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This Game Copy Wizard review will detail the benefits and virtues of this new software program, which allows you to copy games from virtually any system out there, new or old, and make flawless backups. We'll break down its functions and capabilities, as well as its usefulness to the casual and hardcore gamer. The first thing we noticed about gamecopywizard was the small, manageable size of their copying software. The newest version of their proprietary game copying software is version 2.3, and the whole download clocks in at just under 2MB. Other developers should take heed of this...bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. Of all the game copying software we've tested, this Game Copy Wizard review introduced us to the smallest and most stable program of them all, while still retaining all the features found in other copying programs. Before we go further in-depth into the software itself, let's look into some of the other areas of importance for this Game Copy Wizard review. In addition to the software, we were given a bonus product with our order, Advanced Console Tricks. We're not sure the book is worth the supposed $30 they claim it is, but it's a nice little addition nonetheless. We weren't particularly impressed with the writing on the website, as despite the limited amount of writing on the site, they still managed to infuse it with poorly written and grammatically incorrect writing. This isn't of great importance, but showed a lack of professionalism. Lastly, we tested out the website's customer service by contacting them with a question (not a question we needed the answer to mind you, simply as a means to test out their quality of service). Their response was received within 12 hours, and was personally tailored to us and not a generic response. We were impressed with the knowledge of their customer service staff, and their willingness to go into great detail to help out their customers. Back to the software itself. We began by testing its compatibility with a wide range of systems. We copied the Sega Saturn game Radiant Silvergun, followed by the PlayStation game Metal Gear Solid. After this we moved up to the next generation of hardware, copying the Xbox's Halo, the Nintendo Gamecube's Zelda: Twilight Princess, and the PlayStation 2's Dynasty Warriors 5. Lastly we moved on to the current generation hardware, making copies of the Wii's Wii Sports, the Xbox 360's Lost Odyssey, and the PlayStation 3's Metal Gear Solid 4. The copying process was smooth no matter the system or game copied, and we experienced no technical difficulties, which was a nice change of pace from similar programs. Next we sat down to play our copied games. No matter the game or system, we were thoroughly impressed with the results. A good deal of copying software has difficulty with animated sequences and audio, but our copies ran flawlessly, with nary a hitch.

Our last goal for this Game Copy Wizard review was to test out its ability to copy PC games, which also gave us a chance to evaluate the software's built-in copy protection busting abilities. Again, we walked away impressed with the results. We copied the PC game Spore, which uses the vile SecuROM copy protection. Gamecopywizard sliced through it and copied Spore without any issues, no patches needed. We walked away from our Game Copy Wizard review thoroughly impressed with the software. It's backed by some great customer support, free software updates, and even includes a nice bonus. We recommend the software to all gamers.

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==== ==== Game copy wizard... Everybody get this now!!! ==== ====

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