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9 Common mistakes that devalue your home Are you planning to sell your house and shift to a newer place? Then you need to keep in mind certain nuances of selling a home to strike the right deal in the right manner. Listed below are common mistakes people make that devalue their home.

1. Wrong pricing - With the real estate market being totally unpredictable, you need to be very careful while price tagging your home. If your price is such that a lot of comparable homes are in the queue too, then it might become really difficult for buyers to shortlist your home alone. This scenario is especially true when the number of buyers is very few and the home options are many.

2. Pending repairs - If there is impending repair work in your house, then you stand very less chances of getting selected by a potential buyer. This is because buyers are looking for a new house, and if your house appears too old with water leaking from one side along with drainage problems, then it will surely be rejected by the buyer.

3. Disturbing neighbors - This may sound less important to you, but it is very crucial as far as the chances of selling your apartment is concerned. That’s because disturbing neighbors can easily disturb your peace as they stay just a stone’s throw away from you.

4. No painting - Painting is the first thing that a prospective buyer will notice. And so if there are cracks on the walls with the painting coming out in a few places, it’s just enough to drive a potential buyer away.

5. A bad bathroom - The bathroom is one of the most important areas of the house. Hence, if it is uncomfortable in any way, it definitely devalues your house and shuns it in the eyes of the buyer.


An unimaginative yard - You may be giving the least importance to the yard, but it is something that can make or break the deal. If the yard looks just like another dumping place, then it may surely repulse the potential buyer.

7. An uncomfortable kitchen - If the kitchen is not evenly spaced out and looks less spacious, it can be really uncomfortable for the dwellers to stay in the house. Hence, such a kitchen definitely devalues your place and gets it knocked off the wish lists.

8. Absence of schools, colleges and healthcare centers - Just one person doesn’t stay in a house but an entire family does. There will be times when parents have to hunt for a particular school, college or health care center for their kids. If they are not close in proximity, it can devalue your home to a great extent. Buyers generally keep in mind all these things before selecting the right home for themselves.

9. No ventilation - If the home is not sufficiently ventilated, then it can chalk you out of the show right away. Proper ventilation is one of the deciding factors as you can’t afford to live in a stuffy house all your life.

Keep these nine factors in mind in order to save your house from being devalued in any way. If you’re planning to sell or rent out your home, you need to avoid making some mistakes that devalue your home. Doing so will get you the right worth for your house and you can leave your present home happily. Know more about this article please click @

9 common mistakes that devalue your home