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EMGOLDEX TEAM USA is proud to introduce

EMGOLDEX to North America What is EMGOLDEX EMGOLDEX? EMGOLDEX iss the marketing arm to a German German-based company, Gold and Silver Physical Metals KG who has been dedicated to the purchase and sale of gold, silver, platinum and palladium since October 2006. EMGOLDEX was established in 2010 with its headquarters in Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates rates and corporate administrative office in Mun Munich, ich, Germany. The sole strategy and purpose of EMGOLDEX is to market and sell Gold bars weighing 1g to 100g through their online web store, Each gold bar has a purity rate of 99.9% and comes with a certificate of quality and authenticity. EMGOLDEX is an international company with over 300,000 customers worldwide.


What is our marketing formula for success? In order to market and sell the Gold that is manufactured, EMGOLDEX devised a simple marketing system of 1+2. The system calls for individuals to purchase Gold from their online store located at in the amount of 540 Euro or $800. This is a one time only purchase! Upon successful completion of this first step, the individual has become eligible to fully participate in the 1+2 marketing program. By purchasing Gold, one has fulfilled the first half of their equation (1). The second step is to simply introduce EMGOLDEX to (2) other business associates, friends, and or family members who also engage in the purchase of Gold for 540 Euro or $800.

By introducing the EMGOLDEX opportunity to two others who also purchase Gold, the individual has fulfilled EMGOLDEX’ marketing formula.


What do you get for fulfilling the 1+2 marketing formula? By expanding EMGOLDEX marketing share and fulfilling the marketing formula, EMGOLDEX is going to reward you, not once but twice, (on the same initial purchase of 540 Euro or $800), over 3500 Euro or $4000! That’s correct!

You will be rewarded over $8000 on your initial purchase of $800.

How Does EMGOLDEX make money? Since we are the marketing vehicle for EMGOLDEX, they save millions on advertising and marketing dollars which otherwise would have been spent on expensive advertising companies. EMGOLDEX relies on our word-of-mouth advertising and our networks to expand their market share of Gold not only here in the United States, but also internationally. In return for our marketing efforts, EMGOLDEX pays us and Quite Well I might add.


How Does EMGOLDEX make money? (Cont) EMGOLDEX mines and manufactures the GOLD, therefore once it is sold to us, the company recognizes a profit since it was sold at a retail value. EMGOLDEX charges a 7% processing fee whenever we are compensated. Therefore they have a vested interest in our continued success. The table of orders is also a method in which EMGOLDEX gets paid. Once GOLD is purchased, you enter a table of orders with other excited buyers, which generates the company over $25,000. It is out of this money that EMGOLDEX pays the bonus of $4200 to you... And You Receive This Bonus


They say timing is everything and your timing could not be better! EMGOLDEX came to the United States in 2013. There has been minimal exposure across the USA, until now. The founders of EMGOLDEX TEAM USA have plans for massive nationwide expansion to every town USA.

This Means Opportunity For You! WWW.EMGOLDEXTEAMUSA.COM

Seeing the need to put a strategic and productive "How To" system in place, the collective leaders in United States launched EMGOLDEX TEAM USA in February 2014.

This Is A Ground Floor Opportunity! We are creating a turn- key, franchise-like system, where anyone across the USA can plug into and grow their business. The tools that will be available to you are:

• A video of the leadership introducing the opportunity. • Personalized You tube testimonials. • Training conference calls where anyone in the world can listen in and take notes. • Weekly hotel meetings which we plan to expand to every major city across the USA. • Success Training Manuals • Live training sessions

• A Social Media Marketing System

and we keep adding more tools and resources for you to use every day!


WHAT IS THE VISION OF EMGOLDEX TEAM USA??? Our vision is quite simple. We want to reach out to... 1. Every individual working or unemployed to build or enhance their income.

6. All people who have the desire and determination for a better life.

2. Every person who is searching for that Plan B.

7. College students facing serious debt.

3. Every individual who is struggling to make ends meet. 4. Every investor that wants a better return on their money. 5. Everyone needing a financially sound and safe retirement plan.

8. All entrepreneurs seeking that lucrative business opportunity. 9. Moms & Dads, Grandmothers & Grandfathers who are seeking a better education investment plan for their children and grandchildren.

and We, EMGOLDEX TEAM USA will let them know,

The Time Has Come! 1. Time in which opportunity for dramatic positive change presents itself. 2. Time for you and the ones you love to break free from the irons of financial strain and enjoy the life you were meant to live. 3. Time to have your money work for you. 4. Time you take control of your financial status and become the CEO & President of your future.

and We, EMGOLDEX TEAM USA would be honored and privileged to show you how. WWW.EMGOLDEXTEAMUSA.COM

We will not rest until everyone has been presented this life changing opportunity!!! A great man once said,

"Every Choice You Make Has An End Result"

Jim Piemonte, Matt D'Agati, Jonathan H. Seigler, Joe Zingales

The Co-Founders of EMGOLDEX TEAM USA ask you, What will your choice be???


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