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4 Ways to Save Your Bill This Summer! Dubai is known for its super hot temperature. Summers in Dubai are awfully hot, humid and very dry. So, before the summer temperatures get to you and your utility bills shoot the sky, making you sweat some more, you might as well consider making a few changes. These changes will help you cut down on your energy consumption without having to give up on your air conditioner. Yes, it won’t take away your comfort at any cost, and yet help you save. reading.

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Clean filters: You have no option in summers; you simply need the air conditioner up and





want it to run as resourcefully




possible then it is extremely vital for you to clean the filters at regular intervals. A room air conditioner would have its filters attached in the grills that face into the apartment. Dirty filters considerably block airflow, thus, reducing the system’s efficiency. With normal airflow blocked, air that circumvents the filter could carry dirt directly into the evaporator coil, damaging the coil’s heat-absorbing capacity. If you live in a villa and perhaps have central air conditioning, the filters are usually located along the return duct’s length. You could even buy a permanent filter and wash it with a garden hose and thus save up to 15%.

1. Unplug, switch off: Technology has made us super dependent. We watch TV, we play music, we surf, etc. All of these activities require power consumption. Now if only we would turn off the TV when weren’t watching it, or simply unplug the computer when not in use. It’s that simple, whopping 15%






2. Alter your drying method: Load the clothes dryer properly. When you underload or overload it, it makes drying clothes more costly than you think. For case in point, you’ll be using too much energy if you are to underload it. Similarly, the dryer will not be able to do its job well if you are to overload it. Dry lightweight and heavy clothes separately. Besides, you can even dry your clothes outside or may be on a drying rack instead of using the dryer always.

3. Shade the windows: Make use of window coverings so as to block the sunlight. It will help to keep your apartment or villa cool. Vice versa, you can open the coverings to let sunshine in when its winter time. Drapes or curtains might also cut down the heat levels. However, this greatly upon the fabric use, type, colour, etc.

4 ways to save your bill this summer!  
4 ways to save your bill this summer!