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The G-CODE strives to foster a deep understanding of cultures, society, health, political interactions and a broad range of topics of interest to men, in particular. G-CODE also presents perspectives from the viewpoint of evolutionary psychology and evolutionarybiology. All with a view to promoting harmony, balance and oneness


Why so many politicians succumb to corruption


suit up

Dating aDvice that Women ShoulD never give men more than Just an island paradise

a man’s Guide:

are Women genetically DiSpoSeD to cheat?

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Fiat 500 livinG leGend Zinedine Zidane is still at real madrid

Editorial vision The G-Code Magazine is first and foremost a conscious publication where content is king. We offer fresh unbiased perspectives on issues that affect society as a whole and are of major significance, but not limited to, men. Our readers will benefit from decoding and insight of the seemingly regular. We strive to foster a deep understanding of our own humanity, each other and the things that affects us all.

Our Editorials; G-INTELLIGENCE In this department we bring articles of general interest and decode, decipher and explain issues froma unique perspective. We will delve into Politics where our view will be biased toward the common good of the masses and away from ‘power for the few”. We look at History leaning on our core value of harmonious co-existence of every creed and every race. We feel that history plays a significant part in the development of this and so we will use historical facts and stories to hammeraway at this.

G-HEALTH We focus on the complete man, presenting a holistic approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul. GRAND BAZAR Here you will find everything that men shop for at some point or the other. It’s our version of the ‘classifieds’. SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING We keep our theme of information and enlightenment, presenting technology as it relates to everyday life and society as a whole.

w w w. t h e g c o d e m a g . c o m

RELATIONSHIPS/ PEOPLE We will apply fundamental life experience and accepted theories to explain the manwoman relationship in wedlock, dating and all things related. Additionally, we profile individuals and their life stories. We hope to inspire our readership with stories that they can relate to and so encourage harmony within an umbrella of diversity. LIFESTYLES We provide viewpoints and information on the various lifestyle choices including fashion, hobby and entertainment preferences.

MOVIES Generally, men like certain types of movies, these we will review and comment on for the entertainment historical and other important values. AUTOMOTIVE No men’s magazine will be complete without the section on cars, trucks and the like. Our goal is not to duplicate information that is readily available and well presented on the various other media sources. Again our approach is fresh and informative.


SuIt up


Shopping may not be your guilty pleaSure, but wearing a hugo boSS Suit for half the price addS a notch on the man meter, aka your ego

