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Let your audience contribute to brand design with Instagram

For your next marketing campaign, consider getting your audience involved. Asking users to upload pictures of them using your products is not only a cost-free option, but it also encourages your audience to get involved with the brand and feel like they’re really a part of it. If customers can contribute to your next marketing campaign, it can create a real buzz around your brand.


Take your social media metrics offline with focus groups

Just because your social media tactics take place online, measuring the success doesn’t have to be limited to computer-based metrics. Inviting a proportion of your audience into your office to get a real insight into what they think of your brand and what they want from you in the future can be a great way to distill information that you’d otherwise miss out on. After all, when you’re limited to 140 characters on Twitter, it can be difficult to build up solid data that can be used to make important decisions. You could find that this approach brings in fresh ideas that your internal teams had never even touched on.

Measure which stage in the sales funnel creates the biggest buzz online, and take action accordingly

Consider when exactly in the sales funnel it is that your audience start talking about you online. Is it when they’re first thinking about making a purchase and want to gather opinion, is it when they’ve received the item and they’re sharing their experiences, or is it somewhere in-between? Once you’ve gathered the data, use sentiment testing tools to find out what exactly people are saying at the various stages, and what their concerns are. Splitting up the sales process in this way will teach you a lot about your brand and how it’s perceived, and is a great place to start when it comes to improving customer experience.


Assess sentiment before you start a new social campaign

Too many businesses make the mistake of only starting to measure the success of their social campaigns once they’re underway. But if you really want to know how successful your campaigns are, you should find out what your audience is saying before you even start trying to boost your brand awareness. It’s only when you have the information that comes from social listening, that you can make informed decisions around what elements of your online marketing are working and where you can make improvements.


Consider how your social campaigns are impacting upon internal staff morale and motivation

It’s not just your potential and existing customers that are potentially being impacted upon by your social media campaigns. In any big organisation, marketing initiatives will also change the views of your staff. If you’re really doing it well, you could find that internal productivity, morale and motivation could improve. Make sure that you have metrics to establish whether this is the case. It’s likely that you’ll already have the tools in place – for example, your annual staff survey – but you may need to tweak them slightly to gather the data that you need.

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