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The Art for a Stress-Free Move Moving to a new place is certainly exciting, but it comes with its own package of stress and anxiety. A great deal of planning and organising is needed, so as to ensure all your belongings



before you make the final move. On the other hand, a few simple steps can help ensure that your moving is safe and successful. Organize your documents: Insurance records, medical records, dental records, and other credentials need to be organized first. If the shift is in the same locality as you currently live, then it won’t be very troublesome, however, if it is a different zone altogether, then you will have to set up for transfer of records a minimum of 3 weeks in advance. Many hands make light work: As said earlier, shifting has never been an easy process, but at the same time panicking will not get you anywhere. It will only add to your stress and you will make more mistakes. Firstly, take advantage of your networking. Ask your friends, your family, or colleagues to help you find an apartment. Asking for help costs nothing and can do wonders.

Clean them and label them: Clean all the items that you will be packing. This includes everything, from your clothes, towels to appliances. Once you are done with the cleaning segregate the items and put them in boxes or corrugated containers as per your needs. Accordingly, label them. This will make it easier to spot them for you as well as your moving company. Moving yourself or hiring a moving company? If you choose a moving company, then make sure you have done sufficient research to sign up with a company that gives a better deal and meets your needs. Alternatively, if you are moving yourself, you will have to take the services of a vehicle provider to transfer your belongings. Payments: Make all your payments and disconnect them a day before you move out. If you have pre-programmed payments, do go to the bank to cancel them. Simultaneously, make arrangements for setting up the automated payment plans for the new apartment you are moving to. To-do list for your utilities: Before you move to an apartment you need to ensure that utilities like phone, Internet, cable, gas, electric connection are available. You don’t want to end up at a place that has no connection or service the first day itself.

The Art for a Stress-Free Move