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LOVE BEGINS AT HOME After falling in love with a 1927 house, the owner has it respectfully updated PHOTOGRAPHY: MAXIME BROUILLET

SHE IS A FIRST-TIME HOMEOWNER WHO LOVES HER HOME. But don’t dismiss her declaration as simply a passing fancy that might not survive the test of time. That would be a mistake, because she is a woman who is absolutely, unquestionably, insanely, unabashedly and outright ecstatically in love with her living space. However, it was not love at first sight. The emotional relationship needed time to grow. And like many stories of this kind, it all started oh, so innocently, when a girl met a house. They first ran into each other back in 2014, on a residential street in Notre Dame de Grâce. She was young and single, with a bright future ahead of her. The two-storey brick detached house was old, a little tired, with all outward appearances suggesting its best days were possibly behind it. But she saw something. There was a spark. And this unlikely pair began their courtship. •



Montreal Home - Autumn 2017  

Montreal Home - Autumn 2017