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Partner with complimentary businesses to run more effective social campaigns

As analytical tools now allow brands to see the crossover in fan bases that they may have with other businesses, partnering holds huge potential for organisations that can get it right. It’s the ideal opportunity to leverage another brand’s fan base, and the money saving element will also appeal with those who are trying to make their budgets go further. It goes without saying that wise choices should be made about the type of business that you’re happy to have associated with your brand.


Encourage Instagram users to share pictures of events with a designated hashtag

If you’re holding an event, ask attendees to upload pictures of their experience to Instagram using a designated hashtag. This is a great way to reach a large audience of people over a short period of time, and because the pictures are personal snaps and not official images by a photographer, they’re much more credible when it comes to influencing the audience. After the event, it’s easy to bring all of the images together. They can then be used as marketing tools for future events.


Consider harnessing the power of celebrity on Twitter

When it comes to celebrity, Twitter is the place to be. Famous tweeters acquire hundreds of thousands of followers, and in many cases, these audiences are available for brands to tap into. Snickers recently ran a campaign with Katie Price and Rio Ferdinand that gained much press coverage. It’s a good option for marketers who have a budget for their social media campaigns but want to go beyond the traditional advertising options that are available. Celebrity endorsements aren’t new, but coupling them with social is an avenue that is yet to be fully realised.


Optimise your offline advertising to boost your Twitter profile

Offline advertising shouldn’t be seen as a separate entity. For maximum impact, use offline marketing such as TV adverts to encourage people to continue the conversation on social networks. Audi proved how much of a success this could be when they included the hashtag #ProgressIs in their Super Bowl advert. Twitter was flooded with mentions of the hashtag for a month afterwards, further encouraging users to think about the brand. An open-ended hashtag that allows users to add their own thoughts to the discussion is an excellent way to boost audience participation. This approach is much less intrusive that messages that simply state ‘follow us on Twitter’, and much more effective.


Invest in a Promoted Account on Twitter

Promoted Accounts are an advertising option offered by Twitter for brands who take their social media seriously and want to boost their targeted followers. Twitter promote these accounts in front of users that are likely to be interested in the business, based on their interests and the accounts that they’ve already chosen to follow. So, for example, if you own a restaurant chain, your account may be suggested to those who already follow several other food outlets or chefs who specialise in the cuisine that you serve.

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