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Repurpose your content


Fresh content is essential, but it doesn’t always have to be brand new to be effective. Finding different ways to present the same information will not only increase the amount of content that you have available to share, but will also ensure that your message is seen by those with different preferences. For example, you might have carried out an interview which you share as a video. This could later be turned into a blog post and an infographic. Make sure that you let the interviewee know, so they can share it with their followers again.


Never run just one Facebook ad – test, test, and test some more

You might be limited for space when it comes to writing your Facebook adverts, but don’t think that means that you can’t get creative. Instead of just running one advert and monitoring the results, offer the same deal but use different wording. By looking at the results comparatively, you’ll be able to establish the language that works best for your audience, and what’s most likely to inspire action and drive sales.

Take your monitoring further than just looking at your brand name mentions – set up searches for generic keywords in your field

If you’re only monitoring mentions of your brand name, you’re missing out on important conversations with those who are already interested in what your business does. So, for example, imagine that a fashion retailer only monitored exact matches for their brand name mentions, but failed to find out who was talking about the latest fashion trends and events happening in the industry. They’d be missing out on a huge potential chunk of customers.


Invest in Promoted Posts to ensure that your messages are reaching as many people as possible on Facebook

Changes last year on Facebook mean that if you want to be sure that you’re reaching your followers, you need to invest in Promoted Posts. These ensure that certain updates will appear in the news feeds of your fans. While this might not be necessary for every update, it certainly is for big announcements and new product launches. When you have a database of existing and potential customers, it’s worthwhile investing some of your budget into ensuring that they receive your messages.


Use Facebook Milestones to tell an interesting story about your brand

Don’t let your business blend into the background. A great way to let fans know more about what you do is to effectively use the Milestones feature on Facebook. Many brands are already using it to share their greatest achievements and highlight the initiatives that will really resonate with their audience. In the fast paced world of the internet, it’s an exciting visual way to send a message that reflects what your brand is all about.

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Infografic broshure, A complete guide for Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Heads on how to boost their social media results