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Friday, May 23, 2014 6:30 pm Current Church 26600 Westheimer Parkway Katy, Texas




7-11 12-UP

7-11 12-UP

7-11 12-UP







7-11 12-UP


grew up dancing at the Atascocita

Dance Center and Call to Glory Dance Studio that was owned and directed by her father, Jeff Lewis. She was a dance major at Belhaven University where she studied under Laura Morton, a former instructor at the Houston Ballet and Ravenna Tucker, former principle for The Royal Ballet. At age 23, Mallorie joined the Ad Deum Dance Company in Houston Tx, under the direction of Randall Finn. Mallorie also co-found and co-directed Xtended Urban Dance Company, a hip-hop dance company that still exists under the direction of Karen Celeste. Mallorie has been teaching and choreographing all styles of dance for the past 10 years. Most recently she has been raising a family and directing a studio ion Houston where high competition achievements were awarded. She strongly believes that dance can be an outlet of expression for any human being.

Julien Marion

is the fitness expert and instructor at Move

Dance Fitness. He is the ultimate fitness junky! He has done everything physical from Crossfit to Ballet class. He played basketball in college at an International level and currently works at Belhaven University as well as teaching evening Business and Marketing college classes. He is an entrepreneur, teacher and coach; he is passionate about networking and helping others reach their goals both physical and professionally. Julien leads the Early Bird Boot Camp and Weekend Warrior Challenge. “The

Micah Lewis

only limit is the one you set yourself.”

was born into a family where his dad danced and owned his own studio. It was an authentic learning experience for him to be around all those dancers so he couldn’t help but get involved. The director at Move Dance and Fitness, Mallorie Marion, is Micah’s older sister and grew up in the same environment. After a high school full of dancing, both in regular classes and in his travels to places like Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and England, as well as his involvement in the company Arrows International, Micah decided to Move back to Houston from Oklahoma City where he was living. Once here in Houston he started working at Move Dance and Fitness and dancing in Ad Deum Dance Company II. In that company he has gained training in Doug Varone, Graham, Jose Limon, and other styles of modern dance, as well as being involved with dancers from all over the world. He loves to dance and always will.

INSTRUCTORS Jocelyn Pullin


is a dance instructor at Move Dance Fitness.

Her dance training was in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, hip hop, musical theatre and swing. She danced competitively for many years winning scholarships, overall solo, duet, small group and large group numbers. Jocelyn has danced professionally in Branson, Missouri and won entertainer of the Year with American Kids in 2008. From 2009-2012, she was a member of Arrows International Dance Company lead by Jeff and Natalie Lewis, where she traveled on mission trips to Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, New York City, Houston and Arkansas.

Kelli Kelly

is a dance instructor at Move Dance Fitness. She

has been dancing off and on since she was five years old. Kelli’s background is in praise dance, contemporary, ballet, lyrical and hip hop. She has taught dance classes with the Lakewood Praise Dance Team, where they participated in several invitational in the Houston area. She also taught afterschool hip hop classes at the Nehemiah Center in Houston. Kelli earned an undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education from the University of Houston. Kelli is also the director of the cooking school, School of Lil Chefs, and writes about food for two online newspapers.

Haylee Voogt

was born and raised in Burton, Michigan. She

began her dance training at age 8 under the direction of Holly Halabicky. Training included jazz, classical ballet, lyrical, modern and tap. Haylee continued her dance training and studied dance at Eastern University in St. Davids, PA. There she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in dance while studying ballet, jazz, Horton Technique, and Graham Technique. During a study abroad program she trained and performed at the Wellsley Institute of the Arts in Sydney, Australia. Haylee moved to Houston in 2008 and performed with Ad Deum II before joining Psophonia Dance Company in 2011. Haylee has been married to her husband for 11 months and enjoys being a newlywed.

It’s Showtime! Introductions 1. Faculty Dance 2. “Play Hard” - Company Dancers (Karsen Council, Jessie Ferguson, Jaylynn Gerard, Aubrey Martin, Alexis Warren) 3. “Hold Onto Jesus” - Combo Movers Thursday (Ava Baker, Karina Kovar, Addison McLaughlin, Paulina Schaefer) 4. “Jump Jive & Wail” - Intermediate/Advanced Tap (Alexis Warren, Haylee Voogt ) 5. “Let Her Go” - Company Solo (Aubrey Martin) 6. “Criminal” - Company Solo (Jalynn Gerard) 7. “The Last Waltz” - Ballet II (Leah Clark, Karsen Council, Hannah Rodriguez) 8. “At the Hop” - Combo Movers Tuesday (Camilia Barcelata, Diana Castro, Emma Edwards, Natasha McGarth, Victoria Newmeister) 9. “Putting Up Walls” - Pointe I (Shannon Andrus, Jessie Ferguson, Jalynn Gerard, Kelli Kelly, Alexis Warren, Alexis Pendleton) 10. The Eye of the Tiger” - Active Movers (Liam Marion, Logan Williams) 11. “Wings” - Beginner/Intermediate Jazz (Karsen Council, Emmerson Gommel, Mikinzee Horrocks, Navaeh Morales) 12. “Sounds Like Somewhere” - Company Solo (Alexis Warren)

