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Spill your social campaign into real life

A social campaign that spills out of your users computers or smartphones and into the real world is one that is guaranteed to be memorable. In 2011, pet food brand GranataPet received worldwide press coverage after it created a billboard that dispensed a free sample once a passer-by had checked in on Foursquare. This is far more effective than a traditional free gift exercise, as it requires participants to spread the word to their friends and creates a real buzz.



Create a game on your social profiles to add an element of fun

So many people turn to social networks as a way to take time out of their day and enjoy a little bit of escapism. If you can create a popular and addictive game that’s integrated into your social accounts, it’s a great way to attract visitors and have them engage with your brand. Addictive games mean they’ll come back again and again increasing traffic to your social channels and giving you more opportunities to share marketing messages. The best solutions are games that are easy to understand and are linked to the company’s products or overall ethos.

Coordinate your corporate and social responsibility initiatives using social networks

A national disaster should absolutely never be used as an opportunity to boost your brand, as several businesses found after they received media backlash when they tried to cash in on Hurricane Sandy. Not only can it damage a brand, but it is of course also highly immoral. However, if you’re planning a CSR initiative to help people in times of crisis, social media can be an excellent tool for publicising your campaigns and organising them so those in need can be identified and helped.


Take your market research a step further by finding out what your competitors’ customers want, and getting in there first

The intelligence and customer feedback available to your competitors was, until recently, something that you could only dream about having access to. But thanks to social media, you can collect so much useful information about what their customers are saying about their products and services, and the changes that they want to see. If you take a proactive approach to collecting this sort of data, it provides a fantastic tool for planning your next moves and providing your target customers with what they want. Never forget that your monitoring and measuring activities should extend to your competitors, and not just your own brand.


Use social to quickly identify problem areas and take action accordingly

Businesses previously had to rely on tools such as mystery shopping to gain an insight into what their customers were saying on a day-to-day basis about their brand, and the quality of the service that they were receiving. Now that this information is available in real-time from such a broad group, collect it and take action immediately. If a particular branch of your store is receiving a lot of complaints, don’t just sit on the information. Getting responsive with the data is just as important as collecting it.

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Infografic broshure, A complete guide for Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Heads on how to boost their social media results