In February the club held its annual swimming presentation evening. Joseph went along with his family and friend, Lawrie, to St Margaret

and Marys, Huyton, to attend the ceremony. The event recognises the winning performances from the club gala held in 2012. Joseph said: “I was disappointed at the beginning because lots of other kids were being awarded medals but nobody was calling my name out. Then finally I was called out for 4th place in the 50m breaststroke.” When Joseph spoke with his mum afterwards she explained that most of the races he had not entered, but that if he had he would have been one of the best nine year

Gala gold  On Thursday 21st March, Bickerstaffe C.E School entered a local schools’ swimming gala, which was held at Park Pool, Ormskirk. The team was selected during our swimming lesson the week before and five pupils made the team. Competing in the girls’ backstroke was Sydni Sweeney with Elliot Warwick representing the boys’ team in backstroke. Swimming breaststroke for the girls’ team was Isobel Housley alongside Joseph Ormesher for the boys breaststroke. Finally competing in the front crawl was Jessica Ball for the girls and Reuben Warwick for the boys. There was also a front crawl relay team which was

olds in the competition. Joseph now has increased confidence for this year’s races when he will no longer be one of the youngest swimmers. Towards the end of the ceremony Joseph was awarded a trophy for his first place across a number of races specifically for nine year olds. Jospeh said: “Winning the trophy was totally unexpected and was an unbelievable feeling. “ Joseph’s mum and dad were equally proud and his mum, Catherine, told Joseph that now he should aim even higher. Michael Rock, Olympic Team GB swimmer who used to swim for Everton SA, was at the event. As a special bonus to the evening Joseph had his photograph taken with the Olympian, but not before Joseph nearly sat on the special glass that Michael had been presented with earlier!

By Elliot Warwick

two girls and two boys. The swimming order was Jessica, Isobel, Rueben and the final leg was Elliot. The atmosphere was very exciting and our team performed very well in both individual races and the team relay. In total we won

two gold medals, one silver and overall Bickerstaffe came third. With such a great result the team were congratulated by the wnole school during assembly and had the opportunity to show-off our medals too.

Sponsored spell We raise money for ChildLine

By Alex Brogan

 On Wednesday 16th January 2013 Jane Moran from the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) came into our school. NSPCC and ChildLine believe that all children have the right not to be hurt, the right to be heard and the right to get help if they need it. The infants went into the hall first to listen to her followed by the juniors. During the assembly Jane told us a story about a little girl who called ChildLine on their special number 0800 1111. ChildLine is the UK’s free, confidential helpline for children and young people. The girl felt much better after speaking to ChildLine. To help raise money for the NSPCC pupils took part in a sponsored spelling event. Children were given a list of spellings to learn at home to be tested in class. The idea was to learn spellings and ask family and friends to sponsor you. There were different colour badges to aim for too depending on how many sponsors you could get. The first badge was green followed by bronze then silver and finally gold. We had some really tricky words to learn, including the word cynicism, so there were mixed emotions about how we would all do. It was a real challenge but everyone enjoyed themselves learning to spell new words and raising money for a great cause. When Jane came back to visit she was delighted to find out that our school had managed to raise a staggering £897.37. Thankfully she was armed with a bag full of badges, which didn’t last long as there was a queue of pupils waiting for them. Well done everyone, for a small school we really do have a very big heart! 2727

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:35 Page 28

JUICY NEWS Taking a peak at our favourite recent news stories


By Alex Brogan and Jessica Burgess

By Alex Brogan and Jessica Burgess  One afternoon unexpectedly some of the cast from The

Narnia Experience visited our school to tell us a little more about Narnia. We had previously visited the Narnia Experience at St George’s Hall so it was great to see some of the lead characters once again. Mr Tumnus and Mrs Beaver seemed to enjoy their

time in our school too. Lots of pupils enjoyed both the trip to Liverpool and also the actors telling us more about the magical and imaginary world of Narnia during their visit. It was a great way to bring the story’s characters to life with the cast dressed up in full costume. When they visited school the Professor came too and he gave us a mini talk about how the story of Narnia relates to Christianity and we were able to ask questions.