13. “Feeling of Being” - Company Duet (Jessie Ferguson & Jalynn Gerard) 14. “Walking on Sunshine” - Mini Movers Tuesday (Lyla Kean, Emily Martin, Kassandra McGarth, Juilet Reese, Kiersten Rodriquez-Perez) 15. “Obstacles” - Company Dancers (Karsen Council, Jessie Ferguson, Jalynn Gerard, Aubrey Martin, Alexis Warren) 16. ”Friends” - Mini Movers Saturday (Emma de Lazzari, Evelyn Edwards, Alice Upton, Ella Van Meter, Emily Williams) 17. “Wherever You Go” - Intermediate Contemporary (Karsen Council, Riley Pendleton) 18. Lambo Doors” - Private Class (Jocelyn Pullin, Nicolas) 19. “When the Ship Goes Down” - Company Solo (Jessie Ferguson) 20. “Go” - Combo Movers Saturday (Tabotha Kingori, Sarah Mugweru, Isabella Young, Sasha Dearing) 21. “Oblivion” - Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary (Shannon Andrus, Maria Dobroskok, Jessie Ferguson, Jalynn Gerard, Kelli Kelly, Aubrey Martin, Alexis Warren) 22. “Saints” - Intermediate Hip Hop (Marcus Brasuell, Carmen Vargus, Eva Vargus, Alora Wadley) 23. “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus” - Ballet I (Holli Brasuell, Genika Davis, Kennedy Engel, Lilana Kovar,

Rori Martinez)

24. “A Thousand Years” - Ballet III/IV (Shannon Andrus, Jessie Ferguson, Jalynn Gerard, Kelli Kelly, Aubrey Martin, Alexis Warren, Alexis Pendleton) 25. “Lovely” - Adult class (Lauren Anderson, Pita Mayberry, Tracy Venable)

26. “Amazing Grace” - Private Class (Jocelyn Pullin; choreography by Randall Flinn) 27. “Is It Summer Yet?” Company Trio (Karsen Council, Jessie Ferguson, Jalynn Gerard) 28. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” - Drill Prep/Teen Jazz (Chelsey Diks, Karen Rush)

29. “Applause” - Intermediate/Advanced Jazz (Shannon Andrus, Jessie Ferguson, Jalynn Gerard, Aubrey Martin, Alexis Warren

30. “Finale”

Thank you Instructors, students & parents for a wonderful first year at Move Dance Fitness!!

Pita Mayberry

We’re so proud of you! Dancing after all the years! Love ~ Ryan, Elise, Kathryn & Will Your four biggest fans—The KREW...We love you! You all are so sweet, beautiful and talented! Congratulations on your FIRST recital! We are so proud of you. With all our love ~ Your family




Trudy McDade Level II Executive Consultant

832-492-8500 Email: Website: Biz Site:

Nana and papa


We are so proud of your Dedication & accomplishments! Love you so much~

Daddy & Momma

Natasha & Cassandra We are so proud of both of you! We are excited to see you both SHINE! “All the stars in the sky and the moon on top”

Forever & always Daddy & Mommy

Phil 4:13—I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Lorry… .281-344-1878


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Our beautiful Karsen... Whose dreams dance through her feet And soar with God’s gifts. We love you and are sooo proud of you!

Mom, Dad Lala, TaTom Mimi , Pawpaw


McKinzee So proud of our princess! Good luck today!! We love you~ Dad, mom Gavin & Aiden

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Aubrey You are precious in every way, the sunshine in our day, the joy in my soul and the love of my life. love~ mom & dad

“Life isn’t about surviving the storm but how you dance in the rain.”

Twinkle, twinkle little stars, You light up our life! We are so proud of you both! Keep shining! Love~ Mommy, Daddy, Gammie

Alexis Mommy loves you. You are my world.

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We are so proud of the beautiful, graceful, young lady that you have become.

Good Luck Alexis. We love you Aunt Audrey, Kaitlyn & Joshua


We are so proud of you! Never give up! Love~ Mom, Dad, Hayden, Dakota

Mamaw & Pawaw

Rori Keep dancing princess! Love~ Mom, Dad, Aiden, Maurice, Hercules, Jake, Mater & Emmett

“Beauty comes come within and flows through dance�

Alexis We are proud of you! Love Uncle Chris, Aunt Orelia, Samuel & Daniel Schomer

We are so proud of you & love you!

Mom, Dad & your seven siblings


Move Dance and Fitness 2014 Dance Recital Program  

2014 Dance Recital Program

Move Dance and Fitness 2014 Dance Recital Program  

2014 Dance Recital Program