c h A n tA l M c c u l l i G h the one that has been tailored to your fit. Pull out that tape measurer, boys. ou're on the hunt for a new or even Be SAvvy on Suit Style your first suit, and probably have no Oh, the rules of style. You feel lost, don't you? idea where to even begin. Don't worry. Let's break it down. The first debate you will Every man has been there. It's hard to have to overcome is whether you want pleated keep up with the suit style and the trends when or non pleated pants. The former are usually less you're more concerned about the sports game flattering, yet more formal, and the latter provides that's on TV than reading the latest tabloid. That's more style. You will get more wear out of your suit what your girlfriend is there for, right? Whether Once part of the mainland, if you opt for non pleated pants, so it depends on youSouth have aAmerican lady at your side, or are riding solo these islands lie just eleven kilometers off the your specific reason for suit shopping. The second (Lucky man), picking out a new suit does not coast of Venezuela andtocontain the staples of challenge is the button one. How many buttons have be a dreadful experience. We get it! You a Caribbean nation: beautiful beaches, should your suit have? A suit with two buttons don't want to sandy shop. You want to walk into a store, waterlogged caves, wildlife sanctuaries, a plastic. Bada boom, If you are shopping for offers more fit and versatility within formalities. A point at a suit and swipeand your a suit that is going to be rich historical heritage. Trinidad andtoTobago’s three button suit offers a more classic appearance bada bing. It's time suit up! your new go-to outfit, you staggering abundance of exotic flora and fauna, and is less fitted, and a single button is more should certainly invest mountainous rainforests, mangrove swamps, Don't Skip the Fit casual than the two, but offers more fit than the in a quality one because and exotic beaches create mixed topography you want it to be able to If you aplan on skipping out of on the majority four. It sounds like a riddle, but a true one, at that. withstand everything on continental and island forms, makingtips, the do nation of these suit finding not underestimate Try all of them on and decide which one fits (Yes, your agenda (Post-work a true biological incubator. Together, they the fit because you can endhost up looking like a the big "F" word) best. The last style situation you pub trips). You can get an estimated 450drowning bird, 55 reptile, amphibian man, or25one that is about to bust out have to bypass is all about the material. Stripes, a decent suit without and 617 butterflyofspecies. their suit like the Hulk. Neither are a good spots, stars, oh my. Okay, never do stars. Stripes breaking the bank, and with a little sale shopping, you Not surprisingly, theregardless smaller island ofyour Tobago look, of what insecurities are and spots on the other hand offer original style can find big brand names is considered a diver’s Influenced tellingparadise. you. A tight suit willby not make you look so you don't just look like a man in a monkey that have priceless quality the northeast trade winds, the island a will not hide your more muscular, and aenjoys large suit suit. However, a classic suit without any specific with a slash through the pleasant maritimechicken tropicallegs. climate withsuit a mean The only you should ever get is characteristics is timeless throughout fashion. massive price tag minimum temperature of 26 °C and the average maximum temperature of 34 °C. Trinidad and Tobago is outside the usual path of hurricanes and other tropical storms, and therefore is not usually ravaged like Jamaica, Grenada, or Cuba. Those who have the opportunity to enjoy its calm waters can re-discover some 300 coral species, reefs, undersea gardens, and rock pillars. Snorkelers flock to the Buccoo Reef Marine Park where the shallow and warm Nylon Pool offers ideal swimming conditions. Trinidad is home by StephAnie lezotte to the world’s largest asphalt lake, the 100-acre railing from the arc of islands in the southern Caribbean Sea is the wide Pitch Lake, believed to be 250 feet deep in Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. While the dual-island country the center and contain some 10 million tons of might be obscurely located in your mind, chances are you already pitch. As the lake replenishes itself, peculiar and know someone hailing from Trinidad and Tobago since the historically significant artifacts surface, including nation boasts such a rich and globalized modern population. If their natural a mastodon tooth, the fossil remains of the giant environment does not fascinate you, certainly their intriguing history and sloth, and Amerindian relics. Locals purport culture will. that mineral pools produced by the lake contain healing properties due to their high sulphur content. Perhaps the nation’s true beauty, however, The nation’s recent is that which we cannot actually see. Unlike historical growth spurt is many other Caribbean islands, Trinidad and as impressive as its tally of biological specimens Tobago does not rely heavily on tourism, partly because of its wealth of natural resources. An industrialized country with a diversified economy, the islands have an open investment climate that have morphed from an oil-based economy to one based on natural gas. In fact, Trinidad is the world’s fifth largest exporter of Liquefied Natural Gas and the single largest supplier to the USA. The petrochemical sector, including plants producing methanol (of which Trinidad is the world’s largest exporter), generation. Freud believed that the natural gas liquids, ammonia,namely urea, and has We accept female adultery was simply of with natural continueddevelopment to grow in line gas attraction but if She iS going to cheat, then it’S likely that it can evolve the manifestationproduction. of healthy alphaTrinadad male and fear So while Tobago something deeper, autonomic desirescan offer classic childrenCaribbean who will comfortsinto to foreign She will cheat—not with a man She even sending an splitting the psyche; longtourists, itpreserve certainly is not indebted perhaps to visitors. “loveS” per Se, but with a man who otherwise rational and namely the super-Rather, itterm catersdescendants. to the needs of first-world emotionally involved ego, ego, and the id, females have its ecosystem countries,Because delicately balancing and projectS one of theSe profileS female into a trance-like all of whom craved breeding stateTrinidad of infidelity— very different things.This certainly opportunities, shouldthey not imply that guttural to level attraction The id would be the are does naturally selectivethe potential typeS of men She will cheat with and Tobago not possess 18 to a genetically superior “other lover”, since and want the “most man. it wants immediate capable” males. The question the perFormer: the ArtiSt: the ChArminG gratification. The Hence we have is how and when ForeiGner: super-ego is moral and the broad definition in contrast to the Attraction is not typically does attraction turn chooses the regular of “sexual fitness”, performer, the conscious. hence, it is fairly common into lust? What partner, while the ego which can involve Artist temptation for it’s difficult to resist to see women cheat we discover upon a is realistic and rational. multiple factors. women is typically attraction to performers overseas as many not loud. Artists closer examination Charles Darwin’s When discussing who are standing out can easily become excel in creativity, is that women’s view of evolutionary evolutionary as alphas among the seduced “by the intellectualism and genetic dispositions psychology was psychology, usually crowd. performers culture” as it were, uniqueness. When for infidelity are explained in The we think of “provider”, (singers, comedians, falling for sexy artists begin they entertainers) complicated by Descent of Man, and but women may foreign accents, a starve, but when demonstrate unique different lifestyle, and Selection in Relation to actually consider many environmental they are discovered ability and linguistic or a whole new world of factors. There are Sex. His views were other points besides they typically compositional skills; visual treats. these multiple theories that controversial then strength and hunting become alphas; but in the animal world, men are perceived attempt to explain and now and had skills when it comes worshiped by the performing is basically as novelties to why circumstances plenty of protesters to identifying these elite and eventually raising one’s peacock women, someone either permit or at least and debunkers to desirable “alphas”. the mainstream. feathers. in Darwin’s that is unique in influence a woman’s deal with after his however, they view, feathers were to personality, body, decision to cheat, AnD FemAle musings. In this are not projecting spite natural selection ethnicity, and region. “leadership” qualities AttrACtion evolveS and these include book, he compared laws, or to demonstrate Genetic diversity is necessarily, but cues into unControllABle the strategic the female human to a surplus of wealth or a strong attractant as to reproductive luSt pluralism various other animal “energy” since all that in reproduction, and fitness. When Female attraction theory species, and argued puffing took more than avoids the natural women see artists the usual energy output. is apparent and we as that women’s inferior but destructive demonstrating the attraction lies in pattern of inbreeding, observant, jealous men role in society was their talent they the fact that this man which can limit the have seen examples of the result of nature. see problem demands attention from population. hence, However, sexism aside, it in action, as women solving abilities, other women, from other for long-term survival have thrown themselves his basic theory of creative survivalist men, and thus becomes genetic variance is a at the likes of Elvis sexual selection stated skills, and similar a leader of the pack. good thing and in a Presley, The Beatles, that animals develop traits that could the belief is that this charming foreigner, a and all the way features to maximize help in resource attraction stems from woman could see an down to our reproductive success. sharing during the age old environments ideal opportunity to day with Justin Therefore we make reproduction stage, in which fewer males procreate with a man as well as DnA Timberlake, ourselves attractive had access to females who has significantly diversity, which is Justin Bieber to members of the for reproduction; thus different genes equally important to and all the opposite sex, while new females looked to than her own, than long-term survival as other “defeating” same sex the others in the group yours, as well as safe child-rearing. for an indicator of who Justins competition. that of your regional When an artist is the alphas were. today, of this It goes on; contemporaries. capable of creating instead of puffing up supposedly males something totally feathers, musicians and have the desire to unique, he paints performers stand out Theby monopolize access himself GCO D eas an alpha showing wealth, wearing to groups of fertile male holding unique fashionable clothing females, while DnA—something or accessories, and females want to desirable to an extraanything else “energetic” Charles Darwin’s view of evolutionary psychology was invest in superior fertile female. that suggests an explained in The Descent of Man, and Selection in reproduction; abundance of energy. The