Let it snow By Jessica Ball

 At Bickerstaffe school there has been a lot of snow. It reached 6cm (4 inches) on


Friday 18th January and we had to go home before lunchtime as school had to

Bradley writes back

close. On the roads outside of school snow caused lots of skidding and some people were falling over. The following week when we were back in school, Wiktoria and Ryan made a really cool snowman. It had green hair, two snowballs for eyes, a small twig for a nose and to make the mouth they used their fingers and pushed the snow out to form a smile. They made the arms from long twigs to complete the job. Wiktoria said:” I love building snowmen so it’s been great to be able to build one in school”. We asked Ryan to give snow at school a score and he replied:” If I had to give it a mark out of 100 I would give it 100! It’s ace.”

Bradley Wiggins

 Readers of The Juicy Word may recall that Jessica Burgess and Alex Brogan wrote to Bradley Wiggins last year requesting an interview with him and then again after Christmas. Up until very recently the post man had delivered nothing...Finally last week we got a reply from Bradley Wiggins. Sadly we will not be able to interview him as he hasn’t, at the moment, got the time due to training and racing commitments. However he did send us his autograph and a personal letter. Bradley Wiggins is famous for cycling and last year won the Tour de France, an Olympic gold medal and also Sports Personality of the Year. When we knew the letter was from him we were so excited. We opened it, saw the autograph and then read every single word of the letter. We went outside to the playground feeling over the moon and telling everyone we could find. On the back of the autograph was a mini fact file which we can use to come up with some more questions for him, as we are sure some day, he will have time for a catch up with The Juicy Word.

The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:35 Page 29


MESSY CHURCH Sunday Club get their hands dirty By Lawrie O’Brien

 The children of Holy Trinity Sunday Club have been learning about Joshua and how the Israelites crossed the River Jordan on their way to the Promised Land. During

one activity session the children made 12 stones from paper mache to represent the 12 men God told Joshua to choose from each tribe. Ann and Jon Ashburner led the

group activity which saw the children combine paper, water and strips of sticky stuff and each one of them mould their very own stone. It was a great way to learn about this important Bible story and the children had lots of fun in the process. The stones will form part of a display being put together by Sunday Club at Holy Trinity’s Flower Festival later this year as part of their 170th celebrations. Sunday Club meets at Holy Trinity Church every Sunday at 10.45am with two groups, one for younger children and one for older.

Cool reading Every which way By Joseph Ormesher

DIAPERS FOR DRAPER Surprise visitor for school By Sydni Sweeny  We had a surprise visitor this term when Mr Draper stopped by school to visit. Mr Draper is a kind teacher who was a ‘sub’ for Mrs Bell last year and taught Class 3. We all (meaning the whole school) were surprised to see him and got to ask him lots of questions about what he has been up to. The good news is that, firstly, he got married last summer and secondly his wife is having a baby Draper. Let’s hope it is not a Manchester United fan.

 Last term before Christmas Mrs Bell set the whole school a challenge to take photographs reading in extraordinary places. Pupils did not disappoint with some pretty remarkable places being chosen to read books. Children read books upside down, whilst riding horses, floating in the freezing cold sea and …… The photographs have been hung up to make a wonderful hanging display in the school library and hopefully will inspire some further extraordinary reading by Bickerstaffe pupils.


The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:36 Page 30

by Sydni Sweeny



Inspiring art from Class 1 & 2 caught on camera by Sydni Sweeny. Just a snapshot of a few creative arty projects that have taken place in school. Painting perfect picture smiles the children clearly love their art!








The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:37 Page 31

Colouring in colouring in these Easter Show off your creative skills by bring them into school! drawings. When you’ve finished,

ck Chick created by Elliot Warwi k doc Rud hie Sop by wn dra Bunny




The Juciy Word Issue 32pp_TJW 27/03/2013 12:37 Page 32


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