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Record your Google Hangouts and upload them to YouTube to act as a permanent marketing tool


Until recently, marketers using YouTube could only point users in the direction of their other content on the network by using annotations. Now that the In-Video Programming feature has been added, it provides a much more visually appealing way for brands to advertise other videos on the site. Make sure that you’re also taking advantage of the new branding function, which adds a logo to video content. It’s a helpful way to remind viewers where the content has come from, especially if it’s shared on another site or a use stumbles across it by accident.

Google Hangouts allow marketers to have virtual meetings with up to 9 other people, and broadcast them live to a larger audience. It’s a fantastic way to hold press conferences, company announcements, webinars and other events, and many businesses are already reaping the benefits. To take it a step further though, make sure that you upload any suitable content to your YouTube channel. Thanks to Google’s quick and easy features, this can be done automatically and without any fuss.


Use In-Video Programming on YouTube to promote your other content

Use the Interactive Transcript feature on YouTube so your viewers don’t miss important calls to action

Most YouTube users don’t watch videos in their entirety. This can be bad news for marketers, as important prompts and calls to action are often at the very end of their video content. Make sure that you have this option enabled on your channel, and where possible, remind viewers that they can use it to find the information that they’re specifically looking for. If you’re offering a really great deal or some industry insight that they won’t want to miss, viewers will be able to see this and won’t accidently skip past it.


Treat Pinterest like an online brochure, displaying items that link directly to pages for purchasing

Recent research shows that 21% of Pinterest users have gone on to purchase an item after seeing it on the network. In other words, they’re ready and able to buy your products. To help them further along the sales funnel, make sure that you treat your Pinterest account like you would any other brochure. All of your items should be on there, it should be updated whenever new lines are added, and it should be crystal clear how a purchase can be made.


Share behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram to give customers an insight into your business

Instagram lends itself more to social sharing, which is one of the main differences from Pinterest, which is like an online shop-window for consumers. Rather than focusing solely on your products, build a relationship with Instagram followers by personalising your brand and giving them an insight into how things work behind the scenes. This could include snaps of the production line, or the support offices.

Infographic broshure  

Infografic broshure, A complete guide for Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Heads on how to boost their social media results

Infographic broshure  

Infografic broshure, A complete guide for Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Heads on how to boost their social media results