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helping companies build pain-free and productive workplaces

70% of your employees are hurting right now! Whether you know about it or not, the majority of your workforce is experiencing some degree of discomfort or pain*. Irrespective of the origin of these injuries, think about how that impacts on their engagement, their productivity and how they feel about being at work. Is it any wonder given the average adult ‘movement intelligence’ is 42 (out of 100!)? Movement intelligence is a measure developed by Move 4 Life that provides individuals an indication on how well they currently move, compared to the way human beings are originally designed to move. *Based on Move 4 Life’s ongoing study of Australian workplaces with a sample size of over 10,000 employees.

“ Are sprains & strains having an impact on your business? Do you have an ageing workforce?

Is your workforce fired up about safety? Traditional solutions are not working … Despite all modern advances in risk management, sprains and strains still occupy between 40-50% of all workplace injuries. There is no doubt that today, we have safer workplaces and more automation than ever ; but what hasn’t changed is the need for employees to move and perform physical activities at work. Traditional manual handling training has failed us. It is dominated by uninspiring theory and a lack of real world applicability. It fails to engage, fails to teach techniques that employees can use (often teaching out-dated techniques that actually increase the risk of injury) and fails to prevent people from hurting themselves.


Sprains and strains are preventable ‌ What if it was possible to completely prevent sprains and strains? What would your workplace look and feel like if people were provided the opportunity to be pain-free?


What if employees took greater ownership about how safely they performed their job? Contact us to organise a What if employees felt overwhelmingly positive about safety in the workplace?

PREVIEW of Move 4 Life for your leadership team.

Believe it or not ‌ the solution will be hidden amongst your employees It is likely that your sprain and strain solution already exists within your business. If you look hard enough, you would find a handful of employees who do the same work as everyone else, are hugely productive and never seem to get injured. In short, if you had the opportunity to clone them;.. you would! If you dig a little deeper you would find that there are some defining factors which separate these few employees from the rest.

OUR TRAINERS OR YOURS The Move 4 Life Program can be delivered by our highly-skilled trainers ; or you can become a Licence

We have been studying these people (who we call Great Movers) for the last 20

Partner and have your own trainers accredited to deliver it directly to your

years and %

employees. That way, you not only We can reveal that these Great Movers fundamentally move differently than most! In

successfully build an internal resource but also attain the flexibility to deliver it

fact, they move exactly the same way they did as children; the way our bodies are designed to be used.

The Move 4 Life System ... 1. Locate and learn from the Great Movers 2. Design





interactive and effective Move 4 Life training program,




practice To truly embed Move 4 Life into the

techniques to all staff

organisation, a strategic support strategy is constructed. The result

3. Implement a support strategy to embed Move 4 Life into the organisation

is an infusion of the language, ethos and principles of ownership and self-responsibility.

4. Sit back and wait for the positive feedback to come rolling in!

We are proud to work with some of Australia’s most inspiring businesses

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Move 4 Life Brochure

Move 4 Life Brochure  

Move 4 Life Brochure