More Than Just an Island Paradise

diver’s paradise


The smaller island of Tobago is considered a diver’s paradise. Influenced by the northeast trade winds, the island enjoys a pleasant maritime tropical climate with a mean minimum temperature of 26 °C and the average maximum temperature of 34 °C. Trinidad and Tobago is outside the usual path of hurricanes and other tropical storms, and therefore is not usually ravaged like Jamaica, Grenada, or Cuba.



GCODe Center on Behavior, Culture, and Evolution and the University of New Mexico reported that women were statistically more likely to cheat on their spouses during the peak days of cycle fertility. This means that hormonal changes in biology could, in theory, overpower the rational human mind and the “emotional” female mind that we assume is impenetrable. So while society has certainly ingrained centuries of “appropriate female behavior” into a woman’s mind, and we as men have trusted in the emotional fidelity that supposedly defines women, what science is suggesting is that a woman’s body may be opposing all that rational and emotional motivation with biological urges. If a woman hits peak fertility for a few select days, then what she sees as her ideal man could likewise change in that period of time. She might unconsciously be feeling that a “better man” on the evolutionary scale would be more practical for procreation, since fertility is the strongest drive during this period of time. evolutionAry pSyCholoGy AnD “lyinG eyeS”


A woman can’t hide her “lying eyes” and that old colloquialism mirrors Sigmund Freud’s thoughts on the matter of infidelity.

4 the StronG mAn:

strong physical attributes seems to indicate a protector as well as a provider. someone capable of fending off threats and ensuring a family life of comfort; not merely in having children but in raising them for the proverbial seven years of initial child development. if a woman does not typically feel safe, it’s understandable why a strong man might be an alluring distraction.


