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Popular options when hunting for a house for rent in Dubai Expats around the globe are of the opinion that moving to Dubai is one of the best decisions that they can make. The high quality of life, world-beating infrastructure, countless personal as well as professional growth opportunities and stable governance are some of the key deciding factors that lure people in each year. The past decade or so has seen Dubai really opening up to its international citizens. Free hold land rules have been established and these encourage expats to purchase land and dwellings that can later be put to gainful use. Of-course, not every person is in a position to purchase property outright. Many prefer to toil away and save up money over time. Till then, a great majority of people coming tend to put the search for a house for rent in Dubai at the top of their to-do list. Among the many areas that have become populated by expats over the years, a few continue to be in high demand, based on the many benefits that they offer to their residents. Below is one such list that touches upon a few desirable options that one can look at when searching for a property for rent in Dubai: Autodrome City: Coming down the Dubailand roundabout onto the popular Emirates Road, one can set their eyes on a development that has been modelled off a quaint English suburb. The settlement has been developed on the land adjacent to the pre-existing autodrome. The developer has been careful enough to ensure that all residencies are situated a safe distance away from the track. With a well balanced residential mix that receives ample support in terms of amenities and facilities, the autodrome city settlement is a good option for those seeking an adrenalin boost. Palm Jumeirah: A world renowned iconic settlement, the Palm Jumeirah is ideal for those who seek the quiet luxuries of life. It offers a unique living experience. One that can be experienced in full grandeur from a frond side villa or equally picturesque apartment located along the trunk of the development. Its relatively distant nature from the hustle and bustle of city life makes it a great location for those looking at a second home as well. Karama: Blessed with a central location, the Karama community settlement is one of the oldest in the city. Known for its affordable lifestyle and community centric vibes, the Karama settlement has proven to be a haven for those on a modest budget. Recent reports however suggest that a great many of these old buildings are scheduled for demolition. Those interested in renting an apartment would be advised to check carefully before signing any agreement. The Greens: Flanked by one of the most picturesque landscaping in a prime part of the city, the Greens community has proved to be a preferred option by choice for prospective renters. Well served by prime amenities and offering a slice of the quintessential Dubai dream. Located just off the Sheikh Zayed Road, the Greens settlement lies in close vicinity of the twin business destinations viz. the Knowledge village, and Dubai Media & Internet City.

Dubai is a constantly evolving dream destination that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The realty market is relatively robust and is showing signs of a rebound post a two year slowdown of sorts. Those serious about renting in Dubai would be well advised to look around, for there are quite a few bargains to be had.

Popular options when hunting for a house for rent in Dubai  

Expats around the globe are of the opinion that moving to Dubai is one of the best decisions that they can make. Among the many areas that h...