Relation to Sex. His views were controversial then and now and had plenty of protesters and debunkers to deal with after his musings


WeLcome Back the FIat 500 r o b e r t h e n ry


or all of those that want that European flair and don't really need the headroom and legroom of a boat, the Fiat 500 is a fun, zippy little vehicle with an unparalleled exhaust soundtrack. Not only is it adorable inside and out, but for many without lots of cargo to move or long daily commutes, it's a sensible buy for leisure and relatively small


GCODe 24 24

Is the biological clock running out for men too? Dr. AniSh pillAi


men hAve A shorter life spAn AnD Die younGer compAreD to their femAle counterpArt. is it not bioloGicAl ThaT They RepRoDuce eArly too? not convinceD? reAD AheAD to finD out some informAtion thAt miGht chAnGe the WAy you think

amounts of travel, especially in the city. In the small segment of subcompact vehicles, the low price tag starts around $15-16k brand new, which means that this little go-kart of a car is easy on the pocket. This is especially true when you avoid all the add-ons like the automatic transmission, which saps some of the meager 104 horsepower out of the ride anyway. In an economy with rising fuel costs, the standard EPA estimated fuel economy of 31/40 mpg city/highway is impressive. The reliability issues that plague older Fiats (i.e. "Fix It Again, Tony") is a thing of the past, and safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) include a "Top Safety Pick" sticker. Rear crash tests from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are a bit less enthusiastic at three out of five stars, but considering the backseat is too small for most adults and even some children, that's not a huge issue. Let's be honest: this isn't a family car by any means, but it makes sense for those interested in a fuel conscious and agile ride. Able to keep up with larger sedans and coupes fairly well, the light weight of the Fiat makes the small engine rather graceful, even if acceleration is a bit lacking. For added pleasure, a convertible version is available as well. The Fiat can easily become a weekend ride that almost anyone can afford. As of 2013, the Fiat's greatest market is California where they've spent time building Fiat "studios" that only sell the Fiat brand. After their thirty-year departure from the United States, they hope to earn the trust of a younger

Still trying to work out their new brand identity, it may be that the Fiat will never be cheaper than it is now as their sales continue to grow

there iS definitely enough evidence to SuggeSt that advanced paternal age haS adverSe health outcomeS in the offSpring

reCent trenDS:

More men are choosing parenthood at a later age due to professional and social issues. As men age, they become more patient, financially stable and emotionally secure. According to national statistics, Canada (, the average age of fathers has changed from 39.8 years in 1995 to 41.6 years in 2006. There is a similar trend observed in paternal age across the globe as well. The incidence of diseases like schizophrenia, autism, Alzheimer’s disease and many more is rising rapidly in the past decade. This has led to extensive research in the role parental age and health outcomes.

marketplace while rebuilding their name with older consumers. Still trying to work out their new brand identity, it may be that the Fiat will never be cheaper than it is now as their sales continue to grow. The Fiat is undeniably attractive for its European styling and cute stature. Anyone ready to finally get their money's worth is going to love the Fiat 500c.

DiSeASeS impliCAteD:

Decreased fertility rates and adverse pregnancy outcomes like stillbirth have long been linked to increasing paternal age. One group of conditions where overwhelming research has been done is the association of neurological disorders and late fatherhood. The illnesses associated are Alzheimer’s disease, Autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and decreased intelligence. Incidence of birth defects like cleft palate, structural heart disease, limb defects, and cataracts was also found to be higher in children born to older men. Many genetic disorders like Achondroplasia, Apert syndrome, Down syndrome, craniosynostosis, Marfan syndrome and many more have been historically linked to the aging spermatozoa.

It is high time that men wake up from their slumber and take notice about the limitations of the so perceived “super sperm”. The times have changed, ‘man up’

possible theories:


A landmark study was published in the Nature journal which showed that most genetic mutations which arise in children are passed down by the father’s sperm rather than the mother’s ovum. After years of research, the following mechanisms have been postulated to be functional in the aging sperm. Mutations – Both sperm and ovum are prone to mutations in the human body. Majority of these

mutations are benign and do not cause disease. Sperms are rapidly multiplying

in the body, unlike in a woman who is born with all the eggs at birth itself. With advancing age, these mutations also multiply and a 50 year old man has almost 3 times more mutations compared to a 16 year old! Selfish spermatogonial selection theory – Latest evidence has revealed selective selection of mutant sperms promoting clonal expansion and increased risk of transmission with advancing age.

conclusion: There is definitely enough evidence to suggest that advanced paternal age has adverse health outcomes in the offspring. Till recently, men have largely enjoyed as a free-rider in the process of reproduction. Majority of the older studies had put the limelight on maternal age and blamed the “bad ovum” as the major mechanism for transfer of disease mutations to the offspring. But with overwhelming research being published each day, it is high time that men wake up from their slumber and take notice about the limitations of the so perceived “super sperm”. The times have changed, ‘man up’.


25 25



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